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+2 TS

90% | 1415 X | 1478 TS

+33 X
+7 TS

89% | 1356 X | 1515 TS

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+3 TS

81% | 1319 X | 1422 TS

+55 X
+2 TS

67% | 1189 X | 1433 TS

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52% | 1069 X | 1364 TS

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-4 TS

95% | 1553 X | 1506 TS

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-3 TS

87% | 1320 X | 1517 TS

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-2 TS

68% | 1194 X | 1432 TS

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58% | 1114 X | 1385 TS

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-2 TS

58% | 1117 X | 1380 TS

Chat log

00:00:06ricke j0te
00:00:14ricke lucky=nigger
00:00:16J0te ye?
00:00:18J0te rike
00:00:18J0te where is h0whigh?
00:00:18Jaylarno -tusk
00:00:18ricke no idea.. hes have been away for 2 weeks or something. never on vent either.
00:00:18FetAA -doom
00:00:18J0te strange
00:00:18Sjakalen any1 want lich ?
00:00:18ricke yes
00:00:18Planktoni any playing am?
00:00:18ricke hes prolly working or something
00:00:18J0te he said something about 1kg of weed
00:00:18Planktoni pls play that
00:00:22Planktoni it's so gay in gc
00:00:26J0te herd nothing of him after that
00:00:30ricke haha, nah.. his friend
00:00:33ricke grabed it
00:00:34Arapiles balanar too ^^
00:00:34ricke somewhere
00:00:40Jaylarno who want puck
00:00:41Planktoni <3
00:00:43que2stress me
00:00:55ricke My penis is huge, lucky
00:00:57Sjakalen im woods
00:00:59ricke u wanna see after game?
00:01:02Arapiles k
00:01:16FetAA who gonna solo bot
00:01:18FetAA ?
00:01:26Arapiles i can
00:01:26Jaylarno some1 get slardar
00:01:28Sjakalen get
00:01:29Sjakalen axe
00:01:29FetAA mm w8
00:01:29Mr.HaM my turn??
00:01:29Planktoni furi or vs?
00:01:29Mr.HaM what is banned??
00:01:29ricke doom tuskar
00:01:29Lucky doom
00:01:29que2stress no ur turn
00:01:29Lucky tuskar
00:01:32Sjakalen get axe
00:01:34Sjakalen wtf
00:01:35Sjakalen venge
00:01:37FetAA why axe
00:01:38FetAA idiot
00:01:39que2stress what u want pink?
00:01:40Sjakalen we are pure paper
00:01:41FetAA ur alrdy woods
00:01:45FetAA think lanes maybe
00:01:48FetAA no sense
00:01:49Arapiles i go solo bot?
00:01:51FetAA w8
00:01:52Sjakalen its okay
00:01:55Sjakalen to loose 1 lane
00:01:57Arapiles can handle easy
00:02:00Planktoni y
00:02:01que2stress -swap 1
00:02:02Sjakalen if you win later
00:02:06Planktoni lich is good solo imo
00:02:06Mr.HaM axe panda...
00:02:08Mr.HaM panda...
00:02:08Jaylarno -swap 4
00:02:10FetAA lich is good
00:02:10FetAA panda
00:02:11Planktoni deny from every wave
00:02:11Lucky puck or furi
00:02:12Lucky mid
00:02:13FetAA panda venge top
00:02:14Sjakalen pnada
00:02:15J0te lane?
00:02:19FetAA lich solo bot im mid
00:02:20Arapiles panda + venge good lane also
00:02:21FetAA encha woods
00:02:21que2stress lemme mid
