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-38 X
-3 TS

87% | 1437 X | 1496 TS

-21 X
-2 TS

82% | 1379 X | 1475 TS

-52 X
-2 TS

84% | 1363 X | 1487 TS

-27 X
-16 TS

13% | 1026 X | 1076 TS

-57 X
-31 TS

NEW | 880 X | 938 TS

+47 X
+2 TS

86% | 1472 X | 1454 TS

+35 X
+2 TS

76% | 1299 X | 1445 TS

+58 X
+2 TS

42% | 1064 X | 1304 TS

+56 X
+2 TS

24% | 998 X | 1309 TS

+13 X
+10 TS

27% | 979 X | 1300 TS

Chat log

00:00:03Tamme -ap
00:00:38Tamme pugna panda top
00:00:38McNabb naix woods?
00:00:38Luza panda with me bot
00:00:41Tamme naix ogre top
00:00:43Luza ehm
00:00:46Luza naix ogre top
00:00:52Tamme pugna panda bot
00:00:55Tamme naix ogre top
00:01:03Luza dude im just saying
00:01:05Tamme naix go top
00:01:06McNabb let naix woods?
00:01:10PinaryB fetaa afk?
00:01:10McNabb ogre solo:D
00:01:12Luza these tw lastpicks are worse than ralleBrazil
00:01:14Arapiles fb mid or top`?
00:01:16Tamme lastpick ogre solo?
00:01:17McNabb y
00:01:19harren no
00:01:20McNabb yy
00:01:20harren pugna
00:01:22harren top
00:01:24Luza no
00:01:24McNabb lol
00:01:24harren ogre is a girl
00:01:26Tamme NAIX GO TOP
00:01:26Kartoffeljaeger all
00:01:27Luza u go top
00:01:28Tamme OR GET BANNED
00:01:30Arapiles can we pause
00:01:30Luza with your mate
00:01:33Arapiles fetaa afk
00:01:33theadotapro i dont think its a good idea
00:01:36Tamme -water red
00:01:38Tamme -weather moonlight
00:01:39Tamme -hhn
00:01:39Tamme how
00:01:40harren oki i top
00:01:40Tamme doubleslow
00:01:40Tamme and stun
00:01:45McNabb your problem,
00:01:49Tamme plus naix has immunity
00:01:54Kartoffeljaeger fb mid?
00:01:56Luza + he is your mate
00:01:58Arapiles k
00:02:00Luza why wouldnt u pwn?
00:02:02Arapiles rune
00:02:02Luza xDDDDDDDDDDD
00:02:04McNabb :D:D:DD:
00:02:05Kartoffeljaeger k
00:02:13PinaryB take it
00:02:17Kartoffeljaeger 1 sec
00:02:17Tamme -ii
00:02:26Arapiles w8
00:02:26Tamme afk?
00:02:43FetAA :D
00:02:44FetAA mitä
00:02:48FetAA meikä afkaa nii omat ottaa jtn fb
00:02:49Tamme 4 mid
00:03:31Luza we can go
00:03:34Luza after thise wave
00:03:35McNabb y
00:03:39Luza get ud he is lower
00:03:50McNabb ?
00:03:54Luza i said
00:03:57Luza after
00:03:57Luza this
00:03:58Luza wave
00:04:01McNabb ohh
00:04:03McNabb dident see
00:04:04Luza well
00:04:05Luza nvm
00:04:08Luza bad by me didnt watch
00:04:11Luza go again
00:04:34Arapiles b
00:04:36Kartoffeljaeger cd sry
00:04:56Luza hmm
00:04:57Luza dont
00:04:58Luza dont
00:04:58Luza go
00:05:14Luza wait tomb and go
00:05:16Luza wait
00:05:16Luza wait
00:05:29Arapiles i pull
00:05:30Luza christ
00:05:34Luza just follow my lead
00:05:37Luza :D
00:05:38McNabb lol
00:05:42Luza let me start
00:05:51McNabb oom
00:06:09Luza have?
00:06:11Luza go lina?
00:06:34Luza ss2
00:06:34Luza re
00:06:35Kartoffeljaeger no mana
00:07:02McNabb lal
00:07:06McNabb u solo him
00:07:14Luza lol yea ofc
00:07:14Kartoffeljaeger brb
00:07:19Luza just to say
00:07:22Luza our teamplay suck
00:07:29McNabb y:D
00:07:52Kartoffeljaeger ss bot
00:08:07Luza pannda
00:08:08Luza where are ud:
00:08:21Arapiles pullin
00:08:29McNabb Zzzzzzzzz
00:08:31PinaryB gj
00:08:32Luza christ :D
00:08:35McNabb yu
00:08:42Kartoffeljaeger u 2
00:08:46Tamme MID MISS
00:08:49Tamme HAS RUNE
00:08:51Tamme CARE BOT
00:09:03FetAA m ikss
00:09:04FetAA sff
00:09:11Kartoffeljaeger re bot
00:09:13Kartoffeljaeger ¨
00:09:16Kartoffeljaeger its gang bang
00:09:24Kartoffeljaeger panda ss
00:09:39svents gj
00:09:43Arapiles u2
00:09:59svents first time with new huskar
00:10:04Kartoffeljaeger he is imba
00:10:23McNabb U DONT HAVE SLOW?!?!?!?
00:10:27McNabb ffs naix
00:10:32Luza panda
00:10:35Luza forget about those guys :D:D
00:10:43Arapiles oom
00:10:44Arapiles i pull
00:10:47svents ok
00:10:49Luza they cant accomplish anything
00:10:50Arapiles naah
00:10:51Arapiles i dont
00:10:58Arapiles oom
00:11:01McNabb cunt
00:11:03Luza panda come here plz....
00:11:12Kartoffeljaeger im invis
00:11:16Arapiles heal
00:11:24Arapiles nice
00:11:25svents :D
00:11:38FetAA go
00:12:19svents kill ogre
00:12:22Arapiles w8
00:12:55McNabb bahh
