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Chat log

00:00:14Timu no
00:00:16Timu timu firstpick
00:00:16Timu gg
00:00:18Nicergud -don
00:00:19Knaitti y
00:00:19Nicergud -ii
00:00:21Knaitti -clear
00:00:21Timu what u guys think of getting?
00:00:21Balbii well
00:00:21Balbii everything
00:00:21ulikiluu rex
00:00:21Timu :O
00:00:21Balbii awesome wouldnt it be?
00:00:21Timu i'm sorry I didn't see your bann?
00:00:21SlikposeN ah
00:00:21SlikposeN i teamchat it
00:00:21Timu k
00:00:21Knaitti get me dooooom
00:00:21SlikposeN wisp
00:00:21FetAA no he has just been thinking 2hours
00:00:21SlikposeN WISP
00:00:21SlikposeN DONT HATE ME
00:00:21Mr.HaM -BAT
00:00:21Balbii its ok
00:00:21Timu ok
00:00:21Nicergud -wisp
00:00:21Balbii we hate you
00:00:21Timu u sure u want doom?
00:00:21Knaitti ban void
00:00:21FetAA BLUE
00:00:21SlikposeN its okay if you hate me
00:00:21Timu i ban
00:00:21SlikposeN your nick is nice
00:00:21Nicergud You ban what
00:00:21SlikposeN hes nick is fetaa?
00:00:21Timu riki
00:00:21Nicergud Speed up
00:00:21SlikposeN wtf is this
00:00:32FetAA HE sucks dick for money?
00:00:37Knaitti at least fetaa likes voids
00:00:50xenix- shut it guys we have to win this game
00:00:52xenix- thx
00:00:55Mr.HaM -weather moonlight
00:01:01Balbii me mid?
00:01:04Timu no
00:01:09Mr.HaM who wants crix?
00:01:10Balbii u saying you going mid?
00:01:11Balbii -.-
00:01:16Timu im saying im going mid
00:01:17SlikposeN yyy
00:01:17Mr.HaM swap me pls
00:01:18Timu yes
00:01:20Balbii -.-
00:01:21Balbii gc
00:01:23Nicergud lol
00:01:26Balbii retard caps everywhere ;D
00:01:26xenix- i want
00:01:28Timu well
00:01:29Mr.HaM cool
00:01:32Mr.HaM get me PL
00:01:32Balbii getting prooud for being pink
00:01:36Timu his gonna doom mid maybe?
00:01:36Balbii and goes solo mid void
00:01:36xenix- k sir
00:01:39Balbii loves it
00:01:40Nicergud -swap 1
00:01:41SlikposeN -swap 5
00:01:41Timu well
00:01:42Balbii ofc he will
00:01:43Mr.HaM -swap
00:01:45Mr.HaM -swap 4
00:01:46Balbii and you will get stomped
00:01:47Balbii mr
00:01:47Timu then it's np
00:01:49xenix- -swap 3
00:02:01FetAA hwo can u play everygame brainless carry
00:02:06Balbii guess we just gotta trust u in that
00:02:07Balbii still
00:02:08SlikposeN pl top
00:02:10Balbii if he's any decent
00:02:13SlikposeN sk bot
00:02:13Balbii you will get assraped
00:02:17FetAA nice lane
00:02:19FetAA kunkka pl
00:02:21FetAA sir
00:02:24Timu how can he kill me with doom
00:02:24SlikposeN slow torrent
00:02:25Nicergud Y
00:02:28SlikposeN can hit
00:02:33SlikposeN doom cant play with pl
00:02:35SlikposeN no combo
00:02:35ulikiluu u think they let lastpick doom solo mid?
00:02:38FetAA u shoulda go on lane
00:02:38SlikposeN -ii
00:02:40SlikposeN brain would be nce
00:02:46SlikposeN again
00:02:48SlikposeN brain would be nice
00:02:49Balbii i think they will
00:02:50SlikposeN im the only good player
00:02:51SlikposeN on this team
00:02:53SlikposeN tardo
00:02:53FetAA stfu
00:02:54Nicergud Y
00:02:54FetAA u have no skills
00:02:55Balbii but still
00:02:55ulikiluu well he's new y
00:02:56FetAA i have seen u
00:02:57Nicergud kunkka
00:02:59Balbii being ownd
00:02:59Nicergud you suck
00:03:00Nicergud dont talk
00:03:01ulikiluu could be someone good
00:03:02Balbii is not about kills ffs
00:03:02SlikposeN ive seen your mother
00:03:04FetAA who u even are
00:03:04SlikposeN naked
00:03:05Mr.HaM +azrw
00:03:07FetAA fucking danks idiots
00:03:12Balbii you will give him farm void
00:03:14SlikposeN oO
00:03:18Nicergud danks ? )
00:03:22Nicergud again
00:03:24Nicergud get a brain
00:03:24Timu will swithc lanes then
00:03:25Mr.HaM ?STFU
00:03:26Nicergud mr. retard
00:03:28Mr.HaM let me play
00:03:31Balbii worth
00:03:34Balbii ill just tryt o gank'
00:04:08FetAA well ur from denmark or smthing
00:04:09FetAA u fucktards
00:04:15Nicergud want beef?
