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-24 X
-13 TS

96% | 1249 X | 1433 TS

-11 X
-11 TS

44% | 1001 X | 1174 TS

-38 X
-11 TS

34% | 1038 X | 1067 TS

+7 X
-22 TS

NEW | 1002 X | 981 TS

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-16 TS

3% | 738 X | 963 TS

+18 X
+20 TS

80% | 1245 X | 1254 TS

+47 X
+31 TS

39% | 1032 X | 1168 TS

+5 X
+28 TS

38% | 1020 X | 1094 TS

-30 X
+60 TS

NEW | 887 X | 1027 TS

+25 X
+22 TS

21% | 927 X | 1022 TS

Chat log

00:00:07aRkker rhasta huskar luna
00:00:22dhgf zeus tc na
00:00:23MATi u want mid with potm? :P
00:00:26dhgf what u got ppl
00:00:32NoX ye could do that
00:00:37MATi ye take then mid :)
00:00:40creeeeeee i'd like to go tinker
00:00:41NoX dont mid going on lane either
00:00:43NoX but mid works
00:00:54FetAA dont pick carry kriku an d cree
00:00:55FetAA so i can
00:00:56FetAA pl0x
00:01:08creeeeeee well tinker aint carry
00:01:13curdi it is
00:01:21KrikU -repick
00:01:25creeeeeee if they get more paper i will get it
00:01:33creeeeeee kriku?
00:01:50aRkker issand jumal.. srsly?
00:01:50FetAA kriku suck dick
00:02:00MATi ats chicken
00:02:04dhgf ATS afk?
00:02:05creeeeeee me mid?
00:02:06NoX ats pick hero?
00:02:11aRkker .........
00:02:12FetAA no im
00:02:15dhgf chicken
00:02:20creeeeeee void against potm?
00:02:22creeeeeee ook
00:02:26FetAA who is noX
00:02:28MATi share pls
00:02:34NoX mid miss
00:02:36FetAA well no lanes where i can farm
00:02:37FetAA thats why
00:02:38creeeeeee used to be 95%
00:02:39creeeeeee imo
00:03:07curdi kriku dont fucking autoattack
00:03:09creeeeeee and a very good potm player
00:03:28creeeeeee if thats the same guy
00:04:17creeeeeee ss shaman
00:04:40MATi potm when 5 or smth get bottle and gang
00:04:42MATi lanes
00:04:44creeeeeee re
00:05:37dhgf harass sniper
00:05:51dhgf put that nuke on sk
00:06:26FetAA miss potm
00:06:28FetAA going bot
00:07:10ATS_ s
00:07:11ATS_ s
00:07:19FetAA said u
00:07:49FetAA some1 upg chick
00:08:00Nagash go rhasta=
00:08:06ATS_ gj
00:08:29dhgf nuke on sk
00:08:36dhgf gogo
00:08:42FetAA MISS
00:08:51curdi ok
00:09:05dhgf i got manaboots in a sec ats
00:09:06MATi bot miss glock
00:09:09Nagash sk tele top
00:09:26ATS_ b
00:09:33aRkker -2 bot
00:09:35aRkker tinker and glock
00:09:36aRkker carem id
00:09:40aRkker nvm tinker back
00:10:02dhgf kill bot
00:10:05dhgf i can steal with ult
00:10:19ATS_ we should kill mid
00:10:22MATi y
00:10:31aRkker void
00:10:33FetAA going top
00:10:34FetAA with rune
00:10:43creeeeeee 2ss
00:10:43creeeeeee bot
00:10:43FetAA hes back
00:10:54aRkker POWER?
00:10:56FetAA rhasta mid
00:11:03aRkker why'd you go back?
00:11:08FetAA zeus mid
00:11:31curdi top ss
00:12:29FetAA sniper`?
00:12:31FetAA gtfo
00:13:28aRkker mid tower
00:13:44creeeeeee ...
00:13:50curdi sniper sucks
00:13:53creeeeeee orly
00:14:04creeeeeee that arrow was visible from dno how far
00:14:11creeeeeee and he still manages to get hitted with it
00:14:24FetAA he even picks that shit hero
00:14:34ATS_ tp
00:14:34FetAA when hes extremly lowskilled
00:14:34creeeeeee care bot
00:14:44ATS_ top
00:14:48NoX chick dead?
00:14:48MATi can someone buy new chick please
00:14:49FetAA miss all
00:14:51MATi someone fucked it up
00:14:57creeeeeee bot for u
00:14:58creeeeeee some came
00:15:13aRkker someone tp bot?
00:15:14aRkker with me
00:15:49creeeeeee potm coming bot
