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Chat log

00:00:04aRkker GIEF PHOENIX
00:00:07Herre gimmeh sk
00:00:08NotAHax bendover
00:00:08NotAHax ff
00:00:09Herre xxXXd
00:00:13BenDover ;]
00:00:17NotAHax BENDOVER
00:00:18NotAHax ÄFÄFÄFFÄ
00:00:24kitkat i'm not lastpick
00:00:24kitkat lol
00:00:28Nxtra what a boring pooool
00:00:28aRkker gief phoenix lol
00:00:28Nxtra ban slard
00:00:28Y4KUZA wr
00:00:28Y4KUZA wr
00:00:28NotAHax well
00:00:28Y4KUZA wrfor me
00:00:28NotAHax :D
00:00:28NotAHax you weish
00:00:28Herre xxxxD
00:00:28NotAHax well
00:00:28NotAHax gay situation
00:00:28NotAHax if i ban wr
00:00:28NotAHax he picks riki
00:00:28Nxtra abdul
00:00:28NotAHax -phoenix
00:00:28Nxtra ban
00:00:30aRkker !Slardar & Phoenix
00:00:34NotAHax fu nigger
00:00:35kitkat valgosibuli
00:00:40NotAHax someone wants
00:00:40NotAHax wd?
00:00:41NotAHax fast
00:00:45BenDover i can play
00:00:46BenDover wd
00:00:46NotAHax wd would be good
00:00:47Y4KUZA wr for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
00:01:00NotAHax get me dk
00:01:02Nxtra cm dk
00:01:10kitkat I FARM DK
00:01:11Nxtra stuns stuns stuns
00:01:15kitkat :C
00:01:16NotAHax get me razor
00:01:18NotAHax or jugger
00:01:18NotAHax jugger
00:01:19NotAHax jugger
00:01:20NotAHax jugger
00:01:22NotAHax get me jugger
00:01:23BenDover k
00:01:40Herre 4 melee
00:01:40Herre Xd
00:01:53mrk lanes?
00:01:55NotAHax jugger plx
00:01:56aRkker !
00:01:56kitkat forest
00:01:57Nxtra mrk confident enough for mid?
00:01:57kitkat I r
00:01:58kitkat am
00:01:59NotAHax -swap 5
00:02:02NotAHax im midd
00:02:02mrk sure
00:02:02BenDover -swap 1
00:02:04Nxtra let me solo top then
00:02:09Herre lanes?
00:02:10aRkker oh god
00:02:11Y4KUZA im woods
00:02:14Herre shares
00:02:20SantoDiDio let me bot solo
00:02:24Herre XXXXXd
00:02:30BenDover trilane top ?
00:02:33NotAHax no trilanes
00:02:34Herre not
00:02:38Nxtra check runes
00:02:42kitkat I'll gank the lane if it's easy
00:02:46kitkat if not then no whine plz
00:02:48kitkat or banned
00:02:50Nxtra no easy lanes
00:03:25Nxtra come lvl 1
00:03:27Nxtra aclick sk
00:03:27NotAHax coward
00:03:30NotAHax why ur not mid
00:03:36Herre TOP MISS
00:03:40NotAHax y
00:03:41Herre riki re
00:03:41Nxtra U were wd
00:03:54kitkat -_-
00:05:18mrk SO LAME
00:05:23BenDover n1
00:05:24aRkker ära vingu
00:05:25BenDover ss
00:05:39NotAHax wd
00:05:40NotAHax you need play
00:05:41NotAHax safe
00:05:49SantoDiDio cent if u gank we kill easy
00:05:54aRkker any build suggestions?
00:05:54BenDover kk
00:05:57Nxtra pt bkb
00:06:06Triplete illu bot
00:06:07aRkker works for me
00:06:08Y4KUZA ogre going bot
00:06:33Nxtra max skill breath steal all kills you get ;P
00:06:45BenDover ss
00:06:52Triplete take rune bot
00:06:56kitkat yy
00:06:57kitkat I know
00:07:10Herre kill
00:07:21mrk yurn top
00:07:28mrk re
00:07:30kitkat fuu
00:07:37mrk yurn
00:07:37BenDover care
00:07:48NotAHax go
00:07:54NotAHax male
00:08:07NotAHax :D:D
00:08:19BenDover :D
00:08:21NotAHax YYÄÄH
00:08:26aRkker mrk
00:08:28aRkker freekill bo
00:08:28SantoDiDio cent?
