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Chat log

00:00:15Cr4ne træk tiden grys and er på tolet
00:00:18Cr4ne toilet
00:00:22Cr4ne grys?
00:00:22zonskass fenix
00:00:22Romeo doom
00:00:22MariahCarry i
00:00:22MariahCarry are
00:00:22MariahCarry here
00:00:22MariahCarry hey
00:00:22analpanic i am here..
00:00:22analpanic :D
00:00:22FetAA .
00:00:22Cr4ne i am here
00:00:22FetAA i ban
00:00:22FetAA doom
00:00:22Kastrup hej
00:00:22Cr4ne and er back juhuu
00:00:22MariahCarry indying
00:00:22MariahCarry yndying
00:00:22Kastrup abovedying
00:00:22Cr4ne dirge
00:00:24MariahCarry undeing
00:00:29MariahCarry ud
00:00:33Cr4ne undying
00:00:33linnuke doom & UD
00:00:51Cr4ne wr me
00:01:02Kastrup du midt?
00:01:06MariahCarry me always mid
00:01:08analpanic some1
00:01:12analpanic want phoenix
00:01:12analpanic ?
00:01:13Chains0r can i ezalor ?
00:01:16MariahCarry ofc
00:01:20zonskass no
00:01:36Chains0r ok then i omni
00:01:41analpanic eh pipec
00:01:51Romeo so omni and me top
00:02:03Kastrup else i could go with eza?
00:02:05zonskass we have shit
00:02:08Romeo i give mana y heal me
00:02:09svents lanes?
00:02:12Kastrup yeye u two is fnie
00:02:14Kastrup fine
00:02:46svents -il
00:02:57Chains0r ok lets pwn them
00:02:58zonskass /w DotaKeys: on
00:03:01zonskass /w DotaKeys: You control Lifestealer [r,w,t,d]
00:03:09Cr4ne rune top
00:03:13zonskass pz mum, jusu herojai geresni :/
00:03:22svents saad pullida?
00:03:31MariahCarry ss mid
00:04:01FetAA omg
00:04:02FetAA was afk
00:05:47MariahCarry omw
00:05:59Chains0r u buy a new 1
00:06:07MariahCarry k
00:06:16Chains0r ty
00:06:32Kastrup :D
00:06:36zonskass :D
00:07:16Romeo omni use skill =]
00:07:31linnuke ss top 2
00:07:31Romeo 9sec
00:08:25Kastrup activate that fucking chick
00:08:46Chains0r omw
00:08:48FetAA go
00:08:48FetAA bot
00:09:08FetAA slow
00:09:13FetAA :_D
00:09:15Kastrup !! :D
00:09:16Kastrup doho
00:09:17zonskass cd
00:09:59Romeo heall all the time
00:10:00FetAA magnus freefarming:D
00:10:01FetAA my bad
00:10:04FetAA but hes fa
00:10:26Romeo heal creeps then they attack them
00:10:27Romeo =]
00:10:48analpanic lool
00:10:51zonskass wtf
00:10:53Kastrup !!!1
00:10:56Kastrup :D
00:10:58FetAA go
00:11:05Chains0r ok that was dumb
00:11:07Chains0r sry..#
00:11:11Kastrup :D
00:11:21FetAA magnus fat:D
00:11:34analpanic ss
00:11:36analpanic 2
00:12:03FetAA need to kil magnus
00:12:04zonskass dont ler him farm
00:12:25Cr4ne ss
00:12:30Cr4ne catr naix
00:12:37FetAA lol
00:12:42FetAA he got ulti and invis
00:12:50Chains0r mana man
00:12:55analpanic FUCK
00:13:33Cr4ne naix ss
00:14:06Romeo omny silly =]
00:14:33MariahCarry FUCING ANIMATIONS
00:14:48MariahCarry empower pretends to be skewer
00:14:50MariahCarry pajfdpasoijkdposai
00:15:27FetAA go
00:15:46zonskass which items is better for me make?
00:15:46analpanic ...
00:15:51analpanic mb
00:15:52analpanic dont
00:15:53analpanic gang
00:15:55analpanic and
00:15:56analpanic farm
00:16:01analpanic mordigan
00:16:03analpanic pt
00:16:04analpanic desol
00:16:24analpanic we lost
00:16:25analpanic this
00:16:26analpanic game
00:16:28analpanic i think
00:17:03Chains0r man that cd
00:17:04Chains0r fuckcelqkhf
00:17:14Kastrup u guys..
