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-41 X
-3 TS

92% | 1494 X | 1546 TS

-38 X
-3 TS

91% | 1448 X | 1533 TS

-46 X
-2 TS

69% | 1214 X | 1458 TS

+24 X
-2 TS

60% | 1219 X | 1346 TS

-13 X
-2 TS

41% | 1018 X | 1382 TS

+29 X
+7 TS

96% | 1595 X | 1537 TS

+24 X
+2 TS

81% | 1338 X | 1460 TS

+12 X
+2 TS

77% | 1337 X | 1402 TS

+41 X
+3 TS

56% | 1146 X | 1381 TS

+26 X
+31 TS

51% | 1253 X | 1194 TS

Chat log

00:00:06valiante -ap
00:00:11FetAA what lanes
00:00:17GunzComeOut idk
00:00:18GunzComeOut im mid
00:00:20VictoriaJrocks so am i yurneor or es
00:00:21FetAA k im top
00:00:21GunzComeOut kunkka/aa
00:00:25GunzComeOut sounds sexy
00:00:26valiante rapuska
00:00:30valiante u want phoenix?
00:00:32valiante for jugger
00:00:43KredeC -clear
00:00:44VictoriaJrocks ive never played phoenix so no
00:00:47valiante ok
00:00:51VictoriaJrocks it would be a mess
00:01:03teh_re ill pull as much as i can
00:01:08GunzComeOut share plx
00:01:11Inuusini this is gonna suck
00:01:20VictoriaJrocks what zajeb was :D
00:01:30GunzComeOut tc mb u go top if its solo down
00:01:32Zajeb was afk :D
00:01:37VictoriaJrocks bristle can solo the best?
00:01:39GunzComeOut ye
00:01:40Inuusini k
00:01:41GunzComeOut do 3 top
00:01:42VictoriaJrocks and es can block ;o
00:01:43GunzComeOut obsi down
00:01:45Zajeb im woods
00:01:47KredeC y
00:01:49Kastrup kay kay
00:01:52GunzComeOut shout if u need the tc on lane
00:01:55GunzComeOut kstrup
00:01:56Kastrup yeye
00:02:02valiante ill most likely roam
00:02:03valiante and let wl farm
00:02:15VictoriaJrocks -ms
00:02:28FetAA why are we 3 top
00:02:28FetAA :D
00:02:31GunzComeOut to rape
00:02:35FetAA to fail
00:02:38KredeC pull axe
00:02:38FetAA all 3 gonna last hit
00:02:41VictoriaJrocks nobody top
00:02:46VictoriaJrocks re 1
00:03:02VictoriaJrocks b
00:03:03Timu derp D:D
00:03:14VictoriaJrocks had to try
00:03:22Timu i could have stunned 10x better
00:03:57VictoriaJrocks aa top
00:04:14VictoriaJrocks had no idea triple lane :D
00:04:33Zajeb go?
00:04:35KredeC y'
00:04:49KredeC b
00:05:07Timu use chic
00:05:14KredeC why stop`?
00:06:04FetAA .
00:06:56Timu -ii
00:07:06Kastrup 30 cs. .
00:07:19Kastrup axe keep ganking though :/
00:07:27FetAA nais
00:07:57Inuusini ss jug
00:08:01valiante ryd top
00:08:01GunzComeOut phoesnix top
00:08:02GunzComeOut care
00:08:06Timu nop
00:08:09valiante just need a stun
00:08:10Timu care in woods
00:08:17GunzComeOut b
00:08:19GunzComeOut guys
00:08:23FetAA we reip
00:08:41FetAA oom
00:08:50FetAA gj
00:08:58Kastrup flyiong plz
00:08:59FetAA had to b
00:09:01FetAA no mana no hp
00:09:02VictoriaJrocks mid miss
00:09:05valiante ye
00:09:11FetAA much items in chick
00:09:12FetAA take them
00:09:26Inuusini heal?
00:09:32GunzComeOut cd
00:09:34GunzComeOut 5
00:09:34GunzComeOut sec
00:10:14Kastrup ulti
00:10:16Kastrup ah
00:10:18Kastrup lvl 5
00:10:32KredeC why?
00:10:36valiante coming b top
00:10:52KredeC aa bot
00:11:03Kastrup -3 bot
00:11:08valiante rdy top?
00:11:09Inuusini mitäs mun pitäs tavotella
00:11:10Timu y
00:11:12Inuusini ku 50% meni
00:11:18FetAA ?
00:11:55KredeC why waste`?
00:12:01KredeC i need the farm more then u
00:12:11GunzComeOut crow plz