00:08:30aRkker t
00:08:40NotAHax no mana
00:08:57NotAHax go stun wd
00:08:59NotAHax stun
00:09:01mrk he has invi
00:09:08aRkker who does
00:09:15mrk na
00:09:16Nxtra fuck you
00:09:20Herre manners
00:09:20Nxtra 5man gank
00:09:23NotAHax maners
00:09:23NotAHax ban
00:09:30kitkat oom
00:09:40NotAHax focussaan ton rageformii
00:09:40BenDover ss
00:09:42Nxtra ss
00:09:42kitkat blink or vangu first?
00:09:42NotAHax sitte se ei osaa enää farm
00:09:43Nxtra jugger
00:09:44Herre xxxxD
00:09:49NotAHax ostan dustiiki
00:09:51NotAHax go again
00:09:52NotAHax i come with dust
00:09:54Y4KUZA ss mid
00:09:55aRkker 34 cs
00:10:05NotAHax wait me
00:10:11NotAHax sk wd rdy
00:10:56Triplete no mana
00:10:56NotAHax help
00:10:58kitkat xD
00:11:00kitkat heal on wd
00:11:04NotAHax na
00:11:11NotAHax stun rki
00:11:17BenDover oom
00:11:21Nxtra CARE
00:11:22NotAHax stunnaa se riki
00:11:24Nxtra he got ulti
00:11:27kitkat np
00:11:29kitkat I stronk
00:11:44kitkat oom
00:11:53NotAHax Bye nigger
00:11:59Nxtra i need farm
00:12:02Nxtra i go bot
00:12:05NotAHax wd
00:12:05aRkker no you wont
00:12:06NotAHax buy me dust
00:12:07aRkker lpolz
00:12:09NotAHax and lets kill again
00:12:10aRkker got almost bkb
00:12:16NotAHax wd dustp lz
00:12:19Nxtra i got boots
00:12:20kitkat go mid
00:12:21NotAHax thanks
00:12:26Nxtra go around
00:12:36Triplete wait
00:12:36Nxtra stun
00:12:36NotAHax na
00:12:39NotAHax start moving ur ass
00:12:42kitkat comiing
00:12:45NotAHax go
00:12:54Nxtra fuckasdlkjasdljkasd
00:12:55Herre D:D:D
00:12:55Nxtra ogre
00:12:56NotAHax you mad?
00:12:57Nxtra seriosly
00:13:01Triplete srsly
00:13:02BenDover ?
00:13:03Triplete go ar
00:13:06Triplete go fartm
00:13:09NotAHax riki raging
00:13:10Triplete stop roamigng with riki
00:13:10NotAHax in vent
00:13:13Nxtra dude
00:13:14Nxtra you retarded?
00:13:15Nxtra they gank me
00:13:18Nxtra and you make me die
00:13:18NotAHax yakuz
00:13:19NotAHax go
00:13:19NotAHax carry
00:13:20NotAHax radi
00:13:20Nxtra cuz you run away from me
00:13:21NotAHax dagger
00:13:22Nxtra so i cant blink
00:13:22NotAHax cent
00:13:22Triplete i stuneed
00:13:25NotAHax ok?
00:13:26Triplete i sued all mana
00:13:27NotAHax i deal with riki
00:13:27Herre WHERE WAS MALE
00:13:27Triplete and you die
00:13:30mrk care bot
00:13:32aRkker come bot
00:13:33Triplete cuz you are roaming
00:13:36aRkker riki
00:13:38aRkker 56 CS
00:13:42aRkker I guess I'll be fine for a moment
00:13:47BenDover mana
00:13:49kitkat xddddd
00:13:51Herre se on hermona kohta
00:13:52kitkat LOL STOP ROAMING
00:13:52Herre xxxxxxxD
00:13:53kitkat PLZ
00:13:53NotAHax get back
00:13:55NotAHax wd
00:13:56NotAHax get back
00:14:09kitkat gonna get blink
00:14:15kitkat first item
00:14:16kitkat awwyeah
00:14:18Nxtra do it
00:14:26NotAHax ur woods now?
00:14:36kitkat :C
00:14:39kitkat NO WOODS
00:14:40NotAHax telee
00:14:40NotAHax and go
00:14:41kitkat PLZ DON'T
00:14:45aRkker he went missing from bot
00:14:49aRkker expect a nigger-attack at bottom
00:14:54aRkker top*
00:15:07Nxtra i lave
00:15:07NotAHax :D:D:
00:15:09Nxtra i go woods
00:15:12kitkat :C
00:15:13NotAHax buy me more dust plz
00:15:13NotAHax wd
00:15:13kitkat no
00:15:18NotAHax revenge from trax game
00:15:20kitkat I get dagger
00:15:21kitkat then you can
00:15:23BenDover where are the wards ?