00:04:17FetAA most retarded ppl there
00:04:18SlikposeN im from rus
00:04:22FetAA nerds playing in caqfe;D
00:04:26Nicergud Y
00:04:28Nicergud you play home alone
00:04:29Nicergud gz
00:04:38FetAA no ur mom is here
00:04:40FetAA under my chair
00:04:52SlikposeN n1
00:04:53FetAA oops
00:04:55FetAA too pro enemy
00:04:56FetAA man
00:04:56Timu flying
00:04:57Timu pls
00:05:18Nicergud my mom is everywhere
00:05:23Nicergud in ur fantasy
00:05:40FetAA if he sees 2euro he is everywhere
00:05:41FetAA sucking dick
00:05:47Mr.HaM S T F U
00:05:54Nicergud ye he ?
00:05:55Nicergud :)
00:06:03FetAA well u had 2 dads when u born
00:06:07Nicergud Y
00:06:07FetAA but u call one mother
00:06:13Nicergud and you had none
00:06:14Nicergud they died
00:06:18Knaitti ss
00:06:19FetAA wow nice joke man
00:06:23FetAA u made it urself?
00:06:30Timu ss mid
00:06:33SlikposeN cs void
00:06:34Timu re
00:06:35SlikposeN no lies please
00:06:40Nicergud k I stop
00:06:43Timu 15
00:06:50Timu U?
00:07:47SlikposeN i come
00:07:52SlikposeN sorry kunkka
00:07:53SlikposeN i love you
00:08:03Timu ss mid
00:08:15Timu care
00:08:16Timu ss mid
00:09:00Balbii get
00:09:02Balbii phantom
00:09:03Balbii got dust
00:09:11SlikposeN crix upgrade pls
00:09:21FetAA kill
00:09:38xenix- ill up in 130 gold
00:09:43FetAA when they atk
00:09:43FetAA dont run
00:09:44FetAA lets atk
00:09:46Knaitti 'SS
00:09:51SlikposeN where is chick
00:09:56SlikposeN -courrier
00:09:56Timu ss
00:10:01FetAA dead
00:10:07FetAA some1 killed
00:10:34xenix- gj
00:10:40SlikposeN chick is dead?????
00:10:47Nicergud -courier
00:10:50Balbii awesome
00:10:59SlikposeN void miss
00:11:00SlikposeN care
00:11:00SlikposeN top
00:11:28Nicergud this sk
00:11:33FetAA lucky shitters
00:11:52Timu ss mid
00:12:00Timu re
00:12:01Balbii u getting farm void?
00:12:04Timu y
00:12:06Balbii good
00:12:23Timu ss mid
00:12:55Nicergud guess this means I can unshare
00:12:56Timu wards up aswell pls
00:13:57Timu care
00:14:13xenix- miss
00:14:39Balbii you had no ulti?
00:14:42ulikiluu oom
00:14:44Balbii i mean
00:14:52Balbii you used axes didnt you?
00:14:53Balbii instead of ulti
00:14:56ulikiluu ulti needs more
00:14:58ulikiluu didnt have enough
00:15:06ulikiluu almost but not quite
00:15:59FetAA wtf
00:16:02FetAA oom
00:16:17FetAA freefarm
00:16:48SlikposeN pl go diffu please
00:16:54FetAA zz sure this nabfuck has bot
00:17:13SlikposeN sinse i got tp to support you if they gang you yes.
00:17:23FetAA wasnt talking to u?
00:17:26SlikposeN ah
00:17:30SlikposeN who was
00:17:31SlikposeN tp boots
00:17:42FetAA rexxxx
00:17:47FetAA i just wondered how this noob got them alrdy
00:17:52FetAA omw
00:18:17FetAA hawked
00:18:24Knaitti 3 down
00:18:37FetAA stu nsk if usee stop
00:18:40FetAA spot
00:18:52Mr.HaM gyro
00:19:07Knaitti ss
00:19:10FetAA ..
00:19:38Mr.HaM void
00:19:43Balbii thd
00:19:46Balbii got invis
00:20:54Knaitti WHY ULTI DONT GO ON
00:21:02FetAA cd maybe
00:21:05Knaitti no
00:21:07Knaitti it wasnt on cd
00:21:08FetAA yes
00:21:14Knaitti :...........
