Game #1836423

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-39 X
-1 TS

92% | 1577 X | 1468 TS

-3 X
-1 TS

87% | 1418 X | 1546 TS

-24 X
-1 TS

88% | 1494 X | 1464 TS

-32 X
-2 TS

80% | 1419 X | 1406 TS

-24 X
-1 TS

76% | 1346 X | 1394 TS

+27 X
+4 TS

98% | 1726 X | 1560 TS

+22 X
+1 TS

89% | 1499 X | 1464 TS

+51 X
+2 TS

82% | 1333 X | 1535 TS

+29 X
+1 TS

74% | 1345 X | 1375 TS

+8 X
+1 TS

71% | 1243 X | 1452 TS

Chat log

00:00:03Bra~ -rd mode
00:00:04valiante -rd
00:00:07Timu remind me to buy chick
00:00:07MariahCarry fetaa
00:00:07Kastrup its RD
00:00:07Kastrup XD
00:00:07Timu xd
00:00:07Sjakalen zzzzz
00:00:07MariahCarry we're doomed
00:00:07Sjakalen ^
00:00:07Kastrup ? :)
00:00:07Kastrup er han god?
00:00:07FetAA -rd
00:00:11MariahCarry fetAA er lort
00:00:16Bra~ phoenix for me
00:00:16Kastrup true
00:00:17Timu wd, lina, rhasta, wl
00:00:18Bra~ autowin
00:00:19MariahCarry :D
00:00:19IceMal y
00:00:19Bra~ phoenixxxx
00:00:19MariahCarry fetAA pls dont play morph
00:00:19Bra~ for real
00:00:19Kastrup ser vi en wl? :D
00:00:19MariahCarry whatever u do
00:00:19MariahCarry haha
00:00:19MariahCarry nej
00:00:19IceMal haha
00:00:19MariahCarry i ser noget endnu bedre
00:00:19Kastrup :D
00:00:19Kastrup viper?
00:00:19MariahCarry nej nej
00:00:19Kastrup <- lina
00:00:19Kastrup if possible
00:00:19MariahCarry u'll see
00:00:19Kastrup BH?!?? :D
00:00:19valiante nej
00:00:19MariahCarry YES SIR
00:00:19valiante nej
00:00:19valiante nej
00:00:19FetAA i ban that tuskar fucker
00:00:19MariahCarry :D
00:00:19valiante fetaa
00:00:19FetAA bannana?
00:00:19Sjakalen btw
00:00:19seppo12 sf
00:00:19Sjakalen dont
00:00:19valiante ban bounty
00:00:19Sjakalen ban
00:00:19Sjakalen sf
00:00:19MariahCarry lol krede
00:00:19Sjakalen they
00:00:19MariahCarry har 10-2 eller sådan noget
00:00:19FetAA tuskar
00:00:19Sjakalen cant play him
00:00:19Sjakalen anyway
00:00:21Sjakalen zz
00:00:23MariahCarry med bh
00:00:24Timu tuskar and?
00:00:26Bra~ feenix
00:00:27Kastrup :P
00:00:28Bra~ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
00:00:30Timu k
00:00:32Bra~ TY
00:00:33MariahCarry gief bh pls fetaa
00:00:41seppo12 no proplem
00:00:48Kastrup any1 wanna pick lina 4 me?
00:00:48valiante they wont pick it
00:00:53MariahCarry can i mid with bottle bh?
00:00:58Kastrup for me feta?
00:00:58FetAA no
00:01:00Kastrup or?
00:01:00MariahCarry pls
00:01:03MariahCarry it's so hard rape
00:01:08seppo12 morp goes mid ?
00:01:12Kastrup feta u play lina or what?
00:01:14Sjakalen hmm
00:01:15valiante not against wl
00:01:16FetAA for u
00:01:17Bra~ nah
00:01:17Sjakalen it kinda
00:01:18Bra~ go lane
00:01:19Sjakalen sucks
00:01:20MariahCarry against anyone
00:01:21Sjakalen with morph
00:01:22Kastrup what u want?
00:01:22Sjakalen mid
00:01:22Bra~ ill support
00:01:22Soulyah i could