00:15:52creeeeeee some mby more
00:15:55aRkker they haw ards
00:16:03FetAA lol
00:16:34ATS_ tp
00:16:37dhgf cant
00:17:03MATi kilb ot
00:17:09ATS_ tp
00:17:11dhgf coming bot
00:17:21creeeeeee why cog
00:17:26creeeeeee just run next to him
00:17:28Nagash coz im noob
00:17:32creeeeeee ...
00:17:33ATS_ com
00:17:40ATS_ b
00:17:48aRkker they're all there
00:17:50aRkker I can't cut from the ancients
00:18:00creeeeeee def
00:18:02creeeeeee please
00:18:25MATi wait
00:18:36ATS_ gj
00:18:39creeeeeee nice snipahhh we got
00:19:10FetAA ff
00:19:11Nagash Ff
00:19:16creeeeeee haha
00:19:52ATS_ -afk
00:20:04MATi i regen
00:20:05MATi and c ome back
00:20:06MATi somewhere
00:20:08MATi killlll
00:20:09ATS_ lets end
00:20:12ATS_ soon
00:20:18ATS_ ok?
00:20:25FetAA mee mettää farmaa kurdi?
00:20:56ATS_ comming
00:21:05MATi lets killlll
00:21:11creeeeeee nvm
00:21:13creeeeeee b
00:21:15creeeeeee def bot
00:21:17MATi bot tower
00:21:18MATi lets get
00:21:35creeeeeee yaya
00:22:04creeeeeee snipahhhH!
00:22:08creeeeeee powah
00:23:48ATS_ b
00:23:49ATS_ b
00:23:49ATS_ b
00:23:57MATi 5 there
00:23:58MATi back
00:24:00ATS_ lets end
00:24:02ATS_ all mid
00:24:27aRkker can I get my agha first?
00:24:30aRkker 650 missing
00:24:39ATS_ meybe not
00:24:45ATS_ maybe
00:24:46MATi care top
00:24:47MATi 5 misssss
00:24:51FetAA we has 0 towers
00:24:51MATi potm come
00:24:52FetAA :(
00:24:53MATi lets hunt some
00:24:53aRkker 400 missing
00:24:56creeeeeee :/
00:25:07ATS_ care
00:25:16creeeeeee weeeell
00:25:20FetAA it havnt backtracked once vs u zeus:p
00:25:30creeeeeee cant know how many there no wards :(
00:25:45creeeeeee skele omg
00:25:52creeeeeee come def too please :/
00:26:04MATi rhasta nad sile u dont have to farm u know
00:26:06MATi even i dont farm
00:26:09MATi comeon lets finish this
00:26:10aRkker as I said
00:26:12ATS_ y
00:26:12MATi sick bullshit game
00:26:14aRkker I want my agha
00:26:23ATS_ all now
00:26:45MATi gather mid
00:26:47MATi and go take rax
00:26:49MATi with rhastas ulti
00:26:56ATS_ let it go
00:26:58MATi let that bot be
00:26:59MATi go mid
00:27:00dhgf def bot
00:27:04ATS_ all mid
00:27:04aRkker ...
00:27:17ATS_ deny
00:27:19creeeeeee killl
00:27:30ATS_ b
00:27:30ATS_ b
00:27:31ATS_ b
00:27:31ATS_ b
00:27:34ATS_ gj guys
00:27:38MATi FFS
00:27:39aRkker indeed.
00:27:44aRkker that was obvious
00:27:45NoX haha
00:27:54aRkker 5 missing and only void going for a tower, sure
00:27:57ATS_ all mid
00:27:58FetAA mid tower
00:28:01aRkker or def the bottom now?
00:28:05creeeeeee this can still turn to us cuz we got better late
00:28:06MATi now def
00:28:10aRkker some sense into this shit please
00:28:14creeeeeee skele + void imba shiit late :D
00:28:32Nagash skele why u stayd there?
00:28:38FetAA cause hes dumb
00:28:50curdi i can stay in woods if u wish
00:28:55FetAA ?
00:28:57FetAA all went mid
00:28:58FetAA u sy
00:29:11ATS_ v
00:29:12ATS_ b
00:29:18FetAA lol
00:29:19FetAA dont turn..
00:29:20creeeeeee :D
00:29:24MATi go mid
00:29:25aRkker midmidmid
00:29:26MATi with wards
00:29:31creeeeeee didnt see u coming too but yea :/
00:29:59creeeeeee SNIPER GO
00:30:00creeeeeee FFS
00:30:04FetAA snip hit wards
00:30:05creeeeeee wtf u afking there
00:30:13ATS_ eait
00:30:16ATS_ wait
00:30:16FetAA no ulti
00:30:17aRkker so much for that then.
00:30:20MATi STAY
00:30:20MATi FFS
00:30:21MATi WTF
