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-5 TS

94% | 1606 X | 1484 TS

-51 X
-1 TS

69% | 1224 X | 1427 TS

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-1 TS

52% | 1096 X | 1354 TS

-33 X
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38% | 991 X | 1335 TS

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32% | 988 X | 1311 TS

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+6 TS

88% | 1332 X | 1568 TS

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45% | 1052 X | 1354 TS

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+26 TS

8% | 953 X | 1046 TS

Chat log

00:00:22iNeuron pause your own shit guys who gotta pick first
00:00:22Wrench customkeys activ
00:00:22Dota.m exilm
00:00:22exilm i here
00:00:22exilm what ban ?
00:00:22Dota.m you ban first i think ?
00:00:22exilm bat?
00:00:22Dota.m you are first pick...
00:00:22FetAA k
00:00:22Arapiles i can play bat
00:00:22exilm -bat
00:00:22Arapiles or weaver
00:00:22Wrench i'
00:00:22KING-_-JOHN tuskar
00:00:26iNeuron viiver?
00:00:36iNeuron slard
00:00:36iNeuron no2w
00:00:38iNeuron now
00:00:39Arapiles u wanna play it?
00:00:39iNeuron slard..
00:00:40Wrench i'll go enigma/sk/krobe
00:00:44Wrench if u wanna pick 4 me
00:00:52iNeuron swap to lastpicks
00:00:52iNeuron zz
00:01:09Dota.m noway im not playing slardar
00:01:09exilm we need cm ..
00:01:13Arapiles krob for you
00:01:14MetM im onto it
00:01:14exilm omg now they get
00:01:18exilm and cm >weawer
00:01:19exilm counter
00:01:20MetM if they wont pick it
00:01:21exilm with frsobite
00:01:21Dota.m rotkiv go slardar
00:01:30Wrench frostbite aint nuttin lol
00:01:31Nagash /j #dota.gc
00:01:37Nagash oops
00:01:39Wrench so what do u want for krob
00:01:41Arapiles give me cm then
00:01:44iNeuron ilmselgelt oops
00:01:45Wrench else ?
00:01:45iNeuron :D
00:01:47Dota.m CAP
00:01:50MetM i wanna cm :)
00:01:50Arapiles medusa
00:01:55Wrench -swap 3
00:01:56Arapiles -swap 5
00:01:57Dota.m what u want dark seer, dk
00:02:00MetM i can chick
00:02:01iNeuron nigma
00:02:02iNeuron ud
00:02:04iNeuron lina
00:02:04Wrench k
00:02:04MetM dont buy it
00:02:21Nagash pede sa siia ronid om ainvokeriga tahaks ka css-ee:D
00:02:23FetAA weaver not mid?
00:02:24Arapiles i go mid?
00:02:28iNeuron ma ei taju, np
00:02:28Wrench or me
00:02:31FetAA or me
00:02:32Wrench i dont mind
00:02:38MetM sk bot?
00:02:39Wrench but i already got wards for bot
00:02:41Wrench soo
00:02:43Wrench mby better i bot
00:02:47Dota.m ffs
00:02:47FetAA wanna trilane bot?
00:02:51exilm wtf i solo ?
00:02:52MetM fine
00:02:52Dota.m to range bot ?
00:02:54FetAA why not
00:02:56iNeuron to what ?
00:02:58FetAA u got invis lol
00:03:01exilm so waht
00:03:03Dota.m get 1 range top
00:03:03exilm triple
00:03:04FetAA ur pro
00:03:04exilm better
00:03:06FetAA first pick
00:03:07exilm with weawer
00:03:11exilm and meduza
00:03:13exilm can stay solo
00:03:14exilm easy
00:03:17exilm alone not weawer
00:03:18FetAA we can gank from bot
00:03:38iNeuron '3 bot
00:03:44Dota.m ss top
00:03:49Nagash pussys
00:04:01FetAA :DD
00:04:02Nagash too easy
00:04:04iNeuron epic trilane
00:04:07FetAA WOW epic pro
00:04:08Nagash aa
00:04:09Nagash :D
00:04:09FetAA cause i suicide
00:04:17Nagash tyra mdia vittu kuhu mu ehro läks:D
00:04:18FetAA epic pros
00:04:25iNeuron you suicide, tahts epic pro