00:01:24seppo12 i go then
00:01:24Bra~ or wl
00:01:25FetAA hmm
00:01:29MariahCarry and wl is soulyah
00:01:31Kastrup and btw he palys a good bh
00:01:31seppo12 bra get me viper
00:01:32MariahCarry he sucks
00:01:34Bra~ k
00:01:39Bra~ -swap 1
00:01:39seppo12 -swap 4
00:01:42FetAA pick me magnus
00:01:45Sjakalen get
00:01:48Sjakalen rhasta
00:01:50Sjakalen oh
00:01:51Sjakalen wd
00:01:52Sjakalen nice
00:01:52Sjakalen to
00:01:56FetAA hmp
00:01:56Sjakalen wd
00:01:57Kastrup -swap 5
00:01:57Sjakalen with
00:01:58FetAA what lanes shoudl we put
00:01:58Sjakalen me
00:01:59Sjakalen top
00:02:02Bra~ sure?
00:02:03FetAA -swap 5
00:02:03Kastrup swap 1
00:02:04MariahCarry if i go mid we get much stronger lanes
00:02:05Kastrup -swap 1
00:02:07valiante why not me mid?
00:02:08MariahCarry and mid will be stronger aswell
00:02:15MariahCarry just sayin
00:02:16FetAA 'lina come with me bot
00:02:17Soulyah tule rapeme
00:02:18FetAA wr top
00:02:19FetAA with leshrac
00:02:20Soulyah osta pullwardid
00:02:21Soulyah plz
00:02:26Sjakalen let
00:02:28Sjakalen go
00:02:29Sjakalen for
00:02:29Sjakalen the
00:02:31Sjakalen fb
00:02:32Sjakalen if
00:02:33Sjakalen they
00:02:34Sjakalen are
00:02:35Sjakalen at
00:02:35MariahCarry ty
00:02:36Sjakalen rune
00:02:37Sjakalen spot
00:02:37Soulyah can u speak with 1 line?
00:02:41Timu ma wendis ka muidu
00:02:43seppo12 i think he cant :D
00:02:43Soulyah stop hitting enter that much
00:02:44Bra~ xD
00:02:48MariahCarry sick lineups
00:02:50seppo12 what
00:02:50seppo12 are
00:02:51seppo12 u
00:02:52seppo12 saing
00:02:54FetAA ah u make basi too
00:02:54seppo12 or
00:02:55Sjakalen i
00:02:55Sjakalen m
00:02:55seppo12 ^^
00:02:56Sjakalen s
00:02:56FetAA didnt notice
00:02:57Sjakalen a
00:02:58Sjakalen y
00:02:58Sjakalen i
00:02:59Soulyah lol
00:02:59Sjakalen ng
00:03:01Sjakalen :D
00:03:02Kastrup well its fine just having..
00:03:02Soulyah ff retarded team
00:03:04Soulyah gg awp
00:03:04Timu dont feed the troll
00:03:05Bra~ stop spam
00:03:10valiante gg awp?
00:03:13Kastrup AWP
00:03:16Kastrup scout
00:03:17Timu good game and well played
00:03:18Soulyah all well played
00:03:25Sjakalen see
00:03:27Sjakalen fb..
00:03:29FetAA u ff alrdy?
00:03:32FetAA i konw my magnus strong but..
00:03:33Soulyah y
00:03:33FetAA this
00:03:36Soulyah ppl cant talk in chat
00:03:38Timu cve
00:03:54Timu fb overrated
00:03:57Soulyah y
00:04:03FetAA warded?
00:04:05Kastrup y
00:04:11Sjakalen pull
00:04:16Timu y
00:04:17FetAA nerds
00:05:03Timu ss
00:05:05Timu i think
00:05:09Sjakalen care
00:05:09Sjakalen mid
00:05:19MariahCarry ok
00:05:32MariahCarry can't
00:05:37valiante farm
00:05:54Sjakalen don
00:05:55FetAA zz
00:05:57Sjakalen do not lasthit
00:06:02FetAA fun
00:06:04FetAA to play 1v3 lane
00:06:10Kastrup *?
00:06:11Soulyah tapaks
