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Chat log

00:00:05aquatic -di
00:00:19zebbelito lich alche any1?
00:00:19zebbelito bat?
00:00:19zebbelito es=
00:00:19Tamme i could go alche
00:00:19zebbelito -void
00:00:19aquatic can do es
00:00:19zebbelito es it is
00:00:19Tamme but y get es
00:00:19Forthedream blood
00:00:20Tamme so - bs?
00:00:22Forthedream -bs
00:00:25Forthedream yeah
00:00:27Tamme :D
00:00:28zebbelito get me magina
00:00:35Forthedream get bat
00:00:43sosen i wont play him
00:00:47Forthedream oh ok
00:00:52zebbelito pick me magina
00:00:53FetAA i tghought i saw sf in this pool
00:00:56Forthedream he is op in 2v2 lanes
00:01:00zebbelito naow
00:01:02zebbelito noaw
00:01:04zebbelito -swap 2
00:01:04Tamme -swap 1
00:01:06sosen swap bat with me someone
00:01:16zebbelito -ma
00:01:17Tamme aquatic you wanted es right?
00:01:22zebbelito 2 range now
00:01:25sosen -swap 4
00:01:27PETTR -swap 2
00:01:30zebbelito lich and necro
00:01:33zebbelito pls
00:01:36Tamme omfg
00:01:38Tamme my zeus
00:01:39zebbelito 2 ranged
00:01:42Tamme venge pls
00:01:44Forthedream no more intel pls
00:01:45FetAA i want top
00:01:47FetAA plz
00:01:49Tamme vengeee
00:01:50FetAA need solo with this crap
00:01:51sosen im enemy woods
00:01:52Tamme -swap 4
00:01:54FetAA encha
00:01:55FetAA come
00:01:55zebbelito -ma
00:01:55FetAA ok
00:01:57FetAA im solo bot
00:02:02Forthedream get stunner
00:02:04Tamme -swap 4
00:02:05zebbelito whos mid
00:02:06zebbelito ¨t
00:02:06aquatic -swap 2
00:02:07Forthedream mb bara
00:02:11FetAA wd
00:02:14Tamme i can go mdi
00:02:15Tamme mid
00:02:17sosen get wd or alch
00:02:19svents -
00:02:22zebbelito u need to roam
00:02:23Forthedream 4 intell vs magi and naix
00:02:24zebbelito :/
00:02:31Tamme not necessarily
00:02:32FetAA just reip
00:02:40zebbelito i bought for mid
00:02:44zebbelito hope its bat
00:02:47sosen try block as much as u can lina
00:02:51sosen if i find cent or ursa
00:02:51Forthedream k
00:02:52sosen we go lvl 1
00:02:54sosen if u have stun
00:02:55Tamme our 3rd pick is afk
00:02:56sosen i guess u have
00:02:57Forthedream i have
00:02:57Tamme -afk
00:03:03FetAA highlight
00:03:05FetAA in mirc
00:03:07PETTR go bot jugger
00:03:07ChokE re
00:03:10FetAA no
00:03:47sosen cant rly kill him
00:03:49sosen i try bot
00:03:53FetAA no bolt yet
00:03:58ChokE ench
00:04:11sosen es
00:04:25aquatic stun ??????
00:04:55PETTR pull jugger
00:04:56PETTR ffs
00:05:19ChokE ench
00:05:20FetAA those
00:05:20Forthedream ss
00:05:20FetAA guys
00:05:21FetAA with
00:05:22FetAA hurricane
00:05:24FetAA imba for gnaks
00:05:26zebbelito go
00:05:27zebbelito him
00:06:31Tamme ok
00:06:32FetAA y bot
00:06:32zebbelito :S:S
00:06:37Tamme -water red
00:06:41Tamme -weather moonlight
00:06:41Tamme -hhn
00:06:45zebbelito -hhn
00:06:59Forthedream ss
00:07:06sosen sry
00:07:07zebbelito miss mid
00:07:08sosen lina
00:07:09sosen took illus
00:07:12Forthedream np
00:07:54FetAA farm on lane
00:07:56FetAA need to go base
00:08:03Tamme that naix pick
00:08:05Tamme was just amazing
00:08:06ChokE :/
00:08:06Tamme rly
00:08:20Forthedream get obs if u can
00:08:28FetAA :D
00:08:30FetAA svents pwning 1v2 top
00:09:09zebbelito linba whit RUNE
00:09:10zebbelito OFC
00:09:11Forthedream b
00:09:14zebbelito care bot
00:09:20Forthedream re
00:09:48Tamme tulen üles
00:09:50FetAA oom
00:09:53zebbelito g svnt
00:09:53Tamme or not
00:09:58zebbelito miss mid
00:10:10svents ss2
00:10:35Forthedream gp
00:10:52ChokE ench here
00:11:33svents killime topis
00:11:47zebbelito dont get wards
00:11:54Forthedream ss
00:12:03FetAA help
00:12:11FetAA k
00:12:15Tamme oom
00:12:52sosen omw for nauix
00:13:07FetAA lol
00:13:13Forthedream how could u lose top?
