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+41 X
+8 TS

91% | 1463 X | 1488 TS

+14 X
+2 TS

86% | 1419 X | 1471 TS

-29 X
+5 TS

56% | 1144 X | 1366 TS

+3 X
+8 TS

39% | 1055 X | 1313 TS

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36% | 1048 X | 1288 TS

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92% | 1457 X | 1534 TS

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-4 TS

83% | 1336 X | 1507 TS

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-3 TS

70% | 1300 X | 1363 TS

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31% | 991 X | 1318 TS

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-2 TS

27% | 951 X | 1322 TS

Chat log

00:00:03GunzComeOut -ap
00:00:05Davvelito me and ogre top
00:00:07GunzComeOut pugna pick was rly bad :(
00:00:11GunzComeOut go wl/riki down
00:00:21GunzComeOut razor mid
00:00:23Palle let me top
00:00:27Davvelito no
00:00:44FetAA svents pugna again
00:00:44FetAA omfg
00:00:47Dizney i want me to support... meka and stuff (not blink?) ...
00:00:49FetAA this is not good..
00:00:49Dizney u..
00:00:52Davvelito y
00:00:54Dizney k
00:00:54GunzComeOut especially when
00:00:55Davvelito wards
00:00:56svents :D:D
00:00:58GunzComeOut we needed a stunner
00:00:58Davvelito is nr 1
00:00:58GunzComeOut :)
00:00:59Lucky just get hp
00:00:59Dizney i will
00:01:00Lucky first
00:01:00Lucky lina
00:01:02Lucky treads
00:01:05Davvelito y
00:01:05Dizney y
00:01:06Lucky and 1 bracer
00:01:06GunzComeOut w/e
00:01:08GunzComeOut share chick
00:01:14svents fetaa i make u mad?:D:D
00:01:21PinaryB fb mid?
00:01:26Davvelito sure
00:01:28GunzComeOut wl u must pull creeps
00:01:29GunzComeOut etc
00:01:32Casberry yy
00:01:41GunzComeOut come with me
00:01:42Davvelito -ma
00:01:42GunzComeOut for rune
00:01:59Davvelito rune bot
00:01:59Davvelito btw
00:02:16GunzComeOut reg bot
00:02:17GunzComeOut razor
00:02:31GunzComeOut reg
00:02:31PinaryB 5 hp?
00:02:34Dizney hp
00:02:35FetAA 9
00:02:36Dizney regen
00:02:38GunzComeOut go now
00:02:48GunzComeOut pull creeps
00:02:55Casberry 2 late
00:03:51101010 pugna lvl that ward
00:03:56svents y
00:05:05101010 ss top
00:05:38GunzComeOut should kill them
00:05:44GunzComeOut get lina
00:06:19101010 use that ward
00:06:36101010 ss top
00:07:26Palle gj
00:07:26Lucky i take
00:07:39FetAA Miss wr mid
00:07:40Davvelito wait
00:07:41Davvelito for
00:08:02GunzComeOut get lina
00:08:14svents use tango maby?
00:08:17GunzComeOut harass lina
00:08:18GunzComeOut not bb
00:08:22101010 i was stunned
00:08:25101010 so CANT USE
00:08:27PinaryB furi u go dagon 2?
00:08:28Lucky care
00:08:29Lucky bot
00:08:29Davvelito y
00:08:30Davvelito i do
00:08:30Lucky razor
00:08:31Davvelito youi dont need
00:08:31svents b4 stun
00:08:32Davvelito dagon
00:08:32Lucky with rhasta
00:08:33PinaryB nice
00:08:36PinaryB double dagon
00:08:41Davvelito care
00:08:41Davvelito bot
00:08:42Davvelito hasted
00:08:43FetAA where enemyy?
00:08:47101010 ss top
00:08:48GunzComeOut theyre here
00:09:28svents ss2