00:12:14FetAA need one top
00:12:29valiante MISS WL
00:12:42GunzComeOut care
00:12:44GunzComeOut all miss
00:12:47FetAA camp
00:13:05KredeC ss
00:13:31KredeC oom
00:13:36Timu let him push
00:13:45valiante this is tough game
00:13:49valiante a bit outpicked really
00:13:53Inuusini axe top
00:14:07FetAA vois tappa
00:14:13Inuusini miskei
00:14:32FetAA haha munq
00:14:34FetAA all hit on u
00:14:36Inuusini se oli äköne
00:14:37VictoriaJrocks totta
00:14:46Kastrup haste
00:14:47VictoriaJrocks silti se tapahtu ;D
00:14:53Inuusini kyl mää sut viel tapan
00:14:54FetAA no emt miks olti iperäs ku olin oom
00:14:57Timu dont ahve even boots
00:15:06Inuusini ancestral pari sec cd
00:15:57Timu use that fly thing when he starts channeling
00:16:33valiante io rly need to roam with es
00:16:38valiante and he needs boots
00:16:43valiante omfg
00:16:45valiante u are so horribad timu
00:16:47valiante its insane
00:16:49Timu stfu
00:16:53Timu cant do shit in this game
00:16:53valiante WTF WAS THAT?
00:16:56valiante why
00:17:00valiante u acnt click hero with spells?
00:17:01Timu thought he would come closer
00:17:04valiante have u seen this timu?
00:17:09valiante JUST CLICK HIm
00:17:12GunzComeOut :)
00:17:15Timu i didnt want to click him, did I?
00:17:19Timu tard
00:17:19Inuusini ois vähä enemmä lämää ni tippuis päitä
00:17:24valiante why ?
00:17:28valiante when u acnt hit
00:17:29Timu i wanted to block
00:17:31valiante him otherwise
00:17:37Timu pls bro
00:17:39valiante just him them next time
00:17:43Timu ur phnx is even worse
00:18:02Inuusini 3 mid
00:18:08GunzComeOut got ulti
00:18:13Kastrup sec
00:18:43Timu well dunno
00:18:45Timu bb, axe
00:18:48Timu when u gonna join the game?
00:18:59VictoriaJrocks :D:D
00:18:59FetAA :D
00:19:00FetAA dmn me
00:19:03VictoriaJrocks why is everyone afraid of phoenix
00:19:09GunzComeOut i was
00:19:10Inuusini lock
00:19:11GunzComeOut autoing :P
00:19:12Inuusini ulti a bit early
00:19:17GunzComeOut ye
00:19:17GunzComeOut soz
00:19:27FetAA omg
00:20:26FetAA ¨top towa
00:20:30valiante lets go
00:20:59VictoriaJrocks lost the mana to ulti
00:21:52valiante lol
00:21:53Kastrup n1 guys
00:21:55Inuusini mähä sanoi
00:22:03FetAA pro aciton
00:22:30Kastrup omw bot
00:22:33Kastrup no ulti
00:22:37Inuusini bb freefarm?
00:22:39Kastrup nah
00:22:43Kastrup he got 50 cs
00:22:55Timu -ii
00:23:40Inuusini gj
00:23:55GunzComeOut wp
00:24:01Inuusini :>
00:24:14Kastrup that was a fun battle :)
00:24:58Kastrup omw midt
00:25:25GunzComeOut wrong way
00:25:27GunzComeOut run to us :/
00:25:29Inuusini älä ny viitti :D
00:25:30FetAA dm n
00:25:35FetAA where is my lothars :D
00:25:55FetAA i thought i sent my lothars for me like 2mins ago
00:25:55FetAA :D
00:25:58Kastrup :P
00:27:04KredeC -cs
00:27:14GunzComeOut to cd
00:27:15Inuusini invis ulti
00:27:16GunzComeOut 15
00:27:36VictoriaJrocks I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:27:39valiante I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:27:40Zajeb I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:27:40Timu !FF
00:27:44valiante so outpicked
00:27:50Zajeb outplayed
00:27:58valiante nah
00:28:00valiante 5 x aoe ultis
