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+21 X
-9 TS

96% | 1670 X | 1534 TS

-11 X
-3 TS

80% | 1364 X | 1457 TS

+15 X
-3 TS

79% | 1355 X | 1451 TS

+7 X
-20 TS

71% | 1416 X | 1258 TS

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-8 TS

17% | 938 X | 1238 TS

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+6 TS

88% | 1551 X | 1387 TS

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+6 TS

82% | 1454 X | 1396 TS

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+3 TS

81% | 1381 X | 1449 TS

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53% | 1165 X | 1347 TS

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30% | 1010 X | 1297 TS

Chat log

00:00:04Dota.m oooh
00:00:05eD_gEin -don
00:00:06eD_gEin -ii
00:00:08Dota.m nasty pool
00:00:15NoHankyPanky who wants lich?
00:00:17SlikposeN 4xd and 4cd but ALWAYS xd ???????
00:00:19Dota.m hmm get me a fuucking nice es
00:00:19Benefactor u want cd?
00:00:19Benefactor what is that shit even
00:00:19Herre olen samassa pelissä
00:00:19eD_gEin Yes
00:00:19Herre XDDDDDDDDDD
00:00:19-.- bleh
00:00:19Dota.m get me es
00:00:19Dota.m ^^
00:00:19-.- not likey
00:00:19SlikposeN thrall
00:00:19-.- ok
00:00:19eD_gEin Yeah wtf is cd
00:00:19Herre get lich
00:00:19NoHankyPanky lich anyone?
00:00:19Benefactor chitty draft?
00:00:19-.- -omni
00:00:19Dota.m ban Qop..
00:00:19Dota.m omfg
00:00:19-.- nah
00:00:19Dota.m why omni.....
00:00:19Benefactor disruptor is?
00:00:19Herre I can has lich
00:00:19NoHankyPanky omni insane
00:00:19-.- itz suckz
00:00:19Dota.m thrall
00:00:19Herre thrall
00:00:19NoHankyPanky far seer
00:00:26NoHankyPanky lich someone!?
00:00:27Dota.m get me es
00:00:29-.- will
00:00:30NoHankyPanky we get es and lich?
00:00:33-.- yeah
00:00:38Dota.m and cm
00:00:39eD_gEin p i c k me cm
00:00:40NoHankyPanky who wants lich?
00:00:41Benefactor oh fuck
00:00:42NoHankyPanky or cm?
00:00:45SlikposeN give him cm !!!
00:00:45-.- svents
00:00:46-.- ;)
00:00:47-.- :D
00:00:48Benefactor yes
00:00:48MariahCarry ok
00:00:50Benefactor bad poll
00:00:50eD_gEin tak <3
00:00:53NoHankyPanky svents take this please
00:00:55SlikposeN me and cm bot
00:00:56Herre gg
00:01:01eD_gEin hvad vil du ha mariah?
00:01:02-.- dont go gyro svents
00:01:03NoHankyPanky svents
00:01:05NoHankyPanky plz dont be afk
00:01:08MariahCarry er jeg mid
00:01:09MariahCarry +
00:01:11NoHankyPanky say something
00:01:11SlikposeN ja
00:01:12-.- give me
00:01:13SlikposeN hvis du vil
00:01:13-.- mm
00:01:15NoHankyPanky svents afk
00:01:17eD_gEin alle andre end herre
00:01:17MariahCarry ok
00:01:18Benefactor im bot
00:01:19MariahCarry omni pls
00:01:20NoHankyPanky give me razor
00:01:20Dota.m sec
00:01:20Benefactor i pull
00:01:20-.- gimme void
00:01:21-.- :)
00:01:21NoHankyPanky svents
00:01:22eD_gEin omni er bannet
00:01:22Herre DDDD:D
00:01:22SlikposeN han er banned
00:01:22Dota.m svents afk
00:01:22MariahCarry oh
00:01:22MariahCarry lol
00:01:22eD_gEin banned
00:01:22eD_gEin *
00:01:22Dota.m svents ?
00:01:22SlikposeN -ii
00:01:22svents im here
00:01:22MariahCarry dusa
00:01:22NoHankyPanky svents we have lich for u
00:01:22eD_gEin Aight
00:01:22NoHankyPanky he back
00:01:25-.- -swap 3
