Game #1440030

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-33 X
+3 TS

93% | 1536 X | 1467 TS

-4 X
+4 TS

78% | 1357 X | 1426 TS

+33 X
+3 TS

70% | 1155 X | 1454 TS

+16 X
+3 TS

63% | 1204 X | 1390 TS

+5 X
+2 TS

67% | 1165 X | 1417 TS

+4 X
-2 TS

90% | 1453 X | 1477 TS

-4 X
-2 TS

85% | 1300 X | 1514 TS

-15 X
-2 TS

80% | 1329 X | 1417 TS

+44 X
-2 TS

69% | 1188 X | 1379 TS

-36 X
-2 TS

63% | 1147 X | 1422 TS

Chat log

00:00:17MariahCarry nice teams
00:00:17ricke Jag har då aldrig sett guldtänder i snetruten på é hunnvalp!
00:00:17BritneySpears heya
00:00:17Arapiles y
00:00:17FetAA skeletonking
00:00:17MariahCarry ALCHE
00:00:27MariahCarry someone wants bat?
00:00:28Arapiles batrider for me?
00:00:33MariahCarry ill take viper
00:00:38MariahCarry but pls take bat for arap then
00:00:41ricke Va fan!! Jag får ha alla estländare i mitt lag....!!!! :DDDDDD
00:00:44Papaya bans?
00:00:51ricke sk and alche
00:00:51KredeC sk alce
00:00:52diesel alche
00:00:52BritneySpears leo alce
00:00:54diesel and sk
00:01:00Papaya manners you fat whores
00:01:03MariahCarry wow
00:01:06MariahCarry Great manners dude
00:01:10dhgf wd
00:01:11dhgf wd
00:01:11Arapiles nice nagash..
00:01:13Papaya thats the joke
00:01:22MariahCarry we should banre7uest you for not buyin chicken last game
00:01:44MariahCarry enig would be cool
00:01:49ricke team int
00:01:49MariahCarry silence + enig ulti
00:01:50Papaya y
00:01:53MariahCarry = no need for bkb
00:01:55Papaya then i could also solo bot
00:01:57FetAA well papaya one of the most unmannered guys here
00:01:58MariahCarry yea
00:02:03Papaya LIES
00:02:16ricke shouldnt wd+kotl go on lane?!
00:02:22FetAA why
00:02:23MariahCarry bara + wl top
00:02:26FetAA no this is nice
00:02:26diesel we are on LAN
00:02:27BritneySpears pulling first WaWe
00:02:28diesel so
00:02:30ricke okey
00:02:31FetAA u need BOT lane ezalor
00:02:31Papaya ok
00:02:31BritneySpears going Woods after
00:02:32diesel and our lane is ogod
00:02:33FetAA to take fast tower
00:02:34FetAA and make nice
00:02:36Papaya u know how to gank with enigma?
00:02:39FetAA waveds
00:02:41BritneySpears ^^
00:02:43FetAA from here
00:02:46Papaya that spot for double eidolons
00:02:49Papaya then come with stun
00:02:50BritneySpears give me a feW levels and I Will
00:02:52ricke follow tc
00:02:54ricke and palce ward
00:02:55Papaya sure sure just saying
00:02:58Arapiles -ms
00:03:01Papaya lvl4 would be good
00:03:04BritneySpears yea
00:03:06MariahCarry chicken
00:03:10MariahCarry need chicken
00:03:12KredeC care
00:03:16diesel coming mid
00:03:23KredeC care arapilis!
00:03:23MariahCarry OK
00:03:27FetAA :D
00:03:31Arapiles y
00:03:37ricke banned
00:03:42BritneySpears anti pull Ward
00:03:47Papaya k
00:03:48BritneySpears cant pull
00:03:52Papaya np
00:03:55KredeC why go out therE?=
00:04:28MariahCarry chicken in 2 mins pls
00:04:31ricke tc
00:04:35BritneySpears damn
00:04:37ricke lets push like mad mans
00:04:41BritneySpears forgot
