Game #1739148

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-39 X
-3 TS

84% | 1359 X | 1512 TS

+9 X
-2 TS

80% | 1366 X | 1407 TS

-3 X
-2 TS

77% | 1308 X | 1425 TS

-44 X
-2 TS

68% | 1254 X | 1405 TS

+26 X
-3 TS

41% | 1003 X | 1399 TS

-16 X
+3 TS

88% | 1426 X | 1524 TS

+19 X
+3 TS

80% | 1333 X | 1450 TS

+30 X
+3 TS

65% | 1234 X | 1393 TS

+19 X
+2 TS

59% | 1150 X | 1412 TS

+16 X
+2 TS

55% | 1168 X | 1344 TS

Chat log

00:00:02Kastrup -
00:00:04Lavos f[]ast one
00:00:10Usires jäätävää
00:00:16VictoriaJrocks -clinkz
00:00:16Lavos phoenix
00:00:27KredeC plz get weaver
00:00:27curdi wivor
00:00:30goofyboy_89 ogrez
00:00:32KredeC fucking hate that shit!
00:00:32Usires vois weaveri pelata
00:00:42KredeC get weaver!
00:00:45Lavos u mid
00:00:50curdi wd wlock
00:00:51Kastrup should i weaver?
00:00:53curdi ogre
00:01:08Kastrup get sladar
00:01:09Kastrup imo
00:01:17najk get ogre
00:01:19curdi .
00:01:20KredeC lol
00:01:21Strom they going 5 carry it seems
00:01:25FetAA panic
00:01:25goofyboy_89 take bane ?
00:01:25curdi great picks guys
00:01:26FetAA was tabbed
00:01:28najk sure
00:01:30Strom lets get 5 stun/disable
00:01:30Lavos ogre come lane with me
00:01:35curdi fuck'n great picks
00:01:38Lavos go rhasta
00:01:38najk -clear
00:01:40Strom good, only 1 more stun and we have 5
00:01:41VictoriaJrocks niin ja määon midissä
00:01:43FetAA np wl wd and we are ok
00:01:44curdi lock
00:01:45goofyboy_89 wards for top
00:01:46Lavos rhasta best
00:01:49curdi .
00:01:50najk hmm
00:01:50curdi .
00:01:51curdi .
00:01:51Usires give me rhasta
00:01:51najk k
00:01:51curdi .
00:01:54Usires play slardar
00:01:55najk nope
00:01:55najk sry
00:01:57Usires playted thissssss
00:01:57Strom rhasta / wl / bane / sk
00:01:58Usires 123r5123 times
00:01:59Strom all those good
00:02:03curdi ff
00:02:03Usires coz cunts wont pick it
00:02:05najk i never play slard..
00:02:06Usires otherwise
00:02:06FetAA weaver viper super harras lane
00:02:09FetAA me and wd nice lane :D
00:02:19FetAA wd give them wards bot
00:02:24FetAA or u go 3 bot :D?
00:02:25KredeC y this coud work :D
00:02:26goofyboy_89 epic team imo
00:02:26goofyboy_89 :D
00:02:27Lavos lets own hard
00:02:32FetAA ok
00:02:34curdi try fb + me plant
00:02:35Lavos ogre play it agressive
00:02:39goofyboy_89 cant
00:02:41goofyboy_89 im newb
00:02:44curdi or want tri`?
00:02:48curdi come
00:02:48Lavos first dota?
00:02:50goofyboy_89 y
00:02:53Lavos :D
00:02:56Lavos i dont buy ity
00:02:57Lavos play agre
00:03:00KredeC plabnte there
00:03:01VictoriaJrocks do wha tyou want cause a pirate is free
00:03:02VictoriaJrocks you are aap irat
00:03:03goofyboy_89 'cant
00:03:03Lavos regen
00:03:10najk -ma
00:03:13Lavos b
00:03:14najk potm
00:03:17Lavos wd weaver
00:03:18goofyboy_89 ?
00:03:20goofyboy_89 : (
00:03:20najk what's your first spell´`
00:03:22najk potm
00:03:23Strom arrow
00:03:26FetAA fuck
00:03:30FetAA :D
00:03:30Lavos 3
00:03:31goofyboy_89 lawl
00:03:32Lavos 3
00:03:33FetAA donkeys
00:03:50Lavos care
00:03:53najk dunno what i was thinking
00:03:58Strom well good anyway
00:03:58goofyboy_89 so much for agre
00:04:28curdi who basi
00:04:30Kastrup u
00:05:25Usires just harass him like hell
00:05:27Usires go from woods
00:05:52najk oh god..
00:05:53najk nvm
00:06:02najk focus
00:06:04najk cs
00:06:34goofyboy_89 damn missclick
