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Chat log

00:00:12Kastrup any wishes?
00:00:16Madzon -clear
00:00:20KredeC -clear
00:00:20Kastrup ban AM
00:00:20FetAA -weaver
00:00:25Tazok es anybody?
00:00:26DeMiaN i can play ES
00:00:29DeMiaN me pls
00:00:34Kastrup if not picked
00:00:35Kastrup we need ES
00:00:40Kastrup well its picked
00:00:50FetAA -il
00:00:57DeMiaN what u want ?
00:01:01Tazok dunno
00:01:02Kastrup we need ogre
00:01:04Kastrup doctor
00:01:08Kastrup and atropos
00:01:10Kastrup maybe
00:01:10Madzon is it ok when i play support with necro ?
00:01:12DeMiaN get tide
00:01:26DeMiaN tide !
00:01:45DeMiaN so mate ?
00:01:46Tazok go bs?
00:01:51DeMiaN ok
00:01:54Tazok no
00:01:56Tazok sk
00:01:59Kastrup ench woods
00:02:01Kastrup drow solo bot
00:02:04Tazok -swap 5
00:02:05Kastrup wd and ogre top
00:02:06DeMiaN -swap 2
00:02:07Kastrup thats good lanes
00:02:11KredeC that would be sweet if u know how to gang
00:02:11Kastrup ench u gank bot as much as drow wants
00:02:13DeMiaN can i top with u i'll pull etc
00:02:18Kastrup makkara
00:02:19Kastrup u get it`?
00:02:22wodrock :D
00:02:24DeMiaN coz me + tide bot is suicide
00:02:25wodrock what a bully
00:02:26makkara y
00:02:27NoX sk down
00:02:30Euforia makkara otat jonku ison ursan, centaurin tai trollin
00:02:31Tazok necro top then
00:02:32Euforia ja meet
00:02:36Tazok bot*
00:02:36KredeC u know how to wood and gang and so on?
00:02:56FetAA -il
00:03:49makkara they have wards
00:04:46wodrock U mad?
00:04:53Kastrup :)
00:04:57FetAA why u go that way :D
00:05:01Kastrup :D
00:05:03Kastrup stuppid me :D
00:05:09KredeC ss
00:05:11KredeC re
00:05:27KredeC when u come`?
00:05:29Tazok sbare
00:05:30Tazok share
00:05:55makkara no stunning creep
00:06:01Tazok share es
00:06:19FetAA -il
00:06:34Euforia ss
00:06:36Euforia es
00:06:51KredeC ss
00:07:01Madzon pduge coming down
00:07:02KredeC re
00:07:41KredeC go after pull?
00:07:46makkara y
00:07:54KredeC ss
00:07:55KredeC tiode
00:08:02Tazok 2
00:08:04Euforia )
00:08:11DeMiaN invoker open ur eyes maybe
00:08:23KredeC re
00:08:26Madzon imo he is bot atm
00:08:42Madzon he doesnt say misses and shit
00:08:53Tazok wd mis
00:09:00Tazok re
00:09:03KredeC come
00:09:16Kastrup miss invoker midt
00:09:49KredeC why dont u slow`first?
00:09:56makkara i slowed first
00:09:57KredeC such an easy kill
00:10:00FetAA miss
00:10:15KredeC ss
00:10:42Kastrup :d
00:10:59KredeC ss
00:11:04Euforia v
00:11:10Tazok wd dont got male :P
00:11:22NoX rdy top?
00:11:23Euforia ss2
00:11:29Tazok need 20 mana
00:11:29DeMiaN need 20mana
00:11:32Euforia clari pls
00:11:38DeMiaN go
00:11:44FetAA -il
00:12:16KredeC ss
00:12:23wodrock :D
00:12:29KredeC es
00:12:30Euforia there u have ursa
00:12:31KredeC btm
00:12:32Euforia go gang
00:12:34KredeC care
00:12:45Tazok miss top
00:14:33Kastrup 3 woods
00:14:34Kastrup care
00:15:01DeMiaN tide go kill pudge ?
00:15:20FetAA :D
00:15:26Tazok get zeh invis spell ? :P
00:15:47Kastrup :(
00:15:51Tazok 2
00:15:56Madzon come g2nk down
00:15:57Tazok wd+ogre too
00:16:04Kastrup gj
00:16:14Tazok 3
00:16:14Kastrup ogre can u ward at rune spots?