00:01:26Dota.m pcik
00:01:28Dota.m pick
00:01:28Benefactor get spider
00:01:30MariahCarry dusa
00:01:30NoHankyPanky get me razor lich
00:01:33Benefactor or smth
00:01:33MariahCarry spider vs es
00:01:34NoHankyPanky svents
00:01:35MariahCarry isn't good
00:01:35FetAA im voidd
00:01:37eD_gEin NO
00:01:37svents k
00:01:38MariahCarry -swap
00:01:39-.- duh
00:01:39eD_gEin not spider
00:01:39NoHankyPanky thanx
00:01:39FetAA im sick with this hero
00:01:40MariahCarry -swap 4
00:01:41eD_gEin -swap 2
00:01:41-.- i thought it was
00:01:42NoHankyPanky good vs all those
00:01:43Dota.m omfg
00:01:44SlikposeN pick slardar
00:01:46-.- oh well
00:01:49-.- benefactor
00:01:50-.- pick me
00:01:52NoHankyPanky -swap
00:01:52Dota.m budby u nothing say to me
00:01:55NoHankyPanky razor
00:01:59-.- wtf
00:02:00NoHankyPanky -swap
00:02:01svents -swap 2
00:02:02Benefactor guys
00:02:03NoHankyPanky -swap 5
00:02:06Benefactor do i really make
00:02:08-.- o god
00:02:09NoHankyPanky u play razor good?
00:02:09-.- -swap 4
00:02:11eD_gEin courier yes
00:02:14Dota.m -swap 1
00:02:15Benefactor dominator helm?
00:02:15Herre you buy chick
00:02:16Herre yes
00:02:19-.- this sucks balls
00:02:20eD_gEin no
00:02:20-.- :D:D
00:02:20Dota.m u didnt answer me
00:02:21NoHankyPanky u want razor instaeed?
00:02:22-.- dont want to play this
00:02:26eD_gEin you buy 4 different dagons
00:02:26-.- yeah i thought u took it
00:02:27NoHankyPanky -swap 1
00:02:28SlikposeN no
00:02:29eD_gEin then refresher
00:02:30-.- didnt check ur 4th
00:02:30NoHankyPanky i can
00:02:31SlikposeN huskar your itembuild
00:02:31-.- -swap 2
00:02:32NoHankyPanky i play well
00:02:33SlikposeN boots
00:02:34SlikposeN flying
00:02:34NoHankyPanky but if u cant ds
00:02:36SlikposeN wards
00:02:36Herre you build blink dagger and skadi
00:02:36SlikposeN wards
00:02:37SlikposeN wards
00:02:40Benefactor no lol
00:02:40Herre share
00:02:41Herre s
00:02:46NoHankyPanky me top
00:02:46Benefactor srsly
00:02:49Herre share
00:02:52SlikposeN why dagger ? oO
00:02:52NoHankyPanky lich top
00:02:53NoHankyPanky sorry
00:02:55SlikposeN hes ulti
00:02:57Herre its imba
00:02:57SlikposeN is a freedagger
00:02:59eD_gEin ulti remade no need for dagger
00:02:59-.- ye
00:03:00eD_gEin rly
00:03:00Dota.m with es ?
00:03:01Herre he can blink away'
00:03:02-.- go bot void..
00:03:03-.- :/
00:03:04-.- or nvm
00:03:05-.- whatever
00:03:06NoHankyPanky es down
00:03:07-.- lich bot
00:03:07NoHankyPanky vi har bot
00:03:08-.- es down
00:03:16-.- aa
00:03:17-.- nvm
00:03:18-.- :D:D
00:03:21NoHankyPanky lich babysit
00:03:23-.- its too late
00:03:28Benefactor you guys are so funny xD
00:03:32Herre you suck xD
00:03:32NoHankyPanky i go for imba push scepter
00:03:33Dota.m lad os få noget teamwork igen :D
00:03:37Benefactor maybe xDD
00:03:43Herre definetely
00:03:44Herre TOP MISS
00:03:46Herre care
00:03:51FetAA lol
00:03:51Dota.m den var jeg ikke klar på
00:03:57Herre RE
00:04:01NoHankyPanky heller ikke
00:04:24Herre -MA
00:04:46NoHankyPanky bare care
00:04:48NoHankyPanky og få lidt farm
00:05:17Herre fetaa u so cool
00:06:12Herre hit him?
00:06:13Herre :DD
00:06:14Herre sup
00:06:15Benefactor no
00:06:18Herre :DDDDDD
00:06:19FetAA wp
