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-8 X
-6 TS

92% | 1481 X | 1543 TS

+40 X
-4 TS

90% | 1356 X | 1619 TS

-32 X
-3 TS

79% | 1256 X | 1521 TS

-9 X
-3 TS

72% | 1212 X | 1461 TS

+5 X
-3 TS

72% | 1244 X | 1422 TS

+28 X
+4 TS

97% | 1578 X | 1593 TS

-4 X
+3 TS

85% | 1419 X | 1460 TS

+36 X
+5 TS

84% | 1387 X | 1456 TS

-15 X
+5 TS

74% | 1230 X | 1456 TS

-23 X
+5 TS

60% | 1187 X | 1353 TS

Chat log

00:00:17jakkihirki ?
00:00:20Arapiles woops
00:00:20Luza wtf is dis mode :D
00:00:22Luza here
00:00:33Arapiles thought it was xd
00:00:54Lowbob jakki
00:01:03Lowbob no failpicks plz
00:01:31Arapiles leshrac would be nice
00:01:38Luza it would be fucking awesome
00:01:40Lowbob silemcer
00:01:42Lowbob ban
00:01:46jakkihirki why=
00:01:47BT bestest
00:01:47jakkihirki ?
00:01:58Lowbob kinda sure they will pick
00:02:03jakkihirki why
00:02:06jakkihirki its bad pick
00:02:08TOo_LaZy i so dont liek to be
00:02:11TOo_LaZy with jakkihirki
00:02:15TOo_LaZy i loose all games with him
00:02:16TOo_LaZy ^^
00:02:22que2stress can i clock?
00:02:23Luza slark invoker go
00:02:27TOo_LaZy my capitan is a fucking noob :((( sorry capitan
00:02:31Sjakalen i knw what im doing
00:02:36Luza rly?
00:02:40TOo_LaZy i wont play
00:02:41TOo_LaZy that kotl
00:02:42TOo_LaZy i tell u
00:02:51Arapiles krob?
00:02:52Sjakalen some7 can play chen ?
00:02:54Luza yes
00:02:55Luza me
00:02:56Luza get it
00:03:00BT gief invo
00:03:07BT imba hero
00:03:12Lowbob i bone?
00:03:14Sjakalen you play invoker i thougt i play but if you want its okay
00:03:14jakkihirki no
00:03:15jakkihirki me
00:03:19Lowbob im good bone
00:03:28que2stress me sven or clock
00:03:28Lowbob better than ure bone
00:03:28Sjakalen you want ?
00:03:30BT u
00:03:31BT y
00:03:32TOo_LaZy whi play
00:03:33TOo_LaZy bottle?
00:03:34TOo_LaZy kotl
00:03:35que2stress leshrac is fail on me
00:03:35TOo_LaZy ;d
00:03:38Planktoni me
00:03:39Arapiles i can lesh
00:03:41TOo_LaZy rly?
00:03:55Arapiles lanes?
00:03:55que2stress me chick=
00:04:00TOo_LaZy fetaa
00:04:01TOo_LaZy u want
00:04:03TOo_LaZy kunka?
00:04:04TOo_LaZy -hhn
00:04:04Sjakalen lech
00:04:05TOo_LaZy -di
00:04:05TOo_LaZy ..
00:04:07que2stress lesh can u chick
00:04:10Sjakalen lesh
00:04:11Sjakalen sven
00:04:12Sjakalen top
00:04:13TOo_LaZy sec 1 afk
00:04:15Sjakalen invoker
00:04:15Sjakalen bot
00:04:17Arapiles i cant
00:04:17Sjakalen me mid
00:04:21que2stress ...
00:04:22Arapiles i need farm as much as you
00:04:31jakkihirki krobe?
00:04:36Arapiles hmm
00:04:39Sjakalen sven is support this game not carry
00:04:43Arapiles should have bought wards
00:04:44jakkihirki we have one afk
00:04:44TOo_LaZy any1
00:04:44que2stress he told it
00:04:44TOo_LaZy on irc?
00:04:44que2stress 1 sek
00:04:44Luza i care man
00:04:57FetAA -swap 5
00:04:58Sjakalen go
00:04:59Sjakalen there
00:05:00TOo_LaZy omfg
