Game #1644902

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-18 X
-4 TS

90% | 1412 X | 1533 TS

+8 X
-3 TS

84% | 1401 X | 1467 TS

+2 X
-2 TS

83% | 1384 X | 1465 TS

+4 X
-8 TS

80% | 1322 X | 1460 TS

-52 X
-3 TS

69% | 1226 X | 1429 TS

+2 X
+11 TS

93% | 1571 X | 1497 TS

+42 X
+3 TS

89% | 1447 X | 1483 TS

+15 X
+3 TS

83% | 1366 X | 1465 TS

+15 X
+3 TS

75% | 1307 X | 1409 TS

-3 X
+3 TS

59% | 1231 X | 1322 TS

Chat log

00:00:03Lavos -rd
00:00:03zebbelito r-d
00:00:16Soulyah lavos can u pick me pudge?
00:00:16zebbelito i ban morph
00:00:16Soulyah just wondering
00:00:16Lavos no
00:00:16Soulyah then i go sylla and fail
00:00:16GunzComeOut what do u guys want to play?
00:00:16FetAA ..
00:00:16zebbelito i play leshy
00:00:16zebbelito for guud push
00:00:16FetAA emo boy -94
00:00:16WANKmaster id like pudge
00:00:16slc2 me lesh:)
00:00:16Soulyah feta can say
00:00:16WANKmaster or sf
00:00:16Lavos idd
00:00:16Soulyah that im serious
00:00:16zebbelito me lesh
00:00:16zebbelito fu
00:00:16zebbelito tardish
00:00:16FetAA serious emo boy -94
00:00:16FetAA he is
00:00:16slc2 angry?
00:00:16Soulyah y
00:00:16curdi go pudge and fail or go sylla and fail
00:00:16zebbelito =)
00:00:16Lavos morphling
00:00:16Herre ass yousuall
00:00:16zebbelito BAN
00:00:16GunzComeOut ogre is key hero here
00:00:16curdi which is the lesser evil
00:00:16FetAA =)
00:00:16GunzComeOut who wants to play it?
00:00:16Soulyah i baerly lose with pudge
00:00:16Herre I can play ogre
00:00:16Soulyah barely
00:00:16GunzComeOut sexy
00:00:16slc2 me 2
00:00:16zebbelito ban
00:00:16Soulyah but
00:00:16zebbelito niw
00:00:16GunzComeOut ill pick ogre then
00:00:16Soulyah whatever
00:00:16zebbelito gunz
00:00:16curdi that's what they all say
00:00:16zebbelito gunz ban
00:00:16GunzComeOut what is a niw?
00:00:16zebbelito gunzban
00:00:16zebbelito gunzb an
00:00:16WANKmaster ban qop
00:00:16FetAA well u have 55% win with it
00:00:16Lavos go wisp qop veno
00:00:16Herre niw=now in swedish
00:00:16GunzComeOut its his ban ?
00:00:16zebbelito -QoP
00:00:16Herre xD
00:00:16zebbelito he banned
00:00:16WANKmaster he banned
00:00:16zebbelito morph
00:00:16WANKmaster allready
00:00:16WANKmaster morph
00:00:16GunzComeOut ah
00:00:16Soulyah y i lose when i dont have a farmer in team
00:00:16Lavos zebbe dont
00:00:16GunzComeOut doom
00:00:16Soulyah who can be assed to kill creeps
00:00:17Herre !BANNED: morph - doom
00:00:34Soulyah syllllllllllllllla
00:00:40WANKmaster can i have mid with qop ?
00:00:41Lavos if u are emo and fail
00:00:43Lavos not my problem
00:00:46Soulyah k
00:00:47zebbelito sure
00:00:52GunzComeOut i guess :/
00:00:52slc2 who gonna play ogre?
00:00:57Herre me
00:01:00zebbelito -ma
00:01:02Lavos dude
00:01:02Soulyah feta
00:01:05zebbelito -ma
00:01:05Lavos if u dont know
00:01:06Lavos im mid
00:01:06GunzComeOut get veno/lesh next
00:01:08Soulyah whats my % with this hero