00:06:22Herre ok
00:06:24Herre Ff
00:06:24svents omg herre u so bad
00:06:25Benefactor u som agressive nigga
00:06:31Dota.m hahahahahahahaha
00:06:33Herre well, could have gotten fb?
00:06:40-.- get flying pls
00:06:41-.- ds
00:06:44NoHankyPanky need stick
00:06:47NoHankyPanky li9ch
00:06:49NoHankyPanky u do
00:06:50NoHankyPanky we got shit
00:06:51Herre but forgot I am laning with the meister benefactor
00:07:05Benefactor <
00:07:09Herre u suck
00:07:09Herre go hom
00:07:10Herre e
00:07:14Benefactor >
00:07:19NoHankyPanky fail
00:07:22Benefactor this is my home
00:07:26Herre ":D"
00:07:29Herre die in cancer
00:07:30Benefactor DD
00:07:43Herre CAN U HIT
00:07:45Benefactor no
00:07:50Benefactor im not agressive vs lich
00:08:06Herre this is lvl 2
00:08:26Dota.m can ikke stunne -.-
00:08:33NoHankyPanky gang bot
00:08:37NoHankyPanky evil lane
00:08:48Herre HIT HIM
00:08:51Herre :DDDDDDDDD
00:08:59NoHankyPanky care hans lvl 6
00:09:05Dota.m y
00:09:53NoHankyPanky wtf that miss?
00:10:00NoHankyPanky lich come bot
00:10:02NoHankyPanky need ranged
00:10:03NoHankyPanky they own us
00:10:11FetAA i can handle here
00:10:17NoHankyPanky i can wood
00:10:20Dota.m fucking heldige svin
00:10:24Herre ff
00:10:26Dota.m have ham næsten :P
00:10:29Benefactor though u agressive
00:10:32Benefactor but u back off
00:10:33Herre h
00:10:34eD_gEin huskar u skill wrong
00:10:36Benefactor make up your mind
00:10:44Herre l2p
00:10:47Benefactor suicide or not qop
00:10:49Benefactor decide now
00:10:51Benefactor and well play
00:11:01Dota.m ss bot
00:11:03Dota.m care
00:11:11Dota.m re clock
00:11:14NoHankyPanky clock ganging
00:11:36Herre ?
00:12:06Herre top miss lich
00:12:25Dota.m i can't solo clock bot
00:12:27FetAA we can kill
00:12:58NoHankyPanky 4ueen here
00:13:05FetAA scary
00:13:42Benefactor captain always assign me lane with herre
00:13:48Benefactor best ever
00:13:54eD_gEin you play like shit
00:13:56Benefactor casts spell on creeps
00:13:58SlikposeN you do know you skilled all wrong?
00:13:58Benefactor suicides
00:13:59eD_gEin im amazed how you even found this website
00:14:03Benefactor and runs back and forth
00:14:13Herre -hhn
00:14:14MariahCarry u compliment each other well
00:14:19SlikposeN go away
00:14:24Benefactor nope
00:14:26Herre squelhced
00:14:28SlikposeN GO
00:14:29SlikposeN AWAY
00:14:35NoHankyPanky phase boots hood s/y with razor rocks
00:14:37eD_gEin Captain ordered you
00:14:52Dota.m def bot
00:14:52Benefactor care
00:14:52-.- well
00:14:54SlikposeN HERRE
00:14:55SlikposeN TELL HIM
00:14:58-.- they have really strong heroes against me
00:15:00SlikposeN CAPTAIN DECIDE
00:15:01-.- nothing much to do
00:15:03NoHankyPanky just get hood
00:15:08NoHankyPanky safe farm
00:15:10Benefactor i squelched herre
00:15:15-.- we need wards
00:15:16NoHankyPanky u walked to far
00:15:17-.- and right now
00:15:17-.- svents
00:15:18eD_gEin stfu and MOVE UR ASS AWAY FROM US
00:15:27SlikposeN ruin
00:15:34FetAA jut sgank dusa
00:15:35FetAA and we rape
00:15:37Benefactor let admin decide
00:15:41Dota.m ss care
00:15:47Dota.m b
00:15:48Dota.m b
00:15:57-.- GO
00:15:58-.- all
00:15:58-.- top
00:16:04FetAA im rdy
00:16:07FetAA cloc
00:16:31-.- why
00:16:31-.- why