00:06:37goofyboy_89 almost cost my life
00:06:44Lavos we need gankl
00:06:44VictoriaJrocks od is kind of hero you can suck balls but still have fun mid
00:06:55najk gj
00:06:58Lavos get flying chick
00:06:58Usires u2
00:07:19goofyboy_89 ss wd
00:07:27goofyboy_89 dead
00:07:40VictoriaJrocks share chick??
00:07:41FetAA ¨sry
00:07:43FetAA ¨miss rhasta
00:07:43Lavos we need gank bot
00:07:45Lavos its trilane
00:07:46Lavos all ranged
00:07:55goofyboy_89 lol rapuska
00:07:57FetAA :<
00:07:58goofyboy_89 gj
00:07:58najk LOL
00:07:58goofyboy_89 :D
00:07:59najk gj
00:07:59VictoriaJrocks i was watching chick
00:08:01Kastrup share
00:08:04VictoriaJrocks its not shard..
00:08:10goofyboy_89 shared ?
00:08:12VictoriaJrocks yes
00:08:13goofyboy_89 :(
00:08:14VictoriaJrocks still not shared
00:08:22VictoriaJrocks oh it si
00:08:23Kastrup i got basilisu
00:08:32Strom mis mdi
00:08:34KredeC ss
00:08:36curdi sigh
00:08:38Lavos miss
00:08:39Lavos wd
00:08:39curdi u said i go basi
00:08:39goofyboy_89 go viper ?
00:08:41Kastrup u get urn
00:08:42Kastrup no worries
00:08:45curdi bought ring
00:08:46Lavos go viper
00:08:48Lavos go
00:08:51Lavos hm
00:08:52Kastrup its fine
00:08:55FetAA faster than me!
00:09:06Lavos GUYS
00:09:11Lavos we need help at bot lane
00:09:18FetAA good that u rock
00:09:21FetAA i kinda play terrible
00:09:22Strom I come visit bot
00:09:25curdi well
00:09:27VictoriaJrocks mid miss potm
00:09:27VictoriaJrocks mid miss potm
00:09:31curdi try to avoid dying
00:09:34curdi all that matters
00:09:40VictoriaJrocks mid miss potm
00:09:49VictoriaJrocks mid miss potm
00:09:57Kastrup mirana bot
00:10:03Lavos -3
00:10:08Strom mis mdi
00:10:40FetAA i need 1 top
00:10:53Usires dive
00:10:53Usires him
00:10:54FetAA w can u tp top
00:10:55VictoriaJrocks no can do
00:10:57FetAA wd
00:11:32FetAA :D
00:11:33najk NOES
00:11:34FetAA stupid him
00:11:34Kastrup -2
00:11:35FetAA he had boots
00:11:36FetAA u dont
00:11:37KredeC ss
00:11:40FetAA wp wd
00:11:41curdi y.
00:12:00KredeC -ii
00:12:14KredeC ss
00:12:14Kastrup miss mirana
00:12:15KredeC mirabna
00:12:22VictoriaJrocks kill
00:12:22Lavos -3
00:12:24Lavos .-2
00:13:00Lavos well ty
00:13:02VictoriaJrocks oh
00:13:04VictoriaJrocks youre note ven level 6 :D
00:13:10Kastrup trilane?
00:13:15VictoriaJrocks 4 bot
00:13:44Lavos go
00:13:46Lavos rhasta first
00:13:51FetAA i need 1 top
00:13:53FetAA they raped me
00:14:15Lavos fuck that weaver
00:14:19goofyboy_89 D:
00:14:24FetAA wd join me top plz
00:14:27FetAA or i just die
00:14:46VictoriaJrocks then dont go top?
00:14:54FetAA no other places to go
00:14:57FetAA bored to idle
00:15:00Lavos nice :D
00:15:00FetAA tp
00:15:01VictoriaJrocks go bot to ulti
00:15:01goofyboy_89 : DD
00:15:10goofyboy_89 wth
00:15:12goofyboy_89 hahahahaha
00:15:16goofyboy_89 ahhahaah
00:15:20Strom nice ward
00:15:22goofyboy_89 imba ward missclick
00:15:25Strom couldn't have planted it better myself
00:15:26FetAA gj
00:15:47Usires :DD
00:15:52curdi ah
00:15:54curdi soz.
00:16:04curdi figured i'd just stun him
00:16:05goofyboy_89 ; D
00:16:36Lavos go
00:16:59Kastrup tower
00:17:07goofyboy_89 rhasta
00:17:08goofyboy_89 u know
00:17:10VictoriaJrocks kuinka vitusti tuo bahsaa
00:17:12goofyboy_89 u can target with wards
00:17:12goofyboy_89 :P
00:17:18FetAA katos nyt
