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-27 X
-2 TS

89% | 1509 X | 1460 TS

-16 X
-1 TS

86% | 1453 X | 1468 TS

-37 X
-2 TS

74% | 1278 X | 1435 TS

-7 X
-2 TS

64% | 1219 X | 1393 TS

-25 X
-7 TS

36% | 1127 X | 1193 TS

-1 X
+3 TS

98% | 1725 X | 1569 TS

+53 X
+2 TS

80% | 1370 X | 1445 TS

+14 X
+1 TS

57% | 1199 X | 1343 TS

+14 X
+2 TS

51% | 1076 X | 1411 TS

+49 X
+4 TS

46% | 1085 X | 1348 TS

Chat log

00:00:07hibalunt LiVid
00:00:13MariahCarry fetaa
00:00:17MariahCarry what does ur name mean?
00:00:17KredeC -clear
00:00:17MariahCarry is it a cheese?
00:00:17MariahCarry in denmark it's a cheese
00:00:17GunzComeOut spectre
00:00:17FetAA its cheese!
00:00:17FetAA what to ban
00:00:17FetAA ?
00:00:17GunzComeOut what u wanna play liquid?
00:00:17MariahCarry not sf
00:00:17Solisluu sf
00:00:17MariahCarry ban doom
00:00:17FetAA i ban doom
00:00:17MariahCarry or aa
00:00:17FetAA aa
00:00:17hibalunt i want some shit too
00:00:17FetAA i ban aa
00:00:17MariahCarry ^^
00:00:17FetAA fucking aa
00:00:17FetAA hate it
00:00:17GunzComeOut u sure?
00:00:17FetAA :D
00:00:17Solisluu spec AA banned
00:00:18FetAA im sure
00:00:28MariahCarry gank that sf
00:00:30MariahCarry !!
00:00:32MariahCarry imma veno
00:00:34Solisluu ya gonna swap?
00:00:38FetAA ok
00:00:41FetAA we kill HIM
00:00:44MariahCarry yea
00:00:45MariahCarry im top
00:00:46GunzComeOut get me leoric
00:00:49GunzComeOut pick leo/lion now
00:00:50Kastrup i go lina if possible..
00:00:52MariahCarry ill stand there
00:00:54MariahCarry all game
00:00:56FetAA :D
00:00:57MariahCarry waiting for him to go out
00:00:57GunzComeOut or leo/lina
00:00:58KredeC i cant lion
00:00:58MariahCarry xD
00:00:58Solisluu -swap 1
00:01:00Kastrup ok i stand
00:01:03GunzComeOut swap some1 then
00:01:04Kastrup all game
00:01:04hibalunt give me lina
00:01:04MariahCarry yea
00:01:05KredeC any1 wants?
00:01:06GunzComeOut we need a rape lane
00:01:07GunzComeOut get lina
00:01:09MariahCarry very smart strategy
00:01:09GunzComeOut -swap 2
00:01:11Kastrup nice
00:01:11MariahCarry KredeC
00:01:14hibalunt FFS
00:01:14GunzComeOut wtf
00:01:15hibalunt wtf
00:01:16Kastrup hope he doesn't go top :D
00:01:16FetAA joha liqvid pikkas hauskan heron
00:01:16MariahCarry u stand there
00:01:16GunzComeOut man
00:01:19FetAA skill hero
00:01:20MariahCarry so if he gets away
00:01:22KredeC misclick..
00:01:25MariahCarry u can take him on the way home
00:01:26hibalunt fu
00:01:28GunzComeOut idiot
00:01:31GunzComeOut we've lost
00:01:33GunzComeOut so bad now
00:01:33KredeC wanted to lion
00:01:35FetAA we has some gankers
00:01:38MariahCarry yea
00:01:38MariahCarry wow
00:01:43MariahCarry ill have to go dmg veno
00:01:46MariahCarry :(
00:01:48Kastrup no worreis
00:01:50Solisluu lastpick roof?
00:01:51KredeC me bot?
00:01:53Kastrup i go direct mkb
00:01:55Kastrup and then devine
00:01:56GunzComeOut im top
00:01:56Kastrup divine*
00:01:57GunzComeOut solo
00:01:59Kastrup then im dps
00:02:00Kastrup fuck all
00:02:03Kastrup mwhahaha
00:02:05MariahCarry nice
00:02:07KredeC we trilane bot?
00:02:07Solisluu ?
00:02:09MariahCarry glass canons
00:02:12Kastrup yeye
00:02:17hibalunt this shit wont work
00:02:19FetAA wtf
00:02:20Kastrup and i morph all my str to agility..
00:02:21GunzComeOut ofc it wont
00:02:21MariahCarry had a wl game yesterday :D
00:02:22Solisluu nah
00:02:24GunzComeOut thats what happens