00:16:32eD_gEin ur good herre
00:16:32-.- why
00:16:35Benefactor not even cast ulti
00:16:52NoHankyPanky why
00:16:54NoHankyPanky go!
00:16:56-.- stop that please
00:16:58-.- es
00:17:00NoHankyPanky u carry fuck clock1
00:17:11Dota.m sry
00:17:14-.- seems like im not the carry
00:17:16-.- es taking kills
00:17:18-.- with stun
00:17:20-.- when not necessary
00:17:26NoHankyPanky void is the carry
00:17:29Herre snake
00:17:30NoHankyPanky u tank and semi carry
00:17:31-.- so am i
00:17:36NoHankyPanky not the way u play
00:17:41MariahCarry oom
00:17:47svents u still mad?
00:17:48-.- GO
00:17:49-.- then
00:17:51Herre ofc?
00:17:54-.- take huskar
00:17:58-.- wait
00:18:01-.- let me behind
00:18:41NoHankyPanky shit why did i give u imba razor
00:18:51-.- well
00:18:53Herre b
00:18:53NoHankyPanky farm taht hood and phase boots
00:18:54-.- i played decent mid
00:18:56SlikposeN ty
00:18:58SlikposeN my friend
00:18:59Herre np
00:19:06-.- not really a fan or razor
00:19:08NoHankyPanky just farm till u got phase boots and hood
00:19:09-.- but i dont like ds either
00:19:18Herre Pro
00:19:22svents some1 plant wards pls
00:19:31NoHankyPanky buy i plant
00:19:37NoHankyPanky b
00:19:45Herre xd
00:19:47svents wtf
00:19:52svents ulti cd 1 sec
00:19:52Dota.m omfg a lucky bastard
00:19:58NoHankyPanky he good
00:19:59SlikposeN ty
00:20:00Herre hieno ulti hermanni fetaa
00:20:04FetAA ?
00:20:08NoHankyPanky :D
00:20:09FetAA u2
00:20:11Benefactor i didnt vita you slikposen
00:20:13Herre :D:D
00:20:16SlikposeN !!
00:20:16Benefactor so i presume you did
00:20:18NoHankyPanky we good late
00:20:22NoHankyPanky my ulti rocks now withs cepter
00:20:26eD_gEin I did
00:20:30eD_gEin got a problem?
00:20:36Benefactor yep banrequest
00:20:38FetAA dusa gets fatty
00:20:43eD_gEin you dont do anything in this game
00:20:55eD_gEin be glad we dont banrequest you for disobeying captains orders
00:20:56Benefactor got as horrible lane
00:21:00Herre who?
00:21:02Benefactor you can
00:21:05Benefactor me
00:21:07Benefactor with you
00:21:07Herre bene?
00:21:09Herre hes the best
00:21:14FetAA any items?
00:21:17NoHankyPanky orb
00:21:17SlikposeN haha
00:21:20NoHankyPanky haha
00:21:21FetAA ultimate?
00:21:22FetAA :DD
00:21:22SlikposeN :D
00:21:22NoHankyPanky ultimate orb
00:21:31NoHankyPanky ups sorry
00:21:39FetAA wp
00:21:48Herre the previous ulti of akasha was much better looking
00:21:50svents dusa u mad now?
00:22:00MariahCarry huh?
00:22:03Herre ff
00:22:07MariahCarry wow
00:22:10NoHankyPanky y
00:22:12svents u lost ur orb
00:22:14MariahCarry u who killed my courier
00:22:15MariahCarry and orb
00:22:16NoHankyPanky me
00:22:20NoHankyPanky and orb
00:22:22MariahCarry i mean
00:22:24svents u mad=?
00:22:26MariahCarry who from sent
00:22:28NoHankyPanky it follwed u
00:22:32NoHankyPanky it folled u
00:22:44NoHankyPanky b
00:22:45NoHankyPanky wards
00:22:46NoHankyPanky lich
00:22:50svents plant
00:22:53svents cant
00:22:53NoHankyPanky ah yes
00:22:55Herre gang bot
00:22:57svents have no slots
00:23:00-.- me neither
00:23:17Dota.m let me farm mid
00:23:18Dota.m plz
00:23:20Dota.m need dagger
00:23:21MariahCarry let me
00:23:23MariahCarry huskar
00:23:45FetAA no ulti