00:06:15FetAA ur like enemy
00:06:17FetAA denying creeps
00:06:21Kastrup lol
00:06:39Kastrup u are
00:06:45Kastrup hit them both
00:06:55FetAA wtf
00:06:56FetAA :D
00:07:03Kastrup u dont do shit
00:07:05Timu oi oi
00:07:07FetAA im fucking magnus
00:07:10FetAA let me farm bit in start
00:07:11Kastrup WAVE THEM
00:07:13FetAA i have fucking wave an skewer
00:07:17Kastrup thats all i want
00:07:19FetAA jst go roam
00:07:25FetAA i need exp and lasthit
00:07:29Kastrup as i do
00:07:33FetAA u dont need
00:07:33FetAA shit
00:07:49Timu wtf
00:07:52MariahCarry vpier going bot
00:07:53Sjakalen wtf
00:07:55Sjakalen wd
00:07:55Sjakalen why
00:07:56Sjakalen do
00:07:57Sjakalen you want
00:07:58Sjakalen e
00:08:01Sjakalen me to come with no hp
00:08:02Sjakalen ffs
00:08:10FetAA how lame that sunray
00:08:37FetAA go b
00:08:42seppo12 b
00:08:44seppo12 bot
00:08:50Bra~ omw kill
00:08:54FetAA top
00:08:57FetAA why u play so scared
00:08:58Bra~ nvm
00:08:59FetAA u instagib wd?
00:09:01seppo12 gondar is bot
00:09:02Bra~ bh here
00:09:16Timu wp
00:09:35seppo12 omw
00:09:48Kastrup viper
00:09:48MariahCarry ss mid
00:09:54Kastrup viper with dd
00:10:38Bra~ oom
00:10:44Bra~ brb
00:10:45Bra~ will tp
00:10:48Bra~ w8
00:10:52MariahCarry gj
00:10:54valiante u2
00:11:11FetAA ff
00:11:20FetAA rape fest
00:11:24IceMal u suck
00:11:26valiante 8 - 9
00:11:36FetAA y icemal
00:11:39FetAA try to hit 1 stun first
00:11:50Bra~ i go urn
00:12:00Soulyah i have
00:12:00Soulyah urn
00:12:02Soulyah already
00:12:03Bra~ k
00:12:14Bra~ ma siis ei tee
00:12:15Kastrup <- b
00:12:19FetAA just need morphling
00:12:20MariahCarry ok
00:12:21FetAA perma ganked
00:12:22FetAA and we k
00:12:26MariahCarry omw top
00:12:35seppo12 miss 2 bot
00:12:36seppo12 mid
00:12:42Kastrup omw
00:13:06valiante gj
00:13:08Sjakalen oom
00:13:08MariahCarry sry
00:13:27MariahCarry get wd
00:13:32Kastrup wait
00:13:32Kastrup wait
00:13:34MariahCarry yy
00:13:41valiante omw
00:13:42MariahCarry go
00:13:54Bra~ soon tp
00:13:55seppo12 omw top fast
00:13:59seppo12 morph
00:13:59IceMal viper haste
00:14:00Bra~ gogo
00:14:00seppo12 got bottle
00:14:04Sjakalen im
00:14:05seppo12 come
00:14:06Sjakalen trach
00:14:08Timu shit on phone
00:14:25Timu -ii
00:14:31Bra~ wtf creepid
00:14:38Timu :S
00:14:42valiante wp
00:14:43valiante wp
00:14:51seppo12 u 2 retard
00:15:03MariahCarry omw top
00:15:08Bra~ ma b
00:15:13Soulyah tavv
00:15:21IceMal gg
00:15:23IceMal tard
00:15:25seppo12 CAN WE HAVE SOME STUN
00:15:25seppo12 idiot
00:15:33Sjakalen wp
00:15:34Timu tard
00:15:39Timu i was doing next level play ehre
00:15:41MariahCarry anyone wards
00:15:42MariahCarry ?
00:15:48seppo12 by letting me die
00:15:50seppo12 naisss
00:15:53Timu didnt see gondar at first
00:15:54seppo12 :S
00:16:02seppo12 neither did i though
00:16:03seppo12 sry
00:16:31seppo12 omw mid