00:17:15analpanic TP
00:17:16analpanic GO
00:17:20Chains0r we suck really bad :p
00:17:22Romeo its stupid
00:17:41Romeo rex ? rembo
00:17:49MariahCarry lol ulti phoenix
00:17:51linnuke deny top
00:17:53MariahCarry and we both get away there
00:18:04Kastrup im rembo
00:18:09Kastrup the guy with no regrets..
00:19:00analpanic ulti
00:19:07analpanic go top
00:19:08analpanic all
00:19:54analpanic go top
00:19:58MariahCarry ulti phoneix
00:20:05Cr4ne omni comes
00:21:44Cr4ne BRUG DIN FUCK "D" GRYS!!!!!!!
00:21:53MariahCarry cd
00:21:54MariahCarry tard
00:22:42linnuke b
00:22:42Kastrup :)
00:22:53Kastrup romeo
00:22:53Cr4ne care
00:22:55Kastrup get wards
00:22:58Kastrup and dont EVER
00:23:03Kastrup EVER get phaseboots for Ezalor again
00:23:04Romeo ?
00:23:17analpanic what
00:23:19analpanic make
00:23:21analpanic to this
00:23:22analpanic hero
00:23:25MariahCarry martin
00:23:28Cr4ne ?
00:23:30MariahCarry omfg
00:23:38Romeo this hors to slow :D
00:23:43MariahCarry christ
00:23:45MariahCarry 10 sec
00:23:48MariahCarry mindst
00:23:55Cr4ne var igang med at slukke en cigeret
00:24:02MariahCarry ok imba nok
00:24:05linnuke oom
00:24:07Cr4ne sry
00:24:07Chains0r ok this game is lost , fuck..
00:24:22linnuke b
00:24:26Romeo i die 3 times traing to help you
00:24:34Chains0r yeah , its bad luck
00:24:39analpanic furion
00:24:39analpanic go
00:24:40Chains0r always a sec too late cd or something
00:24:40analpanic late
00:24:41analpanic pls
00:24:42FetAA where
00:24:44FetAA y
00:24:46analpanic mm
00:24:50analpanic make items
00:24:53FetAA y
00:24:57analpanic like byriza
00:26:39Cr4ne kiggede på grysse :D
00:26:49MariahCarry LOL HOW
00:26:58MariahCarry u fucking lucker
00:27:33analpanic what shoul
00:27:33analpanic i
00:27:34analpanic made
00:27:36analpanic heks ok?
00:27:37FetAA mechanism pipe
00:27:41Romeo heal
00:27:49Cr4ne -ms
00:27:56analpanic pipe????
00:28:06Kastrup furi = FED!!
00:28:18Kastrup jo..
00:28:19FetAA go
00:28:32MariahCarry han har ikke engang mkb
00:29:29Chains0r rape the shit out of them
00:29:32Cr4ne går du blink grys?
00:29:33Kastrup flying pzl
00:29:37MariahCarry mby
00:30:11Kastrup wtfg?
00:30:13Kastrup WTF!?
00:30:22zonskass assault now?
00:30:25FetAA k
00:30:29FetAA y
00:30:30analpanic go
00:30:34analpanic furion
00:30:39FetAA ok
00:31:29analpanic b
00:31:50linnuke where is everyone
00:31:57analpanic b
00:31:58analpanic b
00:32:05Cr4ne grys gå med mig og and
00:32:27Kastrup MANA LEAK
00:32:34analpanic go
00:32:35analpanic all
00:32:35Kastrup dd
00:32:37Kastrup and deso
00:32:37analpanic bottom
00:32:53analpanic :D
00:32:59FetAA go
00:33:27Cr4ne blink ulti ?
00:33:29analpanic rosh
00:33:35MariahCarry blev dmged af et eller andet
00:33:39Cr4ne shiit
00:33:43analpanic :D
00:33:45Kastrup vi taber den hvis det forsætter sådan her..
00:34:16MariahCarry chainsor
00:34:18MariahCarry got lvl 4 repel?
