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-17 X
+1 TS

97% | 1523 X | 1651 TS

+44 X
+2 TS

79% | 1210 X | 1500 TS

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+2 TS

70% | 1201 X | 1415 TS

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+7 TS

64% | 1235 X | 1327 TS

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68% | 1098 X | 1455 TS

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83% | 1398 X | 1412 TS

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84% | 1309 X | 1474 TS

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77% | 1327 X | 1389 TS

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80% | 1164 X | 1535 TS

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58% | 1018 X | 1418 TS

Chat log

00:00:03Timu derp
00:00:07Timu lastpick, good old times
00:00:18Soulyah any wishes?
00:00:18eWeresT anna ogre
00:00:18Wormik ban bs
00:00:18Soulyah alche weaver any1?
00:00:18eWeresT :D
00:00:18Wormik hate that faggot
00:00:18Watari they prolly go sf
00:00:18Balbii ill play anything
00:00:18Wormik better sf than bs
00:00:18Soulyah too much imba
00:00:18Soulyah well
00:00:18Timu y
00:00:18eWeresT lind
00:00:18eWeresT banni
00:00:18Balbii then ban crap
00:00:18Krusbaer ban weaver tbh
00:00:18Soulyah either alche
00:00:18Soulyah or
00:00:18Soulyah weaver
00:00:18Balbii and we get imba heroes
00:00:18MATi anna weaver kui saad
00:00:18Krusbaer :DDDD
00:00:18Timu asd
00:00:18Soulyah alche
00:00:18Krusbaer else he'll play iy
00:00:18Wormik hmmm
00:00:18Krusbaer it*
00:00:18Wormik yeah he will play it propably
00:00:18FetAA BoRInG pool
00:00:18Timu he will go troll
00:00:18Timu probably
00:00:18Krusbaer troll?
00:00:18Timu soulyas wood pick
00:00:18Krusbaer rofl
00:00:18FetAA rly
00:00:18FetAA zz
00:00:18Soulyah ALCHE
00:00:18Wormik fuck troll
00:00:18Soulyah BANNED
00:00:18Soulyah U SLOWASS SHIET
00:00:18Soulyah fucking hell
00:00:18Timu soulyah, millal bän maha läks?
00:00:18Krusbaer he will play weaver and go radi
00:00:18Soulyah eile
00:00:18Krusbaer x)
00:00:18MATi imestan et strom maha võttis
00:00:18Timu k
00:00:18Soulyah miks sul nii suur %?
00:00:18Watari well go morph then
00:00:18Soulyah nagu wtf
00:00:18MATi soulyah käis üle päeva gc ropendamas
00:00:18MATi :D
00:00:18Soulyah :D:D
00:00:18Timu lol
00:00:18Soulyah ragemaster
00:00:18MATi ju siis hakkas kartma or smth
00:00:18Soulyah imo rmk
00:00:18Soulyah and ban sepe
00:00:18Sepetos what
00:00:18Soulyah tactical afking
00:00:18Soulyah ban a hero
00:00:18Soulyah first time cap?
00:00:18Sepetos anyone want something?
00:00:18eWeresT ALCHE IS BANNED, BAN
00:00:18Watari i want sf
00:00:18Watari <3
00:00:18Timu u wont get it
00:00:18Sepetos firebirdie
00:00:18Sepetos what u banned
00:00:20Sepetos alche?
00:00:22Timu y
00:00:23Soulyah y
00:00:25Sepetos k
00:00:26Krusbaer what did I say
00:00:27Wormik play bs
00:00:27Watari get morph for some
00:00:27Krusbaer :D:D:
00:00:28Watari 1
00:00:28Soulyah k
00:00:30Soulyah jk
00:00:31Soulyah k
00:00:32Krusbaer radi soulyah?
00:00:33Wormik bs for this shit
00:00:37Wormik it should rulz
00:00:40Wormik any1 want bs?
00:00:42Watari get morph, if he goes radi
00:00:45Krusbaer bs does not rule
00:00:48Balbii so
00:00:50Balbii what to get?
00:00:50Wormik ffs
00:00:52Watari take bs urself