00:30:38dhgf ATAck
00:30:40dhgf DONT RUN
00:30:41FetAA helpp
00:31:32MATi well
00:31:34MATi we gonna loose this
00:31:40aRkker possibly
00:31:42ATS_ no lets win
00:31:51MATi come mid then again
00:31:52MATi all
00:31:54MATi lets play team
00:32:03aRkker void has his ulti btw
00:32:10MATi well he has no dmg
00:32:10aRkker he never used it, did he?
00:32:10dhgf yeah
00:32:13dhgf we need him down
00:32:19Nagash midd
00:32:28ATS_ don focu sk
00:32:39Nagash coid in
00:33:16Nagash COmoon void why diidnt u go in faster
00:33:19Nagash b
00:33:19Nagash b
00:33:34ATS_ b
00:33:38ATS_ ?
00:33:38aRkker why the fuck?
00:34:00aRkker stupid mistakes, everyone focusing different people and leaving people behind
00:34:25ATS_ focus?
00:34:28FetAA kill zeus rhasta first
00:34:29curdi gänkitää zeus
00:34:30FetAA or smthing
00:34:30ATS_ who?
00:34:41MATi silencer
00:34:41FetAA backas
00:34:44MATi when void jumps in
00:34:45MATi u insta ulti
00:34:49MATi that he cant ulti
00:34:51MATi and we take him down
00:34:53ATS_ y
00:35:06FetAA bb
00:35:08ATS_ 25 sec
00:35:11MATi ok
00:35:12MATi go mid
00:35:13MATi again
00:35:14curdi mid tower?
00:35:18aRkker gonna get full mana first quick
00:35:19FetAA m
00:35:20MATi k
00:35:28MATi potm
00:35:31MATi u kill sk
00:35:32ATS_ they?
00:35:36MATi u can manaburn
00:35:43FetAA they coming mid
00:35:43Nagash camp
00:35:44Nagash come sk
00:35:46FetAA go base
00:35:49FetAA need 5
00:35:50ATS_ wait
00:35:52ATS_ wait
00:35:53FetAA i can go in
00:35:55ATS_ wait
00:35:57FetAA need to hit all tho
00:36:00aRkker on my way
00:36:09curdi rosh
00:36:11ATS_ cmon
00:36:13ATS_ no tp
00:36:13aRkker -ms
00:36:16aRkker 100 gold
00:36:17FetAA send racket
00:36:17aRkker so fu
00:36:21ATS_ ok
00:36:33FetAA i can go in
00:36:40FetAA b
00:36:57MATi next wave
00:37:05curdi they wont come
00:37:07Nagash imba farm snipa
00:37:10FetAA well
00:37:15FetAA dont matter
00:37:43MATi silencer
00:37:46MATi where was ur ulti????
00:37:54Nagash gg
00:37:56aRkker I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:37:58ATS_ i clicked
00:37:58dhgf ats too slow
00:38:01FetAA roshan
00:38:01NoX that was the worst ever
00:38:02ATS_ on the jump
00:38:05ATS_ allredy
00:38:06FetAA and mid tower
00:38:06aRkker we're done for
00:38:20FetAA kk
00:38:20FetAA go
00:38:25curdi ota sä
00:38:31FetAA juu sul on sun ultis
00:38:35aRkker they're at roshans
00:38:35curdi ju
00:38:37aRkker and thats the end of ours
00:38:42curdi teekkö sny
00:38:45ATS_ too lon
00:38:46FetAA varmaa agha
00:38:46ATS_ f
00:38:48Nagash gankame
00:38:50curdi -.- turha
00:38:53FetAA tai bkbn
00:38:56curdi ku meil nii paska snipu :s
00:39:04FetAA fast b
00:39:05aRkker can't do anything
00:39:20ATS_ that bot fail ruined this game
00:39:23Nagash b
00:39:24Nagash b
00:39:25FetAA why man :D
00:39:30ATS_ wait
00:39:38Nagash was giving you some time
00:39:45FetAA ok
00:40:04FetAA go
00:40:04Nagash gg
00:40:07aRkker bg*
00:40:11aRkker like every game in here
00:40:15Nagash :D
00:40:15aRkker I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:40:27aRkker go for the ff please, we can't do anything
00:40:30curdi ac rdy
00:40:35FetAA good
00:40:39NoX we have no farm what so ever
00:40:45curdi what next?
00:40:49curdi bkb/styg?
00:40:49aRkker we shouldn't have with this team either really
00:40:49Nagash bkb
00:40:54NoX '
00:40:56ATS_ lol