00:16:16makkara oom
00:16:18Kastrup that would be fantastic
00:16:31wodrock aosjdfopasdjfopasdfj
00:16:32Euforia yeah now when i got my boots
00:16:32wodrock fuck you
00:16:46Madzon 2 is down
00:16:53Tazok b
00:17:04Kastrup 3 bot
00:17:06NoX lets go down
00:17:12NoX 3 here
00:17:29NoX 4.
00:17:30Tazok ogre
00:17:36NoX + pudge
00:17:40Euforia no dust
00:17:41KredeC fuck off
00:17:47FetAA -il
00:17:58KredeC u dont gang and u ruin farm..
00:18:11wodrock gotta gank sk too
00:18:28Kastrup 3 bot
00:18:46makkara 4 bo
00:18:47makkara t
00:18:56makkara nice def :D
00:19:02Tazok b
00:19:39FetAA ulti
00:19:43wodrock ffs
00:19:52DeMiaN heal
00:19:53DeMiaN pls
00:20:38FetAA -il
00:20:58wodrock COME IDIOTs
00:21:18FetAA -il
00:21:34KredeC ?
00:21:36Euforia thats what u farmed in 20min?
00:22:28KredeC well i got no gangs from ench and i got ganked by es and no wards..
00:22:34KredeC what will u have me do?
00:22:38wodrock !!?!?!?!?
00:23:24wodrock makkara
00:23:28wodrock no need to heal ogre when hes safe
00:23:34wodrock could of killed sk
00:23:34Euforia safe
00:23:35Euforia -.-
00:23:46wodrock whatever
00:23:49Euforia vvvv
00:23:50wodrock this is lost already anyway
00:24:07Kastrup they just stick together
00:24:09Kastrup as we should
00:24:23Kastrup B
00:25:51Madzon fucking oom
00:26:08makkara -ms
00:26:26Madzon ?
00:26:26NoX asdsadsakpå
00:27:14Kastrup gb
00:27:29Tazok b
00:27:29NoX oom
00:27:51Tazok b
00:29:53Kastrup midt tower
00:30:07Kastrup they are 3 our woods
00:30:08Kastrup TAKE CARE
00:30:30Tazok fu
00:30:32KredeC hello
00:30:32Kastrup :)
00:30:40DeMiaN tide got ult ?
00:30:43NoX y
00:30:43FetAA -il
00:30:49DeMiaN fucking typing
00:30:50DeMiaN -_-
00:31:08KredeC next
00:31:21Tazok wait for me and es
00:31:25DeMiaN just def tower and when sk and I here go kill
00:31:31KredeC thx for letting us back into thios
00:31:44Tazok rosh?
00:31:45NoX we got bestplayers
00:31:47NoX so np
00:31:54Kastrup gather
00:32:07Kastrup b
00:32:31FetAA -il
00:32:53Kastrup some
00:32:54Madzon lothar invoker ?
00:33:04KredeC they rosh
00:33:06KredeC ?
00:33:10makkara no
00:33:15NoX ok
00:33:18NoX lets go
00:33:56Madzon omg
00:34:13NoX b
00:34:29Tazok i tp bot
00:34:37DeMiaN def tower
00:34:39KredeC me ench then i ahve bkb
00:34:39DeMiaN tide ult first
00:34:43NoX we need more then 2
00:34:44NoX ..
00:34:48DeMiaN tp bo
00:34:49DeMiaN bot
00:34:50Tazok i tp
00:34:50DeMiaN fast !
00:34:51DeMiaN ffs
00:34:58DeMiaN FAST
00:35:00Tazok go
00:35:13Kastrup b
00:35:27Kastrup well
00:35:35Euforia fetaa lothars?
00:35:38Euforia oikeesti?
00:35:46FetAA ?
00:36:01Tazok focus wd btw
00:36:06Euforia aghanims on tolle aika kova sana
00:36:08DeMiaN an?0 ench
00:36:09wodrock 2 spells, ench, and you're dead
00:36:15FetAA ty for protip
00:36:17Kastrup -ii
00:36:22Euforia np
00:36:26KredeC go btm
00:36:44Madzon running like a bitch
00:36:51KredeC rosh
00:36:52DeMiaN traxex will own us
00:36:52wodrock care of jumps
00:36:53KredeC all
00:36:55FetAA y :p
00:37:03Tazok 400 for bkb
00:37:06Tazok all in mid?
00:37:08NoX b
00:37:11DeMiaN try end when tide has ult
00:37:21DeMiaN just go mid
00:37:29Kastrup n ew wards plz
00:37:30DeMiaN or rosh first
00:37:33Tazok warded
00:37:42DeMiaN hmmkay then mid all ?