00:34:27Chains0r no lvl 2
00:34:31MariahCarry ok well
00:34:33MariahCarry use it on me
00:34:35MariahCarry in fights
00:34:39Chains0r k
00:34:41MariahCarry every time it's off d
00:34:41Kastrup or me
00:34:41MariahCarry cd
00:34:44svents i go guinsoo or dmg?
00:34:50analpanic dmg
00:34:50analpanic go
00:34:50FetAA guinsoo
00:34:52FetAA guinsoo
00:34:53analpanic ok
00:34:55Kastrup and ezalor
00:34:55analpanic heks
00:34:56Kastrup dont take farm
00:34:57Kastrup eod
00:35:54linnuke asd
00:35:54linnuke das
00:35:55linnuke sd
00:35:55linnuke ads
00:35:55linnuke õads
00:35:56linnuke ad
00:35:59analpanic my pipe
00:36:00FetAA not good place to go
00:36:01FetAA :D
00:36:12analpanic go farm
00:36:13analpanic farm
00:36:13analpanic farm
00:36:14linnuke naix cmon
00:36:15analpanic and farm
00:36:21Kastrup -ms
00:36:21analpanic and then go fight
00:36:27MariahCarry 4-0
00:36:32analpanic i think we weill win them
00:36:39MariahCarry omni
00:36:43MariahCarry when naix goes u
00:36:43linnuke yeah if naix wont suicide
00:36:44MariahCarry or someone else
00:36:46MariahCarry use ur ulti
00:36:49Chains0r k
00:36:53Kastrup MANA LEAK
00:36:54Kastrup ezalor!
00:37:11Romeo 5sec
00:37:14MariahCarry repel
00:37:25Kastrup copme
00:37:41MariahCarry EGG
00:37:42MariahCarry GO
00:37:42FetAA hotkeyss off
00:37:51Kastrup :)
00:38:01Kastrup if i where u - i would have canceled it :D
00:38:04Kastrup thats why i said coe :D
00:38:05Kastrup come*
00:38:06Cr4ne b
00:38:06Cr4ne b
00:38:27Cr4ne jeg kan ikk ultie ham phoenix når han laver det der
00:38:35Cr4ne det er fuck'd
00:38:39MariahCarry altid bm ulti på phoenix
00:38:41MariahCarry IMO
00:38:43Kastrup nej
00:38:44Kastrup på furi
00:38:45FetAA i thought i pressed S
00:38:47MariahCarry lol
00:38:49Kastrup han er uden tvivl dps..
00:38:49FetAA after forcestadd
00:38:50MariahCarry fuck furi
00:38:51Kastrup han river os rundt
00:38:54FetAA but my hotkeys turn off now and then
00:38:55Kastrup :)
00:39:23analpanic now
00:39:24MariahCarry all mid
00:39:25analpanic deffuus
00:39:26MariahCarry repel me
00:39:26analpanic ok
00:39:26MariahCarry etc
00:39:28MariahCarry get ready
00:39:28analpanic ?
00:39:38Kastrup anix
00:39:51analpanic AGIN
00:39:55linnuke NAIX FFS
00:39:58FetAA well
00:40:00linnuke WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU
00:40:06MariahCarry U LIKE?
00:40:14Cr4ne all me
00:40:21Cr4ne :D
00:40:23FetAA fighth im?
00:40:34FetAA I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:40:36FetAA we never with 5
00:40:41linnuke I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:40:46linnuke this fucking naix
00:40:47Kastrup necrobook is imba
00:40:59MariahCarry just b
00:41:08analpanic go push
00:41:09analpanic mid?
00:41:12svents y
00:41:21FetAA w8 3 min for aegis
00:41:22FetAA and go
00:41:35svents i go suicide
00:41:39svents i have aegis
00:41:39linnuke zonsk
00:41:41linnuke cmon
00:41:42linnuke talk
00:41:46Kastrup midt agani
00:41:46linnuke whats up?
00:41:54MariahCarry omw
00:42:10Kastrup go
00:42:43analpanic b
00:42:46FetAA stil lu have ulti?