00:16:32seppo12 got ult
00:16:51Timu shiet
00:17:01Timu :D
00:17:06seppo12 brilliant job
00:17:07Timu hästi soulya
00:17:08valiante gj
00:17:20Soulyah :D
00:17:25Soulyah pole minu hiiro:D
00:17:30Timu true that
00:17:33seppo12 we kinda need morph in fights
00:17:37seppo12 we lack of aoe
00:18:22Kastrup ej?
00:18:26MariahCarry seriøst
00:18:33MariahCarry hvorfor fuck kan den ikke slå
00:18:53Timu care
00:19:00FetAA oom
00:19:09Sjakalen wp
00:19:17Soulyah any1?
00:19:22Sjakalen omw
00:19:32FetAA to
00:19:34FetAA tp
00:19:34Sjakalen gogog
00:19:34FetAA lina
00:19:35Kastrup cd
00:19:40valiante kan du ik bare farme ihufa
00:19:54Soulyah was cd b4
00:19:55Soulyah sry
00:19:55FetAA why dont u hit the ball :D
00:20:10FetAA goodjoob
00:20:14FetAA lets take bot?
00:20:17FetAA go boit gank and tower?
00:20:41Bra~ nice nice
00:21:30MariahCarry magnus?
00:22:20Soulyah ulti in 5
00:22:24valiante he fat
00:22:29valiante 10 min frefarm
00:22:29FetAA mm
00:22:34seppo12 b
00:22:37seppo12 cant
00:22:37Soulyah got
00:22:38Soulyah ulti
00:22:38seppo12 vs 5
00:22:39FetAA im fucking useless
00:22:40FetAA need dagger
00:23:19Kastrup gem on viper
00:23:21MariahCarry gem on viper
00:23:22MariahCarry lolol
00:23:22valiante han har sgu gem
00:23:26FetAA killhim
00:23:28Bra~ hea micro
00:23:29Bra~ :P
00:23:33Soulyah :D
00:23:37Soulyah no
00:23:40Soulyah t aoli nii kaugel
00:23:44Soulyah poleks j2rgi j6udnud v6tta
00:23:48valiante 1 - 6, 9 - 3 difference in captains ? hmm
00:23:48Soulyah eniveis!
00:23:51Bra~ jajah
00:23:51Bra~ :D
00:23:54FetAA wow
00:23:58Soulyah stfu or banned
00:24:00Bra~ :D:D
00:24:00FetAA and when i owned u with qop 18-1 and u were 1-9?
00:24:04Bra~ -ii
00:24:08Timu teadis soulya rääkida :D
00:24:08valiante first of all
00:24:10FetAA fucking retard why dont u
00:24:11valiante i ended on 7 - 7
00:24:16Soulyah dis magnus
00:24:16FetAA why u chat
00:24:18FetAA me to ded
00:24:18valiante - 5 x
00:24:21FetAA valiante telling me protips
00:24:22FetAA so idie
00:24:28Bra~ gang woods
00:24:30Bra~ viper
00:24:35Soulyah whyd u listen to him:d
00:24:45Kastrup well fetas just whining
00:24:45valiante because he dies all the time
00:25:06seppo12 clear wards
00:25:12Timu need wars
00:25:22FetAA no ulti
00:25:35Soulyah got ulti
00:25:41Soulyah lendad sisse pheix
00:25:41Timu re use
00:25:43Soulyah oma ultiga
00:25:46Soulyah panen j2rgi kohe
00:25:52Bra~ tra
00:25:53Bra~ mana
00:25:53Soulyah umm
00:25:54Bra~ xD
00:25:57FetAA important lina
00:25:58FetAA maybe come bot?
00:26:23Timu tra
00:26:30Bra~ oom
00:26:32Bra~ :/
00:26:48seppo12 let them come
00:26:51Bra~ mana?
00:26:52Bra~ any1
00:27:13Kastrup 30 hp
00:27:27Kastrup katten efter musen :D
00:27:27Soulyah cmon morph
00:27:30Soulyah join 1fight
00:27:33IceMal pro bounty
00:27:50MariahCarry gj
00:27:51seppo12 rofl