00:15:26BenDover who took them
00:15:27Nxtra i have boots
00:15:33kitkat FINE
00:15:40NotAHax tuun
00:15:42mrk b
00:15:57kitkat PLZ
00:15:58mrk why not run
00:15:58kitkat NOTAHAX
00:16:00kitkat WHOLE TEAM?
00:16:04Herre y
00:16:08NotAHax problem ?
00:16:15kitkat yes citizen
00:16:17NotAHax buy me dust
00:16:17NotAHax plz
00:16:24NotAHax ty
00:16:32BenDover who took the freaking wards ?
00:16:35kitkat :D:D:D::D:D:DD
00:16:37BenDover lol
00:16:41NotAHax look my inv nxtra
00:16:42NotAHax just for you
00:16:43aRkker bkb in 1300
00:16:44BenDover reg
00:17:19NotAHax go
00:17:22NotAHax rikio
00:17:43NotAHax b
00:17:51aRkker don't go lol
00:17:54NotAHax na get dust
00:17:55aRkker da man
00:17:56NotAHax so you can solo riki
00:17:56aRkker u'll die
00:17:57NotAHax fro mbase
00:18:00Nxtra get him
00:18:02SantoDiDio i give u
00:18:08SantoDiDio my dust
00:18:14kitkat dagger in 50
00:18:14kitkat :>
00:18:17NotAHax oh
00:18:18kitkat finally
00:18:18NotAHax k
00:18:48kitkat dagger now
00:18:50kitkat no boots tho
00:18:50kitkat :C
00:18:57kitkat boots are for the weak
00:19:03aRkker Well played sir
00:19:16NotAHax bait riki out na
00:19:17Y4KUZA yeah, noobs need luck
00:19:19NotAHax good
00:19:35Nxtra i know what im gonna buyu
00:19:46kitkat 6 branches?
00:19:49NotAHax gj bend
00:19:52kitkat xdxdxdd
00:19:52NotAHax just keep buying dust and im happy
00:19:52Nxtra no
00:19:53Nxtra imba items
00:19:54NotAHax na take wd dust
00:19:56kitkat ok
00:19:56Nxtra ghost scepter
00:19:57NotAHax >_>_>
00:19:57aRkker bkb in 100
00:19:58kitkat good idea
00:19:59Nxtra and eternal
00:20:07aRkker what am I gonna go for after bkb?
00:20:08Nxtra around 150 min
00:20:10aRkker -ma
00:20:12Nxtra dominator
00:20:13mrk ac?
00:20:13Nxtra anda curias
00:20:17aRkker sir yes sir
00:20:19Nxtra dominator first
00:20:22aRkker obv
00:20:22Nxtra then ac and u win
00:20:31Nxtra let me farm
00:21:04NotAHax nxtra
00:21:25Nxtra 1599gold for ghost scepter
00:21:36NotAHax :D:
00:21:52NotAHax go na
00:21:53NotAHax kill riki
00:21:56NotAHax ulti + stun tadaa
00:22:01NotAHax D:D:
00:22:26Nxtra evryone
00:22:28Nxtra buy ghost scepter
00:22:29Nxtra gogogoog
00:22:37Nxtra he cant kill shit with his 6 divines in couple of min
00:22:38aRkker won't his spin hurt you even more then?
00:22:46NotAHax ne on jo sekasi
00:22:48Nxtra no
00:22:49kitkat o.o
00:22:57NotAHax wait there
00:23:00NotAHax go riki
00:23:02NotAHax stun + male him i do rest
00:23:10Nxtra If you come top now i hack ur wow acc and delte ur paladin
00:23:11Triplete pick ward axe
00:23:13Triplete he bought
00:23:15NotAHax D:D:
00:23:15Triplete i
00:23:15NotAHax gl
00:23:18NotAHax >_<
00:23:24aRkker he has norton, you can't hax him
00:23:47NotAHax gjbend .P
00:24:09aRkker 107 cs
00:24:10Nxtra rofl
00:24:10NotAHax dust
00:24:10aRkker ciao
00:24:11NotAHax dust
00:24:15Nxtra 90% my ass lolol
00:24:26Nxtra first gank that actually failed on me
00:24:27Herre b
00:24:28aRkker yy
00:24:29NotAHax y
00:24:29Nxtra im fed now
00:24:31Nxtra 300g
00:24:49NotAHax who?
00:25:23NotAHax :D:D
00:25:27kitkat ogre
00:25:27NotAHax i can send you
00:25:30NotAHax dotainvite replays
00:25:32kitkat instead of getting bracers
00:25:33Nxtra im jsut the decoy
00:25:33kitkat GET WARDS
00:25:34NotAHax they know me best riki at di
00:25:39Triplete i boght wards
00:25:42Triplete are you blind?
