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Chat log

00:00:18valiante anyone want doom?
00:00:18MariahCarry lol no
00:00:18MariahCarry who would want doom
00:00:18valiante ricke
00:00:18valiante u want doom?
00:00:18MariahCarry that's insane
00:00:18valiante i ban silencer
00:00:18ChubbyChris2 What ya gonna ban ?
00:00:18ProButLagsK i
00:00:18ProButLagsK ban alche
00:00:37ChubbyChris2 u gonna mid ?
00:00:40valiante ricke
00:00:45valiante pls take this piece of shit off my hands
00:00:52valiante pls pls pls
00:00:56ProButLagsK if get morph u can have mid
00:01:01ChubbyChris2 naah
00:01:03ChubbyChris2 i lane morph
00:01:09Arapiles cm is great for us now
00:01:11ProButLagsK get that linkens fast
00:01:14ChubbyChris2 y
00:01:19Arapiles pick cm for me
00:01:36FetAA forrrrr
00:01:36Papaya what u want valiante
00:01:38ChubbyChris2 why not wd ?
00:01:42ChubbyChris2 or thrall
00:01:43Arapiles cm or beastmaster?
00:01:43valiante get me sk
00:01:44Kastrup i want REXXAr
00:01:46FetAA me noob wd
00:01:49Kastrup if any1 want Ze Wisp?
00:01:50Kastrup :d
00:01:50FetAA cm
00:01:52FetAA plz
00:01:52valiante -swap 4
00:01:53Papaya -swap 1
00:01:58valiante wd doom bot
00:01:58ChubbyChris2 tb woods ? ..
00:02:05ChubbyChris2 or ?
00:02:06Guf arapiles .. skal jeg bar farm ;) ?
00:02:06FetAA we coulda trilane top if wards
00:02:15ChubbyChris2 gogo trilane
00:02:19FetAA no wards
00:02:19Guf no
00:02:20FetAA they just pull
00:02:20Arapiles i must go w morph
00:02:26Arapiles imo
00:02:27FetAA morph solo i semiwoods
00:02:28FetAA or woods
00:02:28ChubbyChris2 fetaa
00:02:32Arapiles mm
00:02:33ChubbyChris2 good
00:02:33Arapiles k
00:02:39ChubbyChris2 but cm / rhasta
00:02:41ChubbyChris2 gonna get owned
00:02:42ChubbyChris2 badly
00:02:43FetAA why
00:02:45Kastrup get ready foks
00:02:45ricke not sk+wd?
00:02:45Guf is nice ..
00:02:45FetAA good lane
00:02:47ricke lul
00:02:50ChubbyChris2 not rly
00:02:56valiante no
00:02:58Arapiles shitty lane
00:02:58Guf vi knepepr dem
00:03:03FetAA probutlagsk ganks them
00:03:03ricke come doom
00:03:05valiante rune bot
00:03:07Guf rune bot
00:03:08Papaya wut?
00:03:09Arapiles im support
00:03:11valiante anti wards
00:03:12Papaya was afk whats going on
00:03:20Arapiles so is rhasta
00:03:23FetAA k
00:03:35Arapiles argh no pull wards
00:03:40FetAA they warded it
00:03:45FetAA i get some lvl and go woods
00:04:35Arapiles disable????
00:04:40Guf har lightning
00:04:44Arapiles omg
00:04:48Arapiles må du aldrig
00:04:53Guf undskyld :(
00:06:19Arapiles wards
00:06:27Kastrup -2
00:06:27Papaya stop those deny hits
00:06:27Kastrup -2
00:06:28Kastrup CARE
00:06:31FetAA kill wd?
00:06:34Papaya u just giving him lasthit
00:06:38FetAA got
00:06:39FetAA this
00:06:39ChubbyChris2 sure
00:06:44FetAA go
00:06:45ricke mm, im tired. no timing at all right now
00:07:02Papaya male??
00:07:07ricke did it...