00:40:59NoX lanya potm silencer
00:41:00FetAA y some more hp
00:41:01Nagash coud push?
00:41:02aRkker can you now please type it or are you really so masochist that you want to go on?
00:41:03FetAA hot is too good
00:41:16FetAA sniper u got 891 hp
00:41:19ATS_ its your fault take it
00:41:24aRkker what? :D
00:41:31ATS_ your bot fail
00:41:36aRkker my bot fail? what?
00:41:41ATS_ we sayed all mid
00:41:44ATS_ like 100 times
00:41:51aRkker yes, we stayed mid, INCLUDING ME
00:41:54aRkker which was the proper choise
00:41:54curdi clock could go bm
00:41:56aRkker it was an obvious trap
00:42:00FetAA im
00:42:03aRkker which should've been obvious to all of you
00:42:32NoX I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:42:34NoX /ff
00:42:38NoX how to do it?
00:42:40aRkker its just saying ff
00:42:42aRkker you did it already
00:42:45creeeeeee brb
00:42:45ATS_ I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:42:46NoX ok
00:42:48FetAA 16 assist!
00:42:54aRkker Potm?
00:42:57aRkker lanaya?
00:43:09aRkker as you can see, we can't get anything done anymore, can you please type it now so we could get out of this game?
00:43:17FetAA take
00:43:27aRkker sigh...
00:43:35aRkker never enoguh reasonable people
00:43:45ATS_ y
00:43:49ATS_ die in bot
00:43:53curdi b?
00:43:56creeeeeee b
00:43:57FetAA ok
00:43:57creeeeeee b
00:44:02ATS_ when you should be in mid
00:44:04curdi clock was low
00:44:08FetAA y
00:44:10curdi rather play safe
00:44:12NoX ats get over it
00:44:15aRkker indeed..
00:44:15ATS_ and kill chicken
00:44:19curdi rege
00:44:22dhgf I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:44:23FetAA dont need
00:44:27curdi y
00:44:34aRkker power kirjuta see nüüd plz
00:44:40ATS_ who killed it?
00:44:51FetAA go finish?
00:44:51Nagash go with 5
00:44:52Nagash easy
00:44:57NoX I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:44:59FetAA come mid
00:45:00FetAA w8
00:45:02FetAA so we dont die before
00:45:08FetAA ok tinker coming
00:45:09ATS_ and rhasta pipe is better than agha for us
00:45:09FetAA coem sniper
00:45:16KrikU w8
00:45:16aRkker ole nyt vittu jo hiljaa
00:45:17creeeeeee oo fook
00:45:18creeeeeee im far
00:45:22MATi lol sk
00:45:25FetAA :D
00:45:27MATi u were in voids ulti
00:45:29curdi NAH
00:45:29FetAA no
00:45:31FetAA PRO ULTI
00:45:31MATi :D
00:45:35creeeeeee looks like no need for us :D
00:45:36curdi not even close
00:45:44ATS_ ff now
00:45:45MATi yes u were in it :D
00:45:46MATi like me
00:45:49NoX who didnt ff?
00:46:00aRkker lanaya didn't
00:46:01KrikU rosh when
00:46:04FetAA su
00:46:05MATi I surrender! [5/5 of Sentinel]
00:46:05FetAA :D
00:46:06FetAA throne
00:46:06MATi I surrender! [5/5 of Sentinel]
00:46:09FetAA 5/5
00:46:10curdi gg
00:46:15FetAA throne
00:46:15FetAA it
00:46:15MATi gg wp
00:46:17creeeeeee gg
00:46:18aRkker bg
00:46:18FetAA gg
00:46:19aRkker vbg
00:46:20curdi wp
00:46:20FetAA again turtle wins
00:46:26MATi keep adding sd u fucked up turds
00:46:31aRkker yep
00:46:31curdi gc = carry
00:46:33aRkker only mode I can win with
00:46:34MATi ye
00:46:35aRkker along iwth AR
00:46:40FetAA abnned!
00:46:43FetAA its 5/5
00:46:44ATS_ again someone bot ruining game
00:46:45creeeeeee banned
00:46:45aRkker No fighting with heroes after FF
00:46:52aRkker seriously ATS, get over it.
00:47:02ATS_ ok
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