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Chat log

00:00:18Soulyah i dont wana ruin my strike
00:00:19chodaboy me rickw, tiny wd
00:00:19Soulyah -
00:00:19ricke -clear
00:00:19Soulyah -3
00:00:19FetAA weaverr
00:00:19Tompson öö
00:00:19Tompson vähä hullu pool
00:00:19Soulyah alche
00:00:19chodaboy weaver alche banned
00:00:19chodaboy goog
00:00:24chodaboy ahah
00:00:24Soulyah tömpson
00:00:24chodaboy what the deuce?
00:00:24Tompson im so confused ;(
00:00:24Soulyah ban alche
00:00:24Soulyah all good
00:00:24FetAA baa?
00:00:24Tompson alche then even though shit hero and easy to kill
00:00:24chodaboy soulyah
00:00:27chodaboy go zeus
00:00:32chodaboy we rickw alche tiny
00:00:37chodaboy nuke alabama
00:00:39Soulyah alche banned
00:00:45FetAA hope they dont get aa
00:00:46FetAA hate it
00:00:48FetAA shouda banned
00:00:48ricke he mean wd
00:00:54ricke get me wd then tomspon
00:00:59FetAA aa?
00:01:00FetAA wd?
00:01:01extremewaari there is trhall and aa and tuskar and and
00:01:03FetAA thra?
00:01:07extremewaari lots of shit heroes
00:01:12FetAA mm
00:01:18FetAA peaatko aa?
00:01:20chodaboy wd axe
00:01:20nigulas meil sick lane
00:01:23nigulas snowball heal
00:01:24nigulas hops!
00:01:28extremewaari en pelaa ku ikinä pelannu
00:01:28chodaboy WD
00:01:31ricke axe...
00:01:31chodaboy ham
00:01:34chodaboy hamster
00:01:38FetAA que2stress aa?
00:01:40que2stress evenbetter is snoball axxe call
00:01:43Nagash tra
00:02:03nigulas thrall can solo top
00:02:03FetAA ur top omni tuskar
00:02:05nigulas we can trilane bot
00:02:05nigulas and own
00:02:06Soulyah lets 0wn
00:02:07FetAA ok
00:02:08extremewaari some1chick if i go forrest?
00:02:12chodaboy -hhn
00:02:12chodaboy -di
00:02:13chodaboy y
00:02:15extremewaari k 3 lane
00:02:17FetAA thra is soo top?
00:02:19extremewaari i buy chick
00:02:19nigulas axe and tuskar come slowball
00:02:21chodaboy OUTPLAY THEM HARD
00:02:21nigulas and i go heal
00:02:22nigulas so sick
00:02:27ricke its impossible to own with HaM in team...
00:02:27que2stress axe call
00:02:30que2stress is sick too :D
00:02:31extremewaari ofc
00:02:32FetAA thra buy wards for top?
00:02:34chodaboy indeed
00:02:35Soulyah true
00:02:39ricke he have ruined my last 3-4 games.
00:02:39chodaboy but do ur best
00:03:04que2stress axe where u go?
00:03:08extremewaari fuck
00:03:09extremewaari bot
00:03:11extremewaari sorry
00:03:13nigulas ur woods
00:03:18nigulas share
00:03:27nigulas pull
00:03:31Mr.HaM this will be hard
00:03:31extremewaari ofc
00:03:39Mr.HaM playing with 3x overated trolling noobs
00:05:16Soulyah cool pick dk
00:05:19Soulyah so useful
00:05:48Mr.HaM nothing would save u now
00:05:53Mr.HaM so why dont u S T F U FUCKiNG NOOB
00:06:01FetAA :DD
00:06:03Tompson :D:D
00:07:26que2stress bah
00:07:28que2stress they deny every creep
00:07:43Tompson miss
00:07:51FetAA juts be passive
00:07:59que2stress and doont chat :;D
00:08:10que2stress could need gang here
00:08:39ricke TOP MISS
00:08:44que2stress lol why not do ur snowball attack?