00:23:46MariahCarry HIT
00:23:46NoHankyPanky im b
00:23:47MariahCarry HUSKAR
00:24:02FetAA oh
00:24:03FetAA sry
00:24:18Herre void
00:24:22svents dusa u still mad?
00:24:41NoHankyPanky bad bad
00:24:46NoHankyPanky why we stay
00:24:48NoHankyPanky captain say b
00:24:49-.- no idea
00:25:03Dota.m need fuckin 500 for my dagger
00:25:07SlikposeN active
00:25:12eD_gEin Y
00:25:13FetAA my farm is bad :D
00:25:15FetAA should focus
00:25:18NoHankyPanky yeah
00:25:19NoHankyPanky all we need
00:25:21-.- im so tired
00:25:21NoHankyPanky is u with farm
00:25:23-.- shouldve not added
00:25:28FetAA y me neither
00:25:29Herre shares
00:25:34FetAA but lets try
00:25:34NoHankyPanky they too
00:25:35FetAA to wiinn
00:25:36eD_gEin ??????
00:25:39NoHankyPanky we can
00:25:41Herre share the chick
00:25:44eD_gEin how?
00:25:48SlikposeN -,-
00:25:51Herre share the chick
00:25:58Benefactor rofl
00:26:07Herre share the chick
00:26:08Herre now
00:26:09FetAA svents
00:26:11FetAA go the
00:26:14NoHankyPanky b
00:26:15FetAA run to the hills
00:26:21eD_gEin wanna banrequest me for not sharing another guys chicken?
00:26:21svents i was stucked :D
00:26:23eD_gEin go ahead
00:26:26SlikposeN denie
00:26:27SlikposeN able
00:26:29-.- we need wards
00:26:30-.- whole map
00:26:32Herre I am an admin
00:26:35Dota.m skulle lige have sidste :D
00:26:37MariahCarry u mad?
00:26:41NoHankyPanky pro shit
00:26:41svents u dream too much
00:26:44NoHankyPanky shit
00:26:47eD_gEin So what?
00:26:48NoHankyPanky hvis bare du havde givet tårn et slag
00:26:52Herre share the chick
00:26:52eD_gEin u going to ban me for not sharing
00:26:54NoHankyPanky var det denied og jeg levende
00:26:56Herre yes
00:27:01-.- -ms
00:27:03SlikposeN lol
00:27:05SlikposeN abuse
00:27:08Dota.m så jeg ikke
00:27:08SlikposeN admin abuse!
00:27:13Herre is that so
00:27:15eD_gEin abuse for the win
00:27:20eD_gEin is it not so? lol
00:27:22Herre SHARE THE CHICK
00:27:24Herre now
00:27:24eD_gEin NO
00:27:31Dota.m rdy with ulti
00:27:34FetAA try to kill dusa
00:27:45Herre I warn you last time
00:27:49Herre share the chcik
00:27:59eD_gEin it is not my courier to share
00:28:04Herre it is
00:28:08eD_gEin it is not as I did not buy it
00:28:11SlikposeN its mine
00:28:18Herre you have the chick
00:28:19Herre share it
00:28:22FetAA kill him
00:28:24FetAA hes stil lweak..
00:28:27FetAA need oto kill
00:28:31eD_gEin im not good at taking orders from assholes
00:28:32FetAA es
00:28:41NoHankyPanky es
00:28:49eD_gEin Go ban me, u aint god hf
00:28:59Dota.m omg
00:29:09FetAA lets kill the mall
00:29:18FetAA coem all
00:29:19-.- come mid
00:29:19-.- es
00:29:20FetAA if we fight
00:29:21Dota.m oom
00:29:28NoHankyPanky frost armor
00:29:29SlikposeN relax boys its just a game
00:29:29NoHankyPanky all u see
00:29:30FetAA let skl ?!?!
00:29:33NoHankyPanky oh when u have
00:29:46NoHankyPanky we suck
00:30:22NoHankyPanky b
00:30:36NoHankyPanky farm
00:30:41FetAA k
00:31:14Dota.m care clock
00:31:17-.- COME
00:32:15-.- im srsly playing this 1st time after new razor
00:32:16-.- so
00:32:19-.- what am i supposed to build
00:32:20-.- :)
00:32:20NoHankyPanky shit
00:32:26NoHankyPanky he so imba
00:32:31NoHankyPanky just tank uip ulti and stay alive