00:04:56BritneySpears not used to lastpick
00:04:56KredeC ..
00:05:00MariahCarry ALSMDAIOSJOIAFH
00:05:00BritneySpears getting noW
00:05:04FetAA out playd
00:05:06KredeC fuck du stinker grysse
00:05:07MariahCarry totally
00:05:21Arapiles share
00:06:17KredeC ss bat
00:06:56KredeC we're fucked top lane..
00:07:01Papaya ss2
00:07:28Arapiles woops
00:07:32Arapiles var på kylly
00:07:46MariahCarry kommer top
00:07:48MariahCarry invis lion
00:07:49MariahCarry care all
00:07:57ricke we go wards there for a reason u know
00:08:03MariahCarry care bot
00:08:04KredeC ss
00:08:05KredeC care
00:08:05MariahCarry invis lion
00:08:09ricke oom
00:08:11ricke lion
00:08:16ricke invis
00:08:18MariahCarry topp
00:08:19MariahCarry go
00:08:34FetAA sry viper miss
00:08:35BritneySpears ofc I Was thinking
00:08:42BritneySpears lion aint here
00:08:43dhgf :(
00:09:15MariahCarry outplayed
00:09:26KredeC ss bat
00:09:35Papaya zomg
00:09:54Arapiles b
00:09:58BritneySpears gz
00:09:59Papaya need some bot gang
00:10:01Papaya easy kills
00:10:02MariahCarry ss mid
00:10:02FetAA w8
00:10:06MariahCarry i come
00:10:25MariahCarry oom
00:10:30FetAA why bat tps mid
00:10:31FetAA >_>
00:10:33FetAA nice thinking
00:10:44dhgf ??=
00:10:47dhgf i was ganking bot
00:11:14BritneySpears ss
00:11:31KredeC ult him der arapilis
00:11:33Papaya wtf britney
00:11:34ricke lyl
00:11:41Papaya u couldnt do shit to him so why u go there
00:11:41ricke me b
00:11:44MariahCarry top towerdive
00:11:50ricke celebrate with a snus
00:11:51Arapiles chased
00:11:53BritneySpears banging my head on keyboard
00:11:54FetAA :p
00:12:06FetAA i dont know
00:12:06ricke fetaa
00:12:07FetAA why bat leaves
00:12:07BritneySpears gonna stay in Woods for 1-2 levels
00:12:09FetAA wd alone
00:12:10FetAA in top
00:12:11ricke do u have snus in estonia?
00:12:11BritneySpears and then We try again
00:12:15Papaya y just farm that blink
00:12:15FetAA im from finland
00:12:16MariahCarry ill come bot
00:12:17FetAA yes
00:12:17ricke oj
00:12:18FetAA we have
00:12:21FetAA they dont sell
00:12:23ricke oh okey
00:12:24FetAA so we go to sweden
00:12:25FetAA to get
00:12:27ricke hehe
00:12:29ricke bad
00:12:40Arapiles mid chased
00:12:48MariahCarry ss bat
00:13:27FetAA >_>
00:13:34KredeC gang bot
00:13:35Arapiles i start ganging now
00:13:35FetAA how scared is that bitch?
00:13:40Arapiles bot we need wards
00:13:44FetAA be rdy
00:13:50Arapiles batrider
00:13:51ricke hahahahaha
00:14:01FetAA got ulti
00:14:02Papaya epic luck
00:14:02FetAA can kill one
00:14:03Arapiles bat chased
00:14:06Arapiles lion there too
00:14:11ricke epic noobinesh of u
00:14:18FetAA tp bot
00:14:21ricke cd
00:14:39MariahCarry b
00:15:06Arapiles b
00:15:31Arapiles ffs
00:15:46Arapiles chase got canceled when i took level
00:15:46Papaya ward the map or we get ganked to death
00:15:47KredeC det var dig der pickede den værste hero i dota pt..
00:15:52Arapiles lol
00:15:54Arapiles y
00:16:02Arapiles og er ikke god med den heller
00:16:05FetAA help