00:02:26GunzComeOut when u pick shit heroes
00:02:27FetAA everybody buying wards :D
00:02:30Solisluu tuskar and huskar will win nps
00:02:31FetAA good game incoming
00:02:35Kastrup nah
00:02:35KredeC y i know i messed up.
00:02:37FetAA peter lars
00:02:38FetAA dont put
00:02:38GunzComeOut tree can go woods if u want
00:02:39FetAA ur wards yet
00:02:40Kastrup i sell for tangos
00:02:42FetAA put in 6 minutes
00:02:47MariahCarry phase, mjoll, lothars, devine, hyper, bkb
00:02:47Solisluu tree pull and semiwoods
00:02:50Kastrup n1 :D
00:02:52Casberry y
00:02:54hibalunt y this is better
00:02:54GunzComeOut just dont touch my farm
00:02:56GunzComeOut and ur cool
00:03:32PeterLars come her :D
00:03:35hibalunt nanana
00:04:28hibalunt harras only 1
00:04:51Kastrup n1
00:04:53MariahCarry n1
00:04:58GunzComeOut so shit
00:05:31MariahCarry omw mid
00:05:36FetAA mismi
00:05:43FetAA i take rune
00:05:45hibalunt lion soon
00:05:47GunzComeOut ss veno
00:05:53Solisluu TINKER GOING TOP
00:06:04Solisluu re
00:07:29GunzComeOut sf lvl4
00:07:30GunzComeOut lol
00:07:57Solisluu tinker going top with rune
00:08:03KredeC ss
00:08:53KredeC go soon?
00:09:05Kastrup -1
00:09:05Kastrup SK
00:09:09Solisluu miss mid
00:09:20FetAA mis mid
00:09:34Solisluu re
00:09:47hibalunt ss2
00:10:13Solisluu gank mid
00:10:32KredeC go asap
00:10:33Casberry gank top
00:10:39Solisluu rather mid
00:10:42Solisluu before he has bots
00:10:56Kastrup -
00:10:57Kastrup 1
00:11:01MariahCarry omw mid
00:11:11FetAA didnt know sk tped :D
00:11:16Solisluu gj
00:11:18Kastrup he died
00:11:26hibalunt ss2
00:11:29FetAA well np i killed sf first
00:11:32Kastrup :)
00:11:32Casberry ss1
00:11:34Solisluu miss mid
00:11:34Casberry 2
00:11:48GunzComeOut b husk
00:11:56FetAA failed
00:11:59MariahCarry my bad
00:12:00Kastrup oom
00:12:02hibalunt kill lion
00:12:03Kastrup someone come give me full mana
00:12:06GunzComeOut w8 me
00:12:07GunzComeOut i tp
00:12:08MariahCarry ^^
00:12:11MariahCarry omw
00:12:12MariahCarry ill try
00:12:26Kastrup sf top? :)
00:12:26GunzComeOut g
00:12:38Kastrup well now i get full mana
00:12:39MariahCarry imo y
00:12:39Kastrup mmwhaha
00:12:40FetAA thought u saw
00:12:44Kastrup they didn't think of that :D
00:13:20KredeC ss?
00:13:24MariahCarry omw mid
00:13:25MariahCarry keal
00:13:42Casberry ss2
00:13:48hibalunt did lina or lion ulti?
00:13:53KredeC lina
00:13:54FetAA :<
00:14:00MariahCarry they must have a ward there
00:14:00FetAA had
00:14:01MariahCarry wtf
00:14:05MariahCarry sf knew i was comming
00:14:09KredeC when i come down we go
00:14:34GunzComeOut gank tinker
00:14:35GunzComeOut some more
00:14:36GunzComeOut guys
00:14:44Casberry oimw
00:14:50KredeC go
00:14:59Solisluu wait sk
00:15:14FetAA ..
00:15:15FetAA rage ganks
00:15:31GunzComeOut omw bot
00:15:32GunzComeOut gank
00:16:00Solisluu miss that tinker
00:16:05Kastrup sk
00:16:06Kastrup sk
00:16:06Kastrup sk
00:16:24Kastrup tower?
00:16:27GunzComeOut bad plan :D
00:16:27MariahCarry yea
00:16:31KredeC and never almost treads! good
00:16:33hibalunt y...
00:16:35Kastrup nice stun tc
00:16:41KredeC starting to get out of hands..
00:16:50KredeC u are so slow with them snowballs
00:16:51GunzComeOut our heroes
00:16:53GunzComeOut just suck balls
00:17:19GunzComeOut go him
00:17:21GunzComeOut lina
00:17:28Kastrup 3 bot
00:17:44hibalunt lol solo powa
00:18:44Casberry no mana