00:32:33-.- item suggestions?
00:32:36-.- vanguard?
00:32:40NoHankyPanky sure
00:32:43NoHankyPanky s y
00:32:43NoHankyPanky is
00:32:58NoHankyPanky u get imba move speed so just stay alive
00:32:59NoHankyPanky shit
00:33:09FetAA 'asd
00:34:07FetAA come all here
00:34:15NoHankyPanky i saw that
00:34:16-.- go bot
00:34:17-.- kill
00:34:21Dota.m b
00:34:22NoHankyPanky care
00:34:22MariahCarry gj
00:34:25-.- go
00:34:29-.- es
00:34:35NoHankyPanky :)
00:34:37FetAA act stupid
00:34:38FetAA razor
00:34:38FetAA we come
00:34:39FetAA go
00:34:39FetAA bait
00:34:46NoHankyPanky dont waste nuke razor
00:34:48NoHankyPanky before team fights
00:35:03MariahCarry -ms
00:35:21Dota.m omfg
00:35:43NoHankyPanky u guys
00:35:48-.- that clock is one annoying motherf..
00:36:00SlikposeN 28/31 kills
00:36:01SlikposeN wzzup!
00:36:02NoHankyPanky they have 1 good player
00:36:21-.- seems like more than enough
00:36:27-.- GO
00:36:59Herre : D
00:37:16Benefactor maiden ulti?
00:37:19Benefactor never ?
00:37:46FetAA yy
00:37:50FetAA care much
00:37:55-.- 2bad i dont know how to play this well
00:37:56-.- could win
00:38:04NoHankyPanky why didnt u tell es what hero u wanteD?
00:38:04SlikposeN 34min linkins :D
00:38:06NoHankyPanky that ruined everything
00:38:11MariahCarry tabte 2.1k
00:38:13MariahCarry >,<
00:38:14-.- cuz void was taken
00:38:15SlikposeN :D
00:38:16SlikposeN så godt
00:38:18eD_gEin det surt
00:38:26-.- told u b4
00:38:31-.- i thought it was the es guy
00:38:33-.- who took void
00:38:40NoHankyPanky game ruined there
00:38:43FetAA y
00:38:49FetAA so sucky
00:38:50Dota.m people do not gank clock bot thats the Problem
00:39:59NoHankyPanky b
00:40:04NoHankyPanky lets keep def
00:40:06NoHankyPanky keep wards
00:40:11NoHankyPanky b
00:40:16Herre void no tp
00:40:29Herre rax
00:40:30FetAA wall
00:40:48FetAA c,mm
00:40:49FetAA cm
00:41:04Benefactor now they carrywin
00:41:10NoHankyPanky u had ufucking ulti?Ø
00:41:13Herre go top next
00:41:24-.- WHY
00:41:24FetAA es blocked me
00:41:25-.- TELL ME
00:41:25-.- WHY
00:41:39-.- ES
00:41:39NoHankyPanky thanx
00:41:39NoHankyPanky gj
00:41:40-.- stop that
00:41:40Dota.m you would be dead
00:41:41-.- please
00:41:46-.- NO
00:41:48-.- ofc i would be not
00:41:50eD_gEin -afk
00:41:50FetAA cant risk there..
00:41:55-.- lol
00:41:57-.- wasnt a risk
00:41:58SlikposeN hvis huskar får +x i den her er der noget galt!
00:41:59-.- he had 50 hp
00:42:01-.- i had 300
00:42:05-.- and i had my ulti on
00:42:08-.- but we
00:42:09FetAA letm e topp
00:42:09FetAA :ss
00:42:10MariahCarry -afk
00:42:11-.- w/e
00:42:14MariahCarry 1½ min
00:42:21-.- mby radi
00:42:22FetAA i need those
00:42:23FetAA aaa
00:42:24Herre gather now
00:42:25Benefactor -afk
00:42:26Herre and get rax
00:42:26Herre mid
00:42:29FetAA ty
00:42:30Herre or top tower
00:42:32-.- bleh
00:42:35-.- no idea what to build
00:42:39NoHankyPanky y s
00:42:40NoHankyPanky then life steal
00:42:42NoHankyPanky or butter
00:42:48NoHankyPanky -ma
00:42:53NoHankyPanky go satanic maybe
00:42:55NoHankyPanky or butterfly
00:43:07-.- ill do that s&y
00:43:08-.- then
00:43:11NoHankyPanky y
00:43:14Herre gather
00:43:25NoHankyPanky b
00:43:31NoHankyPanky frost armor us
