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-53 X
-2 TS

90% | 1467 X | 1503 TS

-28 X
-1 TS

82% | 1420 X | 1416 TS

-17 X
-1 TS

75% | 1304 X | 1436 TS

-15 X
-2 TS

33% | 1020 X | 1300 TS

-54 X
-3 TS

12% | 945 X | 1150 TS

+30 X
+14 TS

91% | 1547 X | 1444 TS

+34 X
+3 TS

69% | 1283 X | 1360 TS

+29 X
+2 TS

59% | 1204 X | 1361 TS

+21 X
+2 TS

49% | 1145 X | 1324 TS

+65 X
+37 TS

29% | 1251 X | 1005 TS

Chat log

00:00:03junglejonte -ap
00:00:04zebbelito a-p
00:00:04junglejonte -ap
00:00:06Dota.m let me support razor
00:00:10h2star_- can someone else buy chick since im spectre
00:00:11h2star_- ??????????
00:00:20zebbelito -ma
00:00:20Herre hmm
00:00:22aRkker technically by the rules no
00:00:23Herre lanes?
00:00:24zebbelito -ma
00:00:26aRkker besides its only 3 creeps lol
00:00:28junglejonte but kindness
00:00:29zebbelito i can mid
00:00:32Herre y
00:00:33Herre but
00:00:34IceMal jimmy
00:00:37Dota.m ja
00:00:37Herre what is chainsor hero?
00:00:38zebbelito but fucking ZERG this spectre
00:00:38IceMal køb en kylling
00:00:39Euforia gangalot
00:00:40zebbelito all game
00:00:41junglejonte follow your heart... not rules
00:00:43IceMal istedet for spectre
00:00:44Euforia rhasta
00:00:48Dota.m i will sup
00:00:49aRkker eh, I have to oppose that one :D
00:00:52Chains0r lol i picked nortrom
00:00:57Euforia u picked rhasta
00:00:59Dota.m just upg h2star
00:01:01h2star_- sure
00:01:02h2star_- thanks man
00:01:08Herre hmm
00:01:09Herre ck bottom
00:01:11zebbelito -hhn
00:01:11Herre buy chicken
00:01:19IceMal lad os owne dem
00:01:25zebbelito ffs
00:01:27Dota.m y
00:01:31Herre arkker u so phoenixy
00:01:38Strom me bot pls
00:01:40Herre phoensexy
00:01:42Herre y
00:01:44IceMal herre u so roamy
00:01:47zebbelito imo u 2 shoould have gone top
00:01:48aRkker phonesexy, unmutee se vitun venttis
00:01:48Herre me so roamy
00:01:51Herre :D:D
00:01:53zebbelito kuz we need to own spectre
00:01:55Euforia herre obsaa
00:01:57Herre Emmää jaksa
00:02:00zebbelito -ma
00:02:01Herre taidan popittaa
00:02:01Herre xD
00:02:01IceMal mr es/lich
00:02:04aRkker : - D
00:02:09Dota.m omar tror jeg går mekka pipe osv
00:02:14aRkker : -{ D
00:02:18Herre xDDD
00:02:20Herre funzies
00:02:24Strom zebbe, will you go carry?
00:02:26Strom what I'm asking is
00:02:28Herre -ma
00:02:29Strom should I farm or gang
00:02:31Herre nah
00:02:32Herre u farm
00:02:34Euforia farm
00:02:52Herre LAG
00:02:56Euforia ai ketä op
00:03:04Herre :D:DD
00:03:06aRkker evo
00:03:12Euforia rhasta
00:03:16Euforia dont skill nuke vs them
00:03:17Euforia omg
00:03:36IceMal wow
00:03:37Herre gg
00:04:00aRkker void-ray of doom
00:04:19Herre u should pull imo
00:04:25Strom ok
00:05:30zebbelito tan du
00:05:39zebbelito care
00:06:07aRkker couldn't have saved you :<
00:06:11h2star_- ya its oki
00:06:17Strom 5 mana
00:06:19Dota.m han harraser godt
00:06:48junglejonte miss.
00:06:59Herre la
00:07:00Herre g
00:07:03aRkker -2 top
00:07:07Herre I will pull
00:07:23zebbelito eufori
00:07:24zebbelito quit
00:07:25zebbelito now