00:16:05FetAA me
00:16:07MariahCarry why then
00:16:08MariahCarry :&
00:16:15diesel gank mid
00:16:15FetAA i get 11
00:16:36FetAA w8
00:16:36FetAA wd
00:16:52FetAA ..
00:16:53FetAA wd was charged
00:16:54FetAA :D
00:16:55FetAA u fail wd
00:16:56FetAA ;D
00:17:00MariahCarry 'just b
00:17:03diesel ;D
00:17:03FetAA watch ur status goddmn
00:17:08Papaya bot rune dd
00:17:24diesel its only when his close.. so I had no time to react
00:17:32Arapiles b mid
00:18:35Papaya lol so epic
00:18:43Papaya thought u gang me bot so i port top that second
00:18:47FetAA :D
00:19:26Arapiles we need wards
00:19:31Papaya o fucking rly
00:19:35Arapiles ^^
00:19:52Arapiles i go bkb
00:19:57KredeC y
00:19:59BritneySpears 700 more
00:20:00diesel -ma
00:20:06MariahCarry care
00:20:07MariahCarry B
00:20:07MariahCarry mid
00:20:09MariahCarry B
00:20:10MariahCarry ffs
00:20:13KredeC all come mdi
00:20:13MariahCarry omg
00:20:18Papaya OKAY
00:20:19MariahCarry B
00:20:21Papaya BAT ALREADY BLINK
00:20:38BritneySpears Who Was controlling me before ?
00:20:42Arapiles not me
00:20:45BritneySpears big confussion for me
00:21:11Arapiles silencer
00:21:14MariahCarry u guys
00:21:15Arapiles str threads
00:21:18MariahCarry need to suicide less
00:21:20MariahCarry and yea lol
00:21:21MariahCarry str pls
00:21:26Arapiles and get mekansm/pipe silencer
00:21:31Papaya didnt expect bat already blink
00:21:33Arapiles or bkb
00:21:35BritneySpears can I remove share
00:21:40MariahCarry B mid
00:21:41MariahCarry dude
00:21:42BritneySpears im hating someoen controlling me
00:21:43MariahCarry er dying in 5
00:21:44MariahCarry 4
00:21:47MariahCarry 3
00:21:49MariahCarry 2
00:21:51MariahCarry 1
00:21:53MariahCarry ½
00:22:10KredeC farm
00:22:20MariahCarry need pipe badly
00:22:22Arapiles b
00:22:25Arapiles b
00:22:25Arapiles b
00:23:10Papaya zzz
00:23:14KredeC let them have
00:23:15KredeC first
00:23:32ricke come
00:23:49FetAA maname plz
00:23:51Arapiles go?
00:23:55MariahCarry no
00:23:59FetAA totta def
00:24:02BritneySpears have blink ulti
00:24:14MariahCarry nice
00:24:15MariahCarry silencer
00:24:18MariahCarry ulti when enig does
00:24:19KredeC w8 m,e
00:25:01diesel join
00:25:02diesel fuck
00:25:17ricke well, u were 3
00:25:17Arapiles wp
00:25:19ricke why did u stay
00:25:28ricke we need lion in fights
00:25:29MariahCarry more of those fights
00:25:30MariahCarry and we win
00:25:39MariahCarry tihi
00:25:54MariahCarry wtf
00:26:01Arapiles caught in the woods
00:26:05FetAA need manazz
00:26:15KredeC eza
00:26:23KredeC def bot
00:26:31Papaya they got wards everywhere
00:26:32Papaya care
00:27:03MariahCarry def in base
00:27:11Papaya me and enig cd
00:27:12Papaya care
00:27:17FetAA mid toweR?
00:27:19MariahCarry tper hvis de prver
00:27:21MariahCarry prøver
00:27:49KredeC 22
00:27:55MariahCarry b
00:27:55KredeC 15
00:28:00MariahCarry def in base
00:28:00MariahCarry omfg
00:28:04BritneySpears so my bad
00:28:10dhgf mana pls
00:28:15dhgf or give yourself
