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95% | 1535 X | 1572 TS

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85% | 1361 X | 1441 TS

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Chat log

00:00:04FetAA GAYXTRA
00:00:18PeterLars jakki
00:00:18Nxtra -don
00:00:18Nxtra -ii
00:00:18Nxtra -clear
00:00:18PeterLars what you play
00:00:18PeterLars :D
00:00:18jakkihirki qop
00:00:18Nxtra tuskar
00:00:18Nxtra anyone alche?
00:00:18jakkihirki alce
00:00:18Strom !BANNED: Tuskarr & Alchemist
00:00:23PeterLars lol
00:00:28jakkihirki lame
00:00:29MariahCarry furion pls
00:00:31PeterLars :D
00:00:34dhgf tide anyone?
00:00:38jakkihirki he wont even play it
00:00:44FetAA i play furion myselff
00:00:47FetAA or not..
00:00:49que2stress not
00:00:53PeterLars givbe me bb
00:00:57PeterLars :S
00:00:59dhgf omfg
00:01:01dhgf say earlier :S:S
00:01:04diesel tide
00:01:06PeterLars didnt see him haha
00:01:08jakkihirki what a asshole you are
00:01:48MariahCarry i can solo bot
00:01:49Strom have to fear, Cairne is here
00:01:50MariahCarry tpo
00:01:52MariahCarry top i mean
00:01:52PeterLars john
00:01:55PeterLars går du ikke tide
00:01:57FetAA im forrest enigma
00:01:58FetAA >_>
00:01:58BritneySpears kk
00:01:59FetAA zz
00:02:05diesel amm
00:02:08diesel let me solo top
00:02:08MariahCarry lanes?
00:02:08Nxtra enigma go their woods
00:02:10Nxtra semi their woods
00:02:11dhgf du ikke
00:02:13Nxtra bristle eni bot
00:02:16dhgf gär
00:02:17Strom I'll go bot
00:02:21Strom !
00:02:25dhgf me too
00:02:25jakkihirki why did you pick qop?
00:02:27PeterLars haha bög
00:02:30jakkihirki did you fear it too much?
00:02:32BritneySpears damn
00:02:32diesel why do you talk?
00:02:34diesel stfu and play
00:02:39BritneySpears accidently bought wards allso
00:02:39jakkihirki i am not talking to you
00:02:39Nxtra i always fp qop
00:02:40PeterLars manners
00:02:46jakkihirki no you wont
00:02:54Nxtra y
00:02:58Nxtra last weeks atleast
00:02:58Nxtra <3
00:03:08BritneySpears wards og chick = stramt
00:03:12PeterLars ja :D
00:03:17PeterLars du sku have sagt noget
00:03:19BritneySpears fb mid ?
00:03:26BritneySpears sprout ?
00:03:32Strom agaisnt qop? :D
00:03:35BritneySpears lul
00:03:41Nxtra dd tide
00:03:42Nxtra care wood
00:03:55Strom shocking that qop is in mid, eh
00:04:34diesel YAY
00:04:58MariahCarry go woods
00:04:58MariahCarry pls
00:04:58Strom ma lähen pullin
00:05:05dhgf k
00:05:18Nxtra rune bot
00:05:18Nxtra take it
00:05:22Nxtra get a crow if u can
00:05:23diesel no time
00:05:29jakkihirki mid miss
00:05:33jakkihirki re
00:05:55diesel come gank
00:05:57Nxtra furi ss
00:05:58Nxtra re
00:06:08Nxtra ss furi
00:06:08Nxtra care
00:06:14Nxtra HE TPS
00:06:48FetAA nice
00:06:49FetAA 18 hits 1 spin
00:06:52FetAA badbeat
00:06:55MariahCarry :D
00:07:08Strom a lol see diesel :D
00:08:15Strom mis bot
00:08:33Nxtra SOME FUCKING MAP
00:08:37Nxtra THEY HAVE FURI
00:08:38Nxtra YOU NOW
00:08:41Nxtra 3 times now
00:08:51diesel cant
00:08:53diesel cant farm like that
00:08:54jakkihirki care
00:08:55jakkihirki top
00:08:55diesel only ganks
00:08:57Nxtra gogo
00:09:22Strom mis bot 2
00:09:22dhgf bot
00:09:23dhgf miss
00:09:27diesel and gank bot
00:09:29Nxtra get wards someone
00:09:29BritneySpears ss
00:09:30diesel realllly needs gank
00:09:36Nxtra im coing
00:10:04jakkihirki kill
00:10:08Nxtra omw bot
00:10:13jakkihirki mid miss
00:10:23BritneySpears ss
00:10:23Nxtra go
00:10:36Nxtra havent skilled slow
00:10:37diesel how
00:10:38diesel cant
00:10:40diesel u dodge
00:10:41diesel stun?