00:07:28Herre :DD
00:07:28zebbelito u feed spectre
00:07:28junglejonte miss furion
00:07:29Euforia why
00:07:44Strom mid mis?
00:07:46Strom no
00:07:48zebbelito nop
00:07:51Euforia lol I pulled creeps and thought rhasta would go under tower
00:08:06IceMal ss
00:08:07IceMal lich
00:08:09IceMal re
00:08:14junglejonte miss
00:08:15Strom he so dead
00:08:36Herre mikss
00:08:36Dota.m hvor det bare klamt
00:08:40IceMal total
00:08:53Chains0r man this ray sucks so badly
00:08:59aRkker difficult hero is difficult
00:08:59Euforia u can hex him!
00:09:05Herre hmm
00:09:07Herre rhasta go bottom
00:09:09Herre I go top
00:09:09Chains0r ye but then spectre attacks me and im dead
00:09:11Strom phoenix has 1 armor
00:09:12zebbelito y
00:09:14Strom you can just attack him,
00:09:14Herre go bottom
00:09:15zebbelito go i will gang
00:09:23Herre had no ulti yet
00:09:26Herre have*
00:09:28zebbelito he must die all the time
00:09:29zebbelito herre
00:09:32Herre I know
00:09:33Herre sir
00:09:37zebbelito omw
00:09:39zebbelito got ulkti
00:09:43Herre wait a bit
00:09:44Herre need mine too
00:09:44Dota.m ss bot
00:09:47IceMal 2
00:09:49aRkker and top
00:09:56Dota.m re 1
00:10:00Herre b
00:10:03Herre b
00:10:06zebbelito FUCK U
00:10:06Herre omg
00:10:20zebbelito 1v5 again
00:10:20Herre that was stupid
00:10:21Herre by any means
00:10:23aRkker haista sinä mursu paska
00:10:31zebbelito can u alrdy quit?
00:10:31aRkker lol wat
00:10:35zebbelito 'or help
00:10:36aRkker why are they chillin there?
00:10:47zebbelito he wont help
00:10:47zebbelito u
00:10:49zebbelito jhrree
00:10:56zebbelito he will pure feed
00:11:02Herre lets just play solid game
00:11:12Strom well bottom isn't a farm lane
00:11:15Strom I'm gonna start ganging uinstead
00:11:30junglejonte miss
00:11:44zebbelito euforia what u doin
00:11:48Herre go
00:12:09aRkker kato ku sä just vittu silenceet
00:12:13Herre there we go
00:12:31aRkker kuole.
00:12:33Herre ........
00:12:37zebbelito driver du?
00:12:41Herre ??
00:12:42Herre hade ingen mana
00:12:49zebbelito ok
00:12:51zebbelito sweet
00:13:13Dota.m oom
00:13:33zebbelito dfuck u
00:13:37zebbelito focus bird
00:13:41aRkker :DDD
00:13:44Herre .....
00:13:45Herre gg
00:13:51Herre fucking omni
00:13:56Herre ¨now you wont come
00:13:59Herre when we need u
00:14:08Strom ?
00:14:09Herre I could have tanked
00:14:10Strom just get b
00:14:26Herre def
00:14:32Herre tp
00:15:17Dota.m 3 top
00:15:21zebbelito u are farm rhasta+
00:15:29IceMal clock so fail
00:15:32Herre gg
00:15:43junglejonte tyst och låt grabbarna vinna åt dig
00:15:59Chains0r i just play def dont want to feed
00:15:59IceMal "word"
00:16:25zebbelito damn u rly help
00:16:26Herre fundamentaalinen virhe
00:16:28Chains0r no comment cant do something
00:16:30aRkker jep
00:16:31Herre laittaa ylös kaks paskinta
00:16:31Herre XD
00:16:37zebbelito why dont u help ur TEAM
00:16:37aRkker hykertelin yksikseni tääl ku huomasin
00:16:38Strom zebbe, don't ping so much
00:16:40Herre :DD
00:16:49zebbelito ajee ok