00:02:23Mr.HaM ?i was thinking the same
00:02:30Mr.HaM panda is
00:02:32Mr.HaM no1 hero in dota
00:02:35Mr.HaM as i see it
00:02:37ricke get wards
00:02:38J0te Nuke 'em 'till they glow, then shoot 'em in the dark!
00:02:39ricke puck
00:02:39ricke ffs
00:02:39Mr.HaM i dont know
00:02:42Mr.HaM why no1 plays panda :o
00:02:50ricke let bb mid
00:02:51Sjakalen so lich
00:02:51Arapiles i do
00:02:52Sjakalen solo
00:02:53Sjakalen bot
00:02:55Sjakalen and panda
00:02:55Arapiles love it
00:02:56Planktoni played it today
00:02:56Sjakalen venge
00:02:57ricke vs am
00:02:57Sjakalen top
00:03:00J0te my skill low
00:03:00FetAA yep..
00:03:01Mr.HaM hey fuck this
00:03:03Mr.HaM up that chic
00:03:04Mr.HaM asap
00:03:06Mr.HaM got zero items
00:03:09ricke so is fetta
00:03:13FetAA share
00:03:23ricke what do we need?
00:03:23FetAA miss mid
00:03:25Sjakalen ff
00:03:25ricke guinso?
00:03:26Sjakalen ffs
00:03:34Sjakalen wtf
00:03:36FetAA ?
00:03:37Sjakalen newb.
00:03:37FetAA mitä teit
00:03:41FetAA how
00:03:42FetAA he died;p
00:03:44Planktoni miten
00:03:48Sjakalen that
00:03:50Sjakalen was so stupid
00:03:51Planktoni siinä ne oli kulmalla
00:03:51FetAA how u died
00:03:51Sjakalen zzz
00:03:51Mr.HaM 1) jaylarno owns this dota shit 2) 3 of them on VENTRILO
00:04:04J0te quinso or orchid
00:04:07Planktoni olin pulliwardia menos laittaa
00:04:07ricke okey
00:04:07FetAA ho
00:04:09FetAA how venge died
00:04:13Sjakalen cuz
00:04:15Sjakalen he was newbi
00:04:44Mr.HaM up chic
00:04:55FetAA lich
00:05:12Mr.HaM just
00:05:13Mr.HaM die
00:05:13Planktoni jdafhsdh
00:05:16Planktoni dsahfsdghgjgjf
00:05:30Mr.HaM up chic
00:05:34Planktoni how?
00:05:39Sjakalen rdy
00:05:40Sjakalen lich ?
00:05:45Sjakalen on furion
00:05:57Arapiles k
00:06:00Arapiles w8
00:06:13Planktoni b
00:06:15FetAA some1
00:06:15Planktoni i salve u
00:06:17FetAA upg chick
00:06:17FetAA plz
00:06:22ricke cant be bot
00:06:30ricke i will die to fast
00:06:38Mr.HaM reuse chic
00:06:43ricke need to swap lane
00:06:44Sjakalen you couldt take a mana from creep lich ?
00:07:06ricke ofc it was haste
00:07:06Arapiles was oom
00:07:13J0te ward
00:07:18J0te so ench cant
00:07:52Mr.HaM lvl 3 full mana
00:07:57Mr.HaM what u wait for
00:08:10ricke puck, get flying
00:08:42Arapiles ss 2
00:08:50que2stress uncool that miss
00:09:18Arapiles lvl 6
00:09:27que2stress plant ur wards
00:09:44ricke get flying
00:09:46ricke pick
00:09:48ricke ur not carry
00:09:51ricke so start support
00:09:57que2stress how much is flying?
00:10:10J0te 200
00:10:16Arapiles ss bot
00:10:22Sjakalen venge
00:10:23Sjakalen go
00:10:23Mr.HaM sp
00:10:24Sjakalen top
00:10:24Sjakalen ffs
00:10:25Mr.HaM so
00:10:27Mr.HaM puck doesnt miss
00:10:30Mr.HaM that is good to know
00:10:32que2stress EH
00:10:36que2stress PUT RUNE WRD
00:10:56ricke ok
00:10:58ricke i go top now
00:11:01Lucky puck
00:11:07Mr.HaM ss 3 TOP
00:11:10Mr.HaM 2
00:11:10que2stress no ult
00:11:11Lucky 2 slow
00:11:42Sjakalen b
00:11:42Sjakalen b