00:43:35Herre yea, maiden would definetely be the best one to carry that dd
00:43:36FetAA y
00:43:37Herre btw
00:43:41eD_gEin trust me
00:43:42NoHankyPanky all the time
00:43:42-.- always lich
00:43:43eD_gEin its best in my hands
00:43:43-.- keep it on
00:43:47FetAA razor bait
00:43:48FetAA plz
00:44:36-.- good fight
00:44:38-.- fellas
00:44:40-.- GO ROSH
00:44:43-.- fast
00:44:43FetAA y
00:44:44-.- rosh
00:44:44NoHankyPanky i can def foerever
00:44:49-.- come
00:44:51-.- VOID
00:44:57FetAA u need to tank
00:45:05-.- need a target spell
00:45:06Dota.m re use chick
00:45:06NoHankyPanky remember when i got scepter we can target ally heroes
00:45:07FetAA but
00:45:10FetAA if we die here
00:45:11NoHankyPanky ¨take reg
00:45:11-.- TARGET spell
00:45:12NoHankyPanky void
00:45:16NoHankyPanky void reg
00:45:22NoHankyPanky frost armor
00:45:25Herre let me farm guinsoo
00:45:28Herre for that void
00:45:30FetAA can iget
00:45:31FetAA this
00:45:32FetAA i need
00:45:35Herre gg
00:45:35-.- y
00:45:36-.- sure
00:46:17-.- -ms
00:46:19NoHankyPanky scepter now
00:46:23-.- how does my move speed
00:46:25-.- improve
00:46:26NoHankyPanky remember to walk through my ulti
00:46:35-.- go
00:46:36-.- kill
00:46:43FetAA all ehre
00:46:43FetAA b
00:46:55-.- i bait
00:46:56eD_gEin need to place a ward here.
00:46:57NoHankyPanky good wards
00:47:01-.- STAY Woods
00:47:01-.- i bait
00:47:06NoHankyPanky we can smoke?
00:47:07FetAA coem all
00:47:11NoHankyPanky invis clock1
00:47:23FetAA bait
00:47:27FetAA or
00:47:28FetAA i take bot
00:47:35FetAA b
00:47:35FetAA b
00:47:45FetAA :ASd omw
00:48:17-.- go
00:48:19-.- void has aegis
00:48:27Herre im just going to walk to our base
00:48:29Herre to get my guinsoo
00:48:30FetAA n1
00:48:37-.- nice stun
00:48:41eD_gEin then why do you use blink?
00:48:43FetAA y
00:48:50-.- go mid
00:48:52-.- guys
00:48:53Herre let me correct it to you
00:48:56Herre I will - GO
00:48:59Herre to our base
00:48:59-.- we still gotz void aegis
00:49:10eD_gEin '
00:49:12eD_gEin km
00:49:12NoHankyPanky got ulti soon
00:49:15NoHankyPanky remember to pass through it
00:49:16eD_gEin ok sorry I share you now
00:49:19NoHankyPanky when we push
00:49:23-.- y
00:49:28Dota.m got my agah
00:49:28Benefactor 46 16
00:49:29Herre def mid
00:49:31Benefactor banrequest
00:49:33-.- wait for es
00:49:34NoHankyPanky mnice
00:49:35FetAA i bait
00:49:36FetAA cause aegis
00:49:40FetAA i go rambo
00:49:46SlikposeN who are u again
00:49:52SlikposeN maybe deffend
00:50:00SlikposeN before we report u for ruin
00:50:01Benefactor too busy writing it up
00:50:01FetAA y top
00:50:13-.- dont stay alone
00:50:24Herre GO NOW
00:50:25SlikposeN tank it huskar
00:50:27Dota.m dagger cd
00:50:27SlikposeN 47min farming
00:50:29SlikposeN u can do it
00:50:35Dota.m rdy
00:50:44FetAA my bad
00:51:07SlikposeN hi
00:51:10svents keke
00:51:12FetAA its np
00:51:24NoHankyPanky go though wall
00:51:27Herre bg
00:51:28-.- gg guys
00:51:29-.- wp
00:51:36Benefactor I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:51:45SlikposeN hahahah
00:51:47Herre xD
00:51:49NoHankyPanky imba shit
00:51:49SlikposeN you dny
00:51:50SlikposeN use ulti
00:51:51SlikposeN dont