00:13:16FetAA it sitll eated my bolt
00:13:17FetAA the rage
00:13:24Benefactor are lanes canceled at 10mins?
00:13:46FetAA just buy poorman and farmforrest or smthing
00:13:48FetAA if u cant handle
00:13:50zebbelito pls svents
00:13:51zebbelito wards
00:13:58svents asap
00:14:03FetAA go
00:14:07Forthedream ult him
00:14:07Forthedream bat
00:14:14PETTR lvl 5
00:14:19Forthedream then go tpo
00:14:21Forthedream i need exp
00:14:49FetAA we 4
00:14:51svents deff top
00:14:56svents i have ulti
00:15:00zebbelito omw
00:15:03Forthedream ss
00:15:04Forthedream 2
00:15:23FetAA ..
00:15:35FetAA what kind of sick bounce was that
00:16:13sosen gj
00:16:14svents omfg
00:16:29zebbelito ur vguard will suck
00:16:30zebbelito naix
00:16:37zebbelito total waste of 2k
00:16:39zebbelito money
00:16:39svents naix vanguard?:D
00:17:24Tamme NAIX GANG OTTOM
00:17:32Forthedream when naix uses rage
00:17:35Forthedream bat u gonna ult him
00:17:52Forthedream ult
00:18:07FetAA any tps
00:18:08FetAA ?
00:18:14FetAA lina and co
00:18:14Forthedream haste veng
00:18:16Forthedream and naix
00:18:54Forthedream got hex in 1000
00:20:09Forthedream fucker
00:20:28ChokE fuck sakes...
00:20:34svents go into creep naix -.-
00:20:59sosen we have no chance late
00:21:04Forthedream we do
00:21:10FetAA look our jugger
00:21:20FetAA are u stil lsure?
00:21:24Forthedream yea
00:21:28FetAA take this dd
00:21:37svents b
00:21:37svents b
00:21:37svents b
00:21:38svents b
00:21:38svents b
00:21:38svents b
00:21:39svents b
00:21:39svents b
00:21:39svents b
00:21:51sosen USE UR ULT
00:21:52sosen RETARD
00:22:23Tamme oh
00:22:24Tamme all 5
00:22:25Tamme :d
00:22:34FetAA bring ur hex
00:23:13Tamme top rune
00:23:14Tamme lina inc
00:23:15Tamme gogogo
00:23:30FetAA wow i got dd
00:23:32Tamme hex
00:23:32Tamme ok
00:23:44zebbelito :D
00:23:44zebbelito gg
00:23:53Tamme kinda
00:23:58FetAA can we perma gank
00:23:58FetAA now
00:24:02zebbelito es soon dagger
00:24:10sosen GJ
00:24:17aquatic 0 dagger now
00:24:26FetAA how did u know bout es^^
00:24:36sosen mana
00:24:37sosen pl
00:24:39FetAA cd
00:24:40FetAA sec
00:25:18sosen insta lich
00:26:11FetAA tp 1
00:26:21FetAA no creeps
00:26:22FetAA on encha
00:26:23FetAA <_>
00:26:30sosen b
00:26:49zebbelito 0 wards
00:26:50Forthedream then push
00:27:20Forthedream come their woods
00:27:21FetAA zebbelito carry instawin?!?!
00:27:25FetAA mad carry
00:27:31zebbelito no lina won for u
00:27:35zebbelito u still suck
00:27:44FetAA won by getting u vs mid?
00:27:44ChokE cant
00:27:46ChokE do anything
00:27:52Tamme we cant
00:27:53Forthedream i take
00:27:54Tamme with lich
00:27:55Tamme and es?
00:27:57Tamme ret?