00:07:11Papaya missed it
00:07:13ricke m
00:07:21FetAA 1
00:07:30ricke fucking hell
00:07:48MariahCarry ss mid
00:07:55ricke nice miss
00:07:56ricke noob
00:08:07ricke u said miss when he was bot
00:08:11MariahCarry he had haste
00:08:15ricke so what
00:08:20ricke u called miss when he was at rune
00:08:25ricke u shall call miss a lot earlier
00:08:32ricke this is already gg
00:08:37ChubbyChris2 ss
00:08:41Papaya srsly?
00:08:42Papaya SHUT
00:08:43Papaya THE
00:08:44Papaya FUCK
00:08:44Papaya UP
00:08:45Papaya NOOB
00:08:59Arapiles hvor er mine wards?
00:09:07Arapiles skal bruge en her
00:09:14FetAA b cm
00:09:17MariahCarry ss mid
00:09:18FetAA tp rhasta
00:09:18MariahCarry care bot
00:09:20Arapiles skrev..
00:09:23FetAA why dont utp
00:09:29ChubbyChris2 still ss
00:09:39Guf WD top
00:09:40Arapiles hvem er mid?
00:09:59Arapiles hvor er mine wards????
00:10:03valiante wd?
00:10:14ricke yea what
00:10:15Kastrup wd get biot oplz
00:10:18valiante gp bpt
00:10:22ricke ofc when ur back
00:10:25valiante ok :)=
00:10:27Arapiles så svar dog
00:10:35Guf jeg har dem ik
00:11:01Arapiles tak
00:11:03Arapiles fjolser
00:11:12Papaya i know cm is really dangerous lategame
00:11:16Papaya but i heard morph also
00:11:19Arapiles skal bruge dem heroppe
00:11:23ricke well, fucked up lanes
00:11:24Arapiles nogen køb wards
00:11:32Arapiles venter..
00:11:35ChubbyChris2 ss
00:11:36ChubbyChris2 2
00:11:41FetAA -cs
00:11:46Papaya got doom and nuke and u complain
00:11:47Papaya lol
00:11:52ricke hahahaha
00:11:53ChubbyChris2 re 1
00:11:55ricke complain?!
00:12:00Arapiles mirana
00:12:05Arapiles send min ward herop
00:12:06FetAA ward here
00:12:14ricke doom then
00:12:17ProButLagsK fuck i er nogle nabs
00:12:21ProButLagsK hold nu den lane
00:12:24Arapiles luk
00:12:28FetAA phase lol
00:12:29Arapiles jeg skal bruge de wards
00:12:34Guf svært med Wisp, sk og en roamer WD
00:12:35Arapiles bliver kneppet uden
00:12:36ChubbyChris2 they have doom and bala
00:12:39ChubbyChris2 pretty :/
00:12:39Kastrup -2
00:12:40Kastrup top
00:12:41Kastrup CARE
00:12:42Guf har købt
00:12:43Kastrup cm and rhasta
00:12:44FetAA bala?
00:12:48valiante gang bot
00:12:49ChubbyChris2 n1
00:12:53FetAA omw
00:13:12ChubbyChris2 AHAHAHAH
00:13:12ricke u see
00:13:13ChubbyChris2 nice
00:13:15ChubbyChris2 rly
00:13:15ChubbyChris2 nice
00:13:17Arapiles 4 top
00:13:19Papaya see what?
00:13:19ricke we cant do SHIT with that doom
00:13:22ricke we need stun for him
00:13:23FetAA :P
00:13:26ChubbyChris2 tower low
00:13:30valiante ?
00:13:31ricke i go roam now
00:13:41ricke useless lanes.
00:13:44Guf nice mira
00:13:48ChubbyChris2 :P
00:14:01ChubbyChris2 omfg
00:14:21Papaya gg
00:14:22Papaya ff
00:14:23ProButLagsK .P?