00:10:43Nxtra how
00:10:43Nxtra cant
00:10:44Nxtra u
00:10:45Nxtra slow
00:10:46Nxtra him?
00:10:55FetAA go enigma
00:10:59Nxtra how
00:10:59jakkihirki go
00:10:59Nxtra can
00:11:00Nxtra u
00:11:00Nxtra have
00:11:00Nxtra 3
00:11:01Nxtra deaths
00:11:04Nxtra with almost immortal hero
00:11:06Nxtra same question
00:11:08Nxtra furi ss you die now
00:11:08diesel I GET GANKED
00:11:09diesel ALL THE TIME
00:11:10diesel ffs
00:11:12diesel are u retarded?
00:11:19Strom mis bot 2
00:11:34Strom re bb
00:11:48diesel gank
00:11:48diesel bot
00:11:51diesel decent one
00:11:52diesel this time
00:12:01FetAA where
00:12:02FetAA the fuck are u
00:12:03FetAA srsly:D
00:12:10Nxtra he did tp if u dint notice
00:12:16FetAA oh furi tps?
00:12:19Nxtra go mebe
00:12:21Nxtra or farm woods
00:12:22BritneySpears ss
00:12:23Nxtra fucking patethic noob
00:12:25FetAA go from tehre
00:12:32FetAA tehre
00:12:45FetAA yes
00:13:09dhgf tra
00:13:12diesel gank bot
00:13:12dhgf ma arvasin et telen top
00:13:16diesel enemy is free farming
00:13:16Nxtra get wards enigma
00:13:19diesel u retarded fuck
00:13:21PeterLars john
00:13:25PeterLars næste gank slå på dem :D
00:13:27FetAA we dont give a fuck if they freefarm in bot
00:13:29FetAA not important
00:13:44diesel b
00:13:51Nxtra furi ss
00:14:11jakkihirki can we have wards?
00:14:11BritneySpears ss
00:14:14jakkihirki qop inc top
00:14:14Nxtra omw top
00:14:17Nxtra ss furi care
00:14:20Nxtra re mid
00:14:22Nxtra gogo
00:14:22jakkihirki b
00:14:27Nxtra ggoogog
00:14:27Nxtra axe
00:14:47Strom mis bot
00:14:58Strom re bb
00:14:58FetAA cd
00:15:27Nxtra blcok more imo fetaa
00:15:30Nxtra if youd block me more there
00:15:32Nxtra we'd both die maybe
00:15:32Nxtra ^^
00:15:35Nxtra so you failed ;)
00:15:44FetAA like u could kill him
00:15:45FetAA ihad my ulti
00:15:47FetAA so maybe
00:15:55que2stress k dagger online
00:15:57jakkihirki care
00:15:59Nxtra so you dont know that tide got 5 more ms then axe
00:16:03diesel need help bot
00:16:06FetAA i has bottz
00:16:07Nxtra but you still gonna catch him when hes 700 yards infront of oyu
00:16:10Nxtra so does he
00:16:11FetAA he dont
00:16:30Nxtra haha
00:16:31Nxtra imba silence
00:16:33Nxtra gg wp
00:16:38PeterLars wtf
00:16:40MariahCarry oh that works?
00:16:40Nxtra dont ask for ganks again i wont
00:16:41Strom gyro, stunning for fun?