00:25:48aRkker got my HoD
00:25:52kitkat wtf is this
00:26:03Triplete 1-5 and talking shit?
00:26:04Triplete ffs
00:26:15kitkat 0 assists ogre
00:26:33Triplete how i can assist with this fucking noob team
00:26:35SantoDiDio heal me
00:26:38SantoDiDio wd
00:26:40Triplete you see our picks?
00:26:46kitkat and?
00:26:54Triplete and we got outpicked
00:27:00Triplete you are missigng all blink
00:27:13NotAHax :D
00:27:33Nxtra youll regret this
00:27:41Triplete ff
00:27:48BenDover pwning you ?
00:28:16NotAHax sorry but ur game is over son
00:28:38Nxtra arkker
00:28:38Nxtra i want ur items
00:28:38aRkker k
00:28:38Nxtra jk
00:28:38BenDover :/
00:28:38kitkat xD
00:28:38Nxtra i can balance
00:28:38NotAHax ulti agha np
00:28:38NotAHax dagon*
00:28:38NotAHax )
00:28:38kitkat ))))))))
00:29:01NotAHax top next
00:29:38NotAHax :D:D
00:29:43Nxtra remember pa game?
00:29:49NotAHax y
00:29:50Nxtra :D
00:29:57NotAHax you remember old gc
00:30:05NotAHax where i stomped you countless times with .sf
00:30:15Herre .sf
00:30:53NotAHax guys go finish
00:31:00Y4KUZA -cs
00:31:27NotAHax finish
00:31:35Nxtra OUTPLAYED
00:31:36kitkat I so weak that na kills me with his stuff
00:31:37kitkat yayz
00:31:48aRkker b
00:32:33NotAHax UUH
00:32:36BenDover lol riki
00:32:37NotAHax :;S:D:
00:32:37NotAHax :DD
00:32:39NotAHax :DDDDDDDDDD
00:32:40kitkat Nxtra came
00:32:41Nxtra AERLERKRELK
00:32:50NotAHax fuck guys
00:32:51NotAHax dk
00:32:51Nxtra admins allowed to maphax only
00:32:54NotAHax needs to be killed
00:33:53kitkat xDD
00:34:01BenDover push or what ?
00:34:06BenDover maybe we should take it slower
00:34:11NotAHax dont know
00:34:14NotAHax dk gets fat = problems
00:34:22NotAHax WE NEED
00:34:22NotAHax DUST
00:34:23NotAHax NOW
00:34:50BenDover wtf was that
00:35:13NotAHax use
00:35:14NotAHax dust
00:35:20mrk :D
00:35:22Nxtra moar dusts
00:35:23Nxtra Plx
00:35:25NotAHax :D:D
00:35:28NotAHax g
00:35:28NotAHax go
00:35:29NotAHax now
00:35:29BenDover got moar ;p
00:35:32BenDover gonna scan
00:35:34BenDover :P
00:35:37Nxtra you bought dusts for fucking more gold then ive farmed the entire game
00:35:45NotAHax feels good man
00:35:53NotAHax -,-.
00:35:55BenDover we rich
00:35:57Nxtra f
00:36:07NotAHax pff
00:36:11Y4KUZA well
00:36:14Y4KUZA now
00:36:39NotAHax dk soon ac
00:36:41NotAHax will be problem
00:36:50Herre and windrunner
00:36:51NotAHax we need male
00:36:52NotAHax and
00:36:55NotAHax all shit
00:36:55NotAHax on dk
00:37:30mrk dk buriza
00:37:39Herre srsly.
00:37:39kitkat fukka you dorfin
00:37:47Y4KUZA i have gem
00:37:48Nxtra wr
00:37:51Nxtra divine
00:37:52Nxtra for me
00:37:54mrk ok
00:37:55NotAHax gop
00:37:57BenDover fukka you wharu
00:37:58Herre hävitään vielä
00:38:01kitkat xd
00:38:02Nxtra wolawola
00:38:08Nxtra Perkele
00:38:11kitkat PERKELE
00:38:12Herre xD
00:38:32NotAHax thanks
00:38:36Nxtra move
00:38:50Y4KUZA gem
00:38:58BenDover god damn wtf
00:38:59Y4KUZA gem?
00:39:07BenDover i keep on falling down like a bitch all the time
00:39:32aRkker WARFD
00:40:04NotAHax destroyed gem
00:40:05NotAHax fuck you
00:40:12Y4KUZA :D
00:40:14Herre hyviä pelekä
00:40:24NotAHax okay guys
00:40:27Herre gays
00:40:29NotAHax that rosh was nice
00:40:31NotAHax we need
00:40:32NotAHax 1 more good fight
00:40:33NotAHax and we win
00:40:35NotAHax :)?