00:17:19VictoriaJrocks hieman vituttaa tuo strom
00:17:22FetAA :Df
00:17:22VictoriaJrocks se ei tehny midissä yhtään mitään
00:17:24FetAA joo
00:17:30VictoriaJrocks se oli 2 leveliä siellä jälessä
00:17:53Kastrup midt
00:17:54VictoriaJrocks strom was 2 levels behind at mid -.-
00:17:59Kastrup he ganked and ganked
00:18:06FetAA well he dont have much items
00:18:17FetAA wd pwns this game
00:18:42Kastrup urn me up :D
00:19:00Lavos how can u get this banned text off
00:19:07Strom !
00:19:09Strom is it gone now?
00:19:12Lavos nah
00:19:16Lavos been there all 16min :D
00:19:35Kastrup we take him instead
00:19:45Strom then it's stuck there I'm afraid
00:19:51VictoriaJrocks b bot
00:19:51VictoriaJrocks b bot
00:19:53VictoriaJrocks al lgoing bot
00:19:53Strom but please, can you come talk to me after game in ?
00:19:53FetAA nojoo
00:19:57FetAA tokaj o
00:19:58Strom it's a bug
00:20:08Strom and you can help fix it, only takes 3 minutes
00:20:14Lavos well
00:20:17Lavos i never had this before
00:20:20Strom yes
00:20:25Strom but, can you come talk to me after game?
00:20:26Lavos u think it will reappear?
00:20:34Lavos yeah i guess
00:20:44Strom I would appreciate it
00:20:44KredeC wd?
00:20:45KredeC go?
00:20:48VictoriaJrocks i wouldnt try that
00:20:48VictoriaJrocks all miss
00:21:17Kastrup tower
00:21:24Usires got dagger
00:21:24curdi mid + top towers needed
00:21:26Usires start pushing
00:21:27Usires towers
00:21:56goofyboy_89 deny
00:22:40curdi how can strom be godlike
00:22:44Kastrup :|
00:22:52Kastrup he did play good recently
00:23:09VictoriaJrocks he was 2 levels behind mid
00:23:11Usires bot after
00:23:29curdi all bot
00:23:32najk jump
00:23:45Lavos hes fast
00:24:07FetAA ei noin
00:24:25goofyboy_89 ...
00:24:33Lavos :DDDDDD
00:24:35Lavos :DDDDDDDDDDD
00:24:38Kastrup n1 strom
00:24:42curdi mitä nää stromin arrowitki on
00:25:03najk go
00:25:21KredeC whats up with u today?= :D
00:25:29KredeC fucking smoking!: D
00:25:36FetAA dead
00:25:37VictoriaJrocks dead
00:25:40FetAA or
00:25:42FetAA alive
00:25:45Strom damn
00:26:05goofyboy_89 b
00:26:08goofyboy_89 bleh
00:26:26goofyboy_89 so many heroes that piss me off
00:26:35Lavos i will buy dust now
00:26:52VictoriaJrocks i feel like dick is growing on my forehead
00:27:06Strom can we get some more wards
00:27:11goofyboy_89 cant provide
00:27:15najk wards
00:27:16najk cd
00:27:17Strom what if I buy?
00:27:20Strom oh no wards
00:27:21Usires go push bottom imo
00:27:22KredeC go woods?
00:27:26VictoriaJrocks yea
00:27:31KredeC i got smoke
00:27:42VictoriaJrocks ok bad idea
00:27:44VictoriaJrocks atleast 3 together
00:27:46Usires all
00:27:55FetAA toi aghanim first item on surg build
00:28:04Lavos wards?
00:28:05VictoriaJrocks ihanku ois rahaa mihinkän parempaan
00:28:07goofyboy_89 y
00:28:10FetAA no bkb parempi ja halvempi
00:28:16FetAA teet sen jälkee sit paskaa
00:28:22najk omg
00:28:23goofyboy_89 damn that od
00:28:25najk auto..
00:28:28VictoriaJrocks ei oo halvemmat osat
00:28:32VictoriaJrocks ei pysty säästää mitää ku kuolee
00:28:38FetAA psyt
00:28:50Lavos b
00:29:05Kastrup destroyer
00:29:07Kastrup just get bkb
00:29:08FetAA eiks kellää tp
00:29:14curdi on toki
00:29:19curdi kelasin et carry farmais
00:29:22FetAA juu
00:29:25FetAA ei ollu tpetä kellä
00:29:42curdi metsään wardittaa
00:29:43VictoriaJrocks ihanku ois sellasiin hifi kapistuksiin rahaa