00:16:42Nxtra fucking idiot
00:16:43MariahCarry xD
00:16:50Strom we could've killed him
00:16:55Strom he was 1 shot from dead
00:17:15dhgf wait
00:17:19jakkihirki gp
00:17:20Nxtra we win this late
00:17:21Nxtra drow carry
00:17:21Nxtra easy
00:17:26Nxtra nvm he cant even hit silence
00:17:27Nxtra ;D;DDDD
00:17:42diesel and u cant even GANK
00:17:42Nxtra Fury tp is instant cast and isnt affected by silence
00:17:43diesel noob fuck
00:17:44MariahCarry i didn't try to hit
00:17:45diesel start ganking
00:17:46Nxtra drow told me
00:17:48Nxtra diesel
00:17:52Nxtra stop feeding with immortal hero plx
00:18:00diesel start ganking
00:18:01Nxtra nvm
00:18:01Nxtra haha
00:18:03Nxtra ur diesel
00:18:12BritneySpears tt
00:18:15dhgf :D
00:18:16Nxtra why should i gank
00:18:18Nxtra i go bot and gank
00:18:19Nxtra for nothing
00:18:24Nxtra u havent evens killed slow
00:18:28BritneySpears only cause i thought he would ghet away
00:18:40que2stress ah lal
00:18:42jakkihirki care
00:18:46dhgf b
00:18:47dhgf gyro
00:18:47dhgf b
00:18:52dhgf get mid jakki
00:18:53dhgf ill ult
00:18:59jakkihirki dont have ulti
00:19:03dhgf i do
00:19:11Nxtra hit silecne
00:19:11Nxtra on him
00:19:13Nxtra can you do it?
00:19:42dhgf rooofl
00:20:14diesel gank
00:20:23Nxtra furi tp ur dead
00:20:23Nxtra soon
00:20:26Nxtra for the 5th time
00:20:37BritneySpears omw down
00:20:41BritneySpears have ulti
00:20:43BritneySpears 3 bot
00:20:43PeterLars furi
00:20:45BritneySpears tp down
00:20:47jakkihirki cd on tele
00:21:45Nxtra enigma if you sell blink dagger
00:21:47Nxtra and buy wards
00:21:51Nxtra we actually got a small chance to win
00:22:07Nxtra nvm
00:22:12Nxtra buy nulls
00:22:13Nxtra y
00:22:13Nxtra gogo
00:23:04dhgf oota
00:23:06dhgf ma ultin
00:23:07dhgf 20
00:23:08dhgf sec
00:23:09que2stress plz planz htem
00:23:11dhgf wave
00:23:12dhgf cd
00:23:14Nxtra y
00:23:16Nxtra cuz ur not support
00:23:17Nxtra we are
00:23:20Nxtra = we plant
00:23:20Nxtra right?
00:23:37que2stress do u have a slot
00:23:39Nxtra omw
00:23:45FetAA kinda funny that we win this even if we suck much ass
00:23:45que2stress and are u running on the whole map`?
00:24:03Nxtra blink>farm
00:24:04Nxtra aye
00:24:10diesel :D
00:24:17jakkihirki what
00:24:18diesel he has ulti
00:24:19diesel I TP
00:24:20Nxtra enigma
00:24:21diesel wait for me
00:24:21Nxtra bought blink
00:24:23Nxtra to blink and farm
00:24:25FetAA i has no tp
00:24:26Nxtra like he did there
00:24:27Nxtra Did you not see? ;O
00:24:39Nxtra blink ulti
00:24:39Nxtra go
00:24:48FetAA imba axe not there
00:25:10PeterLars imba shit :D
00:25:13que2stress where did this blink ulti come from?
00:25:37FetAA -cs
00:25:51diesel -ma
00:26:20Strom he's sitting next to you?
00:26:26PeterLars no
00:26:29PeterLars he is at home
00:26:29BritneySpears Who ?
00:26:34BritneySpears mariah ?
00:26:36PeterLars y
00:26:37Strom very fishy mariah escape
00:26:48BritneySpears Well he is not here today
00:26:48PeterLars i know :S
00:27:03diesel warded
00:27:48FetAA well atelast i got dagg
00:27:58Nxtra some mapawearness
00:28:02Nxtra specily when i am next to them invis
00:28:05dhgf dont u be popping me
00:28:10FetAA i had 2122 gold
00:28:15FetAA 2149 after
00:28:17FetAA branch
00:28:19Nxtra dont care
00:28:20Nxtra cuz
00:28:21FetAA i could buy blink blink and tp
00:28:21jakkihirki tc goes ac?