00:43:02Kastrup seems so :D
00:43:11Kastrup zeus did ulti me when i needed to blink in
00:43:15Kastrup so got delayed :/
00:43:20FetAA .D
00:43:21FetAA svents
00:43:24svents lolz
00:43:29svents missclicked :D:D
00:43:34Chains0r big creepwave mid
00:43:54svents invo too many buttons :D:D
00:44:27Kastrup tror aldrig jeg har set en eza med så ringe farm :D
00:44:40MariahCarry eller bare ringe i det hele taget
00:44:45Cr4ne :D
00:44:45Kastrup :)
00:44:49Kastrup boom
00:44:56analpanic go kilkl
00:45:16analpanic dont stay togeher
00:45:17FetAA push mid and go
00:45:20analpanic go
00:45:21analpanic rosh
00:45:33FetAA gokill
00:45:35MariahCarry w8 top
00:45:37analpanic we must def top
00:45:49FetAA magnus soling?
00:45:51Kastrup haps
00:46:05MariahCarry need 200
00:46:06MariahCarry then im there
00:46:08Chains0r w8 magnus
00:46:22MariahCarry hi
00:46:25MariahCarry bye
00:46:27analpanic if we go rosh
00:46:27analpanic they
00:46:32analpanic kill
00:46:33analpanic us
00:46:39MariahCarry go top
00:46:39MariahCarry all
00:47:10MariahCarry and don't repel me
00:47:12MariahCarry this fight
00:47:15MariahCarry cus it takes off dd
00:47:15Chains0r okay
00:47:17MariahCarry when i use
00:47:18MariahCarry :)
00:47:20FetAA take
00:47:24Cr4ne me then'
00:47:32FetAA haha
00:47:39Kastrup :D
00:47:46Cr4ne repel
00:47:53FetAA b bit
00:47:59FetAA ..
00:48:01FetAA bnb bit siad
00:48:14FetAA help
00:48:31analpanic sry
00:48:33FetAA i tp bot when revive
00:48:33Cr4ne lol
00:48:40MariahCarry it's fine
00:48:43analpanic sry
00:48:44analpanic invok
00:48:44MariahCarry used aegis
00:48:46analpanic it was
00:48:47analpanic norm?
00:48:47Cr4ne jaja
00:48:49zonskass what now?
00:48:53analpanic basher
00:48:54Chains0r he will get another one..
00:48:54Cr4ne men skulle lige til at shackle
00:48:55analpanic cranium
00:49:01MariahCarry oh noes
00:49:04svents y but its hard to play so :/
00:49:04MariahCarry he will get another one
00:49:06Romeo bot
00:49:06MariahCarry that's horrible
00:49:09Kastrup ^^
00:49:10analpanic yes
00:49:15Chains0r i ward roshan
00:49:18analpanic i always forget about ice wall
00:49:18MariahCarry can't we possibly stop him??
00:49:21MariahCarry good plan omni
00:49:23analpanic and forge spirit
00:49:26MariahCarry ward roshan stat
00:49:31MariahCarry meanwhile
00:49:33MariahCarry be careful
00:49:35MariahCarry furion is mean
00:49:38Chains0r oh man
00:49:47analpanic b
00:49:47analpanic b
00:49:49MariahCarry this office is cursed
00:49:51analpanic b
00:49:54analpanic yes
00:49:57Cr4ne PARKOUR
00:50:00MariahCarry :D
00:50:03FetAA go mid
00:50:06MariahCarry -ms
00:50:08analpanic care
00:50:10analpanic magnus
00:50:10FetAA i tp in sec
00:50:11MariahCarry they push mid
00:50:12MariahCarry all def
00:50:13Cr4ne box container trashbin
00:50:13FetAA omni dead
00:50:14Cr4ne go
00:50:19Chains0r okay start ur engines for the last fight
00:50:24linnuke coming mid have ulti
00:51:03FetAA hi
00:51:14Cr4ne grys det var din den der
00:51:22MariahCarry fanden skal jeg gøre
00:51:25MariahCarry phoenix hopper ind
00:51:29MariahCarry ved siden af mig
00:51:31MariahCarry og laver ægget
00:51:46Cr4ne jamen du skulle hoppe meget før
00:52:04analpanic GG
00:52:21Romeo =]]]
00:52:59Chains0r i think i have to cry
00:53:07Kastrup gg
00:53:08Kastrup wp
00:53:11MariahCarry 0-11
00:53:13MariahCarry 0-11
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