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92% | 1581 X | 1470 TS

-30 X
-3 TS

75% | 1521 X | 1162 TS

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-1 TS

68% | 1215 X | 1432 TS

-15 X
-1 TS

53% | 1174 X | 1313 TS

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25% | 939 X | 1293 TS

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91% | 1529 X | 1504 TS

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85% | 1471 X | 1442 TS

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+19 TS

NEW | 1253 X | 1285 TS

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Chat log

00:00:04xecution -rd
00:00:07mrk svents palju on juba?
00:00:17xecution -ns
00:00:17xecution -balanar
00:00:17xecution -balanar
00:00:17xecution -ns
00:00:17Guf ^^
00:00:17Lafrenzz HAHA du er med svents
00:00:17xecution de
00:00:17xecution er gg
00:00:17xecution ff
00:00:17xecution skidt teams
00:00:17Lafrenzz fryd
00:00:17xecution på grund af new players
00:00:17xecution :)=
00:00:17Guf thrall
00:00:18svents i love to lose =)
00:00:23xecution get dirge
00:00:27mrk haha 11
00:00:28mrk najs
00:00:36mrk mingi gc rekord
00:00:38mrk tee pilti
00:00:45svents mis rekord?:D
00:00:52mrk kaotusi:D
00:00:56Iho weaver
00:00:57svents lol mul veab :D
00:01:09xecution get dirge
00:01:11svents proovin 0 % kätte saada:D
00:01:28h2star_- :DDDDDDDDD
00:01:35Guf -swap 4
00:01:39mrk tide
00:01:43h2star_- good
00:01:44h2star_- picked
00:01:44Terkill -swap 1
00:01:47h2star_- bros
00:01:55h2star_- u should tripple lane
00:01:55mrk lanes?
00:01:55Drally weaver
00:01:55h2star_- tbh
00:01:57Drally solo ?
00:01:58Drally i woods ?
00:02:00Guf y
00:02:08h2star_- share
00:02:24mrk if weaver solo
00:02:24mrk y
00:02:30mrk or
00:02:30mrk no
00:02:32mrk yes
00:02:51h2star_- well
00:02:53h2star_- u can push that lane
00:02:54h2star_- easily
00:03:09mrk stay top
00:03:10mrk tide
00:03:22mrk push
00:03:25mrk if sylla woods
00:03:27mrk ez
00:04:00Guf trilane to
00:05:04Guf just pull and i will fuck them
00:05:14Iho pudge rege
00:05:16Drally warded
00:05:26Guf ss tide
00:05:32Terkill :D
00:05:35Terkill lol
00:06:42Terkill dude harass
00:06:45Terkill and let me farm
00:07:02Guf ss
00:07:04Guf 3
00:07:06Lafrenzz ups
00:07:18xecution wird
00:07:19xecution u got reg
00:07:22xecution it dint stop
00:07:24Lafrenzz jep
00:07:24xecution from my
00:07:26xecution rot
00:07:35Lafrenzz ss
00:08:06Iho its ff
00:08:33h2star_- just push the top tower
00:08:37h2star_- so we get some fast cash
00:08:46Lafrenzz ss
00:09:10xecution wards
00:09:28xecution ss
00:09:38mrk hea
00:09:44svents outplayed?
00:09:48Guf haha
00:09:49Iho dd morph coming midd
00:09:51Guf no mana no hp
00:09:55Guf u miss with stun
00:10:00Guf how can that be outplayed?
00:10:01svents so?
00:10:09Iho ss bot
00:10:18xecution haha
00:10:18xecution :D
00:10:25Lafrenzz ;)
00:11:04mrk wr go mid
00:11:05mrk let pudge gank
00:11:21Lafrenzz ss
00:11:21xecution omw
00:11:22xecution bot
00:11:31Terkill lol
00:11:32mrk tule
00:11:40svents omw oot
00:11:42Guf ss
00:12:16xecution -.-
00:12:17xecution funny
00:12:18xecution they dont follow
00:12:48mrk upi kana
00:13:24Guf btw i go radi
00:14:22Lafrenzz eza wards
00:14:26Lafrenzz WARDS
00:14:29Lafrenzz not fucking treads
00:14:31svents im b
00:14:37Lafrenzz treads
00:14:41Lafrenzz 1000 gold
00:14:43Lafrenzz for what
00:14:45Lafrenzz 10 speed ?
00:16:35xecution morph
00:16:36xecution inc
00:17:02mrk ooms
00:17:12xecution wards
00:18:35Drally def
00:20:03Lafrenzz mana
00:20:24mrk b
00:20:33Terkill go tide
00:20:36mrk b
00:20:38mrk 45
00:20:41svents go go
00:21:12xecution WTF?
00:22:55h2star_- inc
00:22:55h2star_- CARE
00:23:22Lafrenzz stay wood
00:23:23Lafrenzz i take top
00:23:54mrk b
00:24:05svents fck
00:24:38xecution we gotta push
00:25:43xecution go mid
00:25:53xecution go mid
00:25:55xecution we gotta push