00:16:49Euforia "kaks paskinta" toi rhasta suikkailee koko ajan
00:16:50zebbelito no more
00:16:51zebbelito then
00:16:53Euforia menee 1on3
00:16:54Herre te ootte kaks paskinta
00:16:59Strom you can ping to give attention on map
00:17:00Strom but not spam
00:17:02Strom I can't see map so
00:17:16h2star_- haters gonna hate
00:17:18h2star_- sebbejävel
00:17:21Herre Xd
00:17:23Dota.m får du farmet omar ?
00:17:41Herre har ulti
00:17:59aRkker KEKEKE
00:18:01Herre omg what hate
00:18:10zebbelito well rhasta and sile farms
00:18:11zebbelito so
00:18:13zebbelito we gonna win
00:18:21zebbelito sile havent left hes lane
00:18:22Herre this sounds big time bullshit to me
00:18:27Euforia ok wont be on lane then
00:18:28Euforia -.-
00:18:30Dota.m kom
00:18:30zebbelito he doesnt help when ppl get atacked
00:18:54IceMal nice
00:18:59Dota.m u 2
00:19:10zebbelito dsGADSGHFAHDSHFSA
00:19:11zebbelito ALL FARM?=
00:19:15Herre :D
00:19:20Strom I don't
00:19:22Chains0r i hate rhsta
00:19:23Strom I'm constantly ganging
00:19:26Dota.m twr
00:19:46Dota.m b
00:19:48zebbelito HELVETTYE
00:19:49Dota.m der kommer flere
00:20:16IceMal 4 bot
00:20:19Dota.m sagde vi skulle b
00:20:31zebbelito sile farming
00:20:39zebbelito u carry vs spectre
00:20:50Herre omg...
00:21:00aRkker mitähä tää sekoilee
00:21:15Herre oli kyl aika vammanen
00:21:17Herre :DD
00:21:22zebbelito its over
00:21:26Herre it seems
00:21:27h2star_- vare något eller sebbe
00:21:30zebbelito silencer lost
00:21:32zebbelito har en sile
00:21:34zebbelito lungt
00:21:37zebbelito han har snart butter
00:21:47zebbelito cp skadad
00:21:50Euforia i lost nothing
00:21:56zebbelito u lost everygame u ever lost
00:22:10zebbelito lich gang?
00:22:14zebbelito or farm 5 ppl mid?
00:22:16Herre all the fucking time?
00:22:24zebbelito invis
00:22:25zebbelito ok
00:22:26zebbelito dont
00:22:33Strom 4 top :(
00:22:36zebbelito they gang we feed
00:22:42zebbelito they late we arly
00:22:45Strom well
00:22:49Strom didn't have any vision top
00:23:02Herre have no mapcontrol to place the wards
00:23:30zebbelito ff
00:23:31Herre ff
00:23:34Chains0r ff
00:23:37Herre this is just sad
00:23:44Euforia rhasta u had wards
00:23:50Chains0r i dont even have boots
00:23:51Euforia use them next time
00:23:53zebbelito sile u had a hero
00:23:54IceMal raks
00:23:57zebbelito and u didnt do shit
00:23:58IceMal 4 dead
00:24:00zebbelito our creep did more
00:24:06Strom I'd just like to note that lanes were bad
00:24:08Strom that's why we lost
00:24:11zebbelito nope
00:24:11Herre yep
00:24:13Herre well
00:24:19Strom zebbelito, nope?
00:24:19Herre the players were miss placed
00:24:19Herre imo
00:24:22IceMal get twr
00:24:23Herre I should have been top
00:24:25Strom did euforia and chains0r own hjort?
00:24:26Herre instead of rhasta
00:24:39zebbelito kuz they lack skoll
00:24:48Herre yes, thats what they do
00:24:54Dota.m oom
00:24:54Strom yes zebbe, they lack skill
00:24:55Strom but
00:24:56Herre and thats why I should have been top
00:24:58Strom I knew that