00:09:10FetAA zeus with rune bot
00:09:38que2stress damn bot lane sucks
00:09:39Soulyah imoprolly?
00:09:47chodaboy ss top
00:09:50chodaboy thtrall
00:09:50que2stress need gang top
00:09:54FetAA mm
00:09:56ricke TOP MIS
00:10:28Tompson up
00:10:28Tompson c
00:10:29Tompson chick
00:10:30Tompson plz
00:10:41nigulas axe come
00:10:46que2stress still need gang top
00:11:10Tompson WR
00:11:10ricke que2 tilt?
00:11:11Tompson TOP RUNE
00:11:11Nagash c
00:11:13Nagash cd
00:11:14Nagash sec
00:11:17FetAA tp top?
00:11:23que2stress tuskar
00:11:23que2stress come
00:11:36chodaboy wait
00:11:43chodaboy i toss u
00:11:44chodaboy omni
00:11:49ricke WR top
00:11:50que2stress u dont stun?
00:11:53FetAA how?
00:12:00nigulas mulka kohe :D
00:12:02que2stress well
00:12:03extremewaari omw
00:12:05extremewaari wait
00:12:06chodaboy mr cunt
00:12:09que2stress dont know the hotkey
00:12:10que2stress but
00:12:15FetAA u dont ski gimpse?
00:12:15chodaboy so fucking retardded
00:12:16que2stress tehre is a stun on ur hero
00:12:17chodaboy mr ham
00:12:22chodaboy could have killed before
00:12:23FetAA yes but no trees or creeps to shake idiot
00:12:23ricke hes useless
00:12:25que2stress and 1 sec is enough
00:12:27FetAA and ski gimpse
00:12:30Tompson can u stop flaming him?
00:12:30que2stress after i can do my spell
00:12:31Mr.HaM stop
00:12:33Mr.HaM sucking
00:12:34chodaboy why?=
00:12:34Mr.HaM FUCKING
00:12:36Mr.HaM NOOOBS
00:12:38Tompson cause its annoying
00:13:07Tompson FF
00:13:09Tompson fucking idiots
00:13:10Tompson sayu miss
00:13:17Tompson the flamers
00:13:39extremewaari gj
00:13:42que2stress 3 mid
00:13:44que2stress come
00:13:50Nagash kill zeus
00:13:55chodaboy got invis
00:13:57chodaboy wait for me
00:13:58que2stress got ball=
00:14:12Nagash pah
00:14:16Nagash fuyckign tiny in invis
00:14:50FetAA :D
00:14:54nigulas sry my phone
00:14:57Tompson salee et shaklennu
00:14:59chodaboy thanks=)
00:15:04FetAA :D shakesin jo ku menin ;D
00:15:06chodaboy when i have dagger
00:15:08Tompson jaaa
00:15:09FetAA oon iha pihal
00:15:09chodaboy its over
00:15:17que2stress come
00:16:10Tompson really
00:16:11Tompson toss me?
00:16:12Tompson really
00:16:17chodaboy SRYSRYSR
00:16:29Mr.HaM pro tiny
00:16:33que2stress why
00:16:34Mr.HaM with mana boots AND bottle
00:16:35que2stress u run aways :(
00:16:41Tompson its best tactic
00:16:49que2stress i cant plant wards
00:17:03que2stress EH LOL OMNI
00:17:38Soulyah FFS
00:17:54que2stress tuskarr
00:17:57que2stress do a 100
00:18:00que2stress gang
00:18:13chodaboy go acxe
00:18:15que2stress get doc
00:18:19FetAA cant tp yet
00:18:19extremewaari wait tuskar and gice mana
00:18:20FetAA got ccd
00:18:32extremewaari no need mana now
00:18:33FetAA zz
00:18:45Soulyah lol
00:18:49que2stress u are so dumb
00:18:56que2stress why u wait like 24h
00:18:57que2stress ?
00:19:01que2stress thoug we knw that that came
00:19:04chodaboy help him
00:19:13Tompson gfhdkpgfhdjigfhd
00:19:14Tompson fhd
00:19:16Tompson gfhokjgfokjgfiojgfiojgfhdo
00:19:16Soulyah bit dizzy
00:19:18Soulyah hangover
00:19:18ricke not easy to play 3v5...