00:25:58xecution 4x carry
00:26:02xecution we have 0
00:26:02Drally def
00:26:03Drally mid
00:26:24Terkill what can we do ?
00:27:16xecution ff
00:27:27Iho 1 was missing
00:27:30Iho bad bad
00:28:23xecution fail
00:28:25xecution 1 sec to late ulti
00:28:28Lafrenzz juked :D
00:28:36xecution nah just had to wait with ulti
00:28:47xecution boring game
00:28:55xecution just farm run farm run farm run
00:30:01Iho little late this wr
00:30:14h2star_- I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:30:28mrk .asdf
00:30:31xecution well
00:30:32xecution I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:30:33xecution This shit teams
00:30:37Iho I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:30:39xecution !ff
00:30:41xecution lame
00:30:42xecution gay gc
00:30:43Iho !ff
00:30:44Guf upgrade chick eza
00:30:45xecution mega nab
00:30:46xecution Morph
00:30:47xecution virkelig
00:30:52Lafrenzz mig
00:30:54xecution ja
00:30:55Lafrenzz ok
00:30:56xecution du suger max
00:30:58Lafrenzz ty
00:31:14xecution bare utroligt
00:31:17xecution ingen fra mit hold
00:31:18Lafrenzz hallo tard
00:31:20xecution can finde ud af at gfarme
00:31:20Lafrenzz stfu ok
00:31:22xecution haha
00:31:24xecution sut
00:31:25Lafrenzz hallo fuck dig
00:31:26xecution din lede nab
00:31:29xecution du er så dårlig
00:31:34Lafrenzz sut pik
00:31:44xecution gg tomb
00:31:49xecution gg run
00:31:51xecution more with mana leak
00:33:11svents yess 12m2ngu kaodanud :D
00:33:22Iho !ff
00:33:33Lafrenzz hvorfor FF'er du så bare ikk. TARD
00:33:37xecution har jeg gjort
00:33:38xecution nab
00:33:42Lafrenzz fint
00:33:45Lafrenzz loser
00:33:56xecution haha se teams
00:33:57xecution nab
00:34:03Guf y
00:34:05Guf teams
00:34:47svents yeah blame me
00:35:08xecution not saying
00:35:11xecution its u
00:35:13xecution just dont
00:35:13h2star_- GO
00:35:14xecution get
00:35:14xecution how
00:35:14h2star_- I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:35:16xecution 4 lg
00:35:16xecution heroes
00:35:17h2star_- PLEASE
00:35:18xecution can own us
00:35:20xecution at 20 min
00:35:23xecution i raped them all
00:35:25xecution and still
00:35:29xecution all got good farm
00:35:39svents well we cant do shit against weaver
00:35:44xecution lol
00:35:47xecution if
00:35:47xecution wr
00:35:49xecution had farm
00:35:51xecution we could
00:35:52Terkill go top guys
00:36:01xecution kotl
00:36:02xecution got better farm
00:36:07xecution than most all of my team
00:36:12Guf ofc?
00:36:12mrk cos he's kotl
00:36:16mrk and we havent been farming
00:38:00Terkill hook
00:39:02xecution se
00:39:03xecution how
00:39:03xecution easy
00:39:05xecution weaver dies?
00:39:13xecution focus
00:39:14xecution him
00:39:15svents yeah if we are all 5 on him
00:39:15xecution when i ulti
00:39:32Lafrenzz hook
00:39:34Lafrenzz prøv
00:39:34svents but i and ud cant do shit
00:39:40xecution hvorfor løber du?
00:39:49Lafrenzz stfu tard
00:40:08xecution flot at dø solo mod butcher mid med morpgh
00:40:10xecution gg
00:40:11xecution player
00:40:12xecution must say
00:40:18Lafrenzz gg GG
00:40:30Terkill come on bot
00:40:50Guf all bot
00:40:50Guf come
00:41:34Drally w8
00:41:36Drally for my
00:41:37Drally vlad
00:42:36xecution !ff
00:42:38xecution !ff
00:42:39xecution I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:42:39svents I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:42:40Lafrenzz [DotA-GC] Game was won by Scourge!
00:42:40Lafrenzz [DotA-GC] Game was won by Scourge!
00:42:40Lafrenzz [DotA-GC] Game was won by Scourge!
00:42:40Lafrenzz [DotA-GC] Sentinel must now wait near their fountain until Scourge destroys the tree.
00:42:40mrk I surrender! [5/5 of Sentinel]
00:43:01svents yess 12.m2ng :D
00:43:01xecution skal fandme spille cw
00:43:03xecution med det her hold
00:43:14Guf do that
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