00:09:31svents re1
00:09:55GunzComeOut get lina
00:09:56GunzComeOut he got
00:09:57GunzComeOut no mana
00:10:20GunzComeOut hasted lina
00:10:20Davvelito gogre
00:10:21Davvelito let me farm
00:10:23Davvelito my so i can gank
00:10:27GunzComeOut low mana
00:10:28GunzComeOut kill him
00:10:32Palle miss bo
00:10:35Palle obt
00:10:50101010 hit furi dumbass
00:10:53FetAA wr top
00:10:56GunzComeOut heal me
00:11:10FetAA said u wr TOP
00:11:32101010 this pugna............
00:12:09101010 ss top
00:12:12Dizney i tp top to gang
00:12:24FetAA upgg chickk ;<?
00:12:31FetAA wl
00:12:38GunzComeOut heal me
00:12:39GunzComeOut i go gank
00:12:50101010 pugna?
00:12:51Casberry mana
00:13:07FetAA miss wr
00:13:09GunzComeOut now
00:13:27101010 ss top
00:13:40101010 3 top
00:14:03101010 ss top
00:14:08Dizney stun 'n' kill
00:14:15Casberry ss
00:14:31Dizney 12 hp !
00:14:32Davvelito OFC
00:14:34101010 gj
00:14:35Davvelito SMOKES MAKE ME MISS
00:14:35Davvelito :D
00:14:38svents nice miss :D:D
00:14:58FetAA LOl
00:15:00FetAA :_D:D:D
00:15:02FetAA OK
00:15:05FetAA furion
00:15:09FetAA can u go jump from a fucking roof
00:15:10Palle ;)
00:15:11Davvelito :D
00:15:12Davvelito well
00:15:14svents fetaa why do u feed?`-.-
00:15:14Davvelito I just had same shit
00:15:15Davvelito Top
00:15:33101010 fail
00:15:35Davvelito xp
00:15:40FetAA how that blink jump made dmg while windrun
00:15:41FetAA >_
00:15:46Casberry omfg
00:15:58Lucky i get
00:15:58Lucky dust
00:15:59Lucky gang
00:16:00Lucky top
00:16:02Lucky fast
00:16:02Lucky all
00:16:06Dizney oom !
00:16:09Lucky get
00:16:10Lucky mana
00:16:10Lucky then
00:16:19GunzComeOut ah
00:16:21GunzComeOut no bottle
00:16:39Lucky oger
00:16:57FetAA ur screwed
00:17:04FetAA or not
00:17:07FetAA pro team
00:17:13FetAA well riki gets
00:17:17FetAA kaboom
00:17:45Lucky ogre
00:17:46Lucky get
00:17:47Lucky mana
00:17:48Lucky boots
00:17:53Davvelito omw
00:17:54Palle ogre get mana boots
00:18:28GunzComeOut feta farming?
00:18:32FetAA look m yfarms
00:18:35FetAA :D
00:18:43Lucky get
00:18:43Lucky bot
00:18:44Lucky tower
00:18:47Casberry fucking ganked all the time
00:19:03GunzComeOut 2 dagons :)
00:19:09GunzComeOut kill
00:19:10GunzComeOut pugna
00:19:24GunzComeOut make him go u
00:19:45svents sry
00:19:49GunzComeOut was good
00:20:07GunzComeOut :D
00:20:08GunzComeOut wp
00:20:09Davvelito MFASIFSA
00:20:10FetAA :D
00:20:10101010 bang
00:20:10Davvelito :D
00:20:29Palle b
00:20:43Davvelito all
00:20:44Davvelito carry dust
00:20:47GunzComeOut let me farm bot
00:20:48Davvelito if we dont want riki fed
00:20:49GunzComeOut a bit
00:21:55Lucky WTF
00:22:02Lucky JEEZES
00:22:06Casberry fuck
00:22:07GunzComeOut nope :)
00:22:10Lucky you was
00:22:24Davvelito ppl
00:22:27Lucky get''
00:22:27Davvelito next money
00:22:28Davvelito spend on dust
00:22:33Lucky fucking dust
00:22:33Davvelito or gem
00:22:33Lucky ffs
00:22:34Davvelito to bb
00:22:35GunzComeOut twr
00:22:35Lucky no
00:22:36Lucky gem
00:22:37Lucky just dust
00:22:40Lucky how ha
00:22:40Lucky can