00:19:24que2stress tuskar axe and me
00:19:27que2stress we should perma gang
00:19:28chodaboy dagger in 200
00:19:30Mr.HaM u are -2 RETARD?
00:19:30extremewaari y
00:19:33FetAA and me ;p
00:19:39Tompson this game is so annoying for some reason
00:19:41Nagash imame
00:19:45Mr.HaM i said
00:19:48Nagash wd?
00:19:48Mr.HaM 2x trollers
00:19:50Mr.HaM 3x
00:19:51nigulas wd
00:19:51Tompson lol
00:19:53Mr.HaM this will be hard
00:19:54que2stress wait
00:19:57Tompson its not annoying casue of *trollers*
00:19:57Soulyah ham
00:19:58Soulyah stfu
00:20:03Tompson its annoying cause tuskar omni etc
00:20:06ricke okey...
00:20:17que2stress cdoe
00:20:18ricke tompson, its annoying to play 4v5
00:20:23ricke withput ham, always the same
00:20:25ricke every game
00:20:29ricke thats what annoying
00:20:51Mr.HaM -hhn
00:20:52chodaboy banrequest mr.ham
00:20:53ricke see, he farm instead of help.....
00:21:00ricke always the same
00:21:19Tompson ok guys
00:21:23Tompson focus on omni/thrall
00:21:24Tompson plz
00:21:30Tompson and tuskar
00:21:35que2stress ganga more
00:21:47chodaboy 200 dager
00:21:47que2stress axe
00:21:49chodaboy need it
00:21:49extremewaari feta top
00:22:13Mr.HaM unvelivable
00:22:14Tompson PhUN HERO
00:22:19Mr.HaM that he didt cant male on him
00:22:39nigulas WRONG WAY
00:22:47Tompson lol
00:22:48Tompson blocked
00:22:58que2stress omni
00:23:05que2stress what are u doing all the time?'
00:23:52Tompson FUCKING
00:23:53Tompson TINY
00:23:55Tompson ARE IU BRAINLÖESS
00:23:56Tompson ???
00:24:07Tompson MORON
00:24:08Tompson FUCK OFF
00:24:17ricke DK goes solo, 5 min after team fight. GOGOGO
00:24:28Mr.HaM its choda
00:24:31Mr.HaM learn :
00:24:33Soulyah ham
00:24:34Mr.HaM =
00:24:36Soulyah hes way better than u
00:24:36Mr.HaM )
00:24:38Tompson i doint give a fuck who is who
00:24:39Soulyah ur useless
00:24:41Tompson but STO?=P TOSSING ME
00:24:43Tompson GET IT?=
00:24:51Mr.HaM -ignore soulyah
00:25:06Mr.HaM lul mass ignoreon team
00:25:21que2stress ah i cant plant wards
00:25:22que2stress :D
00:26:03ricke where is team?!
00:26:22Tompson just focus omni
00:26:25Tompson with tiny combo
00:26:29ricke PT,1 bracer and soul ring.... 23 minutes! :DDDDDDDD
00:26:30chodaboy yeah
00:26:33ricke thats imba DK
00:26:53que2stress dk inc
00:27:30que2stress our teamfights suck
00:27:35Soulyah lucky for u we have ham
00:27:37Tompson :D:D
00:27:47extremewaari wrong way dude _DDd
00:28:17que2stress why u solo all with half hp`?
00:28:28Tompson ninja
00:28:42chodaboy towe otop
00:29:07que2stress arf
00:29:07Tompson goog
00:29:08Tompson mid
00:29:14que2stress plz omni do u wards
00:29:18que2stress i got not enough hp
00:29:34FetAA :D
00:30:01que2stress we need teamfihts
00:30:01chodaboy i get hex
00:30:02que2stress plz
00:30:07extremewaari i need hood
00:30:08nigulas ur the 1 to talk
00:30:12nigulas u die alone
00:30:21que2stress ye cause i have to do the warding
00:30:27nigulas i will repel u axe
00:30:27que2stress and die when try to
00:30:34nigulas but ur always somewhere
00:30:36nigulas i duno where
00:30:42chodaboy need 2 hex
00:30:47chodaboy soulyah u making one?