00:01:12Herre whatya want from me
00:01:13EyeforanEye ill go woods
00:01:13FetAA dunno
00:01:17Soulyah can u look
00:01:17GunzComeOut go ursa
00:01:19Soulyah i dunno how
00:01:24zebbelito me top
00:01:24WANKmaster ursa wisp
00:01:26WANKmaster imba
00:01:27Herre -swap 1
00:01:30GunzComeOut -swap 4
00:01:31slc2 wisp?
00:01:33Lavos ok lame forest herre top
00:01:34FetAA 56%
00:01:37Soulyah so low
00:01:37Soulyah lame
00:01:38Soulyah :d
00:01:45slc2 wisp???
00:01:46WANKmaster ye ursa wisp
00:01:46Lavos sf solo
00:01:48WANKmaster best lane
00:01:48Lavos bot
00:01:49GunzComeOut wisp works
00:01:50Lavos veno na top
00:02:01GunzComeOut go bot
00:02:01GunzComeOut lesh
00:02:03FetAA fuck their heroes
00:02:03GunzComeOut with ogre
00:02:06Soulyah y
00:02:07FetAA pretty scary
00:02:08zebbelito :S
00:02:10Soulyah whisp and ursa
00:02:11Herre xxxxxxxxD
00:02:12Lavos get fast wards
00:02:13Soulyah shoulda banned whisp
00:02:13FetAA '
00:02:15curdi ah, wisp ursa..
00:02:18GunzComeOut its rape lane oO
00:02:21zebbelito y
00:02:21WANKmaster ye
00:02:22Lavos wisp was lastpick
00:02:24zebbelito -hhn
00:02:24Herre !
00:02:25Soulyah ghost scept is win
00:02:25Lavos dont whine about banning it
00:02:32zebbelito come rune
00:02:35zebbelito herreboy
00:02:39Herre funzies
00:02:43slc2 1 and 2 magic right?
00:02:53GunzComeOut idk
00:02:55GunzComeOut never played it
00:03:03WANKmaster take those balls
00:03:04Soulyah sup herre
00:03:05WANKmaster and tether
00:03:07GunzComeOut but ye
00:03:10Herre su
00:03:10Soulyah no rune for u
00:03:14zebbelito -ma
00:03:22FetAA rege
00:03:25FetAA be aggresive
00:03:28FetAA and get it
00:03:31GunzComeOut pull creeps
00:03:38GunzComeOut vebno ss
00:03:51GunzComeOut re
00:05:13slc2 i know
00:05:15Soulyah ffs
00:05:50Herre u mad?
00:05:52zebbelito noob
00:05:55Soulyah nop
00:05:55Herre xxxxxxxD
00:06:03Soulyah ill outcarry u anyways
00:06:08Herre :--D
00:06:22Soulyah ss
00:06:27Soulyah re
00:06:28Lavos mid miss top
00:06:34zebbelito lvl 4
00:06:36EyeforanEye rune top
00:07:31Herre hm
00:07:59Soulyah ss
00:08:07zebbelito w8
00:08:08Lavos -2
00:08:10zebbelito i kill whit yu
00:08:25zebbelito k
00:08:26zebbelito gg
00:08:29zebbelito omw
00:08:30zebbelito herre
00:08:35zebbelito lets do it
00:08:52Herre :F
00:08:54Lavos sup lyca
00:09:05Lavos start ganking guys
00:09:11zebbelito get mana
00:09:13zebbelito and kill
00:09:22Soulyah ss
00:09:33Herre got one
00:09:34slc2 u have to follow
00:09:35Herre stun
00:09:37Herre mid miss
00:09:43GunzComeOut need boots
00:09:45slc2 ready?
00:09:45GunzComeOut or its useless
00:09:56Herre bot miss pudge
00:10:06GunzComeOut aha
00:10:37GunzComeOut help top
00:10:48GunzComeOut pudge miss
00:10:49GunzComeOut care mid
00:10:50GunzComeOut from top
00:10:55GunzComeOut re
00:11:04Soulyah ssmid
00:11:05Herre gg
00:11:34FetAA get him wolves
00:11:55Herre y
00:11:56GunzComeOut need wrds
00:11:57GunzComeOut top
00:12:09Lavos qio
00:12:10Lavos qop