00:28:18dhgf when u are full mana
00:28:52FetAA fuckign silences
00:28:56dhgf gimme mana
00:28:58dhgf fuckface
00:29:01dhgf I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:29:04diesel kill silencer first?
00:29:08FetAA y kill that bitch
00:29:17MariahCarry trying to make us cocky
00:29:24MariahCarry keep deffing inside base
00:29:51Arapiles 600 to bkb
00:29:55Papaya good
00:29:58MariahCarry imba
00:29:59Papaya u initiate then
00:30:02ricke whats the plan
00:30:03Papaya and enigma jumps after
00:30:12MariahCarry yea
00:30:13dhgf need mana
00:30:19ricke then we win
00:30:24dhgf would have got raxes
00:30:26dhgf if i had mana
00:30:31ricke lol
00:30:35MariahCarry b
00:30:39MariahCarry do'nt get caught outside
00:30:43MariahCarry if one dies
00:30:46MariahCarry it's insant raxes lost
00:30:46KredeC care
00:30:47MariahCarry b mid
00:30:49MariahCarry B
00:31:03FetAA need entry
00:31:03MariahCarry prepare mid
00:31:05KredeC yy
00:31:06Arapiles 250 ^^
00:31:10dhgf i could blink ult
00:31:13FetAA y
00:31:13Papaya damn
00:31:23dhgf nvm
00:31:27FetAA tower
00:31:42MariahCarry let bara
00:31:44KredeC let them ahve?
00:31:44MariahCarry for bkb
00:31:45MariahCarry guys
00:32:00Arapiles wait
00:32:01Arapiles wait
00:32:04MariahCarry b
00:32:06MariahCarry jogn
00:32:07FetAA enigma
00:32:08FetAA and sile
00:32:09MariahCarry stay far b
00:32:09Papaya sell tp
00:32:11Papaya go bara
00:32:13dhgf brb
00:32:15dhgf getting hood
00:32:16Arapiles i go
00:32:18FetAA fuck
00:32:18FetAA u
00:32:18Papaya charge
00:32:20FetAA are u idiot
00:32:23Arapiles charging lion
00:32:29FetAA im charged
00:32:49FetAA <3 bat
00:32:50dhgf I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:32:54dhgf <33333333333333 ezalor
00:32:58KredeC get mid topwer
00:33:01FetAA ur the one whos losing this
00:33:07FetAA we hae 100 creeps creepwave
00:33:11dhgf we had mid raxes 10 min ago
00:33:11FetAA "igo hood
00:33:19ricke you BLAME ME? when ur the one who cant play bat at all?!
00:33:19FetAA fu and stop fialing
00:33:20Nagash I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:33:23Papaya midtwr
00:33:23ricke freaking moron
00:33:30dhgf k ricke
00:33:31dhgf u pro
00:33:36KredeC b after tower
00:33:36ricke im not saying that
00:33:39ricke but u suck this game
00:33:40ricke for sure
00:34:08dhgf im just so tilted
00:34:15dhgf that u rather give urself mana when u need 50
00:34:19dhgf than me when i need 600
00:34:19Papaya care now
00:34:19ricke stop tilt and play then
00:34:23ricke u know what
00:34:25Papaya they got 2 blink heroes
00:34:28KredeC y
00:34:31KredeC exaclty
00:34:33ricke i thouhgt it was lion who wanted mana
00:34:36Papaya bara they ward
00:34:37Papaya care
00:34:41ricke so it was a mistake by me
00:34:42dhgf 100 mana
00:34:42Arapiles yy
00:34:43dhgf yeah
00:34:53FetAA batrider crying from tehere
00:34:56MariahCarry our ultis will be ready barely in time
00:35:04FetAA need entry
00:35:05FetAA take aegis
00:35:06MariahCarry not enigs
00:35:07FetAA plz
00:35:07FetAA first