00:30:58Soulyah lol
00:30:59chodaboy or get pipe
00:31:02Soulyah not rly
00:31:05nigulas u need blink
00:31:05Soulyah ye im going on pipe
00:31:06nigulas not hod
00:31:16Mr.HaM rune
00:31:20que2stress our main prob is
00:31:24que2stress that no one has farm
00:31:50que2stress axe
00:31:52que2stress u come?
00:31:56extremewaari y
00:31:58Mr.HaM tards ignored.. so i can tsee "reuse chic" :DD
00:32:06FetAA wd zeus first
00:32:10extremewaari come
00:32:12Nagash illu
00:32:15que2stress illu
00:32:18Tompson need all mid
00:32:19Tompson ham come
00:32:27Tompson ??
00:32:59Mr.HaM fucking toos
00:33:04Tompson seriously
00:33:10Tompson that blink in sucked
00:33:16Mr.HaM i was not even there
00:33:18Mr.HaM no1 was
00:33:19Tompson let soulyah go first
00:33:25que2stress ill get hood
00:33:25nigulas kill that tomb too pls
00:33:26Tompson then go blink and take out omni
00:33:29Mr.HaM we were like 1000 range behind
00:33:30que2stress pipe i mean
00:33:33FetAA k
00:33:36nigulas ill get pipe
00:33:38nigulas u get shiva or hex
00:33:42chodaboy leave pls
00:33:44chodaboy or stfu
00:33:46Tompson or thrall
00:33:46chodaboy cunt
00:33:50que2stress we change
00:33:51que2stress u shiva
00:33:52Tompson thrall imba too
00:33:53que2stress me pipe
00:33:57FetAA b iquess
00:34:12que2stress b
00:34:21FetAA ZZ
00:34:23FetAA why
00:34:24FetAA i coudnt
00:34:26Tompson gogogo
00:35:02Tompson OP
00:35:03Tompson SHIT BALL
00:35:07Soulyah ye
00:35:22Tompson coming
00:35:42nigulas nvm ill go forcfe staff
00:35:46que2stress y
00:35:51que2stress i have that pipe soon
00:35:55nigulas yy
00:35:55extremewaari now i make that hood
00:35:56que2stress need it cause loow hp
00:35:59que2stress axe
00:36:03que2stress i got pipe
00:36:06extremewaari k
00:36:06chodaboy need hex for that omniwhore
00:36:16Soulyah kill
00:36:18Soulyah that ball
00:36:19Soulyah in fights
00:36:21extremewaari i go ac
00:36:23Soulyah tuskars ball
00:36:24que2stress need 800
00:36:27que2stress u can do
00:36:30que2stress blademail
00:36:32chodaboy ranged need to kill
00:36:33chodaboy i cant
00:36:36extremewaari that true
00:36:36chodaboy so slow
00:36:38Tompson i cant either
00:36:53extremewaari but i bought plate mail
00:37:01que2stress then do ac
00:37:03que2stress or shiva
00:37:09que2stress as omni wont shiva
00:37:14que2stress b
00:37:19Tompson go mid
00:37:19nigulas feta come
00:37:20que2stress need all
00:37:32Tompson take haste
00:37:52Tompson :D:D:
00:37:52extremewaari all
00:37:52FetAA MIKS
00:37:53extremewaari fuck
00:37:55FetAA :D
00:37:59FetAA wy u gio?+
00:38:00FetAA go b
00:38:02FetAA i died ardy
00:38:03que2stress alaways the same shit
00:38:03FetAA :D
00:38:06FetAA i got terbuy
00:38:07FetAA rebuy
00:38:08que2stress just cant stay together
00:38:09FetAA ..
00:38:15nigulas TEAM WTF
00:38:16que2stress go base
00:38:18extremewaari -.-'
00:38:24que2stress well
00:38:27que2stress why u go omni
00:38:30que2stress vs hasted dk?