00:28:16svents :D:D:
00:28:36svents why u followed me?:D
00:28:49Benefactor should i mkake battlefury?
00:28:55FetAA ^^
00:29:04Benefactor tell me what to make
00:29:06FetAA finish ur treads first
00:29:09FetAA for some hp
00:29:10zebbelito just try to turtle it
00:29:14Forthedream rofl
00:29:17Forthedream i wasnt lvl 16
00:29:26Forthedream i thought like how could he survive
00:29:27ChokE If I could just get a little farmed up
00:29:30FetAA make SY jugger
00:29:34ChokE I can take down lina easy
00:30:06ChokE god u suck Tamme
00:30:10Tamme nono man
00:30:12Tamme your pick sucks
00:30:17Tamme and your items suck
00:30:19Tamme and you suck
00:30:20Tamme :)
00:30:28Tamme you going forest with 0 gangs suck
00:30:37Tamme we had ZEUS bot
00:30:42ChokE they had encha in woods
00:30:43Tamme shouldve killed him a million times
00:30:46Tamme SO FUCKING WHAT
00:30:47ChokE you fking assface
00:30:47Forthedream bkb magina
00:30:50Tamme go to their woods then
00:30:51Tamme moron
00:30:55FetAA well he has pretty low dmgz
00:30:56ChokE yeah, really good idea
00:31:03Tamme or BETTER YET GO TOP LANE
00:31:03FetAA kill all others while bkb '
00:31:04FetAA ^^
00:31:05Tamme WITH LICH
00:31:06Tamme HAS SLOW
00:31:06Forthedream just need bat ult
00:31:08Tamme AND SHIT
00:31:13Tamme retarded fucking cunt
00:31:16zebbelito es
00:31:33sosen naix
00:31:37sosen gi
00:31:40FetAA we die
00:31:41FetAA from tehre
00:31:44Tamme GO
00:32:13Forthedream bat ult?
00:32:37svents lategame is easy for us
00:32:46Forthedream focus lich then the rest
00:32:51Tamme D::DD::D:D::D::
00:32:55FetAA bat coulda made hood
00:33:00FetAA i mean pipe
00:33:11FetAA vs lich es
00:33:14zebbelito lina has sick farm
00:33:14FetAA pipe
00:33:18Tamme who cares
00:33:19zebbelito she needs to go donw first
00:33:19PETTR pipett
00:33:19ChokE so what
00:33:23Tamme es and lich ulti kill them all
00:33:24ChokE I instapwn her
00:33:35sosen push plx?
00:33:43zebbelito -ma
00:33:56FetAA free entry
00:34:03ChokE GUYS WTF
00:34:12ChokE Tamme hahahahha
00:34:14Forthedream mid
00:34:15ChokE you cant fking play
00:34:19Tamme ok
00:34:26zebbelito lina mkb
00:34:30zebbelito and 3k atk speed
00:34:32zebbelito hf
00:34:53zebbelito es
00:35:27FetAA lol u were low mana?
00:35:34FetAA aaawsome
00:35:34Forthedream not really
00:35:43Forthedream its just i used ult right before he ult me
00:35:46ChokE LOL LICH HAHAH
00:35:48ChokE :D
00:35:54Forthedream bat
00:35:57svents ?
00:35:59Forthedream just get magina in ult
00:36:00FetAA i cry if we lose vs this guy
00:36:03Forthedream thats all you have to do
00:36:07ChokE like 2 seconds reactiontime or smthn
00:36:42svents we pwned so np
00:36:48ChokE ^^
00:37:22sosen get lothars lina
00:37:28Forthedream nah its bad
00:37:30zebbelito if es and lich ulti
00:37:32zebbelito :D
00:37:32sosen well
00:37:32FetAA not rly
00:37:34sosen u're fucked atm
00:37:48Forthedream i thought we win easiy
00:37:51Forthedream so i didnt go for hp
00:37:57Tamme they going roshan when it revive
00:37:58Tamme s
00:38:00FetAA need entry
00:38:03FetAA and some encha creeps
00:38:10FetAA we got 2 useless guys
00:38:18Forthedream w8 here
00:38:21zebbelito alive
00:38:43PETTR i cant fucking ulti him
00:38:51Forthedream jugger is so bad
00:39:11Forthedream use your healing ward
00:39:15Forthedream for gods sake
00:39:20zebbelito i need hp
00:39:20Benefactor like i have mana
00:39:21zebbelito ...