00:27:52MariahCarry gem
00:27:52seppo12 this link
00:27:58seppo12 not even close
00:28:04seppo12 and still stunned
00:28:13Soulyah I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:28:17Bra~ care
00:28:18Bra~ top
00:28:18FetAA ..
00:28:20seppo12 phoenix needs some armor
00:28:23Bra~ magna and co incoming
00:28:25Kastrup -ms
00:29:04FetAA come all
00:29:05Bra~ :D:D
00:29:16Bra~ npnp
00:29:16FetAA i gief u dmg bounty
00:29:19MariahCarry ok
00:29:28Soulyah got gem
00:29:29Soulyah wait
00:29:29Kastrup b
00:29:44FetAA all
00:29:45FetAA i start
00:30:01IceMal go
00:30:44Kastrup gem
00:30:46Kastrup take gem
00:30:46Soulyah I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:30:47Soulyah I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:30:57Sjakalen why
00:30:58Sjakalen do
00:30:59Soulyah 0 fights 5v5
00:31:00Sjakalen you ff ?
00:31:01Sjakalen its
00:31:03Sjakalen won ?
00:31:05Timu trolling
00:31:06Timu ldo
00:31:13Soulyah coz i cba playing with 3 6 score
00:31:17Soulyah i rather start a new game
00:31:20Soulyah kle
00:31:20Soulyah bra
00:31:24Soulyah hoia oma ultit
00:31:28Soulyah minu slow ja ulti comboga
00:31:30Soulyah its stronk
00:31:33Kastrup -ms
00:31:36Bra~ ma ennem panin kehvalt jah
00:31:37Sjakalen 'me
00:31:48Bra~ go 5 mid
00:31:49Bra~ !!
00:31:55Bra~ we can dooo iitt
00:31:56seppo12 lesh invs
00:31:58seppo12 got gem any ?
00:32:00MariahCarry -bounty
00:32:02Soulyah nop
00:32:05seppo12 b
00:32:05seppo12 mid
00:32:06seppo12 fast
00:32:24Timu fuck me
00:32:25FetAA omw
00:32:34Kastrup WTF?
00:32:35IceMal bug
00:32:37Kastrup bugged
00:32:37Bra~ no
00:32:49Soulyah lenda siis sise
00:32:55Bra~ cd
00:32:56Timu wait 5s more
00:33:15Soulyah GG
00:33:19seppo12 manta of gg
00:33:20seppo12 ^^
00:33:45seppo12 mid
00:33:46seppo12 tower
00:33:47seppo12 then top
00:34:24seppo12 b
00:34:24seppo12 mid
00:35:18Soulyah plan?
00:35:19Soulyah got ulti
00:35:22Soulyah with agha
00:35:27valiante 30 min
00:35:30valiante hvor er farm
00:35:39Soulyah gogogo
00:35:42Soulyah no fear
00:35:44Timu re use
00:35:48Soulyah 30s
00:35:51Soulyah bird flys in
00:35:53Soulyah i combo
00:36:04Soulyah kk
00:36:04Timu reu se chick
00:36:07Soulyah next wave
00:36:18Soulyah ära faili nyyd lind
00:36:32seppo12 go roshan
00:36:32Soulyah ??
00:36:33seppo12 now
00:36:38Soulyah mida sa ootasid:D
00:36:43Timu ma oleks ka lälinud
00:36:44Soulyah we go to roshan
00:36:47Bra~ soz
00:36:48Kastrup :)
00:36:51Kastrup we stay in base
00:36:55Kastrup waiting for u to come back with ank
00:37:02FetAA letsog
00:37:04FetAA i cna ulti
00:37:07valiante k
00:37:08valiante go
00:37:08Bra~ in a sec
00:37:21Soulyah :D
00:37:21Timu lul
00:37:22Bra~ here we come
00:37:35Kastrup b
00:37:40IceMal magnus'
00:37:58Timu permanent
00:37:59IceMal fucking
00:37:59seppo12 nais
00:38:00Bra~ oiijaaa