00:05:00Sjakalen sven
00:05:01TOo_LaZy i bought
00:05:02TOo_LaZy like this
00:05:02FetAA u got
00:05:03TOo_LaZy u rly
00:05:03FetAA nice items
00:05:04FetAA for u
00:05:05FetAA centaur
00:05:08FetAA -swap 5
00:05:13FetAA -swap 5
00:05:16que2stress mid?
00:05:16Arapiles fb mid?
00:05:17TOo_LaZy -swap 2
00:05:19Sjakalen yeah
00:05:20TOo_LaZy -swap -2
00:05:24FetAA :D
00:05:24TOo_LaZy omfg
00:05:24FetAA too late
00:05:25TOo_LaZy i had
00:05:26Arapiles u take imo
00:05:26que2stress i take ok?
00:05:27TOo_LaZy dotakeys
00:05:29TOo_LaZy and
00:05:30TOo_LaZy 2=7
00:05:31Arapiles w8
00:05:32TOo_LaZy had to altab
00:05:46Arapiles top
00:05:54TOo_LaZy ss
00:06:01Lowbob go pull kubnkka
00:06:17Planktoni feat?
00:06:35Luza heRpdErp
00:06:36FetAA what
00:07:04TOo_LaZy fuck it
00:07:05TOo_LaZy lol
00:07:05TOo_LaZy fuck it
00:07:06TOo_LaZy fuck
00:07:14TOo_LaZy failed that shitty pyl with cent
00:07:15TOo_LaZy stu n
00:08:46TOo_LaZy whatever
00:09:15jakkihirki mid miss
00:10:12TOo_LaZy ok
00:10:13TOo_LaZy ,,
00:10:42Arapiles ss top 2
00:10:49Arapiles 1 re
00:10:52TOo_LaZy omfg
00:10:54TOo_LaZy i did not buy chick
00:11:13Lowbob ss
00:11:14Lowbob sven
00:11:18jakkihirki mid miss
00:11:21Arapiles ss 2
00:11:35Arapiles re
00:11:47Sjakalen s
00:11:48Sjakalen s
00:11:53jakkihirki take rune
00:12:06Arapiles stun 1
00:12:36Lowbob wtf
00:12:37jakkihirki clock
00:12:38jakkihirki inc
00:12:53jakkihirki open chicken
00:12:56FetAA nonii
00:12:57TOo_LaZy ill do
00:13:00BT ss
00:13:24Luza clock
00:13:26Sjakalen jkk
00:13:27Lowbob inc bot
00:13:41Lowbob wtf
00:13:43Arapiles ss 2
00:13:45jakkihirki mid miss
00:13:47FetAA haha
00:14:47Arapiles still ss 2
00:15:13TOo_LaZy ok i do really bad
00:15:58jakkihirki mid miss
00:16:43TOo_LaZy i need a fucking farm
00:17:13Sjakalen go push
00:17:14Sjakalen bot
00:17:15Sjakalen tower
00:17:18Luza yES
00:18:16jakkihirki mid inc bottom
00:18:27Lowbob ?
00:18:38TOo_LaZy topss
00:18:52que2stress go
00:19:03Lowbob come people
00:19:05Lowbob lets push
00:19:07Lowbob im lvl 11
00:19:47Arapiles b
00:19:56TOo_LaZy wow i surived:d
00:20:15Arapiles too low
00:20:31Arapiles im b
00:21:33Luza invis krobi
00:21:34Luza e
00:21:47Lowbob come all
00:22:08Arapiles was putting my headphones on
00:22:14Arapiles gaaah
00:22:36jakkihirki anna manaa
00:22:37jakkihirki jos voit
00:22:40Planktoni cd
00:22:45Sjakalen sven
00:22:46Sjakalen stop
00:22:47Sjakalen farm
00:22:49Sjakalen and gang
00:22:51Sjakalen your suport
00:23:05jakkihirki b
00:23:06Lowbob b
00:23:40Arapiles ss bot
00:24:02Lowbob ward
00:24:33Lowbob come on peoplæe
00:25:35Lowbob start getting wards
00:25:38Lowbob eza
00:25:42Lowbob and make mekanism
00:26:32Lowbob fucking lortehold
00:26:56Arapiles wards in base
00:26:58Arapiles pls put
00:27:18que2stress we should get that bone
00:27:29Luza yea
00:27:31Luza have dust