00:29:55VictoriaJrocks oli alle 100 ku läht ibasesta
00:30:13Lavos ulti them
00:30:13Lavos slard
00:30:23Kastrup b
00:30:32VictoriaJrocks b mid
00:30:34Kastrup get ready midt
00:30:36VictoriaJrocks b
00:30:44KredeC they rosh?
00:31:10Lavos what
00:31:17curdi that prison fucked me :(
00:31:33Usires :DD
00:31:35Usires ouned!
00:31:39curdi wp :/
00:31:40Kastrup ulti
00:32:00FetAA ;o epic
00:32:05Kastrup 15 assist :/
00:32:18Strom I think we should push
00:32:21goofyboy_89 -60x ogre <3
00:32:21Strom they have stronger late
00:32:27Usires yeah we should push
00:32:35Usires imo go mid
00:32:37Usires with wards
00:32:40Kastrup gather again?
00:32:43Lavos yap
00:32:48KredeC i go bkb
00:32:50Kastrup rhasta is snack
00:32:52Kastrup we need to get him fast
00:32:58FetAA dont prison torment
00:33:00FetAA its liek gift to him
00:33:02KredeC care
00:33:13goofyboy_89 just one twr after another with rhastas wards
00:33:16VictoriaJrocks fetaa voitko tp
00:33:19FetAA j
00:33:32FetAA heal
00:33:46Usires just push towers
00:33:50VictoriaJrocks watchout for potm ulti ;
00:33:51FetAA care arrows mby
00:34:00Kastrup go bot
00:34:01Kastrup for these 3
00:34:02FetAA u guys catch all arrow
00:34:03curdi smoke?
00:34:05FetAA none hitted me yet
00:34:05KredeC go them
00:34:06FetAA ^^
00:34:11Strom shit
00:34:16goofyboy_89 ?
00:34:19Usires ulti
00:34:19Usires mirana
00:34:22FetAA its illu
00:34:26FetAA illu
00:34:28Kastrup illu
00:34:33Strom we're 4
00:34:37Strom best not fight
00:34:44Lavos coming
00:34:51Kastrup wtf
00:34:53KredeC b
00:34:58FetAA i was coming behind u :D?
00:35:01FetAA how did u guys
00:35:02curdi ei sie tarttis olla :s
00:35:04FetAA get there
00:35:04KredeC farming..
00:35:07Strom go tower
00:35:08goofyboy_89 -mc
00:35:11FetAA i wanted to get those 2 freaking golems
00:35:12goofyboy_89 16%
00:35:16KredeC y and why?=!"
00:35:16Strom :D :D
00:35:18najk wards on this twr?
00:35:18FetAA didnt know we go b after ward
00:35:19FetAA ?
00:35:23FetAA thought we had view so we fight
00:35:24FetAA if they come
00:35:26Usires if they come
00:35:27Usires then yeah
00:35:27Strom if they come
00:35:30KredeC let them ahve first
00:35:31VictoriaJrocks we are bad at initiating
00:35:43Lavos :D
00:35:45Kastrup :)
00:35:46Lavos niggat
00:35:54Usires go top
00:35:55Usires dudes
00:35:55Lavos just
00:35:57Lavos push
00:36:03Usires ...
00:36:04Lavos push/rosh
00:36:05KredeC we go when weaver throw his shit
00:36:06Lavos u decide
00:36:13goofyboy_89 push with wards
00:36:24VictoriaJrocks I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:36:39VictoriaJrocks ulti mirana
00:36:45Strom aaaaaaaaaah
00:36:45VictoriaJrocks gj ;:O
00:36:48Strom 1s cd on linken
00:36:53Lavos asdd
00:36:59Strom well we got tower
00:37:04Strom go again and we get rax
00:37:07najk twrs
00:37:13goofyboy_89 y right
00:37:14Usires bkb ready too
00:37:17VictoriaJrocks its 50% of stun
00:37:19VictoriaJrocks so yes right
00:37:31Strom imo we should go again bot
00:37:31goofyboy_89 im talking about my missclick
00:37:32Strom no tower
00:37:37Strom we can really abuse my ulti there
00:37:39FetAA :D?
00:37:41Usires yeah go
00:37:42Usires bot
00:37:43Usires fast
00:37:46Usires before it regen
00:37:46curdi rosh?
00:37:49curdi can go with smoke
00:37:54Kastrup nah
00:37:55Kastrup to riski
