Game #1313020

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-17 X
+3 TS

87% | 1406 X | 1444 TS

+33 X
+5 TS

67% | 1196 X | 1422 TS

-29 X
+23 TS

66% | 1275 X | 1287 TS

+18 X
+3 TS

53% | 1076 X | 1365 TS

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+2 TS

52% | 1095 X | 1331 TS

-22 X
-3 TS

93% | 1456 X | 1549 TS

-41 X
-3 TS

91% | 1441 X | 1483 TS

+35 X
-4 TS

54% | 1107 X | 1336 TS

+44 X
-21 TS

33% | 1104 X | 1199 TS

-10 X
-7 TS

34% | 977 X | 1241 TS

Chat log

00:00:20valiante i ban es
00:00:20WANKmaster lion
00:00:20WANKmaster liquid
00:00:20WANKmaster ota joku carry
00:00:20Solisluu ?
00:00:21Solisluu okei
00:00:22MetM im going aa if its there
00:00:33WANKmaster ota alche
00:00:48valiante okay
00:00:50valiante aa bat
00:00:52Solisluu yo or me mid?
00:00:53valiante and this is over
00:00:55FetAA gief me mirana ;<
00:00:56Mr.HaM what is banned
00:00:56WANKmaster ill mid
00:00:57Mr.HaM phone
00:00:59valiante no
00:01:00valiante love her
00:01:01Solisluu es lion
00:01:04Mr.HaM htnkas
00:01:07Mr.HaM fss
00:01:08Mr.HaM es
00:01:08valiante play bat fetaa
00:01:09WANKmaster take something with alche
00:01:09valiante :)
00:01:10WANKmaster bot
00:01:15MetM gonna solo or shall i?
00:01:16Mr.HaM krobe - panda
00:01:16FetAA any1 venge?
00:01:22FetAA plz play venge
00:01:27FetAA dotson?
00:01:28MetM just did
00:01:34Solisluu go jungle someone?
00:01:42Solisluu hmph
00:01:45Solisluu nothing to jungle with
00:01:46FetAA well k np
00:01:51valiante come on
00:01:58MetM omfg
00:02:02valiante -.-
00:02:03Solisluu : D
00:02:03WANKmaster gyro goes bot
00:02:04Solisluu ahaha
00:02:05WANKmaster and pulls
00:02:07Solisluu ademc was afk
00:02:10valiante :/
00:02:13MetM again gotta suffer 45min for some idiot
00:02:15Marshall try bf mid?
00:02:18AdemC me top
00:02:29Marshall go there
00:02:39valiante aa
00:02:40valiante go top
00:02:41valiante venge bot
00:02:43valiante and spam stun
00:02:45FetAA suck dickk
00:02:50valiante its better lanes?
00:02:52valiante net aa
00:02:53valiante freeze
00:02:56valiante AA go top
00:03:15FetAA ff
00:03:30FetAA dotson from tehre
00:03:32FetAA u can illuminate
00:03:34FetAA without them seing
00:03:35Dotson yy
00:03:36Dotson was afk
00:03:39Dotson i know..
00:03:42FetAA good
00:04:19Mr.HaM re
00:05:47valiante SJHARE
00:05:51Knaitti ss
00:06:04valiante miss invoker
00:06:05valiante care
00:06:07AdemC ¨krob
00:06:09valiante re
00:07:20MetM gj
00:07:46Knaitti need gang top
00:07:52Mr.HaM need your SILENCE TOP
00:08:31FetAA i come mid
00:08:35FetAA be rdy
00:08:39valiante wait
00:08:39valiante cd
00:08:41valiante on arrow
00:08:44FetAA starfall needed only?
00:09:23valiante i guess we can agree we should have waited
00:09:59AdemC klrob
00:10:06Knaitti ss
00:10:13valiante gj
00:10:19FetAA well do u max arrow?
00:10:21Marshall more range plz
00:10:27Marshall shity lucker
00:10:47FetAA illuminate
00:11:03valiante miss invoker
00:11:43valiante coming with dd
00:11:47FetAA ok got soon stun
00:12:00FetAA fuck me
00:12:05Knaitti SS
00:12:07Marshall MISS MID?
00:12:09Solisluu we need wards
00:12:17Marshall mISS?
00:12:27Solisluu and btw gyro
00:12:30Solisluu gank other lanes