00:35:09MariahCarry but the others
00:35:10Papaya enig 50sec
00:35:10Arapiles i focus who?
00:35:14Papaya lion
00:35:15MariahCarry lion
00:35:16Papaya always lion
00:35:24KredeC they rosh
00:35:29Papaya go
00:35:30MariahCarry go rosh
00:35:31MariahCarry fast
00:35:34Papaya charge
00:35:36ricke they come
00:35:38MariahCarry with silencer
00:35:39FetAA we got ward
00:35:40FetAA let skill
00:35:41MariahCarry goO
00:35:42Papaya bara
00:35:42Papaya come
00:35:46FetAA fight
00:35:49Arapiles need vision
00:36:20FetAA WHY U ALL FAIL :D
00:36:22FetAA Tc = fail
00:36:24FetAA bat fail =
00:36:29Arapiles gj
00:36:30KredeC tower
00:36:34MariahCarry gogo mid
00:36:34FetAA 3 stunned there why didnt u do ur STUN AND ULTI
00:36:34KredeC tower and b
00:36:37FetAA Tc fucking
00:36:38FetAA NOOB
00:36:45FetAA I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:36:46FetAA gg wp
00:36:48FetAA go ff
00:36:49diesel I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:36:56dhgf ezalor lost this 10 min ago
00:36:57dhgf gg
00:36:57FetAA ff plz last one
00:37:00FetAA not ezalor
00:37:05MariahCarry b
00:37:05KredeC b+
00:37:05FetAA u and tc
00:37:07MariahCarry rosh
00:37:07dhgf ye after that 10 min no mana thing
00:37:08FetAA failed this
00:37:10dhgf i started tilting
00:37:14Papaya they all re
00:37:17dhgf but then i had good entry chance
00:37:18Papaya and i got no ult
00:37:18MariahCarry hm
00:37:19MariahCarry just b
00:37:19FetAA u and tc
00:37:22Papaya y
00:37:23FetAA have no clue from tema fight
00:37:24Arapiles y
00:37:26FetAA tc has been totally useless
00:37:26Papaya teamwipe there might mean rax
00:37:27FetAA all game long
00:37:35FetAA 2-2-5
00:37:39dhgf no idea what i was thinking eza would support
00:37:48ricke hahahahah
00:37:56FetAA he did more than u this game
00:37:58ricke check my A, check my wards after
00:37:59ricke etc
00:38:00Arapiles satanic or MOM?
00:38:03MariahCarry MOM
00:38:03dhgf k
00:38:05MariahCarry for sure
00:38:06KredeC ¨
00:38:06dhgf gg wp eza
00:38:08ricke freaking idiot
00:38:09MariahCarry like
00:38:14Arapiles ok then i go satanic
00:38:15KredeC some buy the wards plz
00:38:16MariahCarry so far and away the best
00:38:20dhgf go top?
00:38:23MariahCarry :D
00:38:24FetAA gather?
00:38:29FetAA no cause u all idle in fight
00:38:30BritneySpears im gonna try and make bkb
00:38:30FetAA i go stun 3
00:38:32MariahCarry care silencer
00:38:33FetAA tc just watch
00:38:38FetAA "can i use my stun hmm no"
00:38:44FetAA bat : " 2 hours later i go ulti some1 alone"
00:38:50MariahCarry this is far from won
00:38:52MariahCarry don't die
00:38:57Papaya y
00:39:01FetAA gank
00:39:14FetAA lets kill
00:39:18MariahCarry ult???
00:39:19MariahCarry bara
00:39:19dhgf mana?
00:39:19KredeC care
00:39:20FetAA can i use ur stun tc?
00:39:35FetAA warded
00:39:50diesel I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:39:53KredeC caharge
00:39:57Nagash I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:39:57KredeC the n we rax