00:38:35nigulas who caers
00:38:38que2stress well
00:38:39extremewaari just def base
00:38:39que2stress ure dead
00:38:43que2stress and u blame us
00:38:44que2stress sowe care
00:38:48Soulyah more
00:38:49Soulyah ?
00:38:51Tompson y
00:39:52Tompson fucking
00:39:53Tompson hell
00:40:20Tompson lol
00:40:25chodaboy let me for hex
00:40:30ricke UD, what the FUCK are u doing? why u run away from start+!
00:40:33ricke jesus christ
00:40:34que2stress b
00:40:38Soulyah them 3
00:40:40Soulyah us 2
00:40:40Tompson he thought ud die moer easily?
00:40:42Soulyah im oom
00:40:44ricke ih ad male on wR, if u just would nuke some, he would die
00:41:01Soulyah didnt rly think u surivive that long lol
00:41:10extremewaari top all
00:41:11chodaboy got hex
00:41:19Tompson ok go mid then
00:41:21Tompson lets not give them time
00:41:21Soulyah got pipe
00:41:23extremewaari or mid
00:41:26Soulyah kill that fuking
00:41:29Soulyah ball
00:41:30que2stress need
00:41:30que2stress wards
00:41:34Soulyah 250hp
00:41:34que2stress or dont go
00:41:38Tompson btw choda
00:41:40Tompson kill thrall
00:41:46Tompson that thrall
00:41:46que2stress AND DONT
00:41:48que2stress SPREAD
00:41:48Tompson is killing us
00:41:49que2stress THIS TIME
00:41:50Tompson more than anyone
00:41:50Soulyah ye
00:41:50extremewaari mid all
00:42:02extremewaari mid!
00:42:11Tompson ;D
00:42:15que2stress he doesnt learn it
00:42:16extremewaari feta
00:42:18Soulyah lol
00:42:19extremewaari vittu
00:42:22Tompson lol ulti
00:42:23Tompson XDD
00:42:24chodaboy wtf
00:42:24que2stress he doesnt understrand
00:42:43Nagash I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:42:49que2stress where
00:42:53que2stress is the prob?
00:42:57que2stress just going 5?
00:43:02FetAA why
00:43:02FetAA :D
00:43:02extremewaari I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:43:03FetAA u all died
00:43:04que2stress can u tell me?
00:43:04FetAA suddenly
00:43:06FetAA :D
00:43:06Tompson rax
00:43:07FetAA i got rebuy
00:43:07chodaboy wp gg
00:43:08FetAA dont go die
00:43:13que2stress axe
00:43:14que2stress dont
00:43:16que2stress we need 5
00:43:18que2stress or nobody
00:43:19FetAA wel too many ded
00:43:25ricke ye, wp gg all exept DK
00:43:28que2stress well
00:43:32Soulyah dk did good
00:43:33que2stress why cant we go togetherß
00:43:38que2stress why u farm alone top and die?
00:43:45ricke we could win without him
00:44:05que2stress feta
00:44:07que2stress u sucik :D
00:44:11que2stress really
00:44:15que2stress u cant wait
00:44:16que2stress never
00:44:17FetAA u had to
00:44:23Soulyah b?
00:44:36que2stress its so easy teamplay that we fail#
00:44:46que2stress and that is sad
00:44:51nigulas its so easy is that wr is a fucking noob
00:44:53Tompson why b
00:44:55Tompson we have mass creeps
00:44:56Tompson here
00:44:56nigulas should be lastpick aside with svents
00:45:00Soulyah shoping
00:45:03Soulyah b4 i lose money
00:45:06que2stress dieing 2 times
00:45:10que2stress before base
00:45:11que2stress is so sad
00:45:12nigulas 2x entrys
00:45:15que2stress in lategame
00:45:15nigulas fucking idiooot
00:45:50Tompson phew
00:45:51Tompson gj
00:45:55Soulyah gg feta
00:46:22Mr.HaM gg
00:46:23chodaboy gg
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