00:37:44FetAA gather
00:37:47NoX lets go
00:37:49Tazok just need 60
00:37:54KredeC we can
00:37:57KredeC if we get wards
00:39:04DeMiaN mid fast tower
00:39:06DeMiaN ?
00:39:08DeMiaN or fast rosh ?
00:39:52FetAA b
00:40:25Tazok rosh?
00:40:32KredeC why so defensive ogrE?
00:40:34FetAA y come
00:40:35FetAA fast
00:40:36NoX y
00:40:51FetAA take those
00:40:52KredeC im standing there all by myself with bkb and u back of..
00:40:54FetAA and press move to roshan
00:40:55FetAA so they tank
00:40:59Kastrup they ros?
00:41:00Euforia lol
00:41:01KredeC invoker 1/5 hp
00:41:05FetAA ..
00:41:07FetAA dont press attack
00:41:08NoX they cant?
00:41:08FetAA press move
00:41:09FetAA ..
00:41:11NoX did
00:41:13FetAA they can
00:41:22Kastrup :/
00:41:30Tazok let es tank
00:41:35wodrock wtf u doing
00:41:38Kastrup why`?
00:41:42Euforia aegis stealing
00:41:45Kastrup rofl
00:41:47wodrock lol
00:41:48Tazok mid?
00:41:49wodrock :D:D
00:42:06Tazok dust on pudge
00:42:10FetAA -il
00:42:13Kastrup new wards
00:42:16Kastrup -ms
00:42:22Kastrup aganims on ES
00:42:24Euforia new wards where
00:42:30Madzon i def up
00:42:48FetAA bloodstone in necro is bad
00:42:55FetAA as lothar in invo
00:42:59DeMiaN it's not bad
00:43:03DeMiaN it's awefull
00:43:03FetAA yes
00:43:48Tazok cd tp
00:43:53NoX b
00:43:54KredeC gp topå!
00:43:55NoX dont die
00:43:55KredeC all
00:43:56KredeC come
00:44:00wodrock lol no
00:44:03wodrock they have aegis
00:44:05wodrock thatä's just stupid
00:44:20NoX wait for necro
00:44:34wodrock ill just get a towrer
00:44:36wodrock since im so far
00:44:47DeMiaN bot
00:44:58KredeC i report wd..
00:45:03wodrock you cant
00:45:09KredeC ofc
00:45:10Euforia you can
00:45:11Kastrup :)
00:45:14Euforia if wd is farming
00:45:15KredeC watch me..
00:45:18Euforia while others fight
00:45:25wodrock that's not bananble
00:45:27FetAA -il
00:45:28Tazok come es
00:45:29KredeC we'll see
00:45:30Euforia it is
00:45:31wodrock since captain didnt say go top
00:45:31DeMiaN yy
00:45:47Kastrup its allowed to use brain
00:45:51wodrock ea
00:45:52wodrock yea
00:45:56wodrock you dont push when they have aegis
00:45:58wodrock and win teamfights
00:46:03wodrock cause ES + tide
00:46:51Tazok jhust b
00:47:06KredeC counter
00:47:12KredeC all
00:47:13Tazok place zeh wards :)
00:47:20wodrock we wont make it
00:47:31wodrock you're pretty dam dumb kredec
00:47:39Kastrup -ms
00:47:42Tazok wait m
00:47:43Tazok e
00:47:49wodrock we just go into suicide
00:47:52wodrock +2 lanes pushihng us
00:47:53KredeC k
00:47:54KredeC b then
00:47:55Euforia blablabla
00:48:00Tazok es!!
00:48:01makkara b?
00:48:02Tazok -afk
00:48:06Kastrup wait here
00:48:07Kastrup wait here
00:48:10Madzon -afk
00:48:10makkara def?
00:48:15FetAA they cant push
00:48:20Madzon they need to def
00:48:23makkara -.-
00:49:01Kastrup get ready for midt
00:49:04Kastrup silence ES
00:49:06Kastrup and we might have a chance
00:49:13Kastrup b ogre
00:49:26Madzon care
00:49:30DeMiaN go ?
00:49:37Madzon wait all
00:50:00DeMiaN fucking silence
00:50:07DeMiaN go push traxx ?e
00:50:20DeMiaN raxx
00:50:29Kastrup help me
00:50:29Kastrup im with necro
00:50:29wodrock no chance without trax
00:50:29Kastrup really low
00:50:29FetAA -il
00:50:29Tazok emp feeta?