00:37:56curdi or is it dead
00:37:57Kastrup imo
00:38:06FetAA tarttekoha mä bkb
00:38:11curdi jaa.a
00:38:13Kastrup doc
00:38:14Kastrup NO
00:38:14KredeC i go bkb!
00:38:20curdi ky
00:38:26FetAA eiks mkb true strike oo orbi?
00:38:30VictoriaJrocks on
00:38:43FetAA hmm
00:38:45FetAA mites sit domi ja mkb
00:38:46FetAA ei voi
00:38:51KredeC english
00:38:52VictoriaJrocks mikms sää tarviisit 100% hittiä
00:38:54curdi ei se orbi oo kyl
00:38:54Strom dont go too fast
00:38:57Strom I need to shop at secret
00:38:59FetAA nii en
00:39:01FetAA teen domin kyl
00:39:06FetAA mut siis se on hyvä ku puskee vaik raxeja ylämäkee
00:39:08FetAA voin ampuu perseestä
00:39:11goofyboy_89 next mc
00:39:18FetAA on true strike orbi
00:39:24curdi slard bkb
00:39:28curdi be advised
00:39:31FetAA some1
00:39:32FetAA go
00:39:32FetAA front
00:40:09curdi roosa?
00:40:12Strom the problem was we didn't have proper focus
00:40:12goofyboy_89 massacre
00:40:12Strom but
00:40:14FetAA ja torni
00:40:14Strom we got rax
00:40:15Usires god
00:40:17FetAA tankkasimpa
00:40:17VictoriaJrocks were you 5s invi inside base :D?
00:40:20Usires shouldnt be even this hard
00:40:22Lavos :D
00:40:27Usires with these heroes
00:40:31curdi who aegis
00:40:32Lavos hittoku ois manaa
00:40:34Lavos rapeis vähä
00:40:41Strom wd has 3 smokes
00:40:43FetAA ok cant get taht
00:40:44Lavos olin invikses siin aoet pääl
00:40:46Strom but we have no vision anyway
00:40:47Strom so
00:40:47VictoriaJrocks xD
00:40:48Lavos boomboom
00:40:55Lavos välil castii stunnii
00:41:11Usires just wards next time and our ranged can shoot
00:41:13FetAA kehtaako
00:41:17Usires lets stay behind a bit
00:41:20curdi ne defuu vie
00:41:21FetAA mitäs tää tekee
00:41:24Strom i did
00:41:26Usires need to get sniper and od
00:41:27Usires out
00:41:27Strom my first focus was melee rax
00:41:30Strom didn't hit any hero before
00:41:36FetAA otatko
00:41:36Lavos i dived and spent all mana
00:41:40Lavos got allmost 3 kills
00:41:47Lavos all 10% hp
00:41:49Strom sniper got down to 1% hp at one point
00:41:55Strom but then he got healed from somewhere
00:41:58VictoriaJrocks 5 miss mid
00:42:02Strom they have smoke
00:42:03Strom so beware
00:42:04curdi come n smoke
00:42:07VictoriaJrocks ok
00:42:09curdi lets kill
00:42:15Strom we need to get entry I feel
00:42:16goofyboy_89 we have too
00:42:23goofyboy_89 smoke i mean
00:42:23Usires go smokoe
00:42:24FetAA we can go throught creeps
00:42:26FetAA without them seeing
00:42:26Usires and their woods
00:42:29curdi y
00:42:31FetAA they are there
00:42:33FetAA not here
00:42:36FetAA zz
00:42:40FetAA idiotss
00:42:42FetAA WHY
00:42:42FetAA u go
00:42:43Strom mid
00:42:43FetAA stupid ways
00:42:44Lavos gio
00:42:48najk gg
00:42:49FetAA like they are there
00:42:52FetAA find there
00:43:04FetAA i got bo
00:43:05FetAA b to bsae
00:43:53Strom damn I jumped at wrong direction
00:43:57Strom well
00:43:57goofyboy_89 =9
00:44:00VictoriaJrocks push mid
00:44:01Strom they had one guy buyout
00:44:01Strom and
00:44:03Strom one guy had aegis
00:44:04FetAA i dont
00:44:04FetAA know
00:44:07FetAA where u thought
00:44:08curdi who def
00:44:08Strom so actually decent fight
00:44:08FetAA u find them
00:44:12FetAA here
00:44:13Kastrup urn me
00:44:13FetAA hidden?
00:44:34Strom and we gone one rax from bot
