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88% | 1404 X | 1544 TS

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70% | 1242 X | 1426 TS

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Chat log

00:00:21Cr4ne me Wr
00:00:21valiante first time captain fetaa?
00:00:21valiante or u know what to do
00:00:21Elderi moi
00:00:21Elderi banni lycan
00:00:21FetAA wd
00:00:21valiante viper
00:00:32valiante ne1 bat?
00:00:44MetM wr would be nice
00:00:44valiante hibalunt bat?
00:00:48valiante yeh
00:00:58hibalunt fuk, all heroes suck in pool...
00:01:07Elderi ogre swap
00:01:09Elderi pls
00:01:11Cr4ne lol
00:01:11MetM im going for wr anyway :)
00:01:11valiante hmm
00:01:13Jann sk or dk?
00:01:16valiante we need cent
00:01:17Cr4ne he down wanna
00:01:19MetM yep
00:01:20Kastrup wards for bot lane
00:01:21valiante or big tank
00:01:26Elderi ogre swap ?
00:01:28valiante and now
00:01:33Dizney 'dazzel
00:01:34Jann me forest
00:01:35valiante dazzle
00:01:39hibalunt me bot
00:01:43valiante seriously?
00:01:47Dizney what else ?
00:01:52valiante go dazzle
00:01:53Dizney I go support meka and healing
00:01:53valiante but woods cent?
00:01:57Jann y
00:01:59Dizney arhh...
00:01:59valiante damn
00:02:00valiante ok
00:02:02valiante get sd
00:02:11valiante cent
00:02:14valiante cant u go lane with sd
00:02:15Dizney Never played him before !
00:02:18valiante bot
00:02:18Jann ok
00:02:24valiante he makes em dissapear
00:02:25valiante u stun
00:02:37valiante pls lane it cent
00:02:48hibalunt valiante big mistake, u expect ur team to be as good as u
00:03:02valiante hehe
00:03:03valiante well
00:03:05valiante its pretty easy
00:03:07valiante if jann wants to win
00:03:07Kastrup rune bot
00:03:14Dizney items for this guy ?
00:03:21valiante treads
00:03:22valiante van
00:03:22hibalunt way to win is expect team to be tards and win it urself
00:03:23Kastrup -afk
00:03:25Kastrup Qop afk
00:03:25hibalunt care?
00:03:25Elderi lol
00:03:25FetAA kk
00:03:25Dizney treads and vanguard... roger that
00:03:25hibalunt -afk
00:03:32Elderi banned
00:03:47valiante fb
00:03:48valiante i tp
00:04:53Dizney i pull
00:04:56Jann k
00:05:07Dizney warded
00:05:56hibalunt dk can dream of getting a cs
00:06:35hibalunt ss
00:07:03hibalunt ss top still
00:07:15valiante miss mid
00:07:16valiante care top
00:07:27FetAA go chen
00:07:28valiante CARE TOP
00:07:29Dizney nvm
00:07:30FetAA take ursa
00:07:58Dizney next wave
00:08:58Dizney 15 mana-... next wave
00:09:40Dizney oom
00:09:55valiante miss
00:09:57MetM xD
00:10:02MetM B
00:10:07Dizney again ?
00:10:15Jann k
00:10:43Jann why not the ogre
00:10:46Dizney sry
00:10:48Dizney my bad
00:10:57MetM omfg :D
00:11:09MetM well np anyway
00:11:10Dizney im ready to kill ogre now :)
00:11:14MetM they're loosing this badly
00:11:16Jann wait
00:12:31Jann qop down
00:12:39valiante go
00:12:49Dizney kill qop
00:12:55Jann sp
00:12:55valiante BAT
00:13:10valiante jesus
00:13:11valiante u guys
00:13:13valiante are fucking horrible
00:13:18FetAA oops
00:13:19MetM omfg
00:13:27Dizney damnit
00:13:32valiante seriously
00:13:33valiante u had fire on
00:13:36valiante why not go chen
00:14:18FetAA wtf
00:14:28valiante did u scream?
00:14:33Elderi dot
00:14:33valiante on me?
00:14:40FetAA where:D
00:14:41FetAA what happened
00:15:19Jann me b
00:15:24Dizney me 2
00:15:28Dizney :)
00:15:36Jann rune up
00:15:38Dizney give me mana...
00:15:54FetAA furi
00:17:44Dizney b
00:17:44Dizney b
00:18:00valiante go bot guys
00:18:52Kastrup get tower bot
00:18:55valiante just horrible -.-
00:19:06MetM thats not bad enough word for this
00:19:06valiante sd
00:19:06FetAA bait
00:19:09valiante we need wards
00:20:35valiante listen up
00:20:37valiante go fucking all 5
00:20:39valiante NO BAT FARM
00:20:42valiante ur fucking hero killer
00:20:50valiante we own them with wards and teamplay
00:20:52valiante we loose badass
00:20:54valiante not to do this
00:21:00valiante we loose this bad late