00:12:11Lavos invis
00:12:14zebbelito give
00:12:15zebbelito pit
00:12:16zebbelito pot
00:12:16Lavos HELLPO
00:12:23Lavos lyca go b
00:12:24Lavos wtf
00:12:25WANKmaster they
00:12:25WANKmaster got
00:12:26WANKmaster lucha
00:12:37WANKmaster need to kill
00:12:39WANKmaster and ward rosh
00:12:46GunzComeOut need wards top
00:12:47GunzComeOut also
00:12:57Lavos b
00:12:57Lavos b
00:12:57Lavos b
00:12:58Lavos b
00:12:58Lavos qop
00:13:08Lavos B
00:13:19WANKmaster PLZ
00:13:21Lavos t
00:13:22Herre TETHER EARLEIR
00:13:22Lavos tried u
00:13:25FetAA :D
00:13:25FetAA y
00:13:26Herre for fuck sake
00:13:27FetAA noticed
00:13:35WANKmaster theyr lycha
00:13:37WANKmaster freefarming
00:13:37Lavos go top
00:13:38WANKmaster ..
00:13:41slc2 first time take it easy
00:13:41Lavos tp
00:13:43zebbelito opgre gang whit me
00:13:46Herre y
00:13:50Lavos tp top
00:14:11GunzComeOut i need
00:14:13GunzComeOut fuckin wards
00:14:13Soulyah gj
00:14:28GunzComeOut place them
00:14:28Soulyah na
00:14:29Soulyah gang bot
00:14:30GunzComeOut and place them
00:14:32GunzComeOut in enemy woods
00:14:34GunzComeOut so u can gank
00:14:35GunzComeOut lycan
00:14:54Herre gg
00:14:55EyeforanEye 3 woods-.-
00:15:07Herre push mid
00:15:11Lavos go take
00:15:20Lavos dont die
00:15:21Lavos sf
00:15:22Lavos f
00:15:26Herre xxxxxD
00:15:28Soulyah fucking
00:15:39Soulyah na
00:15:39WANKmaster mana
00:15:40Soulyah scarabs
00:15:41Soulyah to
00:15:44GunzComeOut place
00:15:45Lavos i saw them
00:15:47Soulyah 2 more
00:15:47Lavos u should too
00:15:51Herre wtf sir
00:15:54curdi maybe at lvl 8
00:16:14WANKmaster oom
00:16:32zebbelito omw
00:16:33FetAA we push this fast
00:16:44FetAA some towers now with 5
00:16:46Soulyah are u blind=
00:17:00EyeforanEye 4 woods
00:17:08FetAA take bot tower
00:17:09slc2 this is a sucky hero
00:17:11zebbelito STUN41
00:17:19Herre oom
00:17:28zebbelito come woods
00:17:41Herre cant
00:18:31slc2 why?
00:18:32Lavos lyca
00:18:36EyeforanEye what
00:18:41slc2 lesh why?
00:18:46Herre you would have died
00:18:52slc2 i would have used ulti
00:18:59zebbelito not enough time
00:19:00zebbelito imo
00:19:20Herre gang
00:20:11zebbelito go
00:20:15Lavos guys
00:20:16Lavos rly
00:20:20Lavos wth u all do
00:20:29FetAA we got to omany useless
00:20:29Lavos GHO ROSH
00:20:33Lavos WTF
00:20:52FetAA why
00:20:53FetAA u alone
00:21:05Herre Xd
00:21:05FetAA nais
00:21:06Soulyah n1
00:21:07Lavos coz
00:21:08Lavos they see
00:21:09FetAA mid tower
00:21:10Lavos 4 of u mid
00:21:13FetAA MD TOWER
00:21:14Lavos didnt think they have wrds
00:21:14FetAA why u all go bot
00:21:17FetAA what is bot?
00:21:19FetAA no tower
00:22:08Lavos this is ff shit
00:22:15Lavos so bad
00:22:20Herre xD
00:22:20FetAA lol
00:22:50slc2 go mid?
00:22:52Lavos just too nice picks.....
00:23:01GunzComeOut better ward/gank
00:23:07zebbelito y
00:23:08FetAA we could push..
00:23:10FetAA earlier atleast
00:23:12Lavos no we cou8ldnt