00:38:03Soulyah why would u do that
00:38:03MariahCarry gj
00:38:04IceMal ¨u so passive
00:38:12seppo12 get some wards
00:38:12Bra~ oleks sa seal olnud
00:38:19Bra~ = rampage
00:38:25FetAA dis icemal
00:38:27Soulyah no
00:38:31Soulyah oleks tädil munn
00:38:33Soulyah oleks ta onku
00:38:37Bra~ :D
00:38:42Soulyah CHARGE
00:38:46seppo12 we
00:38:47seppo12 need
00:38:52seppo12 np
00:38:57Bra~ xD
00:38:57Soulyah n1
00:38:57IceMal haha
00:39:02IceMal what a noob
00:39:09FetAA b
00:39:09seppo12 wtf wl with aegis ?
00:39:11seppo12 -.-
00:39:22Kastrup etheralblade on morph
00:39:22Timu :D
00:39:25Soulyah noone wanted to take
00:39:27Soulyah so i took it
00:39:30seppo12 i was taking
00:39:34Soulyah too slow mate
00:39:44seppo12 ye slower than your spam :D
00:39:47Soulyah :D
00:39:49seppo12 come all bot
00:39:49FetAA zz
00:39:49Soulyah wana push guys?
00:39:52Soulyah with ultis n shiet
00:39:54seppo12 all the time
00:39:55seppo12 bottom
00:40:06Kastrup -ms
00:40:09Timu come help me wards
00:40:10valiante got pipe and meka
00:40:12FetAA go gank with
00:40:16FetAA ok they come
00:40:22Kastrup :)
00:40:23FetAA buy alrdy something
00:40:24FetAA gondar
00:40:27FetAA lifesteal or smthing
00:40:30Soulyah need someone to bait magnus ulti
00:40:34Kastrup gem on vuiper
00:40:34seppo12 u
00:40:35Kastrup vper*
00:40:36Kastrup viper*
00:40:37Soulyah no wai
00:40:38FetAA ,mom >_>?
00:40:39seppo12 got
00:40:41seppo12 aegis
00:40:41MariahCarry ofc
00:40:41Timu maybe piece of chees
00:40:42Bra~ sul aegis
00:40:44Bra~ cmonn
00:40:44Timu asd
00:40:45Bra~ Xd
00:41:20Bra~ ok
00:41:20FetAA I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:41:20Timu didnt even kill anybody lol
00:41:20MariahCarry fucking wd cask
00:41:20MariahCarry saved phoenix
00:41:20Soulyah wifi wins u
00:41:20IceMal gaynoob magnud
00:41:30Soulyah y
00:41:36Kastrup im just instant kill on morph :D
00:42:24Soulyah lock won
00:42:25Soulyah gg
00:42:28Kastrup :P
00:42:33Kastrup feta wo
00:42:34Kastrup won
00:42:41Timu charlie won
00:43:17valiante I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:43:18Timu mad
00:43:20MariahCarry I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:43:22Timu ness
00:43:24Kastrup I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:43:25Timu tea
00:43:27valiante [DotA-GC] Game was won by Scourge!
00:43:27valiante [DotA-GC] Game was won by Scourge!
00:43:27valiante [DotA-GC] Game was won by Scourge!
00:43:27valiante [DotA-GC] Sentinel must now wait near their fountain until Scourge destroys the tree.
00:43:27IceMal I surrender! [5/5 of Sentinel]
00:43:29Timu party
00:43:29Soulyah Overpicked is overpicked
00:43:40Bra~ ban?
00:44:01Bra~ imba hero
00:44:03Bra~ phoenix
00:44:03seppo12 mom gondar ^^
00:44:08Bra~ liiga op
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