00:12:34Solisluu i need farm not kills
00:12:59Mr.HaM go venge
00:13:02Marshall ss bot
00:13:13WANKmaster mid is roaming
00:13:14valiante go
00:13:16Marshall reg
00:13:20AdemC help top
00:13:40Marshall ff rly
00:13:51valiante gj
00:13:54Dotson ..
00:13:56FetAA wanna kill krobelus=?
00:14:00FetAA i swap sutun
00:14:00AdemC go
00:14:01FetAA me rdy
00:14:02Marshall potm goin bot
00:14:57Marshall 0 tps
00:14:58Marshall mid
00:15:00Marshall 2 def
00:15:00valiante i come bot next
00:15:01Marshall gj
00:15:28Marshall care mid
00:15:29AdemC ¨mine
00:15:34FetAA invo?
00:15:40Mr.HaM rune bot
00:15:44FetAA why not def
00:15:53FetAA omw
00:15:55FetAA go meepo
00:15:58FetAA gogo
00:16:01Mr.HaM b
00:16:01Mr.HaM b
00:16:02Mr.HaM b
00:16:03Mr.HaM dead
00:16:22Marshall nice farm krob
00:16:23FetAA mid farm
00:16:24valiante we need to gang alche
00:16:30Knaitti well im lane with mr ham
00:16:30FetAA k
00:16:33Knaitti what u expect?
00:16:39Mr.HaM lul
00:16:54Solisluu valiante find yourself another lane
00:16:54FetAA got swap
00:16:54valiante twr
00:16:57valiante :D
00:17:01Solisluu getting boring
00:17:19valiante OMG
00:17:20Solisluu nice save
00:17:21FetAA haha
00:17:41AdemC gogo
00:17:43AdemC tp
00:17:46FetAA haha
00:17:48Marshall again they wont tp
00:17:49FetAA that was funny shit
00:17:56FetAA i thogut i canceled it alrdy
00:18:26FetAA kill alche again?
00:18:30valiante ye
00:18:35AdemC wards plz
00:19:04valiante ye need new wards
00:20:03Solisluu homo
00:20:24FetAA me first
00:20:45Solisluu whoa gey
00:20:50Mr.HaM stop with feed
00:20:55Mr.HaM and going solo to 2nd tower alch
00:21:03Solisluu yeah cos you faggots pushed my lane
00:21:12Solisluu i didnt need 4 guys on my lane
00:21:14Mr.HaM stop whine
00:21:16Mr.HaM and cry
00:21:18Solisluu stop whine
00:21:22valiante omw
00:21:23Solisluu youre the one who whined
00:21:32Mr.HaM ok then i will put it this way
00:21:58AdemC reuse
00:22:15FetAA ..
00:22:20valiante we always die alone
00:22:20FetAA ezalor and mirana goes wild
00:22:23valiante yeh
00:22:24FetAA u did..
00:22:27valiante we just have to go all 5
00:22:27WANKmaster -il
00:22:35valiante like them
00:22:50Knaitti CAMOOON
00:22:52Knaitti :EEEE
00:23:13Solisluu gay luck is gay
00:23:25Marshall farm
00:23:26Marshall farm
00:23:52valiante mione
00:23:53Mr.HaM no i will push with 600 hp and no ulti
00:24:06Marshall we are pushing 10 min
00:24:09AdemC i got mekanism
00:24:09Marshall and you farm
00:24:15AdemC eza just make pibe
00:24:16Mr.HaM cryyyyy
00:24:18Mr.HaM and feed more
00:24:20Dotson aye..
00:24:32Marshall leave ussless stealer
00:24:51Mr.HaM i wil leave your mother when i feel like it
00:25:06Mr.HaM till then she is bitch.. and u nothing more than son of a bitch
00:25:35Marshall ok
00:25:40Marshall you didnt saw them??
00:26:08FetAA omw
00:26:31Dotson venge
00:26:32Dotson mana soon
00:26:39valiante alche
00:26:40valiante go
00:26:46Marshall mepo win this
00:26:47FetAA ty
00:26:56Knaitti he freefarm
00:27:08Marshall and you farm and 0 items
00:27:19Knaitti mrham on same line=0 farm
00:27:33Knaitti he lasthits what ever hero he plays
00:27:38Knaitti and he is melee and moredmg
00:27:40Knaitti what to do
00:27:46Marshall TP?