00:44:35Strom :D
00:44:41najk LOL
00:44:42najk nice
00:44:45Usires well but tbh
00:44:49Usires we are soon losing this
00:44:55Strom usires, yes we are
00:44:55Strom but
00:44:59Strom we have a chance still
00:45:01Usires do we ahve smoke
00:45:02najk go smoke
00:45:02Usires go woods
00:45:02Strom we need to get entry again
00:45:04Strom WAIt
00:45:06Strom I'm not there
00:45:18Lavos shop
00:45:21Strom we get entry again and we can push
00:45:21Lavos haste
00:45:24VictoriaJrocks b our foretst+?
00:45:24Strom they don't have aegis
00:45:27Lavos camp haste
00:45:27Strom and probably no money for buyout
00:45:30VictoriaJrocks 4 miss mid
00:45:35Lavos slard take prolly
00:45:39Usires smoke
00:45:58VictoriaJrocks tjust wait
00:45:59VictoriaJrocks inside base
00:46:05Lavos push top
00:46:26KredeC wards?
00:46:30curdi in base
00:46:32VictoriaJrocks like you can go plant
00:46:32Strom we need focus
00:46:39Lavos focus od wd imo?
00:46:44Usires od if we egt before ulti
00:46:45Strom ok
00:46:52Usires need to insta
00:46:56curdi top incoming
00:46:58Strom leave weaver for later
00:47:00Strom hard to kill
00:47:00Lavos wd is even more important
00:47:05Lavos wd od
00:47:06FetAA come
00:47:07FetAA alrdy
00:47:11Usires lets wait a bit
00:47:12Strom but wait
00:47:13Usires to creeps enter
00:47:14Usires side
00:47:14FetAA viper
00:47:14Strom we can't psuh
00:47:14Lavos y
00:47:15Lavos wait
00:47:15FetAA forward
00:47:17FetAA cause u just turn
00:47:18Lavos hmm
00:47:18FetAA bkb on
00:47:19Lavos cask cd
00:47:20FetAA when they go
00:47:21FetAA i cant go near
00:47:21Strom we need entry
00:47:23FetAA i need to be back
00:47:26Lavos wait
00:47:26FetAA viper bait
00:47:35Lavos b
00:47:37Usires dude
00:47:38Lavos shiot
00:47:39najk lool!
00:47:40najk why?!
00:47:45Lavos why u go
00:47:45FetAA :P
00:47:46najk wtf
00:47:47Kastrup thanks
00:47:49najk why
00:47:49najk why
00:47:50najk why
00:47:52FetAA now wait
00:47:53Strom just b
00:47:59FetAA no need for all to go bot
00:47:59Strom we couldn't push even with wards
00:48:00Lavos they think we go b
00:48:01Usires go shoot
00:48:01FetAA <_>
00:48:01Usires tower
00:48:02Strom we need entry
00:48:02najk can someone tell me why
00:48:02Lavos lets go hunt
00:48:03Usires rangeds
00:48:07Kastrup i go where i see jazz
00:48:07Strom WE NEED ENTRY
00:48:10Lavos we can get now
00:48:12Lavos nah
00:48:13curdi care dagger
00:48:16najk thought cask cd wasthe entry
00:48:21Strom lol no
00:48:23FetAA viper can bait
00:48:23KredeC i got bkb if he blibnk
00:48:25Strom we need a whole hero dead
00:48:30najk oh well
00:48:34najk my bad then
00:48:37Kastrup they need to go back
00:48:39Kastrup so we should go them
00:48:40FetAA y
00:48:42Kastrup les ther
00:48:43Kastrup go?
00:48:55Strom they coming
00:48:58Usires ¨b
00:48:58Usires b
00:48:59Usires b
00:49:05Lavos we are scattered
00:49:06goofyboy_89 ':_ =)
00:49:07FetAA hatet that friggin bot lane
00:49:08FetAA pushing
00:49:09FetAA all the time
00:49:14Strom lets gather
00:49:15goofyboy_89 go top
00:49:16Strom and go unt with 5
00:49:23KredeC we need wards
00:49:24goofyboy_89 one of them has to stay defd
00:49:27goofyboy_89 or 2
00:49:28goofyboy_89 :D
00:49:31curdi plant if u got space
00:49:33goofyboy_89 gooooo
00:49:36Lavos y just push when bot is in
00:49:50goofyboy_89 damn range