00:39:22svents well i couldnt ulti so :D
00:39:24Tamme choke you telling others they cant play and shit reaction times :D:DD
00:39:26Forthedream you are useless
00:39:29Forthedream dont use anything else
00:39:33Benefactor i omnid them
00:39:40ChokE ?
00:39:40Forthedream and it did nothing
00:39:42aquatic thatswhy we need more wards LICH
00:39:45Benefactor wow
00:39:47Benefactor so sad
00:39:50aquatic to avoid thet
00:39:54FetAA sad is ur farm
00:39:55FetAA >_<
00:39:58aquatic could kill all if wards there
00:40:02Benefactor no shit that is
00:40:03svents take plant
00:40:14sosen mana
00:40:14Forthedream bat guard
00:40:24PETTR dd
00:40:26zebbelito es lets go
00:40:27FetAA cant stay tehre
00:40:41svents come es
00:40:43ChokE dd
00:41:31ChokE lol
00:41:46sosen i have hex now too
00:41:48FetAA bat and jugger just saaad
00:41:50sosen in 300gold
00:42:07Forthedream i guess i make lothars now
00:42:07sosen lina can make some dmg but guess u need bkb or something
00:42:13Forthedream yeah
00:42:13zebbelito ac or hot
00:42:20ChokE ac
00:42:23Tamme bdly?
00:42:25Forthedream problem is
00:42:27Tamme bfly?
00:42:30ChokE but
00:42:33ChokE yeah
00:42:35ChokE just get bfly
00:42:36Forthedream we cant initiate cause no daggers and stuns
00:42:48sosen just focus am
00:42:51sosen he sux
00:42:57Tamme and vladi
00:43:06zebbelito 300
00:43:07zebbelito for
00:43:09zebbelito eagle
00:43:29Forthedream bat has to start fights
00:43:30zebbelito tp
00:43:49zebbelito damn
00:43:50zebbelito i get ac
00:43:51Tamme go kill
00:43:55Tamme no creeps
00:43:57Tamme lich ulti
00:43:58Tamme pwns
00:43:59FetAA wheere aree they
00:44:00FetAA our forr?
00:44:11Tamme b
00:44:12Tamme b
00:44:25Forthedream bat
00:44:26FetAA they have view
00:44:26Forthedream start
00:44:31FetAA they have view
00:44:33zebbelito top pushing
00:44:34Tamme they can see you
00:44:35Tamme es
00:45:03Forthedream ?
00:45:31Forthedream just farm
00:45:40ChokE hahaha
00:45:42aquatic :D
00:45:45sosen ward there
00:45:51FetAA np
00:46:47Forthedream b
00:46:48sosen ZZZZZZZ
00:46:52sosen we dont win this if we dont end
00:46:54sosen soon
00:46:59Benefactor dd
00:47:01sosen tkae lina
00:47:07sosen and go mid
00:47:09Forthedream i need that 400 for lothar
00:47:20Tamme swapping
00:47:26ChokE not
00:47:27zebbelito go
00:47:31zebbelito es
00:47:45Benefactor I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:47:58FetAA zz
00:47:59sosen I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:48:00FetAA great game
00:48:02PETTR I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:48:03FetAA noob enemy
00:48:10Forthedream told you
00:48:11zebbelito gj team
00:48:11Forthedream just farm
00:48:12FetAA but only our lastpick
00:48:12FetAA has
00:48:15svents u 2
00:48:16Forthedream we have to wait to fight
00:48:21Forthedream they have better start
00:48:37sosen they're 2 fat with better heroes
00:48:38sosen its gg
00:48:50Forthedream dagger naix
00:48:51Forthedream care
00:51:08zebbelito gather?
00:51:09Forthedream jugger
00:51:11Forthedream go def
00:51:19Forthedream rest
00:51:21svents u w8 i get my scepter
00:51:34Forthedream bat
00:51:35Forthedream ffs
00:51:38Forthedream go first
00:51:39sosen zeus ult
00:51:49FetAA zz
00:51:50FetAA cant do thatnow
00:51:51sosen de
00:51:52sosen f
00:51:56ChokE gogogo
00:52:01Forthedream IDIOT
00:52:05Forthedream nice
00:52:07Forthedream bring roshan
00:52:13PETTR ty
00:53:03Tamme lul
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