00:29:17valiante omfg
00:29:24valiante how did that arrow not hit any -.-
00:29:39FetAA how long that panda ulti
00:29:41FetAA ;;
00:29:51Marshall asdfladsffadhf
00:30:08valiante he has relic now
00:31:15Marshall b
00:32:04Knaitti tarra or vanguard?
00:32:13WANKmaster ghost scepter
00:32:22Knaitti well after that
00:32:30WANKmaster -il
00:32:32Mr.HaM hot
00:32:33AdemC i go solo roshan
00:32:37Knaitti well dunno if i need ghost againts them
00:32:48Solisluu y u do
00:32:51Solisluu meepo potm venge
00:33:17Mr.HaM rune top then mid
00:34:35valiante we need rax NOW
00:35:27Mr.HaM silence
00:35:28Mr.HaM krobe
00:35:33Mr.HaM gg
00:35:34AdemC b
00:35:37valiante ye b
00:35:37Marshall use that mana shit after syclon
00:35:39Marshall invoker
00:36:04valiante does he have ulti?
00:36:09MetM nope
00:36:11WANKmaster i should've gone support invo
00:36:12WANKmaster ..
00:36:17MetM or yes
00:36:19WANKmaster kinda failed with that
00:36:21valiante attack
00:36:41valiante ok b
00:36:48Marshall care
00:37:19Marshall b
00:37:20Marshall b
00:37:28FetAA meepo get cuirass
00:37:31Marshall b
00:37:33Marshall b
00:37:42AdemC well
00:37:44AdemC chicken
00:37:48AdemC afk
00:37:58AdemC wards
00:38:03valiante ye
00:38:15FetAA gogo
00:38:30Marshall focus mepo 1st
00:38:31valiante top?
00:38:34Marshall and aa?
00:38:47FetAA no tp
00:38:52Marshall b
00:38:58FetAA again??
00:39:00Marshall b
00:39:21Solisluu dont get swapped
00:39:24Mr.HaM hwy does my panda doesnt wnat to go WW??
00:39:37AdemC net
00:39:44Mr.HaM but... why?
00:39:49Mr.HaM u can go WW with lothar on net
00:39:53Solisluu lol gg range
00:40:16Marshall kill
00:40:33Marshall nice dagger panda
00:40:44Marshall you need more ultymate orb
00:40:54Knaitti pro panda
00:40:56Solisluu oh panda decided to die again
00:40:56Mr.HaM fuck off
00:41:02Mr.HaM jeah
00:41:05Mr.HaM panda feeded them
00:41:10Mr.HaM support panda
00:41:22Mr.HaM uping chic, obs... and retarded team only whine on panda
00:41:28Mr.HaM and the ySO SUCK
00:41:34Mr.HaM fuck off noobs
00:41:36Knaitti well u didnt play supportive top lane
00:41:37Knaitti so
00:41:58FetAA flame alche 38min and no fullbuild!!!
00:42:11Mr.HaM and krobe... wont support cause "i farmed top"
00:42:12Marshall go aa
00:42:44FetAA :DD
00:42:46valiante :D
00:42:47FetAA kk
00:42:49FetAA go mid now
00:42:49Marshall n1
00:42:50Solisluu whoa nice panda
00:42:51Knaitti pro panda still
00:42:51FetAA panda no ulti?
00:42:59FetAA go
00:43:02valiante ye
00:43:04valiante no ulti on panad
00:43:06valiante all push top
00:43:17valiante go
00:44:03Marshall b
00:44:21Marshall dont help
00:44:31MetM b
00:44:51valiante omg
00:44:59valiante then he threw rocket
00:45:02valiante right when i tped
00:45:26Marshall rosh re
00:45:28Marshall get wards
00:45:28WANKmaster get gem
00:45:29WANKmaster some1
00:45:59Marshall feeder
00:46:09WANKmaster panda did nice job there
00:46:28FetAA go meepo
00:46:29FetAA we guardd
00:46:52valiante we need wards tho
00:47:12FetAA go roshan meepo
00:47:22FetAA ?
00:47:23FetAA meepo
00:47:23FetAA ?
00:47:25FetAA wtf u doing
00:47:48FetAA FINISH IT
00:47:55FetAA haha meepo fuckign newb
00:48:05MetM well that was really bad spot to go roshan anyway