00:49:52FetAA :D
00:50:06goofyboy_89 I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:50:06Lavos no
00:50:06Lavos b
00:50:08Usires WTF
00:50:10Lavos all b
00:50:10Usires U GOISADFjohpj
00:50:12Usires dfhapsdifha
00:50:18FetAA :D
00:50:19FetAA where
00:50:19VictoriaJrocks mun ulti tek yllättävän paljon
00:50:20FetAA the fuck
00:50:23Usires I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:50:24Strom shouldn't gone in without entry
00:50:29KredeC gj
00:50:29FetAA olitko astrallnu viel enne
00:50:30Lavos lets go rosh when its up
00:50:31Kastrup tha weaver trick! :D
00:50:32VictoriaJrocks joo
00:50:36VictoriaJrocks mut sehän antaa vaan 8
00:50:39FetAA mm
00:50:40KredeC any1`?
00:50:40FetAA no seki jtn
00:50:41Usires Thye fucking stupid moves by sentinel trick
00:50:43curdi i def
00:50:54VictoriaJrocks push lanes so we can rosh soon
00:50:55FetAA this bot lane
00:51:09Usires they all fat
00:51:11Usires fucking gg
00:51:13KredeC we gotta win a teamfight outside our base
00:51:17Usires isnt even possible to lose
00:51:18Strom we can win with superiour teamplay
00:51:18najk who is buying wards without putting them out
00:51:21Usires but we did it boys
00:51:23FetAA need to get this frigging lane
00:51:24najk making it look like 'its cd
00:51:24FetAA pushed
00:52:00Strom rosh
00:52:04Lavos let lanes push
00:52:05Usires t
00:52:08Lavos then rosh
00:52:11KredeC get smoke so we can engage them and open a lane
00:52:13curdi got
00:52:18VictoriaJrocks B TO BSAE
00:52:19KredeC gather then
00:52:19VictoriaJrocks b to base
00:52:20KredeC all
00:52:24KredeC plz
00:52:24FetAA meet now
00:52:26VictoriaJrocks b to basee
00:52:34KredeC all come mdi
00:52:36VictoriaJrocks weaver b to base
00:52:36curdi they might push n go rosh
00:52:41Strom can't really take it
00:52:44Strom they have too good aoe
00:52:46curdi smoke go?
00:52:47FetAA we got smoke?
00:52:49Lavos we can
00:52:54Kastrup mirana ulti?
00:52:57VictoriaJrocks rosh
00:52:58FetAA got ward
00:53:02KredeC smoke
00:53:03FetAA w8
00:53:06FetAA np
00:53:08VictoriaJrocks b to base
00:53:10KredeC surprise
00:53:26FetAA ?
00:53:28FetAA ur brav e
00:53:36Kastrup yea
00:53:41Kastrup and dead
00:53:45najk wtf
00:53:54Lavos ro wd
00:53:54Lavos wd
00:53:57goofyboy_89 that ulti..
00:53:58Lavos SLARD?
00:53:59goofyboy_89 too massive
00:54:00VictoriaJrocks sorry
00:54:02Lavos USIRES?
00:54:05Usires ?
00:54:08Kastrup dead
00:54:09Kastrup go midt
00:54:10Lavos taistele vittu
00:54:16FetAA noi otttaa kyl iha sick lämää
00:54:18VictoriaJrocks god thing i warded mid :D
00:54:19Usires ai olisko pitäny jäädä kuoleen kanssa
00:54:20goofyboy_89 I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
00:54:21Lavos vedit bkb ja lähit hanee
00:54:21FetAA y
00:54:24KredeC sniper ccome
00:54:24Kastrup perfect bait
00:54:26Kastrup :D
00:54:28FetAA :D
00:54:33Kastrup thats my job
00:54:34Usires olisin kuollu ilmaan mitään saumoja taistella ketään vastaa
00:54:35FetAA i stop
00:54:36Lavos we will sure lose like this
00:54:36FetAA top and bot
00:54:42Strom possibly
00:54:44Strom they can still make mistakes
00:54:45VictoriaJrocks too bad yhou our bets
00:54:46VictoriaJrocks push dps
00:54:47FetAA pretty stupid
00:54:48FetAA y
00:54:49Strom we haven't lost any raxes
00:54:49Lavos we need to team up
00:54:50FetAA that i do it
00:54:55Kastrup :D