00:23:13Lavos we have sf
00:23:13FetAA lycan is strong
00:23:15FetAA pusher
00:23:17FetAA well sf pushes too
00:23:19FetAA i got wards
00:23:20WANKmaster leave
00:23:20WANKmaster rune
00:23:21Soulyah whats wrong with sf
00:23:21FetAA and shit
00:23:24WANKmaster :SD:S:DD:SD:Sds
00:23:25Soulyah 2 razes creeps dead
00:23:26WANKmaster FUCK
00:23:31Herre farmmaster mad
00:23:39FetAA but everybodyt jt idled
00:23:39EyeforanEye soon bkb
00:23:50FetAA go with 5
00:24:10Herre xD
00:24:12Herre so bad idea
00:24:16zebbelito sad we go alone
00:24:29zebbelito wtf
00:24:31FetAA :DD
00:24:34WANKmaster :D:D:D:SD:SD:S:DS
00:24:34FetAA hahaha
00:24:35zebbelito wank
00:24:35Lavos lol
00:24:35Herre ::::::::::::::::::D
00:24:38Herre this farmmaster.
00:24:42EyeforanEye Hehe
00:24:45Herre sad to watch
00:24:50WANKmaster yea
00:24:51FetAA that goes for ur movei wankmaster
00:24:52zebbelito wisp
00:24:53WANKmaster that was sad
00:24:55FetAA movie
00:25:22Soulyah ez win
00:25:33FetAA well tthey screwed it now
00:25:34Soulyah i just had a bad start
00:25:37EyeforanEye rosh alive?
00:25:42Lavos no
00:25:45Soulyah feta
00:25:48Soulyah can u buy me a salve
00:25:50Soulyah will buy u backlater
00:25:54FetAA y bought
00:25:57Soulyah cheers
00:26:11Herre get top
00:26:16WANKmaster invis
00:26:18WANKmaster cant
00:26:25Herre ofc can
00:26:28EyeforanEye bkb rdy
00:26:30Soulyah omw top
00:26:44Herre pro
00:27:05Herre ez
00:27:13slc2 i got a kilL!!!!
00:27:18slc2 *kill
00:27:19Herre usocool
00:27:31slc2 im wisp he sucks at killing
00:27:54EyeforanEye inc top
00:28:21zebbelito pls gang
00:28:23FetAA gather?
00:28:31FetAA i make pipe
00:28:34Soulyah top go
00:28:48Herre ez
00:28:49FetAA that was terrible
00:28:52EyeforanEye yes
00:29:13WANKmaster invis
00:29:13Soulyah shoulda given me invi
00:29:14WANKmaster pudger
00:29:16Soulyah i would of ultied
00:29:20FetAA u cant with invis rune
00:29:21FetAA it shows u
00:29:25GunzComeOut go them?
00:29:27GunzComeOut i can instakill sf
00:29:34FetAA when u start doing ;o?
00:30:05GunzComeOut that was rly bad :(
00:30:18Soulyah why do u even try
00:30:19Soulyah :D
00:30:26Soulyah does
00:30:28Soulyah TS
00:30:32Soulyah explisions
00:30:34Soulyah go through
00:30:38Soulyah ghost scept
00:30:38FetAA nope
00:30:40FetAA ah
00:30:44GunzComeOut go there
00:30:45GunzComeOut fast
00:30:47Soulyah goes through bkb
00:30:49Lavos go lycxa
00:30:57FetAA well they dont
00:31:00FetAA go thoght scepter then
00:31:01GunzComeOut 1 can def top
00:31:05Soulyah nice
00:31:24Herre XD
00:31:25Herre ez
00:31:26EyeforanEye steal it
00:31:28Lavos lyca wake up
00:31:37Lavos u saw wisp coming in
00:31:40Lavos years before
00:32:20FetAA well got pipe
00:32:22Soulyah ciao
00:32:32Lavos NA
00:32:34Lavos ="!#%=%"!=)!%"#=!%"=%!=%"!=%!"=
00:32:35curdi ?
00:32:41Lavos u played dota before?
00:32:41curdi i was here
00:32:44curdi i dont have blink
00:32:46Lavos u was here
00:32:46Lavos first