00:00:53Timu bs would be good imo
00:00:55Balbii u playing weaver right soulyah? :P
00:00:57Wormik i dont like it
00:01:00Krusbaer loooooooooo
00:01:02Soulyah get doom
00:01:03Wormik i prefer not
00:01:04Soulyah no
00:01:07Soulyah giving away
00:01:09Krusbaer hahahahah
00:01:10Wormik but bs utli vs weaver is nice
00:01:10Krusbaer gg
00:01:12Balbii u can get doom if u want
00:01:12FetAA need ogre lich wl
00:01:13Timu this purple wanted to carry
00:01:14FetAA something like that
00:01:22Soulyah need 1 woods
00:01:24FetAA or cent so weaver
00:01:25FetAA can solo
00:01:25Soulyah give cent
00:01:25eWeresT fuck my ogre
00:01:29Krusbaer cent lich/wlock
00:01:33FetAA i think weaver stronger 1v2
00:01:33eWeresT tahan ise centi
00:01:34FetAA than me
00:01:34FetAA sf
00:01:34eWeresT :D
00:01:36FetAA dies too easy
00:01:37FetAA 1v2
00:01:38Balbii im giving away doom!
00:01:38eWeresT tyraa
00:01:38MATi -swap 1
00:01:38Soulyah -swap 4
00:01:39Krusbaer ¨mooooare useless heroes
00:01:41Soulyah take lich
00:01:41Balbii i just played him
00:01:41Sepetos voiko sun midsolo taitoihi luottaa feta
00:01:42Sepetos ?
00:01:42FetAA power
00:01:43FetAA u want mid
00:01:46FetAA or
00:01:46Soulyah -swap 4
00:01:51Soulyah sf
00:01:52Watari feta vihuil :D
00:01:54Timu i think i will go wl
00:01:54Soulyah top
00:01:55FetAA in gc u get auto double kill in lvl 5
00:01:55Sepetos wormik
00:01:57Timu traaaa
00:01:57Soulyah weaver mid
00:01:58Sepetos can u solo?
00:01:59Sepetos mid
00:02:00Sepetos easy?
00:02:04Balbii so doom is lane? :O
00:02:05Sepetos good lasthit?
00:02:08FetAA doom wl
00:02:11FetAA wl supports u
00:02:12Watari i can go also
00:02:12Soulyah doom with lock
00:02:19Soulyah sf back pick here
00:02:21FetAA 0 armor doom xD
00:02:22Soulyah rly bad
00:02:29Watari wtf these lanes dudes
00:02:30FetAA y they kinda instagib me
00:02:32Soulyah thats why i didint take it
00:02:35Sepetos i go mid
00:02:36Soulyah and i like sf so much
00:02:36Sepetos need lvl
00:02:39FetAA me2
00:02:41Watari well should i go bot?
00:02:42FetAA so much boredom in pool
00:02:46Krusbaer no
00:02:51Krusbaer morph and bs sucks ^_^?
00:02:52Watari y 2 melee bot is good
00:02:57Sepetos someone can come farm mid when i start gang
00:03:01Watari i come
00:03:04Watari tell me when
00:03:06eWeresT doom get basi :d
00:03:10eWeresT u need that armor
00:03:20MATi ja
00:03:21MATi muusika
00:03:22Balbii true
00:03:26Balbii but you know
00:03:39eWeresT :(
00:03:47Watari dont fuck my lasthits up
00:03:58Timu fuck u
00:04:05Balbii lock
00:04:10Balbii some1 told me you were supporting me :P
00:04:13Balbii can i have lasthits?
00:04:13FetAA lolz
00:04:21Sepetos gj
00:04:23eWeresT but. i cant support a game with 0 farm
00:04:23Sepetos what rune was?
00:04:32Watari haha was oom
00:04:52Soulyah fking
00:04:58Soulyah stay back and farm with razes
00:05:03Soulyah u have 2 noobs on lane
00:06:13eWeresT asd. game minimizes randomly
00:06:14Balbii ss ogre bot
00:06:31Soulyah lich
00:06:50Sepetos botrune
00:06:56MATi tiny
00:06:57MATi going top
00:06:58FetAA sry
00:06:59Timu this watari-san
00:07:01Soulyah gj
00:07:08Watari what should i have done?
00:07:11Timu either
00:07:13Timu run away
00:07:15Krusbaer noot feed em
00:07:17Krusbaer :D
00:07:17Timu or at least attack somebody