00:22:41Lucky it
00:22:42Lucky be
00:23:20GunzComeOut 'sure'
00:23:28FetAA i just farm my self back to the game
00:23:35GunzComeOut u cant
00:23:38GunzComeOut :)
00:23:43FetAA why
00:23:48Davvelito OK?
00:23:49GunzComeOut nvm
00:23:50GunzComeOut go4it
00:24:41GunzComeOut get twrs
00:24:45GunzComeOut go mid
00:25:15GunzComeOut twr
00:25:15Dizney im outa dust
00:25:23Lucky buy
00:25:24Lucky new
00:25:24GunzComeOut pugna ward
00:25:26GunzComeOut and rape twr
00:25:28GunzComeOut with wl ulti
00:25:28Dizney gold,.,,
00:25:41GunzComeOut wtf
00:25:54GunzComeOut fuck this
00:27:21GunzComeOut ....
00:27:37Casberry ogre
00:27:38Davvelito get pipe now
00:27:39Davvelito ogre
00:27:45Casberry care
00:28:23Lucky b
00:28:38GunzComeOut let me
00:28:39GunzComeOut wtf
00:28:41FetAA :DD
00:29:24GunzComeOut need wards
00:29:55Lucky we
00:29:56Lucky need
00:29:57Lucky that
00:29:57Lucky gem
00:30:10Lucky i buy
00:30:10GunzComeOut get twr mid
00:30:11Lucky it
00:30:29Palle should i just go blademail?
00:30:33Davvelito y
00:30:34Lucky yeah
00:30:40GunzComeOut ............
00:30:42GunzComeOut w/e
00:30:59FetAA svents
00:31:04svents ?=
00:31:06FetAA its ur time to take lead
00:31:07Lucky or not
00:31:10svents :D
00:31:10FetAA and bring us victory
00:31:26svents why u fed?:(
00:31:32FetAA tactical
00:31:35svents :D:D
00:31:40Casberry dd
00:31:49GunzComeOut we must take some twrs
00:32:09FetAA here no towers
00:32:19GunzComeOut i came for the fura
00:32:21Lucky dont
00:32:30101010 gem wr
00:32:30GunzComeOut gem wr
00:32:37Davvelito lina
00:32:42GunzComeOut wait mid
00:32:43GunzComeOut razor
00:32:44FetAA go
00:32:45GunzComeOut and we rape them
00:32:45FetAA 5b4
00:32:54FetAA put on me heal after
00:32:55GunzComeOut razor must tank
00:33:03GunzComeOut go bait mid
00:33:04GunzComeOut razor
00:33:06GunzComeOut we support
00:33:07FetAA be rdy
00:33:08FetAA and heal me
00:33:14FetAA i act stupid
00:33:15FetAA hide
00:33:50Dizney hmm..
00:33:51Lucky guys
00:33:51Lucky get
00:33:54Lucky ghost..
00:33:56FetAA im good at acting stupid
00:34:01FetAA i just watch what svents would do
00:34:02FetAA and do the smae
00:34:06Casberry well enough ^^
00:34:06GunzComeOut thats why i gave u the job :)
00:34:08svents :D
00:34:43GunzComeOut go teamfight bot
00:34:46Lucky they
00:34:47Lucky rosh
00:34:50GunzComeOut or no
00:34:51GunzComeOut need wl ulti
00:34:53FetAA that wl ulti crucial
00:34:55GunzComeOut i farm it
00:34:58GunzComeOut dont
00:34:59GunzComeOut pugna :/
00:35:00FetAA ..
00:35:06FetAA :D
00:35:06svents ;:DD
00:35:09FetAA mien
00:35:17Dizney illu
00:35:37Davvelito at tower
00:35:45FetAA important
00:35:56GunzComeOut gather bot
00:36:26Dizney wr get it..
00:36:28GunzComeOut go bot
00:36:29Dizney or?
00:36:29GunzComeOut all
00:36:36Lucky no bottle
00:36:41Dizney bb
00:37:09FetAA succes
00:37:12Davvelito y
00:37:14Davvelito noob misstake
00:37:21Lucky pff plz feta
00:37:25Lucky you fucking suck
00:37:29Lucky imba newb..
00:37:30FetAA pff
00:37:39Lucky just like the rest of your team