00:14:33ricke as i said
00:14:34ProButLagsK behøver ikke dig
00:14:38ricke 3 carrys, and we loose
00:14:39Papaya what?
00:14:44ChubbyChris2 hehe
00:14:47Papaya u said u suck at roaming and cant play?
00:14:51Papaya must have missed that
00:14:52Arapiles wisp ftw
00:15:00ProButLagsK tp
00:15:01ricke whos suck
00:15:02ProButLagsK chub
00:15:03ricke u suck
00:15:09ChubbyChris2 bot not safe for me anymore
00:15:13ChubbyChris2 omw top
00:15:28ricke i cant even roam
00:15:34Papaya very true
00:15:43ricke coz rest cant do shit
00:15:49Papaya lol
00:15:56ricke potm escape, terror as well, morph
00:15:59ricke so
00:16:02ChubbyChris2 b
00:16:03ricke and we dont have stun
00:16:04ricke etc
00:16:05Papaya roam better then
00:16:09ricke its not me
00:16:12ricke its the team
00:16:15ricke if u dont get that
00:16:16Papaya hahhaahahaha
00:16:17ricke stop play dota
00:16:17ProButLagsK wawe nu...
00:16:29ChubbyChris2 whisp nlsten levende
00:17:09valiante gopp
00:17:25ProButLagsK i vil jo ikke have det tårn gg
00:17:49valiante k got armlet
00:17:56ProButLagsK tp
00:18:10Guf omW top
00:18:11Guf 10 sek
00:18:13valiante b
00:18:56Kastrup doc
00:18:57Kastrup coem
00:18:58valiante b
00:20:27Kastrup omw
00:21:00ricke wheres rest? no1 tp... doom?
00:21:03FetAA '
00:21:04FetAA omw
00:21:20Guf gj
00:21:48Guf mid?
00:21:50Guf har
00:21:51Guf ulti
00:23:07ricke gg
00:23:07ricke ff
00:23:39Arapiles oom
00:24:06Guf har de Wards nogle steder?
00:24:07FetAA does skadi and diffu stack?
00:24:10Kastrup dobnt go fucking radiance
00:24:11FetAA no
00:24:12FetAA ?
00:24:14ProButLagsK no
00:24:15valiante true
00:24:15Kastrup then morph get free radi
00:24:16valiante we dont need
00:24:19FetAA which orbs do stack with skadi
00:24:24Papaya i wasnt planning on that
00:24:26ChubbyChris2 dominator
00:24:28ChubbyChris2 if ur ranged
00:24:28Kastrup ...
00:24:29Kastrup k
00:24:30Guf life steal
00:24:35Guf got ulti
00:24:47Papaya i go hex prolly
00:25:14FetAA omgz
00:25:47ProButLagsK fettaa just learn how to use ulti
00:26:31MariahCarry coutner
00:26:41ProButLagsK rax
00:26:47Guf gogo
00:26:50Guf ulti ready
00:27:01valiante i got ankh
00:27:02valiante lets go
00:27:08Kastrup -ii
00:27:18Arapiles reuse chik
00:28:00Papaya dunny why u had to go rambo sk
00:28:01ChubbyChris2 well gj :P
00:28:04valiante hmm
00:28:07valiante ulti didnt go fof
00:28:14valiante didnt think mana burned tht aast
00:28:16ricke I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:28:18Papaya y it did
00:28:23MariahCarry ty papaya
00:28:26Papaya 3tb spamming u
00:28:27MariahCarry captain obvious
00:28:28ProButLagsK top is mine
00:30:42FetAA gogo top
00:31:52ricke just ff
00:32:22valiante not befoer 3+0
00:32:29ricke u can ff at 25 now
00:32:32ricke new rule
00:32:35valiante but i wont
00:32:35Guf gg
00:32:48ricke theres no "end before 30 and u got more X/TS"....
00:33:00Guf doom
00:33:12Papaya yeeee
00:33:18Papaya 35hp for sure
00:33:29ricke gg
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