00:11:42Sjakalen b
00:11:43Sjakalen b
00:11:43Sjakalen b
00:11:43Sjakalen b
00:11:44Sjakalen b
00:11:44Sjakalen b
00:11:44Sjakalen b
00:11:45Sjakalen bb
00:11:55ricke am have free farmmid
00:11:57Sjakalen ham braindead ?
00:11:57Mr.HaM y right
00:12:00Mr.HaM fuck OFF
00:12:03que2stress PLANT
00:12:04que2stress THAT
00:12:05que2stress WARD
00:12:07que2stress THERE
00:12:08ricke SUCK
00:12:10ricke MY
00:12:11Arapiles ss
00:12:11ricke COCK
00:12:14Mr.HaM panda going TOP
00:12:16Mr.HaM cmon
00:12:16Arapiles 1 re
00:12:19ricke we need wards in jungle
00:12:21FetAA ?
00:12:21Mr.HaM who will carry this
00:12:22que2stress it seems
00:12:23ricke or bb need
00:12:25Planktoni am
00:12:27FetAA obsivously ur not
00:12:27que2stress ur dick is as small as ur brain
00:12:30Mr.HaM ench wod and lich farmer bot?
00:12:32Lucky i come
00:12:33Lucky puck
00:12:33ricke u can get wards
00:12:36Lucky just
00:12:36ricke u fuckign fool
00:12:37Lucky wait
00:12:38Lucky with silence
00:12:39ricke we nee dwards bot
00:12:40que2stress but u got it
00:12:41ricke so bb can farm
00:12:44Lucky till hold is of
00:12:44FetAA u woulda feede anylane
00:12:44Lucky go
00:12:51Lucky OMG
00:12:52Lucky imba dark
00:12:54FetAA :P
00:12:55Lucky why dont u go
00:13:01Planktoni ss top
00:13:07Sjakalen panda
00:13:08Sjakalen go
00:13:10Sjakalen fucking top
00:13:11Arapiles gank top
00:13:14ricke lich miss
00:13:28Lucky -.-
00:13:29Lucky joke
00:13:30Jaylarno b
00:13:33Jaylarno -hhn
00:13:37Lucky -clear
00:13:50FetAA go
00:14:08que2stress liech
00:14:21Arapiles b
00:14:24FetAA xD
00:14:45Planktoni care
00:14:47Planktoni missing many
00:14:58FetAA treads dagg :D
00:15:02J0te ss lich
00:15:05Sjakalen yeah
00:15:06Sjakalen panda
00:15:09Sjakalen is epic newb.
00:15:12FetAA i know
00:15:12Mr.HaM yDDD
00:15:13Mr.HaM xDD
00:15:17Mr.HaM bunch of tards
00:15:20Mr.HaM shake your hands
00:15:29FetAA well he is for reason alst pick
00:15:43Sjakalen b
00:15:43Sjakalen b
00:15:44Sjakalen b
00:15:44Sjakalen b
00:15:44Sjakalen b
00:15:44Sjakalen b
00:15:45Sjakalen b
00:15:48Sjakalen he
00:15:49FetAA wtf
00:15:49Sjakalen got that
00:15:51FetAA i diot
00:15:52Sjakalen fucking dagger
00:15:52Sjakalen ffs
00:15:55Sjakalen remeber that
00:15:56Sjakalen ffs
00:15:56Arapiles go
00:16:01FetAA sry venge
00:16:01FetAA this
00:16:02FetAA encha
00:16:03FetAA spammed
00:16:04FetAA me b
00:16:11FetAA double kill there
00:16:15Planktoni yep
00:16:51Lucky how many wards u have?
00:16:52Jaylarno ?
00:16:53que2stress ah lol
00:16:54Lucky every where we go
00:16:55Lucky u see us
00:16:56Jaylarno dude
00:16:57Jaylarno :/
00:17:03Planktoni enough
00:17:29Sjakalen b
00:17:29Sjakalen b
00:17:47Planktoni swap slarda
00:17:50Arapiles no ult
00:17:51FetAA re use chick
00:17:53Planktoni or not
00:18:24Planktoni swap
00:18:52Lucky ff
00:18:53FetAA nice
00:18:53Jaylarno why u stun me
00:18:54Jaylarno furi
00:19:01Lucky gg no puck
00:19:10Lucky nice
00:19:12FetAA :p