00:04:34FetAA baited
00:04:38iNeuron clearly lol
00:04:40Nagash right
00:04:50FetAA need basi
00:05:01Wrench or need cm to take aura ?
00:05:03Wrench ..,.
00:05:35KING-_-JOHN cm mid
00:06:15FetAA xD
00:06:15Wrench sk ?
00:06:15Nagash epic
00:06:25MetM wtf sk :D
00:06:30FetAA :D i dont have
00:06:35MetM ahaha :D
00:06:41FetAA i need to press with mouse it seems
00:06:51FetAA gg
00:06:58FetAA brb
00:07:04Dota.m still ss top
00:07:05Wrench sec
00:07:06Wrench boost
00:07:09iNeuron trilane bot
00:07:10iNeuron i said
00:07:10Wrench boots
00:07:12iNeuron fucking read
00:07:13Wrench got it
00:07:21FetAA ok kill now
00:07:21FetAA cm
00:07:30Dota.m sry
00:07:31Dota.m didnt see
00:07:38Nagash miss
00:07:45iNeuron ss maiden
00:08:00Arapiles better timing pls
00:08:02FetAA come cm
00:08:07Wrench just stun and dead
00:08:08MetM sec
00:08:09Wrench :p
00:08:20MetM i was just trying to prevent rune
00:08:53iNeuron ss bot 2
00:09:24Arapiles ss mid
00:09:32Arapiles b top
00:09:33Arapiles inc
00:09:48Arapiles re
00:09:51Nagash tra eouc
00:09:55Nagash mida sa teed:D
00:09:58iNeuron ma tahtsin spelli panna
00:09:59iNeuron teist
00:10:01iNeuron türa
00:10:18Wrench *using bird
00:10:29Wrench ss bot 2
00:10:45Arapiles use chicken ffs
00:10:51Wrench bugging
00:10:52iNeuron 2 ss
00:10:52Wrench wtf
00:10:52iNeuron bot
00:11:16Wrench got ult
00:11:19Wrench coming from side
00:11:24Wrench go
00:11:35Nagash tra ma teadsin:D
00:11:37Wrench towr
00:11:38iNeuron karta oli jep
00:11:39Arapiles s
00:11:40iNeuron osta warde
00:11:47Arapiles ss
00:12:02FetAA where magnus
00:12:04iNeuron oota
00:12:05iNeuron tele
00:12:05iNeuron võta
00:12:12KING-_-JOHN -ma
00:12:14Wrench ss bot 2
00:12:16Wrench lion invo
00:12:29FetAA magnus
00:12:30FetAA somwehre
00:12:31Wrench re lion
00:12:40iNeuron care
00:12:41iNeuron 3 ss bot
00:12:42FetAA he got ulti?
00:12:48Wrench inc mid
00:12:49Wrench lion invo
00:12:53FetAA go
00:12:53Dota.m b
00:12:54Wrench omw
00:13:04Dota.m slardar
00:13:05FetAA magnus incm
00:13:06exilm gang up mb ?
00:13:06Dota.m chick up plz
00:13:06Wrench invis bot
00:13:06Wrench need ?
00:13:06exilm ???
00:13:07FetAA i take
00:13:19Wrench go in invis
00:13:19iNeuron 3 inc
00:13:21Wrench ahead
00:13:28Nagash sk invis
00:13:29Arapiles ss
00:13:33Wrench magnu
00:13:37exilm miss
00:15:19Arapiles 3 mid
00:15:23Wrench omw
00:15:28Arapiles ss mid 2
00:15:44Dota.m ffs lion
00:15:48Nagash f u
00:15:58Arapiles magnus goin top
00:16:49Dota.m sk got haste
00:16:50Dota.m care
00:17:11Wrench omw
00:17:14Arapiles b
00:17:14Wrench got ult
00:17:23Arapiles 4 mid
00:17:44Wrench 20sec and i tp mid
00:17:45Wrench got ult
00:17:46Wrench lets take the tower
00:18:01Wrench 5sec
00:18:08Wrench omw
00:18:41exilm can give me
00:18:42exilm tp ?
00:18:43exilm sk
00:18:55iNeuron -il
00:19:00Wrench b
00:19:19FetAA i come
00:19:22Wrench y
00:19:23Wrench take hast
00:19:24MetM m2
00:19:38FetAA silence him after my stun
00:19:39FetAA so i get ulti
00:19:40Wrench fast
00:19:43Wrench y
00:19:55Arapiles ss mid
00:20:19Nagash oh jah ma ei viitsi
00:20:23iNeuron no shit:D
00:20:42Wrench b
00:20:48Wrench no ult
00:20:49Wrench later
00:20:57Arapiles stay here?
00:21:00Arapiles b
00:21:01FetAA i take rue
00:21:01Arapiles b
00:21:06Wrench 30+ sec ult
00:21:29Dota.m they got so fucking much nuke
00:21:31Wrench gang with it
00:21:44Wrench got ult