00:07:18Timu heck
00:07:20Timu hit some creeps
00:07:26Timu notj ust stand and hit the h button
00:07:28Sepetos go farm mif if want
00:07:36MATi :D
00:07:59Timu ss2
00:08:05Krusbaer farm mid
00:08:06Balbii ss bot
00:08:06Balbii 2x
00:08:07Krusbaer morph
00:08:08Watari i go mid
00:08:09Timu go mid morph
00:08:10Watari y
00:08:33Soulyah deny
00:08:35FetAA mis
00:08:36eWeresT ...............
00:08:38eWeresT tiny bot
00:08:43Sepetos gj
00:08:46MATi morph mid
00:08:48Wormik u2
00:08:55Balbii yeah
00:09:07Balbii i saw no misscall
00:09:09Balbii on fucking tiny
00:09:10Balbii ss bot
00:09:11Balbii 2x
00:09:37Sepetos topmiss?
00:09:47Timu no
00:09:49Wormik kill bot again when can i got ulti
00:09:50Sepetos got invis
00:10:00Timu y
00:10:13FetAA inviszszs
00:10:24FetAA buy boots and catch
00:10:25FetAA xD
00:10:27eWeresT imba slow is imba :p
00:10:31Krusbaer just mega farm
00:10:33Krusbaer :(
00:10:41MATi :D:D:D:D:
00:10:44Sepetos bs should go against weaver
00:10:45Sepetos really
00:10:51Watari ye
00:11:02Watari bs go mid?
00:11:02Wormik i go mid then
00:11:02Balbii lol guess im top
00:11:07Watari ok i bot
00:11:10MATi morph miss mid
00:11:11MATi ogre mid
00:11:17eWeresT bs miss
00:11:25Sepetos sf
00:11:46MATi bs mid
00:11:47MATi ogre miss
00:11:53Balbii ogre top
00:12:03eWeresT hawoipüöõdfskjgiaEDSPBNFIASÜ
00:12:09eWeresT lich boT
00:12:49Balbii warlock
00:12:51Balbii can you upgrade?
00:12:53MATi lich bs mid
00:12:55Krusbaer top is freefarm
00:12:56Timu ss up
00:12:57eWeresT no cash
00:13:03Sepetos can someone buy me tele base
00:13:03Sepetos :o
00:13:11Timu take
00:13:13Sepetos ty
00:13:18Krusbaer go
00:13:20Watari kinda oom
00:13:23Watari ok
00:13:24Sepetos u got rupture?
00:13:25Sepetos mid?
00:13:30eWeresT HAste
00:13:30Sepetos it and silence
00:13:32Soulyah heali mind
00:13:33eWeresT lich
00:13:34FetAA look this luck
00:13:35FetAA 2 hp
00:13:36FetAA rly
00:13:44Soulyah told u
00:13:45Soulyah sf bad
00:13:48Soulyah this game
00:14:18eWeresT oeh
00:14:24eWeresT liiga overpicked
00:14:29Balbii did tiny have the time of his life at his lane?
00:14:34Balbii he can do whatever he wants
00:14:40Wormik gj
00:14:49Soulyah tra
00:14:50Soulyah see stun
00:14:52Soulyah nii puudega
00:14:55Soulyah 1 aoe
00:15:20Sepetos gj
00:15:22Timu y
00:15:30Sepetos dd
00:15:31Sepetos who want
00:15:34Krusbaer you take
00:15:35Krusbaer kill mid
00:15:37Sepetos go mid
00:15:40FetAA tiny gets
00:15:44eWeresT 'B
00:15:49Wormik she
00:15:49Sepetos silence?
00:15:54Wormik 0.2sek
00:15:54MATi 4 mi
00:15:55MATi 4mid
00:16:00eWeresT saad silenci ja ongi vittus sul
00:16:10Soulyah raz
00:16:11Soulyah e
00:16:11Soulyah lol
00:16:14FetAA he ultis
00:16:18FetAA me
00:16:30Sepetos ogre b ready if i toss
00:16:31FetAA xD
00:16:34eWeresT ...
00:16:35Krusbaer k
00:16:53eWeresT GO
00:17:08Watari cent
00:17:40FetAA ok this was good
00:17:40Timu inv
00:17:41Sepetos how fast he is
00:17:43FetAA now only i get back in game
00:17:47FetAA good thing sf recoverss
00:17:51Watari max when i sukuchi
00:17:52Sepetos bs
00:17:54Watari doom used
00:17:56Sepetos get some hp b4 radi imo
00:17:56Sepetos :o
00:18:06Soulyah how do u get back in with 0 items
00:18:07Soulyah :d
00:18:08eWeresT invi
00:18:10Sepetos wand and shit
00:18:11FetAA by getting items
00:18:11Sepetos dunno