00:51:54SlikposeN because u want lasthit
00:51:56eD_gEin waiting for lasthit
00:51:57SlikposeN and now they all get away
00:51:58eD_gEin obviously
00:51:59eD_gEin AHHA
00:52:00Herre nope
00:52:00-.- hmm
00:52:02-.- got some muney
00:52:09SlikposeN you rather autoattack 2 hits
00:52:10SlikposeN than ulti??
00:52:14NoHankyPanky herre?
00:52:18NoHankyPanky l 2 p
00:52:25Herre yea
00:52:30Herre whole cafe bashing me
00:52:31Herre way to go
00:52:43NoHankyPanky cafe`?
00:52:45FetAA u in cafe :p?
00:52:46-.- think i go that radi
00:52:54Herre perhaps bash this 35min linken medusa
00:53:01NoHankyPanky butter nice too
00:53:04-.- did radi
00:53:05-.- tho
00:53:08NoHankyPanky k
00:53:16NoHankyPanky lets dust
00:53:28-.- ok
00:53:30-.- lets smoke
00:53:31NoHankyPanky dust and then mid
00:53:34FetAA i heal
00:53:49NoHankyPanky frost armo1
00:54:07FetAA pussys
00:54:09-.- :D
00:54:35NoHankyPanky nice stuyns
00:54:40-.- guys
00:54:42-.- who u chasing
00:54:50-.- go base
00:54:55Herre go
00:55:06-.- oh no
00:55:08-.- we lost lane
00:55:09-.- or two
00:55:13FetAA :s
00:55:15FetAA no rey?
00:55:17FetAA how u died seer
00:55:45-.- just turtle
00:55:48-.- LOL
00:55:49-.- PERFECT
00:55:50-.- :D:D:D
00:56:11-.- at least they didnt push it
00:56:15-.- go mid now
00:56:17NoHankyPanky well medusa was dead
00:56:19NoHankyPanky so np
00:56:21Herre xD
00:56:25eD_gEin pro
00:56:26eD_gEin clock
00:56:26-.- or go top
00:56:27-.- tower low
00:56:33SlikposeN playing arround with u all game
00:56:42-.- top
00:56:43-.- guyzh
00:56:43NoHankyPanky new roshan
00:56:46SlikposeN waiting for that moment
00:56:53eD_gEin he knew it was incoming
00:56:57NoHankyPanky bring wards someoen1
00:57:00FetAA yupp
00:57:01SlikposeN saw your animation
00:57:04NoHankyPanky go rsohan
00:57:08NoHankyPanky lich
00:57:08FetAA :D u did it before me
00:57:09NoHankyPanky need
00:57:09eD_gEin Saw through u like water
00:57:10NoHankyPanky u
00:57:16eD_gEin You stand before him crystal clear
00:57:16Dota.m w8
00:57:19SlikposeN u wish
00:57:20Dota.m go with smoke
00:57:20NoHankyPanky reg
00:57:28NoHankyPanky come wsmoke
00:57:31eD_gEin he anticipated ur ulti
00:57:33eD_gEin everyone knows it
00:57:40-.- enough mby
00:57:48SlikposeN :(
00:58:07FetAA :O
00:58:13-.- rosh
00:58:13-.- come
00:58:13FetAA no tricks
00:58:33Herre roshan
00:58:34FetAA important roshan when we can finish
00:58:36FetAA clock 70s d
00:58:38Herre gg
00:58:40-.- nah
00:58:45-.- we can still go mid
00:58:48NoHankyPanky fast
00:58:48-.- he wont be alive
00:58:54-.- mid
00:58:54-.- fast
00:59:00FetAA funny how u can suck so much as with carry in gc and still win
00:59:01-.- come
00:59:02-.- vopid
00:59:03FetAA since enemy carr
00:59:05FetAA y
00:59:06FetAA is noOBB
00:59:09-.- VOID
00:59:12SlikposeN u are good
00:59:13Herre its mariah
00:59:13-.- fast :)
00:59:35NoHankyPanky rax
01:00:34NoHankyPanky ?
01:01:48Herre lol
01:02:03svents u mad?
01:02:17NoHankyPanky was looking fight
01:02:18Herre ass yousuall
01:02:31NoHankyPanky herre u dont get the match
01:02:35NoHankyPanky math
01:02:46Herre that must be the case
01:02:55NoHankyPanky mariahthe math
01:02:58NoHankyPanky he is minus score
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