00:18:51KredeC go lina?
00:19:00MariahCarry guys gank
00:19:07KredeC gogog
00:19:10MariahCarry omw bot
00:19:30FetAA i tp insec
00:19:37FetAA fuck
00:19:43Kastrup b
00:19:45FetAA omw
00:19:50Solisluu kill
00:19:50hibalunt deni
00:20:01Solisluu b
00:20:02KredeC i did
00:20:05MariahCarry dødsstraf for denies
00:20:09Kastrup :D
00:20:09KredeC haha
00:20:31MariahCarry nice lion
00:20:42MariahCarry u rocks
00:20:49PeterLars su
00:20:50PeterLars t
00:20:53hibalunt will i go pipe
00:21:00Kastrup wtf
00:21:10FetAA omw
00:21:17FetAA go d
00:21:18FetAA go
00:21:18FetAA go
00:21:33FetAA ulti lion??
00:21:44PeterLars range :(
00:21:46FetAA dubno what u doing
00:21:50FetAA in starT??
00:21:52Kastrup srsly
00:21:55GunzComeOut :P
00:21:58Kastrup 0.0000001 sec from getting away? :D
00:21:58GunzComeOut thought i was 2slow
00:21:59hibalunt will any1 go pipe or will i?
00:22:07Kastrup well thats life..
00:22:30FetAA ok we just dieing
00:22:32FetAA around map
00:22:32FetAA :z
00:22:35GunzComeOut let me now
00:22:42GunzComeOut gj
00:22:57MariahCarry lion and tinker
00:23:00MariahCarry u should go around together
00:23:04MariahCarry zappin stuff
00:23:15FetAA look
00:23:19FetAA stop fed
00:23:23KredeC get tower bot denyable
00:23:27KredeC tp some1
00:23:36KredeC go
00:24:02Kastrup i need a dagger :[
00:24:03GunzComeOut me/sf
00:24:05GunzComeOut are bkb heroes here
00:24:06FetAA kinda gg material
00:24:11FetAA we aint moving togeeetherr
00:24:25Kastrup well sk freefarms :/(
00:24:27FetAA gather
00:24:28FetAA and move
00:24:29FetAA dont idle in mid
00:24:46MariahCarry gather
00:24:47MariahCarry pls
00:24:48MariahCarry tinker
00:24:49MariahCarry lion
00:24:50MariahCarry come
00:24:55PeterLars de har wards
00:24:59MariahCarry så smoke
00:25:03MariahCarry og counter
00:25:08GunzComeOut 25% my ass
00:25:11FetAA kill
00:25:23FetAA i stop bot
00:25:33GunzComeOut <3
00:25:37PeterLars illu
00:25:37Kastrup illu
00:25:37Casberry yy ^^
00:25:41Kastrup ffs
00:26:03Solisluu got bkb and dd
00:26:06Solisluu lets fight
00:26:08GunzComeOut ye
00:26:15FetAA come
00:26:17FetAA gank
00:26:19Solisluu drumroll me with snob
00:26:20GunzComeOut let me bait mid
00:27:30MariahCarry how the fuck
00:27:33MariahCarry didn't sk die faster
00:27:41MariahCarry he didn't get stunned
00:27:52PeterLars b
00:28:07FetAA ah lion u left me
00:28:09FetAA u frigging idiot
00:28:12FetAA where did u go?
00:28:15MariahCarry he sucks
00:28:18MariahCarry :>
00:28:21KredeC can i go bkb
00:28:22KredeC ?
00:28:23Solisluu no
00:28:23GunzComeOut no
00:28:25KredeC k
00:28:25Solisluu sk goes
00:28:26hibalunt no pipe
00:28:31KredeC i go pipe?
00:28:43GunzComeOut if tusk doesnt
00:28:43KredeC i will then
00:28:43GunzComeOut ye
00:28:45GunzComeOut make pipe
00:29:38KredeC let me farm 300 woods then
00:29:41FetAA yy
00:29:44FetAA ?
00:29:58FetAA cant focus sk i think
00:30:03GunzComeOut some1 wanna buy me a gem?
00:30:08FetAA b
00:30:11KredeC come to me tusk
00:30:12FetAA they have view
00:30:13hibalunt 4 in jungle
00:30:16hibalunt b
00:30:21hibalunt b
00:30:42MariahCarry cya
00:30:54GunzComeOut bkb rdy
00:30:55Solisluu definately with the gem we will have : D
00:31:03KredeC i got pipe
00:31:14Kastrup dd on sf
00:31:16Kastrup b
00:31:32GunzComeOut get top
00:32:29hibalunt can get u gem now
00:32:50PeterLars lol
00:32:51PeterLars :d
00:32:58hibalunt gem
00:33:01GunzComeOut sexy