00:19:13Lucky prøver at last hitte
00:19:14Lucky haha
00:19:16Lucky puck
00:19:16Mr.HaM xDD
00:19:18Lucky why arent u here
00:19:30ricke lucky, he think hes carry coz he was mid.
00:19:34ricke and shall farm
00:19:36Mr.HaM woot
00:19:38ricke and not be in fights
00:19:38Mr.HaM 2700?
00:19:39Lucky idiot
00:19:42Lucky i was there to go them
00:19:46Planktoni dagger
00:19:47Sjakalen get
00:19:48Sjakalen dagger
00:19:49Lucky but
00:19:50Lucky no pukc
00:19:58J0te me2
00:20:08Mr.HaM i love it
00:20:10Arapiles farm
00:20:11Mr.HaM what is the use of dagger
00:20:16Planktoni b
00:20:17Mr.HaM if u will FF after some time
00:20:20Lucky Ok
00:20:21Lucky more wards
00:20:22Lucky please
00:20:25Lucky i cant go anywhere
00:20:31Lucky without 4 heroes ganking me
00:20:31Lucky SI)P
00:20:47ricke chicken dead?
00:20:49que2stress y
00:20:53ricke the one who killed it, buy a new 1
00:20:55J0te they need wards to compensate their low skill
00:21:06que2stress venge invis
00:21:09FetAA ah u got j0te
00:21:12FetAA wondered why we are winning
00:21:23J0te coz i let u?
00:21:33FetAA Cause u let us!
00:21:41Mr.HaM wards*? :D
00:21:48que2stress well ull see
00:21:49Lucky was sure u were gonna go
00:21:54Jaylarno gg furi :D
00:21:55que2stress at 20 j0te will have boots
00:21:57que2stress and with boots
00:22:02que2stress and with boots he will own
00:22:04Lucky just a fail game
00:22:05ricke gg what
00:22:05Lucky rly
00:22:07Lucky 5 ganks
00:22:07Lucky failed
00:22:10Lucky failed
00:22:13Lucky cause of sucky micro
00:22:21Lucky im not gonna type anymore
00:22:30Lucky loosing to noobs
00:22:34Lucky but have better nioobs
00:22:35Lucky on team
00:22:43Jaylarno ULTI
00:22:44Jaylarno PUCK
00:22:46que2stress cd
00:22:55J0te where chiken
00:22:59Lucky u dont
00:23:00Lucky have cd
00:23:03Jaylarno ff puck
00:23:04que2stress now i have
00:23:05Jaylarno and furi
00:23:05Jaylarno noobs
00:23:06FetAA nice deffing mates
00:23:08que2stress bu ti have no allies
00:23:13FetAA go
00:23:36Lucky ff
00:23:38Lucky Furions
00:23:39Lucky Pick
00:23:41que2stress nearly got 1
00:23:41J0te im not your mate
00:23:42Lucky and bristle pick
00:23:44Lucky fucking terrible
00:23:45Lucky picks
00:23:56Sjakalen got agha :)
00:23:58Jaylarno guys. go cut your wrists
00:23:59Arapiles gj
00:24:00Lucky top lane owned so hard
00:24:02Lucky rest lanes
00:24:02Jaylarno fucking emo noob
00:24:03Lucky fucked
00:24:03Jaylarno s
00:24:04Arapiles farm bot AM
00:24:07Planktoni horrible start
00:24:08J0te nice analysis
00:24:09Lucky ass allways
00:24:10Lucky noobs feed
00:24:14Lucky kinda standard
00:24:17Lucky for this noob site
00:24:27que2stress which means
00:24:33Lucky u own u lane
00:24:36que2stress bottom lane owned better than top lane
00:24:36Lucky cause u have brain
00:24:42Lucky u dumb?
00:24:42Lucky sladar
00:24:46Lucky blink treads
00:24:47Lucky 11 min
00:24:50Lucky veng
00:24:51Lucky panda
00:24:53Lucky lvl 4-5
00:24:55que2stress ye