00:13:27Luza panda just stay on the lane with me ...
00:13:33Luza now we lost this
00:13:36FetAA ur doing ok top too it seems
00:13:37FetAA nice
00:13:43Arapiles yy
00:13:45Arapiles i go roam
00:13:55Arapiles so u can farm up
00:14:06Luza :D
00:14:08McNabb zzz
00:14:14PinaryB ty
00:14:31McNabb ss
00:14:31Tamme bot inc
00:14:33Tamme with rne
00:14:34Tamme tune
00:14:36Tamme rune
00:14:39FetAA w8 me
00:14:40FetAA omw
00:14:41FetAA kill pugna
00:14:56Luza herer
00:16:00Arapiles tower
00:16:01FetAA oks harren ja toi dotapro vai tehokaksikko
00:16:06FetAA luzalle riitti :D
00:16:06svents plugg?:D:D
00:16:06Kartoffeljaeger ofc
00:16:06Arapiles we kinda need undying later
00:16:06McNabb nice ego rage shit:D
00:16:06Tamme kuka muuten tasottaa?
00:16:06Arapiles i dont think loose is the type who rage7uit
00:16:06Arapiles so probably some technical problems
00:16:06McNabb lal
00:16:06McNabb we
00:16:06McNabb are
00:16:06McNabb playing
00:16:06McNabb 5v3
00:16:06McNabb and mid
00:16:06McNabb fail
00:16:06McNabb hard
00:16:06McNabb its so lost
00:16:06McNabb but
00:16:06McNabb what ever
00:16:06Tamme :DD:D:DDDDDDDDDDd
00:16:06Tamme mid fail so hard!
00:16:06Arapiles well you put the 2 low % guys in the hardest lane
00:16:06McNabb am i
00:16:06McNabb wrong?
00:16:06Tamme 5 guys run at me on second 10
00:16:06Tamme they ganged me lvl 1
00:16:06PinaryB 3*
00:16:06McNabb u are 0-4
00:16:06Tamme stfu
00:16:06McNabb lal
00:16:06Tamme he had 1 lvl advantage
00:16:06Tamme by that time
00:16:06Tamme meaning
00:16:06Tamme even more
00:16:06Tamme fucking
00:16:06Tamme basedmg
00:16:06Arapiles well svents is playing it well so hard lane for them
00:16:06Tamme as you FUCKTARD might know
00:16:06Tamme but you just dont get it dont you
00:16:06FetAA svents
00:16:06FetAA actually
00:16:06FetAA played
00:16:06FetAA well
00:16:06FetAA heh
00:16:06FetAA cant believe that
00:16:06FetAA now
00:16:06FetAA i ha
00:16:06FetAA ve
00:16:06svents no i played badly
00:16:06FetAA seen it
00:16:06FetAA all
00:16:06Kartoffeljaeger soo we continue playing?
00:16:07svents cant dota :/
00:16:16Arapiles balance
00:16:16FetAA ah
00:16:16FetAA who wants to go
00:16:16harren want backup ?
00:16:16harren over there =?
00:16:16FetAA lina and ud
00:16:16Kartoffeljaeger who u kick captain
00:16:16FetAA roll it
00:16:16theadotapro from me
00:16:16PinaryB -roll
00:16:16Arapiles we need undying imo
00:16:16Kartoffeljaeger omg i loose
00:16:16FetAA :D
00:16:16Kartoffeljaeger -roll
00:16:16McNabb lol
00:16:16FetAA u lose
00:16:16FetAA undying
00:16:47FetAA i can take it
00:16:47FetAA soon
00:17:17Arapiles twr
00:17:56Arapiles maybe not :)
00:18:03Arapiles rdy?
00:18:14harren go
00:18:42McNabb what a joke team
00:18:46FetAA :D
00:18:46harren why not xc razors ?
00:18:48FetAA welcome to bronze
00:18:50harren and kill top +
00:18:51McNabb y
00:18:52harren rhasta ?
00:19:39FetAA i failes:D
00:19:52svents i saw it :DD:
00:20:46McNabb imba shit
00:21:00FetAA wardS?
00:21:18McNabb if this game takes longer that 25 min u guys are shit tbh:D
00:21:37harren ff
00:21:39McNabb lol
00:21:40theadotapro ff
00:21:55FetAA :D thats funnyu
00:22:03McNabb LOL
00:22:03FetAA :D
00:22:28harren ff
00:22:29harren ff
00:22:31theadotapro ff
00:22:54harren ff
00:22:56harren ff
00:22:59svents :D:D
00:23:02Arapiles im b
00:23:04harren ff
00:23:06harren ff?
00:23:42theadotapro ff
00:24:44Arapiles b?
00:24:58FetAA svents:D
00:25:20svents wanted my reavers money :DD:
00:25:43McNabb u just wont die
00:25:44McNabb :D
00:26:10FetAA i hitted liek 0 shakles this game
00:27:10McNabb I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel]
00:27:16Tamme I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
00:28:49FetAA never surrender never give up?
00:29:06McNabb the 2 noobs wont
00:29:22McNabb DIE
00:29:27harren I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
00:29:34Arapiles ^^
00:30:05McNabb Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
00:30:21McNabb treads on ogre:D
00:31:00FetAA husk heal ?
00:31:04FetAA baah
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