00:32:47Lavos then
00:32:49Lavos u run
00:32:50curdi yes
00:32:53Lavos why
00:32:54curdi then i went upwards
00:32:57Lavos WHY?
00:33:01curdi why not
00:33:04Lavos ...
00:33:11slc2 i come now
00:33:14curdi i wasnt gonna kill him alone
00:33:14zebbelito wards and gang
00:33:18curdi tons of creeps walking by
00:33:18FetAA go 5on5?
00:33:20curdi ulti on cd
00:33:22FetAA got pipe and shit
00:33:24Lavos ur fuckint stupid arent u
00:33:25curdi why the hell wouldnt i go there
00:33:27Lavos i hooked him
00:33:30Lavos i had ulti on him if u cam
00:33:31Lavos e
00:33:33curdi when i was here
00:33:39curdi then u hooked him
00:33:40curdi yes
00:34:19zebbelito sadherre
00:34:24Herre you just cant wait for me
00:34:30zebbelito we need u
00:34:36Herre ofc u do
00:34:47FetAA we rape 5on5 next fight with no aegis
00:34:51GunzComeOut :D
00:34:52Soulyah JAA
00:34:52GunzComeOut thought
00:34:53Soulyah viimNW
00:34:53Herre XxxxxxxxxxxxxD
00:34:54GunzComeOut he got away
00:34:54Soulyah TRA
00:34:55GunzComeOut for a sec
00:34:58Herre TRAAAAA
00:35:11EyeforanEye im gonna go farm basher
00:35:17FetAA no need
00:35:21FetAA go with 5 push
00:35:22EyeforanEye well kinda need
00:36:11EyeforanEye B
00:36:19FetAA nice map awarness rly
00:36:27curdi y..
00:36:33FetAA def
00:36:33FetAA def
00:36:34FetAA def
00:36:55Herre gg
00:37:50curdi pudge could get that bmail next
00:37:54GunzComeOut failing so bad :P
00:38:01Soulyah AGHA BETTER
00:38:44Lavos dont
00:38:50FetAA gi with 5 plz
00:38:56Soulyah ILLBE TAKING IT
00:39:06Lavos 5
00:39:06Lavos mid
00:39:07Lavos go
00:39:09FetAA yy go
00:39:30zebbelito no team
00:39:34zebbelito sad
00:39:42FetAA blink
00:40:09FetAA fight
00:40:10zebbelito gj ulti
00:40:25zebbelito b
00:40:27zebbelito b
00:40:38Herre :<
00:40:54Soulyah b
00:40:59zebbelito wisp
00:41:00FetAA meele
00:41:01slc2 ?
00:41:01zebbelito gogogogogogog
00:41:11Soulyah yy
00:41:13Lavos B
00:41:14Lavos B
00:41:15EyeforanEye omg nerub.
00:41:17Lavos '
00:41:18Lavos TP
00:41:19curdi omg lycan
00:41:22EyeforanEye :D
00:41:24Herre wisp go
00:41:25Herre with lesh
00:41:31zebbelito '2 lATE
00:41:32zebbelito now
00:41:33Herre is not
00:41:33zebbelito idiot
00:41:37Herre is not?
00:41:37zebbelito why didnt u go
00:41:38zebbelito befgore
00:41:43Herre now it is.
00:41:44slc2 i watched mid
00:41:47Herre olol
00:42:01Herre that would have been huge
00:42:05GunzComeOut rosh
00:42:15FetAA go 5 again?
00:42:21Lavos y
00:42:26GunzComeOut lesh cheese?
00:42:27Lavos go
00:42:27Lavos fast
00:42:29Lavos lyca
00:42:29Soulyah gone
00:42:32FetAA can we make it
00:42:36EyeforanEye 'omw
00:42:38FetAA omg
00:42:41Lavos b
00:42:43Lavos dont go alone
00:42:44Lavos ASTKGJSAGGSA
00:42:45Lavos WHAT
00:42:46Lavos wHY
00:43:10FetAA :D
00:43:26FetAA any1 died 2x?
00:43:26Soulyah why did u rin pudge
00:43:32Lavos i didnt know how
00:43:40FetAA trouble
00:43:49Lavos how u doin
00:43:52slc2 nice guys
00:43:52Soulyah i have this