00:18:14Watari we can get free radi from weaver
00:18:14Sepetos do what u want
00:18:14Timu -ii
00:18:15Soulyah yy
00:18:19Watari becasue of my ult
00:18:37eWeresT cd
00:18:41FetAA care
00:18:44eWeresT he
00:18:45eWeresT warded
00:18:45FetAA ogre
00:18:46FetAA i back
00:18:46eWeresT b
00:18:52eWeresT warded
00:18:54FetAA ok
00:19:13Krusbaer tower mid
00:19:26MATi lets get mid
00:19:29Sepetos silence that weaver
00:19:44eWeresT miks wasted ultit
00:19:46eWeresT oleks healinud sind
00:20:04Balbii prostyle
00:20:21Watari care
00:20:25Sepetos fuck that weaver
00:20:34FetAA was oom
00:20:38Sepetos should have dsts
00:20:48FetAA wanted to get
00:20:49FetAA bs
00:20:53Sepetos need that blink
00:21:09Sepetos whoah
00:21:11Timu derp
00:21:11Sepetos that was close one
00:21:12Sepetos :D
00:21:17Sepetos just got the armor
00:21:21Timu ye
00:21:28MATi deny
00:21:33Balbii chill?
00:21:33Timu go get tower
00:21:34Timu go go
00:21:37MATi ?
00:21:39Timu traaaaaaa
00:21:40Soulyah ?
00:21:40FetAA chickennn?
00:21:40Balbii thing is
00:21:41Soulyah ?
00:21:44Krusbaer mid is farm
00:21:47Balbii wanted to lure out the morph
00:21:52Balbii he was there and i had doom :P
00:22:03Krusbaer I get no fucking mc :(
00:22:04Krusbaer -mc
00:22:06Watari want me to go fast shotgun
00:22:09Krusbaer 1 of 11 :D
00:22:17MATi new wards would be great :P
00:22:20Soulyah :P
00:22:21eWeresT no cash
00:22:25eWeresT no farm
00:22:28MATi plant
00:22:29MATi please
00:22:37Watari coming
00:23:15FetAA sure
00:23:19FetAA they had uphill ward so he decided me
00:23:19FetAA kk
00:23:21Balbii sf back in the game yet?
00:23:23Balbii :D
00:23:23Krusbaer T_T
00:23:47Krusbaer we kinda need bs too
00:23:49eWeresT gang
00:23:50eWeresT bs
00:23:51eWeresT top
00:23:51Sepetos indeed
00:23:52eWeresT pls
00:23:52Krusbaer for slience and such
00:23:53Sepetos that silence
00:23:54Watari why would you go farm
00:23:54FetAA i tp
00:23:56Watari radi
00:23:56Sepetos for weaver
00:23:57Soulyah bs is shit carry
00:23:58Sepetos we lose without it
00:24:01FetAA agree
00:24:05Timu better get that farm goin
00:24:06Watari cause we can get free radi from weaver with my ult
00:24:16Watari i cannot understand
00:24:17eWeresT shit or noit
00:24:22eWeresT don need him fat
00:24:30MATi uuuh u lucky fucks
00:24:30Sepetos gj
00:24:36Krusbaer -mc
00:24:38Timu u mad lol?
00:24:38Balbii hey weaver
00:24:40Balbii u going radi?
00:24:41Krusbaer thats 3 of 13
00:24:43Krusbaer its not luck
00:24:47Sepetos GO CENTA
00:24:52Balbii weaver :P
00:25:02FetAA cant plplant
00:25:03eWeresT wards
00:25:04eWeresT gg
00:25:05eWeresT fsdghj'sk
00:25:06MATi yes going radi
00:25:09Balbii k
00:25:13Sepetos bs take
00:25:20Balbii ill go walking ulti then
00:25:20Wormik twr
00:25:23Balbii HEY!
00:25:29Balbii wtf sf
00:25:34FetAA souls
00:26:09Krusbaer ofc
00:26:09Krusbaer >_>
00:26:15Krusbaer gay small things
00:26:30MATi i dunno
00:26:38Soulyah rain miks sa vent pole
00:26:45eWeresT muusika
00:26:53MATi :D:D:D
00:26:57eWeresT mis?
00:27:01MATi no mul ka muusika
00:27:01Soulyah fu
00:27:02MATi soulyah
00:27:04MATi räägib ventis :D
00:27:11eWeresT :D
00:27:53eWeresT pls
00:27:56eWeresT go fuck urself
00:28:00Soulyah rain
00:28:02Soulyah mis feedid
00:28:06eWeresT ei tea
00:28:11eWeresT tiny otsib mind
00:28:12eWeresT koguaeg