00:27:55TOo_LaZy well we never go together
00:29:07jakkihirki dont go
00:29:27Lowbob wow nice farm kunkka'
00:29:29TOo_LaZy yes
00:29:30TOo_LaZy rly
00:29:32jakkihirki deff
00:29:32TOo_LaZy when i left u in lane
00:29:33TOo_LaZy stupid
00:29:34jakkihirki all
00:29:47jakkihirki go
00:29:57Sjakalen mini
00:29:57Sjakalen stun
00:29:58Sjakalen invoerk
00:30:37TOo_LaZy I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:30:57Luza lvl17
00:30:58Luza sup
00:30:59Luza -ma
00:31:12Arapiles i go mana bootas?
00:31:20Luza go manaboyas
00:31:24Luza i go mekaboyas
00:31:29Arapiles ^^
00:31:38Arapiles b
00:32:12Sjakalen sven
00:32:13Sjakalen dont
00:32:14Sjakalen farm
00:32:16Sjakalen plz
00:32:24Sjakalen your just support understand ?
00:32:24Lowbob push
00:32:33Luza wtf is support
00:32:39BT THIS IS GC EVERYONE IS carry!!
00:32:59Sjakalen lesh
00:33:00Sjakalen get
00:33:01Sjakalen vg
00:33:03Arapiles yy
00:33:18TOo_LaZy who makes bkb?
00:33:23Arapiles but ppl are running around pretty unorganised
00:33:24jakkihirki me
00:33:26que2stress shall i get bkb?
00:33:31TOo_LaZy no1 else?
00:33:35Arapiles no time to farm and no good teamplay
00:33:36Luza unorganised :D
00:34:12Sjakalen gang
00:34:27Lowbob go
00:34:31Lowbob cent
00:34:41Lowbob go place ward with me
00:35:00Arapiles b
00:35:07Arapiles puprl
00:35:20FetAA b
00:35:47Arapiles again
00:35:54BT gem imba
00:36:14que2stress clock should have it y
00:37:02que2stress when will u habe ure meka
00:37:07Luza 200
00:37:44Sjakalen CMON ON GUYS
00:37:50Lowbob go
00:37:50Sjakalen jeeez
00:37:53Sjakalen fucking christ
00:38:27jakkihirki how much did you have?
00:38:40Lowbob go all mid
00:38:48Lowbob now
00:38:49Lowbob come
00:38:50Lowbob all
00:39:30Luza chen not rly the hero into this game
00:39:39jakkihirki gem
00:39:40jakkihirki invoker
00:39:44jakkihirki b
00:39:50Sjakalen its
00:39:52Sjakalen cuz
00:39:56Sjakalen you didint push enuf
00:39:59Luza well i cant
00:40:00Luza ezalor
00:40:10Sjakalen go top with creeps
00:40:11Sjakalen then
00:40:16Luza too long way
00:40:21Sjakalen nope
00:40:25Arapiles ward
00:40:27Luza my wolf gets too tired on the way
00:40:27Arapiles come
00:40:41jakkihirki b
00:40:50jakkihirki b
00:40:51Arapiles push?
00:41:29FetAA i startt
00:41:30FetAA come kunkka
00:41:33FetAA ah ur dead
00:41:35Lowbob kunkka
00:41:39Lowbob try using ure x
00:41:43Lowbob never seen u use it
00:41:46Arapiles we cant
00:42:59jakkihirki ?
00:43:14que2stress need ard @ rosh
00:43:50FetAA b
00:43:54jakkihirki we need gem too
00:43:55jakkihirki or dust
00:44:31Sjakalen gj
00:44:37Planktoni who takes gem
00:44:40Planktoni i can buy
00:44:42Sjakalen cant
00:44:42jakkihirki cent
00:44:47que2stress why not?
00:44:52Sjakalen get
00:44:53Sjakalen awrds
00:44:54Sjakalen at
00:44:56Sjakalen rune spots
00:44:58Luza HAVE LIKE 5!
00:45:29jakkihirki tuus ottaa gemi
