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Chat log

00:00:11slc2 what is up with this teams?
00:00:19wodrock good teams
00:00:19FetAA lol
00:00:19FetAA stronk enemy team
00:00:19FetAA i ban nigt stalker
00:00:21WANKmaster haluun sf :(
00:00:21FetAA me2
00:00:21FetAA sry
00:00:21FetAA :d
00:00:21-.- clinkz
00:00:21WANKmaster D:
00:00:23WANKmaster u homo
00:00:27FetAA its great vs noobs
00:00:31WANKmaster yea
00:00:32FetAA haha
00:00:51slc2 me top..
00:01:08FetAA fuckk
00:01:11FetAA bought wrong items
00:01:21-.- rhasta
00:01:23-.- cent
00:01:25-.- lich
00:01:28slc2 lets have licj
00:01:34-.- gj
00:01:48wodrock svents, tahad lichi?
00:01:49-.- rexxar mbeh
00:01:53-.- or magnus
00:01:54svents mis tahad?
00:01:55KolleBolle pff
00:01:57wodrock panda
00:01:58slc2 magnus
00:01:59karm shouldnt have picked ogre =D
00:02:00-.- oh yea
00:02:00KolleBolle nice pick
00:02:00-.- panda
00:02:01WANKmaster na
00:02:04wodrock -swap 1
00:02:04svents -swap 3
00:02:06wodrock -swap 5
00:02:06slc2 omg.. magnus better
00:02:08FetAA lol
00:02:09KolleBolle zons NOT
00:02:10FetAA why the fuck naga
00:02:14-.- panda is just fine
00:02:14svents -clear
00:02:18FetAA go top naga centaur
00:02:19FetAA :D
00:02:19-.- lich panda lane
00:02:20WANKmaster crazy picks by them :D
00:02:20-.- pwnage
00:02:24karm -ma
00:02:31karm should have gone with panda :p
00:02:31FetAA y glad they are 5 noobs
00:02:40FetAA where u going
00:02:41FetAA ?
00:02:42WANKmaster cent
00:02:43WANKmaster top
00:02:43KolleBolle woods
00:02:49WANKmaster ogre
00:02:50FetAA karm
00:02:50WANKmaster mine top siis
00:02:52WANKmaster ma solon
00:02:52FetAA go top
00:02:52WANKmaster all
00:02:53FetAA and ward
00:02:55karm kk
00:02:58wodrock gotta win early
00:02:59wodrock gank alot
00:03:04-.- why :D
00:03:06zonskass /w DotaKeys: on
00:03:08zonskass /w DotaKeys: You control Naga Siren [r,e,g,c]
00:03:17wodrock pretty obvious why
00:03:20wodrock -ma
00:03:25svents cause lategame we cant do shit
00:03:26karm INVIS RHASTA
00:03:27FetAA whaat
00:03:29FetAA ok
00:03:30FetAA where
00:03:43karm went to mid
00:04:01KolleBolle wtf fail
00:05:26FetAA share chicken?
00:05:36FetAA centaur
00:06:47karm miss top
00:07:06svents ss
00:07:09svents re
00:07:12whatugotskills ss 1
00:07:17whatugotskills re
00:07:23-.- GOGOGGO
00:07:38FetAA helpz
00:08:52-.- go
00:08:54WANKmaster panda
00:08:56WANKmaster bb
00:08:56WANKmaster b
00:08:57WANKmaster b
00:08:57WANKmaster b
00:09:05svents ss
00:09:08-.- gj
00:09:09svents re
00:09:13WANKmaster you aint watching
00:09:14WANKmaster map
00:09:15FetAA this panda
00:09:16WANKmaster ?
00:09:20FetAA ruins my game
00:09:23FetAA i didnt notice
00:09:25-.- i gank bot
00:09:37-.- got invis
00:09:46-.- try mid
00:09:47FetAA MISS LINA
00:09:47-.- instead
00:09:52FetAA need new wards
00:09:57-.- MID MISS
00:09:57FetAA and u can gank with ur tp furi
00:09:59-.- CARE TOP
00:10:00svents ss
00:10:11karm wards coming to there
00:10:29-.- pfft
00:10:36WANKmaster chick
00:10:37WANKmaster here
00:10:43karm take wards
00:10:44karm from chick
00:10:45karm :p
00:10:46FetAA i take
00:11:00-.- mid miss
00:11:14-.- care top
00:11:14svents re
00:11:21wodrock r une
00:11:22wodrock bot
00:11:31wodrock i try mid
00:11:37karm how much creep kills naga? :D
00:11:41zonskass 21
00:11:50zonskass 21/2
00:11:57wodrock care top
00:12:05wodrock go
00:12:16svents ss
00:12:16FetAA can this panda fuck off
00:12:29-.- is the rune
00:12:30-.- stillö
00:12:31-.- bot
00:12:33wodrock i think so
00:13:06wodrock liigu lanelt 2ra ka vahepeal svents
00:13:07whatugotskills ss2
00:13:09wodrock ulti olemas etc
00:13:18wodrock mine top nt
00:13:23svents kohe
00:14:09wodrock top
00:14:14FetAA these guys dont like me
00:14:15wodrock rhasta low
00:14:20wodrock oota mind ja l2hme
00:14:22karm b
00:15:12karm rhasta incoming with wards
00:15:12karm :p
00:15:21wodrock bot
00:15:21wodrock care
00:15:22wodrock mid inc
00:15:43zonskass help
00:16:01-.- need sf
00:16:02FetAA omw top
00:16:03-.- killed
00:16:04FetAA lets go
00:16:21wodrock ffs
00:16:46slc2 def
00:16:51wodrock you suck
00:16:59slc2 u to
00:17:04FetAA why not stun
00:17:51KolleBolle care
00:17:52KolleBolle up
00:17:55karm oom
00:17:56FetAA instakill lina
00:19:32whatugotskills reg
00:19:38-.- i take
00:20:27whatugotskills go
00:20:49-.- kill furion
00:20:50-.- bot
00:20:51wodrock try mid
00:20:55wodrock k
00:20:56-.- I GOT DAGGER
00:20:57-.- gogogog
00:21:17-.- jesus
00:21:22-.- that fella is lucky
00:21:31-.- i went too early tho
00:21:44KolleBolle omw
00:22:08-.- lol
00:22:46whatugotskills b
00:23:36wodrock get dusts
00:23:36zonskass sry
00:23:38zonskass cent
00:23:42KolleBolle np
00:23:58-.- PLEASE
00:23:59-.- D:D:D:d
00:24:11-.- 1hp
00:24:12-.- furion
00:24:14WANKmaster u mad ?