00:24:58que2stress but bottom lane was same
00:24:59Lucky <--- 7
00:25:00Lucky sladar
00:25:02FetAA finish
00:25:03Jaylarno tard noob
00:25:03Lucky 9
00:25:06Planktoni y
00:25:10Sjakalen go
00:25:15FetAA they killllar mee
00:25:20Lucky ju
00:25:25J0te bot lane was 3vs2
00:25:42Jaylarno AND ?
00:25:44Jaylarno U FUCKING NOOB
00:25:47FetAA throne
00:25:50FetAA throne..
00:25:51J0te and?
00:25:51Jaylarno how can you feed vs noobs
00:25:53FetAA no need
00:25:54Jaylarno srsly
00:25:55Jaylarno dont talk
00:25:55Sjakalen we cant
00:25:56FetAA come mid
00:25:57J0te u fucking pro
00:25:57Jaylarno you tard
00:25:57Sjakalen tower
00:25:59Sjakalen gives
00:25:59FetAA yes we can
00:26:00Sjakalen to much dps
00:26:03Lucky u suck
00:26:03Lucky jote
00:26:05Lucky just stfu
00:26:07J0te go play w/ nerds
00:26:09J0te xaxxaxa
00:26:09Jaylarno u are a useless piece of crap
00:26:16J0te why u play w/ noob?
00:26:17Jaylarno even irl u fail
00:26:20J0te if you so pro :D
00:26:20Lucky gg puck
00:26:20Jaylarno with everything
00:26:21Jaylarno u do
00:26:28J0te go 1v1 irl?
00:26:30Jaylarno y
00:26:31Mr.HaM can i have drink
00:26:31Jaylarno plz
00:26:33Jaylarno plz
00:26:34Mr.HaM venge
00:26:34Jaylarno go
00:26:36Jaylarno 1n1 irl
00:26:36J0te i give address
00:26:37Jaylarno u twat
00:26:38Planktoni take
00:26:39Jaylarno ty
00:26:42ricke hahahahahhaha
00:26:45Mr.HaM thank you
00:26:46ricke so neardy
00:26:46ricke :D
00:26:53que2stress says the nerd
00:26:53Lucky ff jote
00:26:54Lucky gg
00:26:55Lucky noob
00:27:00FetAA jote pro
00:27:04Jaylarno :D
00:27:06Jaylarno ff
00:27:11J0te i was pro when u was kid
00:27:16Lucky haha
00:27:18Lucky so feeded
00:27:19Lucky all of u
00:27:20Lucky such a joke
00:27:22Lucky panda cs?
00:27:23Jaylarno where is adress rookie
00:27:23Lucky first
00:27:26Lucky 15 min?
00:27:28Lucky 1 ?
00:27:29Lucky 2?
00:27:33Lucky fucking noob
00:27:35Mr.HaM they told me
00:27:36Mr.HaM to feed
00:27:41Mr.HaM so u could have a chance
00:27:41FetAA y
00:27:45Lucky haha
00:27:46Lucky Mr.ham
00:27:49FetAA we feeled sad cause u have j0te
00:27:49Lucky 1 of the worst players
00:27:51J0te What are you? Some bottom-feeding, scum-sucking algae eater?
00:27:52J0te What are you? Some bottom-feeding, scum-sucking algae eater?
00:27:53J0te What are you? Some bottom-feeding, scum-sucking algae eater?
00:27:53J0te What are you? Some bottom-feeding, scum-sucking algae eater?
00:27:53J0te What are you? Some bottom-feeding, scum-sucking algae eater?
00:28:11que2stress I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:28:16Lucky grinern ?
00:28:17Lucky svans
00:28:19Lucky set dit team
00:28:20Lucky gal
00:28:21Sjakalen haha
00:28:23J0te noobs win
00:28:23Lucky -clear
00:28:24J0te wtf
00:28:30Lucky prøv at se de her lorte nuubs
00:28:33Lucky spiller fucking
00:28:36Lucky fruion
00:28:39Lucky furion
00:28:48J0te 0/8
00:28:50J0te talking
00:29:06Mr.HaM gg
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