00:21:15Knaitti BUG
00:21:50SlikposeN stun ulti
00:22:00SlikposeN GO
00:22:09Mr.HaM xD
00:22:13xenix- y
00:22:15Mr.HaM aahhahaah xDD
00:22:16Timu oom
00:22:17Mr.HaM B
00:22:31Mr.HaM dont kill just defend
00:22:53Balbii lock
00:22:56Balbii what are you doing?
00:23:04Vampi warding?
00:23:40Timu ult earlier wl
00:23:41Timu cmon
00:24:15Balbii oh
00:24:22Mr.HaM :)
00:25:02Timu the fuck i am botm
00:25:05Timu abba
00:25:06Timu and rest
00:25:07Timu come here
00:25:16Knaitti cd tp
00:26:16FetAA wut
00:26:23FetAA :D
00:26:25xenix- ^^
00:26:28SlikposeN hi
00:26:30Balbii XD
00:26:53FetAA lets reipp
00:27:24Mr.HaM reg
00:27:45FetAA pro gankers st riek again
00:28:02SlikposeN crix do your first ulti please
00:28:18FetAA :D
00:28:19FetAA tehre u go
00:28:49Knaitti DAMN Slow turn animation with this
00:28:55Knaitti could have killed myself
00:28:59SlikposeN invis beside a tower
00:29:01SlikposeN what is this
00:29:57xenix- fast+
00:30:04Balbii aba
00:30:10Knaitti y
00:30:13Balbii why do you even go to those creepwaves when you dont want the lasthits?
00:30:28Knaitti i though u want them
00:30:30Knaitti so i autoattack
00:30:31Knaitti and u get
00:30:33Balbii lol
00:30:37Balbii dont attack at all then
00:30:38Balbii fs
00:30:43Knaitti i wanted push it little
00:30:46Knaitti also
00:30:54FetAA jakiro?
00:31:58FetAA should go with 5
00:32:00ulikiluu :(
00:32:03ulikiluu dont eat my pigs
00:32:07FetAA void stronk now
00:32:09Nicergud Dont hunt
00:32:34Knaitti Do u get slow from pig?
00:32:39FetAA can we do smthing
00:32:41Mr.HaM b
00:32:54Mr.HaM regroup
00:32:55Mr.HaM top
00:32:56Mr.HaM team
00:32:58FetAA i tp soon
00:33:00Mr.HaM they push with 5
00:33:22Mr.HaM come
00:33:50FetAA kil lvoid
00:34:40Knaitti re use
00:35:28FetAA just that
00:35:30FetAA sk doesent know how to ulti
00:35:32SlikposeN pl
00:35:36SlikposeN focus void
00:35:37Mr.HaM omw
00:35:38FetAA sk got alrdy vlads
00:35:38SlikposeN with ultis
00:35:39FetAA pl
00:35:39SlikposeN ilus
00:35:44FetAA Crixalis
00:35:46FetAA u need dager
00:35:49FetAA can u spaeke nglishh?
00:35:52xenix- y i know
00:35:55Timu i'll take
00:35:56FetAA dagger
00:35:58FetAA then u ulti and jump
00:37:09FetAA jakiro and rest was near what took so long
00:37:23SlikposeN no idea
00:37:23FetAA u got wl only
00:37:26SlikposeN we shopped i think
00:37:42Mr.HaM they got necro 3
00:37:50Nicergud and u only got diffu
00:38:02FetAA and u got ultimate orb.
00:38:09SlikposeN pl get vangaurd
00:39:33FetAA ?
00:39:34FetAA >
00:39:40FetAA I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:39:41Mr.HaM fuck off
00:39:45Mr.HaM and 2v5 fights
00:39:47Mr.HaM fuck off
00:39:51Mr.HaM with crix with vladi
00:39:55Mr.HaM fuck off
00:40:00Mr.HaM with lucy that is doing shiva
00:40:04Mr.HaM fuck off
00:40:10Mr.HaM with travel and vcanguard on kunka
00:40:14Mr.HaM fuck off all
00:40:16Mr.HaM fucking nooobs
00:40:17Mr.HaM I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:40:42Balbii im a fan of ur sk btw
00:40:45Timu me2
00:41:01SlikposeN B
00:41:54FetAA ff time
00:42:09Mr.HaM fuckk off
00:42:22FetAA come
00:42:23FetAA jakiro
00:42:51Knaitti ill go vladi
00:42:53Knaitti for u void
00:42:58Mr.HaM what the FUICK is wrong with u
00:43:02Nicergud dude
00:43:03Nicergud your so shitty
00:43:05Nicergud dont even talk
00:43:11Mr.HaM y i farm
00:43:12Mr.HaM their wood
00:43:17Nicergud and die
00:43:19Nicergud g j
00:44:36xenix- going curi ok ?