00:28:00Timu 3v5
00:28:02valiante and teamplay
00:28:05valiante and u have jackshit
00:28:08valiante after 25 in woods
00:28:21Zajeb yy my fault
00:28:31valiante everyones fault
00:29:22valiante FFS
00:29:32VictoriaJrocks I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:29:37KredeC this axe..
00:29:39Inuusini hmm
00:29:40Inuusini 3k gold
00:29:42Kastrup :)
00:29:43KredeC lost this for us..
00:29:44Zajeb bb u suck
00:29:46Kastrup heal :]
00:29:48valiante lol
00:29:52KredeC no u do
00:30:06valiante ur worst axe in history of mankind
00:30:11Timu :D
00:30:17Zajeb yy and es is pro
00:30:18valiante no joke
00:30:20Zajeb fuckoff
00:30:22Timu :D :D
00:30:26Inuusini pipe inc
00:30:29Zajeb and dont use my hero
00:30:57Kastrup and then i sleep? :9
00:30:59KredeC my farm bot
00:31:00Kastrup tower low low
00:31:10Timu what are u doing with that farm?
00:31:16KredeC my farm
00:31:33VictoriaJrocks he just doesnt want to lose much x
00:31:56GunzComeOut go mid
00:32:11valiante listen up
00:32:13valiante u guys engage
00:32:16valiante i dive in
00:32:18valiante and do ulti
00:32:25valiante then they cant hit me for 3 and a half second
00:32:34VictoriaJrocks or or
00:32:39VictoriaJrocks give 2x entries and ff
00:32:48valiante GOI
00:32:55Kastrup sdfgsdjkgjklsdfsd
00:32:56FetAA :D
00:32:58Kastrup :D:D:D
00:33:20FetAA Wtf
00:33:27FetAA couldnt hit :D?
00:34:47Inuusini mid
00:35:02Inuusini mass dmg inc
00:35:31valiante ok
00:35:32valiante go mid
00:35:40Timu cant bb has to farm
00:35:42valiante def
00:35:55valiante b
00:36:00valiante rdy?
00:36:01valiante same as before
00:36:03VictoriaJrocks ye
00:36:09GunzComeOut w8 kunkka
00:36:10GunzComeOut get top twr
00:36:21GunzComeOut they wont def it hink
00:36:28teh_re -afk
00:36:31teh_re way to go
00:36:33valiante fast
00:36:33valiante go
00:36:33teh_re over 2min
00:37:07FetAA sry
00:37:22Inuusini ES makes earthsplitter kinda easy to aim
00:37:27GunzComeOut :)
00:37:28FetAA i wanna bet on some hockey match and cant get money in
00:39:00Kastrup :D
00:39:03teh_re I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:39:08Timu 4 more
00:39:09Timu then
00:39:12GunzComeOut go mid
00:39:12teh_re ill go smoke
00:39:13teh_re brbr 5min
00:39:14Kastrup ^^
00:39:46VictoriaJrocks healing ward doesnt give a bouny :/
00:39:50GunzComeOut :(
00:40:00GunzComeOut low on gold
00:40:14GunzComeOut join the party
00:40:14FetAA 10s
00:40:52KredeC lucker
00:40:56Inuusini 3v5?
00:40:56GunzComeOut 3v5
00:40:57Timu lol u mad?
00:40:58GunzComeOut not so cool
00:41:05Inuusini good farm?
00:41:20FetAA ok
00:41:21FetAA im done
00:41:23FetAA sry
00:41:29Timu my farm botm
00:41:36KredeC lol :D
00:41:53Kastrup :)
00:42:22GunzComeOut get mid
00:42:23GunzComeOut wtf
00:42:24FetAA y
00:42:26FetAA i get
00:42:26FetAA item
00:42:35FetAA had nomana
00:42:36Timu me axe got blinks now
00:42:36FetAA so now i get
00:42:38Timu should be np
00:42:41Timu asd
00:43:07valiante no ulti?
00:43:09Timu should be np
00:43:10valiante or fissure
00:43:11valiante lol
00:43:14Timu i ultied
00:43:41Timu well had fun, midgets
00:43:53Timu fuck wanted to type that to all chat
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