00:54:56Lavos fast
00:55:28VictoriaJrocks b
00:55:28FetAA here we see why u pick as much carry as u can in gc
00:55:29KredeC what a useless teamfight
00:55:32Kastrup :D
00:55:33KredeC coz of this sniper..
00:55:42goofyboy_89 *phone
00:55:48curdi well got agha finally
00:55:52FetAA well some1 had to
00:55:53FetAA stop laens
00:56:05FetAA lets push together
00:56:10FetAA push this bot first
00:56:11KredeC we gcould have gotten rax for a tower
00:56:11Lavos slard get ac or something
00:56:12VictoriaJrocks slardar has king bar 5 :D
00:56:16KredeC if u had joined us
00:56:22curdi re.use
00:56:22FetAA lol
00:56:31FetAA bot lanes
00:56:34FetAA both lanes was pushed
00:56:35Lavos wait 1 sec
00:56:37FetAA u understand?
00:56:44KredeC yy
00:56:44VictoriaJrocks b to base
00:56:45Strom we can't bunch up and do 5v5
00:56:45FetAA some1 had to def
00:56:49Strom we need that entry even more now
00:56:51Strom maybe even two
00:56:52Lavos ye
00:56:54FetAA i hate this bot lane
00:56:55Strom or at least od as entry
00:56:56FetAA allways in our base
00:57:01Kastrup :)
00:57:03FetAA lets go alrdy
00:57:04Kastrup thats why many games
00:57:06Kastrup if possible
00:57:08Kastrup u should open
00:57:10Kastrup and kill raxes
00:57:15Kastrup if possible :)
00:57:21Kastrup i could recoment that :)
00:57:25Kastrup +m
00:57:31VictoriaJrocks i hex one
00:57:32VictoriaJrocks and astral one
00:57:45FetAA zzzsz
00:57:46FetAA go finish
00:57:50FetAA we beat them anywhere:D
00:57:54FetAA the map
00:57:58FetAA juts push hit shit firs
00:58:02curdi no1 has buybacks
00:58:04curdi dont risk it
00:58:08Lavos wards
00:58:08curdi imo
00:58:15najk where?
00:58:16Kastrup i only need 600 for buyback
00:58:19Kastrup im friend with that guy
00:58:22Lavos fast on tower if
00:58:23FetAA :D
00:58:24Kastrup +s
00:58:24Lavos we have a
00:58:26Lavos chance
00:58:27Kastrup hes a great dude
00:58:30najk we dont
00:58:31najk ;(
00:58:32Lavos 5v4 now
00:58:55VictoriaJrocks go push mid
00:58:58Lavos ok well
00:58:59Usires :DDDDDDD
00:59:01Usires its ff
00:59:01Lavos we sure cant do shit
00:59:06Lavos I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
00:59:07VictoriaJrocks go push
00:59:08FetAA gg
00:59:08Usires got them all ulti
00:59:09curdi [DotA-GC] Game was won by Scourge!
00:59:09curdi [DotA-GC] Game was won by Scourge!
00:59:09curdi [DotA-GC] Game was won by Scourge!
00:59:09curdi [DotA-GC] Sentinel must now wait near their fountain until Scourge destroys the tree.
00:59:09najk I surrender! [4/4 of Sentinel]
00:59:11Usires and shit
00:59:14Usires still cant do shit
00:59:15curdi good game
00:59:15KredeC gg
00:59:16FetAA can some1 use my hero
00:59:17Usires i mean stun
00:59:19Kastrup mwhahaha carries always win :/
00:59:21FetAA for finish
00:59:23Kastrup share
00:59:23VictoriaJrocks sure
00:59:23FetAA i need to go eat
00:59:25VictoriaJrocks sure
00:59:31KredeC yy
00:59:35Usires dont get wrong idea
00:59:43Usires carrys didnt win, our tem failed
00:59:44Usires hard
00:59:52Kastrup well = same same
00:59:54curdi too strong 1 man support team here
01:00:08Kastrup trielane <3
01:00:27Lavos viper put bkb and spikes
01:00:32Kastrup :)
01:00:35curdi imba imio
01:00:37curdi imo*
01:00:44KredeC throne race :D
01:00:45Lavos fail
01:00:47Lavos :D
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