00:28:15eWeresT täis loh
00:28:25FetAA all there
00:28:29Soulyah def top
00:28:42MATi njah tal radi
00:28:45MATi veitsa tugevam kui mina
00:28:46eWeresT ammu
00:28:46MATi ilma spellideta
00:28:48FetAA 25min..
00:28:58FetAA hard to fight
00:29:23Watari doom wasted allrdy
00:29:26FetAA lol
00:29:27eWeresT *AGAAYAUAA
00:29:28MATi MIDA LUCKY :D
00:29:28FetAA passive
00:29:29Soulyah IMBA
00:29:32Watari haha
00:29:36Watari get that
00:29:41Watari aww
00:29:41Watari go b
00:29:48Krusbaer so lucky
00:29:49Krusbaer though
00:29:50Krusbaer bs
00:29:52Krusbaer team upp
00:29:53Krusbaer please
00:29:58Watari y
00:30:01Watari i should be farming now
00:30:02Wormik i did just kill weaver
00:30:15Wormik and had nice chance to push
00:30:32Watari ok use that chance now to push top
00:30:38Wormik lez go then
00:30:50Soulyah morph farmed all game
00:30:51Soulyah 0 items
00:30:56Balbii haha i fucked his game up
00:31:09MATi i tp top
00:31:11Sepetos im not there
00:31:11Sepetos care
00:31:12Balbii loool
00:31:15FetAA gog tp
00:31:57MATi :D:D
00:31:58MATi hea fialer
00:32:06eWeresT hea töö rodi
00:32:09Soulyah hyppasin
00:32:11Soulyah stun cds
00:32:12Soulyah lol
00:32:47eWeresT niikaua kuni mul on assiste samapalju kui surmasi, tunnen end kasulikuna :D:AS:D.
00:33:01Soulyah doom ogre or tiny
00:33:03Soulyah always
00:33:18eWeresT WTF
00:33:19eWeresT IS
00:33:20eWeresT UR
00:33:22eWeresT PROBLEM
00:33:24Sepetos :D
00:33:27eWeresT ":D"
00:33:48Watari fuck i just fucking die all the time
00:33:51MATi cant do shit against bs
00:33:53Watari getting sick of this
00:34:07FetAA i bait
00:34:07Sepetos bs
00:34:08Sepetos manta
00:34:09Timu check rosh or mshtin
00:34:10Sepetos or something
00:34:10Sepetos :o
00:34:21Sepetos lets kill bot
00:34:22Sepetos bs
00:34:29Balbii got no doom
00:35:40Sepetos gj :po
00:36:00Krusbaer I heard ogre makes tripple kills like np
00:36:09Krusbaer -mc
00:36:15Krusbaer 8 of 31?
00:36:16Krusbaer Q_Q
00:36:30eWeresT dd
00:36:36eWeresT dd tiny
00:37:35Timu well gg morph
00:37:35Krusbaer that was bad
00:37:36Sepetos morph ever getting items?
00:37:36Krusbaer Xx
00:37:40Sepetos need wards
00:37:41Sepetos lich
00:37:45Timu i have wards
00:37:46Watari no i'm not getting them
00:38:28Sepetos come plant wards
00:38:31Sepetos cant go otherwise :/
00:38:39Krusbaer -mc
00:38:44Krusbaer liiich
00:38:45Krusbaer :D
00:38:59Soulyah 2
00:39:10eWeresT gather
00:39:34FetAA b
00:39:39Soulyah :D:D:D:
00:39:40Krusbaer YES MC CREEP
00:40:32Sepetos really our carrys should do better
00:40:37Wormik wtf
00:40:44Wormik u ran back when we wherein fight
00:40:45FetAA xd
00:40:50FetAA where is mati
00:40:50Wormik and i got left vs 4
00:40:52Sepetos i got doomed
00:40:58Krusbaer Ceat
00:41:01Krusbaer cheat
00:41:23Sepetos just moar wards up
00:41:26Sepetos we get entry and gg
00:41:45Watari some1
00:42:20Timu help
00:42:34eWeresT ASPNDJ*KAÜS
00:42:36eWeresT aSKF
00:42:36eWeresT ÕASPKF
00:42:37eWeresT FKASPFK
00:42:45Sepetos fuck that doom
00:42:52Sepetos go push
00:42:55Sepetos doom doesnt have ulti
00:42:57MATi rain
00:42:58MATi osta
00:42:59Sepetos just push
00:43:00MATi 2 tp scrolli
00:43:00Sepetos dont go hunt now
00:43:05eWeresT jumala kettasse ajavad sellised pelad
00:43:14Sepetos centa dead longtime
00:43:22Sepetos easy push