00:45:58TOo_LaZy b
00:45:58TOo_LaZy b
00:46:07jakkihirki plaah
00:46:46jakkihirki dont give entry now
00:46:59FetAA illu
00:47:10jakkihirki bye bye bottom rax
00:47:18Lowbob def all
00:47:18FetAA OR NO
00:47:22FetAA be rdy kunkka
00:47:27que2stress b
00:47:33Arapiles sry
00:47:38Arapiles didnt see buyback
00:47:55Planktoni dead
00:47:58Lowbob lol
00:48:07Lowbob can u push now?
00:48:14FetAA me
00:48:15FetAA first
00:48:19FetAA d
00:48:36jakkihirki side maybe?
00:48:57TOo_LaZy can u mana
00:48:58TOo_LaZy me
00:49:15TOo_LaZy mana plz
00:49:16TOo_LaZy me
00:49:24jakkihirki wait
00:49:25TOo_LaZy b
00:49:26TOo_LaZy ?
00:49:37Lowbob go
00:49:40Lowbob ffs
00:49:44Lowbob come man1
00:49:46jakkihirki need all
00:49:47FetAA y
00:49:51Lowbob we are all
00:50:05Lowbob go now
00:50:07Lowbob fags
00:50:10jakkihirki deff
00:50:53Lowbob fucking shitgame!!!!!!!!
00:50:58TOo_LaZy so fucking shitgame
00:51:03TOo_LaZy i cant sleep at night
00:51:03TOo_LaZy now
00:51:06TOo_LaZy after this :S
00:51:11Luza oh no
00:51:14jakkihirki lets go with five now
00:51:17Luza surviving the wildesness
00:51:20Luza wilderness
00:51:24Luza he will survive
00:52:40jakkihirki only 3
00:52:43Sjakalen someone get medalion
00:52:48Sjakalen i think chen
00:52:49TOo_LaZy imma b
00:53:48TOo_LaZy b
00:55:06Lowbob butterfly
00:55:08Lowbob bone
00:55:18Sjakalen invoker
00:55:19Sjakalen use
00:55:23Sjakalen qww and www
00:55:26Sjakalen in battle
00:55:51que2stress rosh is b
00:55:55Arapiles rosh is up
00:56:08Luza so i heard rosh is up
00:56:18que2stress gather
00:56:22FetAA cd
00:56:34Lowbob kunkka
00:56:35Lowbob plz
00:56:41Lowbob do something usefull
00:56:42TOo_LaZy y?
00:56:45FetAA go?
00:56:45Lowbob xx
00:56:46Lowbob x
00:56:47Lowbob x
00:57:19Sjakalen zzz
00:57:19Lowbob gj
00:57:24Sjakalen we cant even take em down
00:57:31Arapiles icewall needed
00:57:40TOo_LaZy such a ad game for me
00:57:41TOo_LaZy so sad
00:57:45Sjakalen we just need lesh
00:57:46Sjakalen ulti
00:57:48Sjakalen its rapes
00:57:51Arapiles y
00:57:58Arapiles but sven jump in too early
00:58:07Sjakalen just get ghost ?
00:58:35Sjakalen so sad outpicked and still loose that just prove how fuckt up gc is
00:59:28jakkihirki sadly outplayed
00:59:36TOo_LaZy i outplay
00:59:36TOo_LaZy all
00:59:38TOo_LaZy :DDD
00:59:39Sjakalen not rly just better ppl..
00:59:40TOo_LaZy even myself :(
00:59:48TOo_LaZy i sucked so hard
00:59:52TOo_LaZy so please
01:00:00TOo_LaZy gave u a chance ow winning:d
01:00:14Lowbob se vores kunkka
01:00:21TOo_LaZy se vores?
01:00:22TOo_LaZy ;D
01:00:33Sjakalen flot hvad med lesh..
01:00:39Lowbob haha'
01:00:46que2stress I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel]
01:01:08TOo_LaZy lets go rosh !
01:01:09TOo_LaZy :D
01:01:13Sjakalen anyway gg
01:01:19Sjakalen game ogre
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