00:50:29Euforia WD
00:50:29Kastrup but SK will stun me now
00:50:29Euforia STFU
00:50:29Kastrup and i need help
00:50:29Euforia D:D:D:
00:50:29wodrock ?
00:50:29wodrock you stfu noob
00:50:29Euforia :DDD
00:50:29wodrock mr. carry
00:50:29Euforia ::::::D
00:50:29Euforia so sad
00:50:29NoX fantastic
00:50:29KredeC -ii
00:50:29FetAA some1
00:50:29FetAA use him
00:50:29FetAA heal nd shit
00:50:29NoX will do
00:50:29DeMiaN tide must ult
00:50:29DeMiaN be4 i go in
00:50:29DeMiaN coz everytime i get silenced
00:50:29wodrock this is good
00:50:29Tazok who goes?
00:50:29NoX you have dagger
00:50:29Kastrup hmm
00:50:29DeMiaN yeah i go dager then
00:50:29NoX use it and they wont have time
00:50:29DeMiaN either ench
00:50:29Tazok tide kills creeps.
00:50:29DeMiaN or traxx
00:50:29DeMiaN silence
00:50:29Tazok so ruins yours
00:50:29Euforia wd
00:50:29Kastrup ogre goes...
00:50:29Euforia goes
00:50:29wodrock lol
00:50:29wodrock euforia..
00:50:29Tazok wihu!!!!
00:50:29Euforia u srs
00:50:29Euforia not wd?
00:50:29Kastrup well sry
00:50:29wodrock wanna know why?
00:50:29Kastrup well wd got way better farm
00:50:29Kastrup and we need that maledict
00:50:29wodrock and + bounces on ulti
00:50:29Kastrup for killing SK
00:50:29wodrock 3 bounces
00:50:29Euforia wd0 support
00:50:29Tazok go ogre instead?
00:50:29Tazok or go pudge?
00:50:29wodrock ogre carry
00:50:29Kastrup well he might help from now on
00:50:29Euforia also my farms better
00:50:29NoX go pudge to lealease necro
00:50:29NoX need his heal
00:50:29Euforia and trax needs blood
00:50:29Euforia lust
00:50:29Kastrup not rly..
00:50:29Kastrup iknow
00:50:29FetAA y go pudge
00:50:29wodrock we can use lust
00:50:29Kastrup but this is the choice i made
00:50:29wodrock ourselves
00:50:29Kastrup sry
00:50:29wodrock not like we cant use heroes
00:50:29Kastrup guys
00:50:29Kastrup when unpause
00:50:29Kastrup help me with
00:50:40Tazok rax
00:50:40FetAA ogre goe..
00:50:40KredeC omg
00:50:41Kastrup OGRE
00:50:41FetAA ogre goes banned
00:50:42FetAA :D
00:50:43KredeC ffs
00:52:02KredeC come!
00:52:16wodrock def with ogre
00:52:24Tazok rosh when i spawn?
00:52:44FetAA :D
00:53:12Tazok b
00:53:12Tazok b
00:53:13Tazok b
00:53:27Kastrup go bot
00:53:28NoX didnt see trax
00:53:29NoX ..
00:53:29Kastrup full push
00:54:07wodrock fkdxpljkas
00:54:24KredeC I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel]
00:55:05Tazok you take invok
00:55:05FetAA zz
00:55:22makkara -ii
00:55:33makkara bird got killed where?
00:55:40Kastrup haven't used
00:55:45KredeC me n either
00:55:50wodrock maybe euforia
00:55:53makkara my blade at mid -.-
00:55:53NoX dont go imo
00:55:54NoX no ulti
00:56:06FetAA well wait for ulti and go
00:56:15Tazok top then?
00:56:34FetAA go mid now
00:56:36FetAA huge wave bot
00:56:43FetAA ah ur base
00:57:04DeMiaN sec got refresher
00:57:10FetAA coem alreayd..
00:57:29NoX go on thet es
00:57:34Tazok es first
00:57:35DeMiaN go first tide
00:57:37DeMiaN kk...
00:57:39makkara omg need my blade -.-
00:57:41FetAA not es first
00:57:41NoX i will take out creeps
00:57:42FetAA u bait leoric
00:57:47FetAA then es comes
00:59:08makkara I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
00:59:10Kastrup insane we lose this
00:59:11wodrock I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
00:59:26Tazok :)
00:59:34Kastrup well gg
00:59:39Tazok wd not getting male at first level said it
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