00:48:11FetAA HE COULDA 2 hit more
00:48:12FetAA and finish
00:48:21MetM but why in hell we cannot wait for wards
00:49:01Mr.HaM get trower
00:49:03Mr.HaM gte roshy
00:49:16valiante lols
00:49:21Mr.HaM y ghost scpeter is ulesess
00:49:25Mr.HaM xD
00:49:29Knaitti y
00:49:35valiante can someone afford me a gem
00:49:40Mr.HaM let me top
00:49:41WANKmaster we should take rosh ..
00:49:54WANKmaster be4 this nigger gets it
00:49:58Mr.HaM let me top
00:49:59Mr.HaM !!!
00:50:19Mr.HaM focus eza in fight
00:50:21Mr.HaM then venge
00:50:22Dotson -ma
00:50:26Solisluu nah
00:50:27Solisluu meepo
00:50:29Solisluu then venge
00:50:40AdemC -cs
00:50:48valiante i got gem
00:51:06Marshall warded
00:51:09FetAA fight?
00:51:11valiante i got ulti
00:51:13FetAA i swap one
00:51:14FetAA ok ulti
00:51:14FetAA and og
00:51:18AdemC swpa krob
00:51:23Marshall they atatck with potms ulty
00:51:23Knaitti i almost have
00:52:07Solisluu gem
00:52:09Solisluu destroy it
00:52:10Solisluu derp
00:52:17valiante lol owned by gyro rockets -.-
00:52:17FetAA fucking rocketman
00:52:23Marshall rax
00:52:27MetM SIGH
00:52:31WANKmaster we win fights
00:52:32AdemC guys
00:52:36WANKmaster but we wont push ?
00:52:37AdemC just focus krob
00:52:38WANKmaster wtf is this ?
00:52:42valiante tru
00:52:43AdemC i can kill rest
00:52:45Solisluu well our pushers were dead
00:52:47Marshall y cuz of my ulty
00:52:52Marshall :D
00:53:01Knaitti ill go shiva next
00:53:22Mr.HaM gather
00:53:23Mr.HaM roshy
00:53:31Marshall get new wards
00:53:44Marshall i wont now
00:54:04valiante fuicking hate panda and alche and krob on same team
00:54:08MetM yep
00:54:09valiante so many to focus
00:54:18Marshall sec i def top
00:54:27FetAA alche
00:54:29valiante b
00:54:32Marshall i push top
00:54:43valiante gem?
00:54:45Mr.HaM push bot
00:54:47FetAA how the fuck u see me in panda mode?
00:54:57Mr.HaM gem
00:54:59AdemC gem
00:55:01valiante anyways its gg
00:55:27FetAA with 5 maybe
00:55:40Solisluu kill gem
00:55:49MetM ...
00:56:06FetAA well if we win one fight we gfo throne
00:56:08WANKmaster top
00:56:09WANKmaster to
00:56:09WANKmaster mid
00:56:13FetAA i swap
00:56:21AdemC kill asap
00:56:31Marshall go rosh?
00:56:32WANKmaster care
00:56:33AdemC kill
00:56:36Marshall b
00:56:46WANKmaster ULTI
00:56:47Mr.HaM manta on panda -_-
00:56:52WANKmaster krobe
00:56:52WANKmaster ulti
00:56:54WANKmaster krobe
00:56:59WANKmaster tak
00:57:04WANKmaster take rax
00:57:28Solisluu now just hold it
00:57:29Solisluu DONT DIE
00:57:31Solisluu or we losew
00:57:32WANKmaster gj got raxes there
00:57:41Solisluu dont die panda or its gg
00:57:49MetM panda
00:57:51Mr.HaM come
00:57:56Mr.HaM gyro
00:57:58WANKmaster dont
00:57:59WANKmaster rish
00:58:01WANKmaster get b
00:58:01Marshall b
00:58:03WANKmaster dont go there
00:58:04Marshall b
00:58:05Solisluu b panda
00:58:36WANKmaster they got rosh now
00:58:50Marshall go
00:59:03FetAA gather?
00:59:07FetAA i swap
00:59:08valiante try bot?
00:59:19Solisluu gg
00:59:20Solisluu .,..
00:59:22Solisluu def in base
00:59:23FetAA go mid?
00:59:26Marshall warding
00:59:26valiante MID
00:59:28Knaitti wtf i did tyhere
00:59:30valiante aa
00:59:31valiante defs
00:59:31Knaitti u