00:37:42FetAA pff
00:37:46GunzComeOut u seem
00:37:47GunzComeOut mad
00:37:48FetAA tells about ur sills
00:37:51FetAA skills
00:37:55FetAA if ucant win group of noobs
00:38:13101010 haste
00:38:17Lucky cuz of your heros mby ?
00:38:23GunzComeOut ur heroes
00:38:25GunzComeOut are better oO
00:38:31Lucky it is ?
00:38:36FetAA not in ur hands
00:38:39GunzComeOut we got no stuns :/
00:38:49GunzComeOut u should control whole map
00:38:51Lucky well you got gc best heros
00:39:02Lucky = public heros
00:39:08Lucky / riki
00:39:15FetAA w8
00:39:15FetAA go
00:39:17GunzComeOut :D
00:39:23GunzComeOut shoulda had another gem
00:39:37FetAA go mid
00:39:48Lucky btw i have never playeed against sutch a trash player mig
00:39:52Lucky it was sooo easy.
00:40:05GunzComeOut its a pub
00:40:06GunzComeOut :/
00:40:08GunzComeOut what u expect?
00:40:12FetAA lol
00:40:19FetAA i have stomped lucky atleast 10 times mid
00:40:22Casberry man fail ult
00:40:29FetAA maybe now u "won" cause i caught in start top
00:40:30Davvelito LIKE IT CANCLES IT
00:40:31Davvelito :D
00:40:37FetAA was underleveled and low hp without salve
00:40:38Lucky well not anymore your so bad... gotta say
00:40:39GunzComeOut its silence...
00:40:42Davvelito well
00:40:44Lucky cuz your newb..
00:40:45FetAA ur so mad
00:40:46Davvelito i casted the spell already
00:40:51GunzComeOut casting time
00:40:52FetAA dont be so mad?
00:41:08Dizney ogre remember to blodlust wr !
00:41:13Dizney adn bb
00:41:17Dizney and
00:41:22FetAA and u got fb cause ogre
00:41:23Lucky ofc im mad i fucking loose to buntch of newbs,
00:41:25FetAA imba pro gnka
00:41:40GunzComeOut ur hardly 2009 urself :/
00:41:49FetAA quess u should be used to get owned by noobs
00:41:53Lucky naah more like artstyle or burning
00:42:53Dizney I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:43:39Casberry have uklt
00:43:41Casberry stil
00:44:03Lucky F
00:44:03Lucky F
00:44:03Lucky F
00:44:04Lucky F
00:44:08PinaryB I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:44:11Dizney I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:44:43Lucky its awesome how epic riki is public
00:44:46Davvelito y
00:44:49Davvelito ppl dont ocunter it
00:45:36Lucky I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:46:24Davvelito HAHA
00:46:25Davvelito AND I MISS
00:46:27Davvelito CIRCLE
00:46:29Davvelito by 5 m
00:46:37Casberry good curse :>
00:46:42Davvelito :D
00:46:43Davvelito i ported
00:46:47Davvelito next to heal
00:46:47Davvelito :D
00:46:54Lucky and svents has 9-9 gottta be game of the year..
00:46:56FetAA never surrender never give up
00:47:03svents u lucky stfu
00:47:05Lucky okay nab.
00:47:05FetAA never ff
00:47:11FetAA stil lhas hope
00:47:14FetAA if lucky gets imba items
00:47:15svents only nab is u
00:47:26svents who is getting pwned right now?
00:47:41Casberry finish ?
00:47:44GunzComeOut ye
00:47:46GunzComeOut go throne
00:48:02Lucky pff you just keep up rise your newbness feta..
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