00:39:58dhgf we had this game in the bag
00:39:59MariahCarry just push
00:40:01FetAA YES
00:40:03MariahCarry dopn't cahse
00:40:04FetAA the nu failed with TC
00:40:06MariahCarry tp
00:40:07FetAA first o f all UR THE TANK
00:40:07Papaya i def
00:40:09Papaya u push
00:40:10FetAA second tc has no clue
00:40:12FetAA never stuns
00:40:14MariahCarry good
00:40:27FetAA but hes lastpick can expect anything
00:40:42FetAA go now first?
00:40:43MariahCarry B
00:40:44Arapiles b
00:40:46FetAA or u go after al ldead
00:40:48Arapiles rosh?
00:40:51Arapiles no
00:40:54Papaya what stopped enigma ulti that clash???
00:40:55MariahCarry nah
00:40:55BritneySpears 400 for bkb
00:40:57MariahCarry all out
00:40:59Arapiles were too low
00:41:08MariahCarry mby wd cast stun before silence ulti
00:41:11KredeC me dead
00:41:12Arapiles cant help
00:41:12MariahCarry and then it jumped arond
00:41:15MariahCarry and back to enig
00:41:16Papaya i guess yea
00:41:19FetAA need mana
00:41:27FetAA no enigma ulti i believe
00:41:30Papaya shit
00:41:31dhgf ye
00:41:31Papaya all cd
00:41:34FetAA catch him and silencer
00:41:37MariahCarry need to def this
00:41:39MariahCarry can u BO?
00:41:43FetAA bat forward
00:41:45Arapiles y
00:41:56BritneySpears ogm
00:41:59FetAA bat?
00:42:00FetAA blink ulti?
00:42:44dhgf 5 min battle
00:42:44diesel both of them bought out
00:42:47dhgf 0 spells by ezalor
00:42:50dhgf how sweet
00:42:51KredeC mid
00:42:51MariahCarry go get mid raxes
00:42:54MariahCarry gfofofofoogogoo
00:42:54ricke hahahaha
00:43:05ricke u seems to be a blind retard or something
00:43:18dhgf maybe
00:43:23dhgf but still 0 spells by u
00:43:29ricke WHAT?
00:43:32ricke i did spell all the time
00:43:36KredeC b after
00:43:38KredeC melee
00:43:39ricke mana leak on viper twice
00:43:46ricke so what the hack are u talking about
00:43:49KredeC b
00:43:51MariahCarry b
00:44:15KredeC hes dead.. but they cant push :D
00:44:21Papaya y
00:44:27KredeC care
00:44:42FetAA follow
00:44:56Papaya wtf
00:44:59Papaya use blink?
00:45:01MariahCarry cd
00:45:03KredeC why 0 why
00:45:09Papaya np
00:45:13Papaya bara nigma re before they come
00:45:19Arapiles saw too late u said b in base
00:45:28Arapiles and then u were gone
00:45:32KredeC def with enigma
00:45:35Nagash -ms
00:45:36MariahCarry we have ultis
00:45:39MariahCarry and 5v5 now
00:45:42MariahCarry wipe them
00:45:47MariahCarry and go top raxes
00:45:47Arapiles turtle till all 5
00:45:51KredeC no
00:45:53MariahCarry bara first
00:45:57MariahCarry gogogogogoog
00:46:25KredeC all go?'
00:46:27KredeC push top
00:46:28Papaya goddamn
00:46:30Papaya that was close
00:46:31BritneySpears Well at least they didnt get entry
00:46:34BritneySpears caught them all
00:46:35Papaya y
00:46:36BritneySpears i think
00:46:37MariahCarry top raxes
00:46:40Papaya thought gg when i got lasso
00:46:41MariahCarry no
00:46:44MariahCarry roshan
00:46:48Papaya ok
00:46:48Papaya gogo
00:46:53Arapiles kk
00:46:56diesel we have lost