00:59:32valiante bot
00:59:33Knaitti *
00:59:37Marshall warding
00:59:40Knaitti well
00:59:42Knaitti they got rosh
00:59:43valiante krob first
00:59:44Knaitti so they are there
00:59:45Knaitti ...
00:59:48FetAA need aa too?
00:59:49AdemC all focus on krob
00:59:52FetAA aa
00:59:52Marshall they have 2 def
00:59:53FetAA go top
00:59:54FetAA wtf u doing bot
01:00:00WANKmaster -il
01:00:05Marshall b
01:00:20Marshall tank krob
01:00:25FetAA aa
01:00:25FetAA wtf
01:00:29MetM telephone
01:00:41Marshall gg
01:00:44Marshall wp
01:00:44valiante hehe gg
01:00:44FetAA haha fucking aa
01:00:45valiante wp
01:00:45Mr.HaM lul
01:00:46FetAA cant def vs creep
01:00:52Mr.HaM blink stun manta ulti D:DD
01:00:55FetAA lol
01:01:03Mr.HaM mass pandas on map :D
01:01:12Knaitti MY MONEy
01:01:12Knaitti wtf
01:01:15Knaitti could have get shiva
01:01:38AdemC krob
01:02:00FetAA meepo
01:02:02FetAA stop cfucking chase
01:02:04FetAA u fight like moron
01:02:06Marshall asdfasdf
01:02:09Marshall :D
01:02:10FetAA useless inf ights
01:02:13Marshall pussie smoke
01:02:25FetAA look meepo
01:02:26FetAA fucking noob
01:02:44Marshall lol
01:02:54FetAA go mid
01:02:56WANKmaster õõh
01:02:56FetAA push mid meepo
01:02:57valiante ye
01:02:57FetAA we come
01:02:57valiante go
01:02:58FetAA in 20 s
01:03:02WANKmaster we just cant get this nigger mid
01:03:02FetAA push bot top rest bit
01:03:03FetAA and go mid
01:03:08Mr.HaM ezalor
01:03:09Mr.HaM venge
01:03:11Mr.HaM then rest
01:03:11Knaitti well get dont get aegis
01:03:14valiante aa
01:03:15FetAA push this bit
01:03:16FetAA and go mid
01:03:16Knaitti so we can win this
01:03:16valiante kotl
01:03:17Knaitti if we go 5
01:03:19Knaitti we need 5
01:03:21Knaitti in fights
01:03:23Dotson y
01:03:23Dotson ?
01:03:24Marshall eza and venge doin shit
01:03:26valiante u def
01:03:32Marshall only mepo kills us
01:03:35FetAA lo no
01:03:35Solisluu venge is doing shit
01:03:36Mr.HaM but htey are paper
01:03:38FetAA kotl def
01:03:39Solisluu damage aura is killing us
01:03:41FetAA aa come
01:03:41Marshall and aa ulty is hard
01:03:43FetAA with us
01:03:44Marshall and his slow
01:03:55WANKmaster why ?
01:03:55Knaitti ok wtf?
01:03:56WANKmaster u die
01:03:56FetAA kk ff
01:03:57WANKmaster there ?
01:04:00FetAA gg
01:04:01FetAA i mena
01:04:01Knaitti now its
01:04:02WANKmaster gj
01:04:03Knaitti gg
01:04:04WANKmaster guys :)
01:04:04Knaitti lost
01:04:04FetAA hohooo
01:04:06Knaitti cos of that
01:04:15FetAA u rly lost it ;<
01:04:21WANKmaster ULTI
01:04:41FetAA or no
01:04:41AdemC wtf
01:04:48FetAA XD
01:05:04valiante haha
01:05:06MetM xD
01:05:08Marshall :D
01:05:09WANKmaster wait
01:05:09Mr.HaM funny
01:05:10WANKmaster all
01:05:11WANKmaster 5
01:05:11WANKmaster now
01:05:13WANKmaster and we go mid
01:05:16FetAA omgg :D
01:05:19Mr.HaM HOT and mass armor and HOOD on krobe
01:05:22valiante insane game
01:05:24Mr.HaM yet almost died
01:05:28Marshall b
01:05:32FetAA important frag hunting
01:05:33Mr.HaM no B
01:05:33FetAA :D
01:05:35Mr.HaM come mid
01:05:36valiante ^^
01:05:41Knaitti i get mana
01:05:42Knaitti sec
01:05:44Mr.HaM mid
01:05:51Knaitti ok coming
01:05:52Knaitti all mid
01:05:52Mr.HaM btw