00:43:42Sepetos b now
00:43:55Sepetos morphling
00:43:57Sepetos make that gosublade
00:43:59Sepetos its imba
00:44:07Watari ofc
00:44:28Krusbaer the gosu blade is nerfed
00:44:33Krusbaer -mc
00:44:34Watari it's still good
00:44:37Watari against weaver
00:44:39eWeresT haste
00:44:41eWeresT tiny
00:44:45Soulyah oh
00:44:46Soulyah god
00:44:51Wormik lets do something now
00:44:53Wormik 5on4
00:44:55Sepetos y
00:44:59Sepetos go everyhwere
00:45:01FetAA fucking shit
00:45:08Balbii uklt?
00:45:08FetAA brother trying to find something in my room..
00:45:13FetAA and asking nosense questions
00:45:21eWeresT cd'''
00:45:24Balbii i c
00:45:43Balbii *Ff
00:45:45Balbii I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:45:46eWeresT k6va vörk
00:45:48eWeresT see luci
00:45:51eWeresT j22b peksama
00:45:52eWeresT 1v1
00:45:54eWeresT bloodiga
00:46:02Watari weaver bot
00:46:04Balbii mitä?
00:46:09Soulyah 6 11 sf carryb ära
00:46:10Soulyah np
00:46:56Soulyah I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:47:27Watari well got that gosublade :E
00:47:38Sepetos good
00:47:46Watari next up butter
00:47:51Wormik could hunt
00:47:51Sepetos or manta
00:48:19Sepetos go mid?
00:48:28FetAA allgme
00:48:30FetAA warded
00:48:48FetAA centaur baits
00:49:02Sepetos go mid
00:49:02Soulyah bait urself
00:49:02Krusbaer so close
00:49:06FetAA ?
00:49:09FetAA ur the tank
00:49:09FetAA u bait
00:49:10eWeresT 20 sek
00:49:10eWeresT til
00:49:12eWeresT ulti
00:49:17FetAA wl ulti i jump in
00:49:18FetAA bkb ulti
00:49:20FetAA and shit
00:49:24eWeresT got it
00:49:24Balbii they kill us
00:49:25Balbii gg
00:49:26Balbii :DD
00:49:27FetAA centaur
00:49:27FetAA go
00:49:28Sepetos sentries?
00:49:48Wormik omg 10hp
00:50:05Krusbaer so much hate on me
00:50:06Krusbaer :(
00:50:07Watari dusts
00:50:43Watari i may die :D
00:50:44Watari kinda low hp
00:51:05Sepetos gosubladE?
00:51:13Watari y
00:51:18Watari :D
00:51:18FetAA xD
00:51:20Balbii epic creeps
00:51:22FetAA why u didnt
00:51:26Sepetos go mid now all
00:51:26FetAA :D
00:51:27Sepetos plz
00:51:28FetAA !!
00:51:28Watari myhotkeys
00:51:29Sepetos get sentries there
00:51:29Soulyah didnt what
00:51:30Watari failed
00:51:31Watari hard
00:51:32FetAA hit
00:51:33FetAA him
00:51:36Timu god this game makes me sleepy
00:51:37Soulyah got so blocked somehow
00:51:43Balbii never
00:51:46Balbii didnt you see that?
00:51:48Krusbaer got 6 sent now
00:51:49Krusbaer :x
00:51:51Watari same here
00:51:53Watari soo tired
00:52:04Sepetos wards up their woods
00:52:05eWeresT he wards
00:52:06eWeresT mofo
00:52:20Soulyah kill
00:52:34FetAA b
00:52:43Soulyah b rdy
00:52:44Soulyah i jump
00:52:48FetAA 42 souls
00:52:51Sepetos wait morph
00:53:02Watari incinc
00:53:08FetAA maybe let me?
00:53:11Sepetos check rune
00:53:15Soulyah mid
00:53:15Sepetos bs or morph
00:53:16Soulyah get rdy
00:53:19Sepetos nm
00:53:21Sepetos toprune is rege
00:53:22Sepetos remember
00:53:38MATi bloodseeker proovi cent ka saada
00:53:42Soulyah skip
00:53:43Soulyah banned
00:53:51Sepetos gg
00:53:54MATi TRAAA
00:53:54Sepetos i jumped and was doomed
00:54:02Krusbaer I got so wtf rofl pwnd
00:54:03Krusbaer :D
00:54:13Sepetos u should have lifesteal bloodseeker
00:54:14Sepetos :/
00:54:16MATi GJ SOULAH
00:54:16Soulyah mida sa skipid
00:54:17MATi TRA :D