00:28:23Nxtra even if u get dagger
00:28:24Strom probably
00:28:27Nxtra you will keep feeding and farming woods
00:28:30Nxtra and feed furi
00:28:34FetAA yes
00:28:36FetAA thaths the plan
00:28:37jakkihirki tele
00:28:53FetAA still we prob win this
00:29:04Nxtra drow will be outcarried by furi bigtime
00:29:12PeterLars ?
00:29:12Nxtra we wotn be able to do shit
00:29:19PeterLars dd
00:29:22Nxtra enigma wont do a proper blink>ulti either the entire game
00:29:22jakkihirki take
00:29:47que2stress and u know why?
00:29:51Nxtra que
00:29:52Nxtra 2
00:29:53Nxtra stress
00:29:55Nxtra that is how i know
00:30:03que2stress there was not 1 oppourtunity
00:30:09Nxtra will not matter
00:30:12Nxtra even if they're stacked
00:30:14Nxtra next to eachtoher
00:30:27Nxtra you will accidently blink on another direction and die to creeps
00:30:34dhgf sick ult tide :D
00:30:35MariahCarry so fucking over
00:30:37PeterLars feeder drow hahaa
00:31:03que2stress were werent 1 times 5 people
00:32:20FetAA enigma stop doing imba ultis
00:32:27que2stress man
00:32:28jakkihirki we could take roshan
00:32:29que2stress i had 200 hp
00:32:32Nxtra not 1-9 atleast
00:32:34jakkihirki but too late
00:32:35jakkihirki now
00:32:36Nxtra que2stress ignore him ^^
00:32:40Nxtra youre alot better then him
00:32:43Nxtra in this game and normally
00:32:47FetAA 1-9 still 2 more lvls than u and farm
00:32:51jakkihirki b
00:32:52FetAA best qop
00:32:53Nxtra so what about ur farm
00:32:53jakkihirki b
00:32:54diesel roshan+
00:32:55Nxtra you still in woods
00:32:56PeterLars let gank some more :D
00:33:01Nxtra and die
00:33:03Nxtra 9 teims in woods
00:33:05FetAA u live in woods in irl
00:33:08FetAA i in game
00:33:14FetAA so ur worse
00:33:22Nxtra epic flame man
00:33:24Nxtra fucking hilarious
00:33:27Nxtra just gotta ask dude
00:33:29Nxtra are you black?
00:33:33Nxtra or estonian?
00:33:37FetAA once u get black dick u wont go back
00:34:38que2stress ure really fag :D
00:34:39MariahCarry enigma
00:34:43MariahCarry didn't want to ulti there?
00:34:44que2stress enigma
00:34:45diesel Nxtra
00:34:46diesel nice farm
00:34:46que2stress was dead
00:34:49diesel did u get it urself?
00:34:51que2stress and because enigma was dead
00:34:55que2stress he could not come?
00:35:03MariahCarry u were standing there
00:35:04MariahCarry wtf
00:35:04PeterLars look at qop items :D
00:35:05diesel feeder
00:35:06MariahCarry u weren't dead
00:35:08jakkihirki imba
00:35:08diesel 1. pick such a bad player
00:35:12PeterLars ^^
00:35:16que2stress wtf i just arrived
00:35:29que2stress i respawned when axe jumped
00:36:01jakkihirki come
00:36:36FetAA googo
00:36:43jakkihirki b
00:36:46PeterLars b
00:36:48FetAA bristlel baits
00:36:51FetAA we jumppade in
00:37:05dhgf can i dissemble manaboots?
00:37:10Strom probably
00:37:17jakkihirki yes
00:37:22jakkihirki gather
00:37:22dhgf k
00:37:24dhgf got 2 ults
00:37:26dhgf lets rock
00:37:29FetAA -cs
00:38:02diesel look at jakki items
00:38:06diesel now look at nxtra items
00:38:07diesel lol
00:38:59que2stress hmmm i thoughz axe jumps
00:39:03que2stress and bristle baits
00:39:04que2stress :D
00:39:53que2stress I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:39:57MariahCarry I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:40:04FetAA I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:40:17jakkihirki gj
00:40:25diesel nxtra most retarded lanes
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