00:33:05KredeC get them top?
00:33:10GunzComeOut omw
00:33:13FetAA just ff guys?
00:33:14FetAA we are idling
00:33:21FetAA nobody doing anything so
00:33:27Kastrup well copme wiht me
00:33:29Kastrup im always rdady
00:33:29MariahCarry a venomancer never forfeits
00:33:30Kastrup ready
00:33:43Kastrup gemn on k
00:33:44Kastrup sk
00:33:50PeterLars lol
00:33:51PeterLars hahaha
00:33:53KredeC push
00:33:56Solisluu y we c u
00:34:22FetAA veno mancer dead..
00:34:33GunzComeOut go rosh
00:34:37MariahCarry soon ill be reborn
00:34:38GunzComeOut sf aegis
00:34:41GunzComeOut and we can forcepush
00:34:49FetAA :O
00:34:51FetAA how
00:34:54KredeC stun
00:34:56KredeC then i ult
00:34:56MariahCarry :O
00:35:03MariahCarry by the power of christ
00:35:10PeterLars ROSH
00:35:10FetAA interesting
00:35:16GunzComeOut try it
00:35:17GunzComeOut lol
00:35:50KredeC w8 me tusk we go together
00:35:51PeterLars b
00:35:51PeterLars b
00:35:55MariahCarry got wards
00:35:59MariahCarry chill
00:36:34FetAA i want my hexx!!
00:37:05GunzComeOut tree make blink dagger
00:37:07GunzComeOut now
00:37:15Casberry k
00:37:27FetAA fuck u
00:37:33FetAA this tuskar retard hero
00:38:06MariahCarry haha
00:38:06GunzComeOut oops
00:38:07GunzComeOut get gem
00:38:14GunzComeOut :D
00:39:18KredeC we win!
00:39:19KredeC weee
00:40:01KredeC go mid
00:40:35Solisluu buy me flask2x so i can skadi
00:40:42GunzComeOut chick
00:41:21KredeC bot
00:41:22KredeC ggogogo
00:41:45hibalunt oops :D
00:41:48KredeC wtf sk`?
00:41:50GunzComeOut 2v5
00:41:51GunzComeOut ?
00:41:53KredeC thought u came
00:41:54hibalunt 3v3
00:42:00GunzComeOut they were 5
00:42:01GunzComeOut u were 2
00:42:09GunzComeOut =2v5
00:42:11GunzComeOut in my book
00:42:12GunzComeOut oO
00:42:26hibalunt no, we are rambo, so 1,5 men each and thy are noobs so 0,5 men each
00:42:38GunzComeOut fair enough
00:42:39FetAA gogo
00:42:58MariahCarry guys??
00:43:01hibalunt still, lets end, boring
00:43:01MariahCarry turtle
00:43:05GunzComeOut ye
00:43:06GunzComeOut gogo
00:43:07FetAA turtle vs better late game
00:43:10MariahCarry almost mjollnir
00:43:33GunzComeOut we got
00:43:34MariahCarry mjoll done
00:43:36GunzComeOut 3 blinkers + tusk
00:43:37MariahCarry let's keal
00:43:37GunzComeOut its gg
00:43:48KredeC ¨omw
00:45:27PeterLars I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:45:29MariahCarry I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:45:31Kastrup I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:45:34GiveMeYourSoul I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:45:41GiveMeYourSoul -ff
00:46:14Solisluu 40 cs 20 min xD
00:46:30PeterLars [DotA-GC] Game was won by Scourge!
00:46:30PeterLars [DotA-GC] Game was won by Scourge!
00:46:30PeterLars [DotA-GC] Game was won by Scourge!
00:46:30PeterLars [DotA-GC] Sentinel must now wait near their fountain until Scourge destroys the tree.
00:46:30FetAA I surrender! [5/5 of Sentinel]
00:46:35FetAA aijaa mä en ollu
00:46:36FetAA lol
00:46:37Solisluu go mid
00:46:38FetAA lolz
00:46:43hibalunt what is this magic
00:46:49FetAA what magic
00:46:52Solisluu rosh first?
00:46:55Solisluu oh shit all chat
00:46:58GunzComeOut they ffd
00:47:14GunzComeOut ..............................
00:47:15Solisluu lopetatko
00:47:16GunzComeOut stop it
00:47:26FetAA what its defence mechanism
00:47:28MariahCarry :D
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