00:25:00Strom you didnt?
00:25:05IceMal øv
00:25:11zebbelito and still u say that u go bot
00:25:15zebbelito when u know spec will top
00:25:19IceMal push mid
00:25:25Strom I had no idea where spec will be
00:25:27zebbelito ¨this rhasta is afraid to move on map
00:25:28Strom didn't even think about it
00:25:30Herre the fundamental mistake is to command the two lastpicks to lane together
00:25:32Strom I saw lich bot and wanted that
00:25:44zebbelito sile still farm
00:25:45Herre bot went well
00:25:46zebbelito hahahaha
00:25:48zebbelito he must be black
00:25:51Herre but top lost so hard.
00:26:04Chains0r yes we had no chance top
00:26:06Herre didnt think they will suck that much tho
00:26:07Chains0r its a fact
00:26:08Euforia yes we did lol
00:26:10Herre ??
00:26:11Herre :DD
00:26:15Euforia every time I pulled u went to suicide
00:26:20zebbelito fblod after 1 min
00:26:22Herre you dont need to pull
00:26:23Herre wtf
00:26:24zebbelito they owned
00:26:31Herre or you can
00:26:35Euforia yes I had to
00:26:36Chains0r they where just better thats all
00:26:42Chains0r dont need to explain
00:26:44Euforia couldnt be at their tower
00:26:51Herre meaning that you guys sucked hard time
00:26:57Dota.m dd
00:27:03Herre I should have been top
00:27:06Dota.m dd top
00:27:10Herre w/e now
00:27:10Chains0r I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:27:13Herre I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:27:26Chains0r ff pls thats senseless
00:27:32IceMal all bot
00:27:34zebbelito pls dont add again
00:27:43Strom zebbe, you can go silver
00:27:44Herre zero towers :D
00:27:45Strom to avouid him
00:27:46Chains0r i will but not with rhasta
00:28:29zebbelito rhasta use wards 1 time this game+
00:28:42Euforia solo mid lvl 11?
00:28:43h2star_- just gogo
00:28:48IceMal go mid
00:28:48zebbelito :D:D:D
00:28:51zebbelito i didnt farm like u
00:28:59zebbelito u suck so hard
00:29:08Herre we could ff
00:29:18Herre add next
00:29:22zebbelito no
00:29:22Strom we could also kill thenm
00:29:23Herre and everybody is happy
00:29:26zebbelito thats not how i play
00:29:48Herre euforia oot kyl autoloss tiimissä
00:29:55zebbelito rhasta lvl 7
00:29:57Dota.m 2 radi ?
00:30:01junglejonte yepp
00:30:09zebbelito sile va grym top va
00:30:09Euforia turha syyttää
00:30:36Herre :DD
00:31:01Herre zebbe > h2star
00:31:03Euforia I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:31:05Strom I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:31:08Herre I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:31:15Herre rhasta
00:31:16Herre forfeit
00:31:18Chains0r I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:31:22IceMal me<herre
00:31:26Herre true dat
00:31:27aRkker :D
00:31:28aRkker :DD
00:31:41zebbelito ulti
00:31:42zebbelito ffs
00:31:47zebbelito herre
00:31:48zebbelito ULKTI
00:31:49Herre cd?
00:32:00Euforia NO GO ULTI HERRE
00:32:15Herre double radi
00:32:16Herre xD
00:32:24Herre imba radiance team
00:32:40Dota.m :/
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