00:21:47Wrench can push bot after
00:21:48Nagash tra lioniga 0:5 poel ka normaalne
00:22:12Nagash haha
00:22:16Nagash 7gold:D
00:22:30Nagash come all
00:22:31KING-_-JOHN got dagger gio
00:22:57Dota.m care sk ulti
00:23:04Nagash teadsin
00:23:09KING-_-JOHN well
00:23:10exilm mega fail
00:23:10Nagash ff
00:23:12exilm :D
00:23:16iNeuron like this whole game
00:23:32FetAA invoker with sunstrike all game long ofc
00:23:39iNeuron level 8 still yeah
00:23:42KING-_-JOHN dont pick carrys
00:23:43KING-_-JOHN YAP
00:23:47Wrench b
00:23:50Arapiles b
00:23:50KING-_-JOHN always carrys
00:24:00iNeuron its always carry in gc
00:24:00KING-_-JOHN ppl wanna carry carry carry
00:24:01Nagash this is overD
00:24:05KING-_-JOHN u cant carry
00:24:05iNeuron dont even fucking think of supports..
00:24:07KING-_-JOHN understand
00:24:08iNeuron im talking
00:24:08iNeuron about
00:24:09iNeuron captains
00:24:10iNeuron always
00:24:11iNeuron carry
00:24:11iNeuron here
00:24:13iNeuron support=lose
00:24:18Wrench wanna ?
00:24:21Arapiles nah
00:24:21Wrench could ult rosh
00:24:33Nagash nagu yldse ei viitis sedaplea:D
00:24:59Wrench omw
00:25:00Wrench got ult
00:25:03Wrench dd top
00:25:21exilm 700 need
00:25:23exilm radiance
00:25:26Arapiles b
00:25:30Wrench rosh
00:25:33Arapiles k rosh
00:25:40Arapiles i take dd
00:25:43exilm go rosh witouht me
00:25:46exilm i go down
00:25:47exilm radiance
00:25:49Wrench k
00:26:15Arapiles let me tank
00:26:23Wrench dusa or me aegis ?
00:26:26Wrench k
00:26:54FetAA go?
00:26:58exilm go up
00:26:58Nagash kogd rapieri?
00:26:59exilm or mid
00:27:01Wrench top
00:27:02iNeuron ei
00:27:05Arapiles i need chick b4 go
00:27:28Wrench ult rdy
00:27:29Wrench gather top
00:27:39Dota.m b
00:27:39Dota.m b
00:27:39Dota.m b
00:27:46exilm ;d
00:27:48MetM damnit
00:27:52MetM had to open door :p
00:27:54FetAA why still tehre
00:27:55FetAA pulling :D
00:27:56FetAA krobe
00:27:59Wrench coz
00:28:03Wrench were supposed to gather top ?
00:28:03exilm why
00:28:05exilm dont stun
00:28:07FetAA cause
00:28:08FetAA mroe incoming
00:28:09Nagash I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:28:13FetAA they al lclose
00:28:14exilm who care
00:28:17Wrench it takes 5min for u to come top
00:28:17FetAA magnus has ulti
00:28:18FetAA icare
00:28:19Wrench not my problem
00:28:24Wrench my ult is our pushing key
00:28:30Nagash :D:D
00:28:32exilm amgnsu my ass
00:28:44FetAA yes amgnsu my ass.
00:29:06FetAA go
00:29:30FetAA gogo??
00:29:32FetAA why u sacerd
00:29:32Wrench y
00:29:34FetAA i need to stay back
00:29:35FetAA rest go
00:29:40Wrench just chill
00:29:42Wrench spread out
00:30:02KING-_-JOHN gg
00:30:03Rotkiv I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:30:10FetAA ggzzzz
00:30:34Wrench i uklt
00:30:50Nagash 7 wardi seisab baasis:d
00:31:25Rotkiv I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:31:49Nagash ff it u pussys
00:31:59KING-_-JOHN dont ninjapick lion
00:32:02KING-_-JOHN fucker
00:32:07Nagash ninjapick?
00:32:11iNeuron cause we can all read your mind
00:32:13iNeuron oh wait, i cant
00:32:24KING-_-JOHN ya ninja
00:32:37KING-_-JOHN yo invoker go sunstrike someone
00:32:46iNeuron dont have it
00:32:57exilm :D
00:33:13exilm 700 range that skill..
00:33:23KING-_-JOHN suck
00:33:25KING-_-JOHN my
00:33:26KING-_-JOHN dick
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