00:40:38NotAHax :/(
00:41:01NotAHax DONT GO
00:41:01NotAHax waitm e
00:41:08NotAHax herre ultaa arkkerii
00:41:09Nxtra nota aint THAT fat
00:41:09NotAHax na
00:41:10NotAHax try sin dk
00:41:11Nxtra go mid all 5
00:41:12NotAHax stun dk
00:41:14NotAHax before he uses bkb
00:41:26BenDover cent
00:41:27BenDover wtfc ?
00:41:38NotAHax bend
00:41:39NotAHax why
00:41:40NotAHax you
00:41:40NotAHax go
00:41:41NotAHax like that
00:41:42NotAHax ..
00:41:44NotAHax like a idiot
00:41:57Nxtra hahaha
00:41:57Nxtra <3
00:42:02NotAHax bend
00:42:05NotAHax do you understand
00:42:07NotAHax you just lost us mid raxes
00:42:14NotAHax you need stay fucking BACK
00:42:16NotAHax you let centaur sk push
00:42:18NotAHax then you go
00:42:18NotAHax ..
00:42:27NotAHax ultaa
00:42:28NotAHax sun on pakko
00:42:41mrk rax
00:42:57Nxtra b
00:42:57Nxtra b
00:42:58Nxtra b
00:43:32Nxtra go mid again
00:43:33aRkker they're coming
00:43:34kitkat almost vangu xd
00:43:34aRkker fend this off
00:43:36aRkker and we're done
00:43:40NotAHax wait sk
00:43:46mrk dk rapes all if axe gets good call
00:43:52aRkker dk rapes never the less lLOLOL
00:43:54BenDover haste
00:44:01NotAHax gather
00:44:06NotAHax wait
00:44:07Herre ulti in 20
00:44:11NotAHax b
00:44:11NotAHax b
00:44:35NotAHax NYT SÄ ULTAAT
00:44:36NotAHax ..
00:44:38NotAHax HERRE VITTU
00:44:39Triplete sry cd stun
00:44:43BenDover lol
00:45:11NotAHax herre kusi
00:45:12NotAHax _
00:45:13NotAHax pihtas ultia
00:45:16NotAHax ei vaa myönnä
00:45:21NotAHax ei ollu ulti taulukos cdel
00:45:25Nxtra imba item
00:45:26aRkker need 80 more
00:45:26Nxtra saved me
00:45:27NotAHax nyt se koittaa
00:45:28NotAHax :DD
00:45:29kitkat herre
00:45:29aRkker for sataniczorsz
00:45:31NotAHax kusetta
00:45:36kitkat herre
00:45:40kitkat ministeri
00:45:42kitkat huora
00:45:42Nxtra we win ez if u get sata
00:45:46Herre plz
00:45:48kitkat PLZ
00:45:48NotAHax :D:D
00:45:52Nxtra bkb and use it you can 1v5
00:45:59aRkker does bkb fuck it up?
00:46:02aRkker if I use same at the same time
00:46:02kitkat naah, ministeri, no hate
00:46:03Nxtra no
00:46:04aRkker both
00:46:08mrk u heal from splash
00:46:09Triplete wait me
00:46:10mrk imba
00:46:11aRkker ok
00:46:13NotAHax everyone hates swedish
00:46:15aRkker excellentos
00:46:22Triplete i bloodlust all wait me
00:46:57SantoDiDio push
00:47:02aRkker buyouts?
00:47:03Nxtra you can do this
00:47:05aRkker I can't fend this off alone
00:47:06Nxtra no1
00:47:07Nxtra ,D
00:47:10BenDover i go top
00:47:12Nxtra belive in yourself
00:47:12NotAHax NO
00:47:14Herre D:D:D
00:47:14Triplete we need together
00:47:16mrk go now
00:47:17BenDover :D
00:47:18mrk if u let them in
00:47:19mrk its lost
00:47:20Triplete you rushed in their woods
00:47:22SantoDiDio thorne
00:47:23NotAHax you rly arent the smart one?
00:47:33Nxtra gg
00:47:34NotAHax gg
00:47:38aRkker BG*
00:47:38NotAHax ¨D:D:
00:47:40NotAHax AHHAHA
00:47:41NotAHax HÄVISITTE
00:47:44NotAHax AHAHAHHAH
00:47:45NotAHax aHAHHAAH
00:47:52Nxtra getting tierd of pwning evry game
00:48:01Nxtra funnest game this year
00:48:03Nxtra funniest
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