00:47:00diesel coz we have no carry
00:47:00KredeC i ward 1 sec
00:47:02ricke got hex
00:47:08diesel no dps
00:47:08dhgf no need carry
00:47:11dhgf just good teamwork
00:47:27Arapiles bipe
00:47:30ricke well, they got rax coz OUR mistakes
00:47:37ricke so dont do mistakes and we win
00:47:42MariahCarry push top all
00:47:44MariahCarry gather
00:47:45MariahCarry and go top
00:47:46Arapiles bipe = viper :)))
00:47:56Arapiles need 1 item
00:48:04MariahCarry hyper?
00:48:10Arapiles vanguard?
00:48:13MariahCarry oh
00:48:14MariahCarry 45 min
00:48:15MariahCarry :D
00:48:16MariahCarry o
00:48:17MariahCarry k
00:48:17MariahCarry xD
00:48:19KredeC y ac
00:48:24Arapiles AC after
00:48:29MariahCarry hood ville nok klæde dig bedre end vanguard
00:48:37Arapiles y
00:48:46MariahCarry carry TPs
00:49:09MariahCarry bara charged
00:49:12MariahCarry then enig ulti
00:49:13MariahCarry and silence
00:49:18KredeC they push top?
00:49:27FetAA everyone has tps?
00:49:29ricke y
00:49:30Arapiles ofc
00:49:30MariahCarry not obious
00:49:31MariahCarry :D
00:49:33Arapiles ^^
00:49:38dhgf -afk
00:49:40Papaya its gc
00:49:43Papaya they can be that stupid
00:49:51FetAA tp
00:49:52MariahCarry fast top
00:50:17dhgf I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:50:19dhgf this
00:50:20FetAA we dont have any stuff
00:50:31MariahCarry raxes
00:50:32MariahCarry gogogo
00:50:52MariahCarry mid
00:50:53MariahCarry 4 dead
00:51:06KredeC gj
00:51:07MariahCarry gj
00:51:07KredeC b
00:51:08MariahCarry b
00:51:12KredeC :D
00:51:18KredeC great mind think alike!
00:51:22KredeC minds*
00:51:26Nagash I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:51:27MariahCarry ^^
00:51:28Arapiles ^^
00:51:35Papaya great minds dont play dota all day :S
00:51:41dhgf I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:51:44KredeC :D
00:51:45diesel I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:51:46Arapiles ^^
00:51:48KredeC ur right :D
00:51:48MariahCarry they certainly do!
00:51:51Papaya ^^
00:52:11MariahCarry bot
00:52:12MariahCarry come all
00:52:19MariahCarry let's roll
00:52:20diesel ricke
00:52:21Papaya just getting hex quickly
00:52:21diesel I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:52:22KredeC bird
00:52:27MariahCarry nice
00:52:29Arapiles viper u tank next
00:52:35Arapiles w aegis
00:52:42MariahCarry ofc sir
00:52:48Papaya omw
00:52:54KredeC we go deF?
00:52:58MariahCarry no just go
00:53:00Arapiles enig stay behind
00:53:51KredeC gg
00:53:54KredeC wp boys
00:53:57BritneySpears [DotA-GC] Game was won by Sentinel!
00:53:57BritneySpears [DotA-GC] Game was won by Sentinel!
00:53:57BritneySpears [DotA-GC] Game was won by Sentinel!
00:53:57BritneySpears [DotA-GC] Scourge must now wait near their fountain until Sentinel destroys the throne.
00:53:57Nagash I surrender! [4/4 of Scourge]
00:53:57Arapiles y
00:54:00Papaya ye nice teamplay
00:54:01MariahCarry gg
00:54:11MariahCarry gg boyz
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