00:44:41Nicergud no
00:44:44xenix- k
00:44:45Nicergud h e a r t
00:44:47xenix- then ?
00:44:49FetAA u know how to ulti blink? cirxalis
00:44:50FetAA ?
00:44:50xenix- k
00:45:04FetAA crixalis
00:45:06SlikposeN get dagger
00:45:07SlikposeN crix..
00:45:08FetAA u know how to ulti and blink?
00:45:10FetAA he got
00:45:12xenix- i got allready
00:45:13Balbii haii
00:45:17FetAA u press ulti
00:45:18SlikposeN nice
00:45:23FetAA then u press shift and blink
00:45:25FetAA on the targer
00:45:29FetAA so when ulti is rdy it blinks instantly
00:45:30Mr.HaM roshy?
00:45:53FetAA FAT
00:45:55FetAA fast
00:45:59FetAA steal
00:46:06FetAA k gg
00:46:34Mr.HaM ahahha
00:46:35Mr.HaM FAST
00:46:40Mr.HaM and continues to farm kunka
00:46:43FetAA ?
00:46:45FetAA iw as tehre u idiot
00:46:48FetAA open eye s :DD
00:46:58FetAA but cant win 4v5
00:47:02FetAA after crix suicide
00:47:03Mr.HaM y i know
00:47:43Knaitti ill go rad
00:48:10FetAA :E
00:48:12FetAA cant help
00:48:18Mr.HaM aegis
00:48:24Mr.HaM anyway
00:48:50SlikposeN crix go
00:49:12Balbii the day that you die
00:49:17Balbii cause we're all gonna die
00:49:29Balbii you and i
00:49:31Balbii :D
00:49:37Balbii its just part of life
00:50:25FetAA w8me
00:51:27FetAA runn
00:52:12Knaitti void ur wrath on chick
00:52:18Timu k
00:52:19FetAA go
00:52:20FetAA go
00:53:30Timu def
00:53:32Timu oh
00:53:33Timu all dead
00:53:37SlikposeN SRAT
00:53:43SlikposeN KUNKKA
00:53:45FetAA i deff this
00:53:45SlikposeN FUCK YOUR MOTHER
00:53:53FetAA im oom and shit
00:53:54Mr.HaM he dfe this
00:53:59FetAA i can even do one torrent
00:54:01FetAA donkeys
00:54:07FetAA better to save tower
00:54:07Balbii rex?
00:54:08Timu so sick
00:54:18SlikposeN skillz from sk
00:54:24Timu finally
00:54:29Balbii sk is madskills
00:54:30SlikposeN idd
00:54:35SlikposeN kunkka
00:54:36SlikposeN we had tower
00:54:40SlikposeN if you didnt run like a bitch
00:54:46FetAA are u retarded
00:54:50Nicergud important farm
00:54:51FetAA i had 0 mana and top was going down from creeps
00:54:51SlikposeN thank you
00:54:51Nicergud ya KNOW
00:54:54FetAA important def tier2
00:54:55SlikposeN but i hold our team up
00:55:01Mr.HaM fuckg
00:55:03Mr.HaM vladi
00:55:10Mr.HaM need valdi cause crix is nowhere
00:55:17FetAA u dont
00:55:20Knaitti al mid?
00:55:22FetAA we with 5 all the time
00:55:23Timu y
00:55:55FetAA run
00:56:11FetAA kk
00:56:17FetAA how retarded
00:56:50FetAA zzz
00:57:58Balbii the world is just aint right
00:58:10Knaitti kjill
00:58:10Knaitti kill
00:58:24Timu derp
00:58:25Knaitti damn criz :<
00:58:27Timu went to asnwer the door
00:58:32SlikposeN mid
00:58:32SlikposeN g000
00:58:34Balbii HERPDERP
00:58:35FetAA rebuYY
00:58:50FetAA no mana
00:58:53SlikposeN b
00:59:36SlikposeN 3nd the nightmare
00:59:52FetAA dont focus abaddon
00:59:55FetAA kill void
00:59:57FetAA wtf pl
00:59:58FetAA b
01:00:32FetAA fuck
01:00:33FetAA kill pl
01:00:48Knaitti u could have wait me to get one step :<
01:00:53Knaitti so i would have survived
01:01:32FetAA zz
01:01:33FetAA jakiro?!?!
01:01:35FetAA sk?!?!
01:01:35FetAA wtf
01:01:36Mr.HaM hex on lucy fopr fun
01:01:43FetAA SK AND jakiro
01:01:45Nicergud CD ?
01:01:47Nicergud retard pl
01:01:56FetAA fucking crixalis farming mid
01:02:04xenix- lol
01:02:11FetAA so we bot hdie top
01:02:19Timu go top and end
01:02:57Timu -ms
01:04:35Timu herp-derp
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