01:05:53FetAA well they aint here yet
01:05:55Mr.HaM WHY WE GO MID!??!
01:05:59Solisluu we go mid
01:06:02Knaitti cos we get mega
01:06:02Solisluu and wait for top and bot to push
01:06:08FetAA care dont give entry
01:06:10Mr.HaM get mega ... by other lanes
01:06:10Marshall get money for rebuy
01:06:12Solisluu before engage
01:06:21Marshall all re
01:06:23Mr.HaM go top
01:06:25Mr.HaM ALL TOP
01:06:26Solisluu DONT
01:06:28Solisluu we go mid
01:06:28WANKmaster no
01:06:28WANKmaster dont
01:06:29WANKmaster mid
01:06:30WANKmaster we go
01:06:30Mr.HaM easier with big creeps
01:06:30Solisluu and wait for em to push
01:06:32FetAA i can swap one?
01:06:33FetAA whom
01:06:34FetAA alche?
01:06:36Mr.HaM go
01:06:37Solisluu MIS
01:06:37Mr.HaM TOP
01:06:38Solisluu MID
01:06:39Solisluu OR WE LOSe
01:06:40Solisluu PANDA
01:06:40WANKmaster stay
01:06:41FetAA or insta kill panda
01:06:43FetAA krob is to ohard
01:06:44WANKmaster STAY
01:06:50valiante alche
01:06:51FetAA k
01:06:52Solisluu DONT SWAP
01:06:55Solisluu PANDA
01:06:56Solisluu FUCKER
01:06:57valiante invoker
01:06:57Solisluu COME
01:06:58valiante invoker
01:06:58WANKmaster MIde
01:06:59AdemC ¨invoker
01:07:00WANKmaster PANDa
01:07:02FetAA no dust
01:07:16FetAA alche
01:07:36Mr.HaM 1 milisecond
01:07:41WANKmaster WTF IS UR PROBLEM =
01:07:42Mr.HaM stfu
01:07:48Mr.HaM i broguth some creeps
01:07:49AdemC def
01:07:51WANKmaster yeah
01:07:52WANKmaster gj
01:07:56WANKmaster fucking l2p
01:07:57WANKmaster idiot
01:08:06Mr.HaM we have two lanes
01:08:08Mr.HaM and u push mid
01:08:14FetAA omw
01:08:17AdemC b
01:08:19Mr.HaM look
01:08:20AdemC and def
01:08:20WANKmaster USE BRAIN ? :D:D:
01:08:21Knaitti pul
01:08:22Mr.HaM fss
01:08:22AdemC BASE
01:08:22Knaitti takin rax
01:08:23Knaitti almost
01:08:24Knaitti xD
01:08:25Dotson why do i have gem?
01:08:26AdemC FFS
01:08:30WANKmaster U FUCKNIG MORON
01:08:32WANKmaster THEN GO MId
01:08:34Mr.HaM why wait
01:08:36WANKmaster jesus krist
01:08:37Knaitti mr ham ur seriously so noob
01:08:39Knaitti i cant figure
01:08:39Mr.HaM they push CONSTNTLY
01:08:40Marshall focus rax
01:08:41FetAA we lose like this
01:08:44Dotson who wants
01:08:44FetAA gotta fight out side base
01:08:44Marshall FOCUS RAX
01:08:44Dotson gem?
01:08:46FetAA and good focus
01:08:46Knaitti there is a rule to obey cap also
01:08:48WANKmaster PLZ
01:08:49WANKmaster just
01:08:52WANKmaster quit
01:08:59FetAA kill alche fast
01:09:00WANKmaster best solution
01:09:04FetAA and invo
01:09:10Marshall MID AND FOCUS RAX
01:09:11valiante ye
01:09:13valiante invo is insane damage
01:09:17Marshall easy
01:09:17Knaitti i got pipe btw
01:09:21AdemC take invoker out fast
01:09:24valiante rosh?
01:09:28Knaitti wait 5
01:09:29FetAA alkl alive
01:09:31AdemC i go
01:09:31Knaitti wait invo
01:09:35FetAA u cant
01:09:36FetAA b
01:09:48valiante uh id like that cheese
01:09:59Marshall brb
01:10:01Knaitti should wait downline psh
01:10:03valiante come mid all
01:10:30valiante gg
01:10:31MetM Gg
01:10:35valiante :d
01:10:35FetAA gg noobs
01:10:35Solisluu gg wp
01:10:38Solisluu :D
01:10:40Marshall gg
01:10:42Solisluu teijä hunttaus kostautu
01:10:42Mr.HaM noobs
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