00:43:55Soulyah gosublade
00:44:02Soulyah we can kinda insta ursa without his bkb
00:44:03GunzComeOut need guinsos
00:44:10Soulyah with my ulti
00:44:14FetAA who had the eagis?
00:44:15Soulyah but nevertheless
00:44:17Soulyah he lost aegis
00:44:18Soulyah ursa
00:44:20Lavos well
00:44:23WANKmaster i was going shivas
00:44:23Lavos fetaa suicided like hell
00:44:25FetAA we rly need next 1
00:44:25WANKmaster but i can make that
00:44:26Lavos so i blame him
00:44:28FetAA i did well
00:44:30GunzComeOut go4it
00:44:31FetAA i got all shit in
00:44:32FetAA pipe
00:44:33FetAA ulti
00:44:34FetAA and shit
00:44:37Lavos that was pure luck then
00:44:37FetAA and they even chased me 15s
00:44:39GunzComeOut more disable=gg
00:44:39Lavos u suicided
00:44:39Soulyah lemme get souls
00:44:41Soulyah and we can go
00:44:44Lavos lol
00:44:44Herre xxxxxxxxD
00:44:45Lavos u survived?
00:44:46Herre u so random
00:44:48WANKmaster ye
00:44:51zebbelito i need to finnish pipe
00:44:52FetAA i died here
00:44:55Herre :FINNISH
00:44:55Lavos haha
00:44:57Herre or finish
00:45:01Lavos still
00:45:02Lavos dont go alone
00:45:08Soulyah kamikaze!
00:45:08FetAA we were 5 <_>?
00:45:14FetAA go 5?
00:45:20FetAA y
00:45:36Soulyah need
00:45:37Soulyah suls
00:45:47Soulyah CARE
00:45:48FetAA how much
00:45:48Soulyah ARE
00:45:50Soulyah U STUPID
00:45:51FetAA pudge
00:45:52EyeforanEye hot/deso/AC?=
00:45:53Soulyah 8
00:45:53FetAA i dont know wtf u doing
00:46:01FetAA pudge why the fuck are uthere?
00:46:07Lavos ask ur mom maybe
00:46:09Lavos i died MAYBE???
00:46:17FetAA zz
00:46:17FetAA come
00:46:20Herre KLOl
00:46:24FetAA u had 2 hours to come
00:46:28Lavos thru
00:46:30Lavos 5 enemies
00:46:35Lavos see
00:46:35EyeforanEye Hot/deso/Ac what we need?
00:46:37FetAA noww
00:46:40FetAA rly
00:46:41FetAA epic
00:46:50Lavos u dont have eyes
00:46:53FetAA I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:46:58FetAA imba retard
00:46:58Lavos i see them
00:46:59Lavos u dont
00:47:01FetAA we go like pros
00:47:10Lavos there is nothing pro in this team
00:47:11FetAA u came when they were
00:47:19Lavos are u really that stupid
00:47:23Lavos they were here
00:47:24Lavos all the time
00:47:26FetAA why cant ucome this way
00:47:28FetAA u dumb fuck
00:47:28FetAA i
00:47:35FetAA see this road?
00:47:37FetAA its good
00:47:42FetAA now ff
00:47:45Lavos ff ur mum
00:48:03Herre :
00:48:04Herre <
00:48:05FetAA gg
00:48:05Soulyah fucking hell
00:48:07FetAA imba fighting
00:48:50WANKmaster IMABAA
00:48:54FetAA rly this pudge ruine it
00:48:55GunzComeOut tnx for the carry
00:48:56FetAA by farming mid lane
00:48:57GunzComeOut ladies :)
00:49:05Soulyah we gave away a certain win lol
00:49:06FetAA then all died 1by1
00:49:24Lavos i dont give a shit what u say feta
00:49:29curdi well
00:49:31Lavos i know how bad u are
00:49:32curdi you know it urself
00:49:38curdi u gave entry
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