00:21:20Jann ill farm my dagger
00:21:55Palle -mc
00:22:16Jann getting dagger now
00:22:48Jann got dagger
00:23:30MetM 0 tp
00:24:09Jann really libahunt
00:24:14Palle -mc
00:24:50Dizney im back to regen
00:25:20Jann ready to gank
00:25:27Dizney kill dk before he get bkb
00:25:37Dizney g0g0
00:26:11valiante why remove him
00:26:13valiante when stunned
00:26:14MetM fuck this sd
00:26:21FetAA sure
00:26:22FetAA ur view
00:26:24FetAA Everywhere
00:26:33Kastrup raver
00:26:35Kastrup grave
00:27:25valiante CHEN
00:27:26valiante first
00:27:28valiante jesuss christ
00:27:32FetAA go
00:27:59valiante u win first battle
00:27:59MetM omfg how stupid
00:28:03valiante and decide to all go die
00:28:04MetM ye
00:28:07MetM so smart
00:28:11MetM blink to their tower
00:28:16MetM when all up and missing
00:28:31Palle dd
00:28:39FetAA ok ty
00:28:48MetM orge and qop dd
00:29:29Palle -mc
00:30:20Jann b=
00:30:30Jann b
00:30:30Jann b
00:30:31Jann b
00:30:49Jann should i make hood?=
00:30:50Dizney what should i build now ?
00:30:53Dizney hehe
00:32:24Kastrup :)
00:32:55FetAA def top with 5
00:33:42Dizney oom !
00:34:19Palle -mc
00:34:35Jann wtf was that
00:34:36Cr4ne rosh?
00:34:41MetM nv,
00:34:53valiante b
00:34:53valiante now
00:35:05valiante 1800 from skadi
00:35:17MetM 150 hex
00:35:21Cr4ne let me
00:35:39FetAA needed for link
00:35:43Cr4ne kk
00:35:51FetAA do dominator
00:35:53FetAA dk
00:35:58Cr4ne yeyey
00:36:07MetM gogo
00:36:40Jann b
00:37:45Jann they go rosh
00:37:46MetM again
00:37:50MetM so stupid and pointless
00:37:53valiante yep
00:37:57valiante cent
00:37:57valiante dont
00:37:59valiante go base
00:37:59Jann k
00:38:01valiante untill we get entry
00:38:02FetAA blood lust?
00:38:08Dizney otw
00:38:32FetAA i take
00:39:16Jann camp
00:39:21valiante yes
00:39:21valiante i typ
00:39:22valiante tp
00:39:24valiante GET WARDS
00:39:29hibalunt cd
00:39:38valiante push mid
00:39:40valiante push all lanes
00:40:01valiante 2 lanes guys
00:40:03valiante ffs
00:40:04Kastrup dazzle we need your uilti perfet
00:40:05Kastrup k?
00:40:52valiante b
00:40:53valiante b
00:40:59Dizney furion stop bot. push
00:41:06MetM cent
00:41:08MetM again total suicide
00:41:14Jann if dk goes bkb
00:41:18Jann then dont initate
00:41:18MetM we b
00:41:20valiante yeah
00:41:22valiante exactly
00:41:33MetM 1 was dead already when u blinked
00:41:38Jann k
00:41:42valiante and how is that
00:41:43MetM sd i mean
00:41:44Kastrup ?
00:41:55valiante go
00:42:01Cr4ne b
00:42:18Kastrup grave?!
00:42:25Elderi was mouse bug
00:42:29Elderi tried to
00:42:32Kastrup for the 1902391023 time?
00:42:36Elderi y
00:42:40Elderi im so high
00:42:54FetAA mm
00:42:56FetAA :<
00:43:04Elderi anyways
00:43:05Elderi i get
00:43:06Elderi soon
00:43:10Kastrup rather i die then u
00:43:10Elderi 200gold
00:43:10valiante go top
00:43:11valiante ALL
00:43:12valiante NOW
00:43:14Elderi i get
00:43:16Elderi agha
00:43:18Elderi then
00:43:21Elderi -30 armor
00:43:23Elderi =)
00:43:24Kastrup fuck it
00:43:48FetAA sd
00:44:01Dizney 4 x fucker multi cast!
00:44:28Kastrup push!
00:45:17Jann b
00:45:33valiante go
00:45:54FetAA :D
00:45:57FetAA what are u doing there
00:46:01Kastrup last time im fucking saving that deuch
00:46:05Kastrup he fucking does it every time
00:46:10FetAA ah
00:46:17Kastrup i try to come help
00:46:22Kastrup and wr makes a lucky stun
00:46:31Cr4ne or imba st
00:47:05FetAA gj
00:47:09Jann u can make clones out uf me too
00:47:17Jann if i have used all my spells
00:47:26Kastrup Qop?
00:47:27Kastrup fast
00:47:28Kastrup down eat
00:47:30MetM def base
00:47:37Kastrup gone
00:47:38Kastrup now
00:47:40Kastrup help midt
00:47:41Kastrup rather
00:47:55FetAA is back?
00:48:12Jann dont
00:48:16valiante B
00:48:21valiante ffs
00:48:46MetM gg
00:49:00Jann make
00:49:09FetAA throne?
00:49:25MetM we cannot focus even 1 down anymore
00:49:26valiante cent
00:49:28valiante what was that?
00:49:45valiante wp fetaa
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