00:54:17Soulyah bs
00:54:21eWeresT aaaand we won that fight also
00:54:22Sepetos thats fail
00:54:22eWeresT gj
00:54:24Sepetos not have
00:54:24Balbii ahh
00:54:27Balbii this tiny so owned :D
00:54:32Balbii didnt get to fire 1 spell
00:54:32Krusbaer what did he skip O.o?
00:54:36MATi i got ethereal bs ulti and bs silence :S
00:54:37Soulyah illus
00:54:37Soulyah rax
00:54:38MATi that fucks me up
00:54:40Sepetos and morph should take copy from bs also
00:54:43FetAA well i got nothing
00:54:45FetAA so np
00:54:56Sepetos we cant go like that
00:54:56Sepetos :/
00:54:56Soulyah blade mail eats tinys combo
00:55:04Soulyah he pretty much gets himself on 20% hp
00:55:08Balbii well
00:55:09Sepetos get vladi
00:55:10Balbii he didnt this time
00:55:13Balbii since he was doomed
00:55:13Balbii :o
00:55:18Wormik i will
00:55:20Soulyah o
00:55:20Wormik need 500
00:55:20Watari well just forcepush
00:55:29Balbii he was eaten up by doom and sf ulti
00:55:31Watari that cent is annyoingly fat
00:55:31Sepetos gangtop
00:55:32Sepetos now
00:55:32Sepetos come
00:55:34Watari y
00:55:39Wormik leav eme mid
00:55:39Krusbaer he's not fat
00:55:40Krusbaer O.o
00:55:45Balbii we could try rosh?
00:55:50Balbii or not..
00:55:50Soulyah nor rly
00:55:52Balbii nvm
00:55:53Watari by fat i mean he has lot of hp
00:55:58FetAA sry
00:56:13Sepetos no stuns at all
00:56:15Sepetos nice
00:56:23Soulyah nice yes
00:56:33Sepetos got vladi
00:56:33MATi kasuta
00:56:34MATi uuesti
00:56:35Sepetos lets take roshan then
00:56:39FetAA i get my manta
00:56:42Sepetos ?
00:56:46Krusbaer kk
00:56:50Sepetos ward there
00:56:57Sepetos care centa sf jump
00:57:03eWeresT GATHER
00:57:04eWeresT teaM
00:57:05eWeresT NOW
00:57:10FetAA omw
00:57:11FetAA w8 me
00:57:16FetAA w8 me
00:57:21FetAA omw
00:57:56Timu useful morph is useful
00:57:58Sepetos really
00:57:59Soulyah gj
00:58:00Sepetos WTF MORPH
00:58:02MATi go def
00:58:03Wormik how could he be full hp
00:58:03FetAA y get it
00:58:05Sepetos u farmed bot??
00:58:06Soulyah u have ima morph:D
00:58:06Krusbaer and mana
00:58:07Soulyah imba
00:58:07Krusbaer :D:D:D:D
00:58:08eWeresT i feel useful again
00:58:09eWeresT wooo
00:58:10Watari i
00:58:11Soulyah i feel sry for u tiny
00:58:17Sepetos this is bullshit
00:58:18Timu getting rosh like a boss
00:58:18Timu np
00:58:23FetAA xD
00:58:28FetAA MORPHLING FARM 50min
00:58:28Watari well i went for weaver
00:58:29FetAA linken
00:58:33Watari but after my nukes he used ult
00:58:33FetAA ethereal
00:58:36Soulyah sad
00:58:38Sepetos ok ty for u morph
00:58:40Krusbaer its gg
00:58:40Sepetos we lost it
00:58:41Timu so u thought
00:58:42Krusbaer lol
00:58:42Timu meh
00:58:45Timu better get that farm going
00:58:50Soulyah ill never play a fucking tank
00:58:52Sepetos we gotta wait now their push
00:58:52Soulyah always the first to die
00:58:54Soulyah fucking hell
00:58:55FetAA _:D
00:58:55FetAA y
00:58:56MATi :D:D
00:58:58Sepetos and wait aegis fades off
00:58:58Watari i though i should go back so that we all wont die
00:59:02FetAA they stupid enough
00:59:03FetAA to cast on u
00:59:07FetAA so we win fights
00:59:17Krusbaer full hp morph vs heroe with half hp
00:59:23Krusbaer ok go back for saftey
00:59:25Krusbaer np
00:59:30FetAA go med 5?
00:59:38eWeresT warding. risky business