00:24:14-.- pffftt
00:24:19-.- imad
00:24:29KolleBolle b
00:24:47wodrock fucking shit
00:25:04-.- doing dagon just to kill this furion
00:25:16FetAA owned
00:25:35-.- why ulti on him
00:25:37-.- got ww
00:25:46FetAA tp
00:25:55FetAA tp
00:25:59slc2 go
00:26:02svents i didnt ulti
00:26:02-.- im oom
00:26:06svents some1 else did it
00:26:08-.- huh
00:26:18KolleBolle OMG :P
00:26:30whatugotskills sry
00:26:43wodrock gj
00:26:58FetAA lol werent even watching
00:27:02-.- ^^
00:27:03FetAA what were u even doing there
00:27:08-.- i came from mid
00:27:10-.- daggered
00:27:42karm kolle wth
00:27:45FetAA :D
00:27:48FetAA kolle important player
00:27:49-.- no dust?
00:27:49karm u havent skilled ur second ??
00:27:55-.- teamchat*
00:27:56-.- :d
00:28:15wodrock b
00:28:15wodrock b
00:29:09svents rhasta pls shackle faster next time ffs
00:30:49-.- go top
00:31:09FetAA ^^
00:31:12-.- ^^
00:31:19slc2 got dust
00:31:35wodrock we'll be lsoing this pretty soon
00:31:55FetAA we have centaur and naga too
00:32:28-.- i come mid
00:32:29-.- ina sec
00:33:15wodrock are you blind?!?!!
00:33:25wodrock tard scl
00:34:26FetAA ^^
00:34:28KolleBolle hahahhaha GJ
00:34:35karm i just casted 5 mc in row i think
00:34:36wodrock h9ow tard can you be
00:34:43wodrock this guy is a 2nd pick
00:34:50-.- :D
00:35:05karm -ms
00:35:08karm -mc
00:35:14-.- GO
00:35:15-.- SHACKEL
00:35:16-.- GOGKLASLKDAS
00:35:21wodrock :D:D
00:35:23-.- WTF
00:35:24-.- ARE
00:35:25-.- U
00:35:26-.- DOING
00:35:26-.- rhasta
00:35:29whatugotskills sry
00:35:58slc2 go mid
00:36:10-.- need an entry
00:36:11-.- for sure
00:36:19wodrock illu
00:36:26WANKmaster u mad ?
00:37:14-.- top
00:37:15-.- now
00:37:15-.- fasdt
00:37:53karm they still dont use smoke :D
00:38:03-.- Wickeddd
00:38:42-.- dont care
00:38:45-.- come
00:38:49-.- b
00:38:50-.- lich
00:40:11wodrock this is pathetic
00:40:21FetAA ^^
00:40:45FetAA :D
00:40:53WANKmaster imba cent is imba
00:40:54-.- was trying to be smart
00:40:55-.- :D
00:40:59KolleBolle wtf no mana
00:41:53zonskass :D
00:41:55WANKmaster :D:D
00:41:58-.- umad?
00:42:02zonskass :DDD
00:42:02WANKmaster no im not
00:42:04WANKmaster i had fun
00:42:07-.- goodie
00:42:08zonskass he is kamikadze
00:42:13WANKmaster got u
00:42:16WANKmaster so no im not mad
00:42:21-.- thats awesome i know
00:43:22FetAA can we finiish
00:43:31-.- i got gem
00:43:31-.- go
00:43:32-.- :D
00:44:43whatugotskills I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:44:46-.- ajt
00:44:48-.- finish it
00:45:24wodrock almost bj chaos
00:45:29wodrock bf
00:45:34FetAA svents allways when im in game with u ur on the losing side
00:45:46-.- go figure
00:45:46svents yeah but look this ck
00:45:56FetAA ck stronk
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