00:59:40Krusbaer why do ppl that can't carry insist on doing so
00:59:41Watari in this case full hp is quite not so much
01:00:00FetAA 1 mistake we still lose ;<
01:00:04Soulyah yep
01:00:08Soulyah gang
01:00:10Soulyah all
01:00:12Soulyah something
01:00:13FetAA push top bit and go mid imo
01:00:15FetAA med aegis and shit
01:00:17Watari manta or butteR?
01:00:18Krusbaer no way
01:00:20Soulyah way way
01:00:24FetAA come
01:00:26Sepetos there is gem
01:00:26Timu manta
01:00:35Watari ok i go manta
01:00:40MATi dont have scroll
01:00:42FetAA i has
01:00:42Balbii lol some1 gotta def
01:00:42Sepetos take gem bs
01:00:47Soulyah fast tower
01:00:52FetAA care
01:00:52eWeresT ill cast ulti and go def
01:00:55FetAA they planning
01:01:02FetAA gogo i tp
01:01:04FetAA later
01:01:06Soulyah b
01:02:00Krusbaer wait for top?
01:02:01Krusbaer this time
01:02:03Wormik wait for up to push
01:02:05Soulyah gem on bs
01:02:08FetAA b
01:02:11FetAA go
01:02:33Wormik omg u pushed me :S
01:02:42Wormik so had this sf
01:03:08Watari b
01:03:12Wormik dead :S
01:03:23Watari next time i'll nuke sf
01:03:28Sepetos well we lost it only cause weaver had aegis
01:03:29Krusbaer ASDASDASDASDASD more luck
01:03:43FetAA 5 dead
01:03:43FetAA btw
01:03:44eWeresT i guess we dont need this gem ?
01:03:49Soulyah LUCI
01:03:49Soulyah ?!?!?!
01:03:52FetAA xD
01:03:52Soulyah where the fuck u going
01:03:54Krusbaer we can def
01:03:54Watari weaver had like 2 hp but then he uses ult np.
01:03:56MATi we got 2 creeps
01:03:56Balbii ehm,
01:03:57Krusbaer I think
01:03:58Balbii saw base
01:04:00Krusbaer bs is out
01:04:01Soulyah 5 DEAD
01:04:01Watari yes we can
01:04:02Krusbaer z
01:04:02Balbii and i moved
01:04:04Balbii by instinct
01:04:05Balbii LOL
01:04:06Balbii IDDNT SEE
01:04:08Balbii WAIT ME
01:04:13Balbii fuick
01:04:16Watari go def fast
01:04:17FetAA stop pussyign warlock
01:04:19Watari coming in 10 sec
01:04:22eWeresT whaat???
01:04:32Sepetos WTF
01:04:34Sepetos THAT WASNT WISE
01:04:36eWeresT some1 needs to def
01:04:39eWeresT + i was uberlow
01:04:44Soulyah b
01:04:45Soulyah b
01:04:45Wormik apparently some1 thought it was
01:04:45Soulyah b
01:04:45Soulyah b
01:04:46Soulyah b
01:04:47Soulyah b
01:04:48FetAA y i know u stayed in well i sayid ;p
01:04:48Soulyah b
01:04:49Soulyah b
01:05:17eWeresT ilus brein
01:05:17Watari i def bot
01:05:20Sepetos FUCK SHIT FUCK
01:05:26Krusbaer repush
01:05:27Krusbaer now
01:05:28Krusbaer 2 dead
01:05:30Sepetos y
01:05:31Sepetos go
01:05:31Sepetos mid
01:05:32Soulyah mida sul ei ole
01:05:35Watari get gem?
01:05:36MATi :D
01:05:36eWeresT ok
01:05:43Soulyah okeiokei
01:05:44Soulyah :D
01:05:54Soulyah weaver is rich
01:05:55eWeresT kunagi ei wardi enam!
01:06:04Soulyah sama kuima ytleks kunagi ei joo enam
01:06:09eWeresT :D
01:06:10FetAA go finish when 5
01:06:19MATi õige
01:06:23Sepetos got sentrys?
01:06:26Krusbaer 4
01:06:30Sepetos gem in base
01:06:31Sepetos if need
01:06:35eWeresT sf
01:06:41Timu cant pus now
01:06:41FetAA y
01:06:42FetAA coming
01:06:42FetAA cae
01:06:49eWeresT GTFO
01:06:59eWeresT im not 1 hit anymore
01:07:06Watari what
01:07:07Watari to do
01:07:09Watari i push mid?
01:07:14FetAA im rdy to jump when some1 baits
01:07:44Timu gg
01:07:49eWeresT oh god
01:07:51Soulyah gj
01:07:52Soulyah fucking
01:07:53Soulyah noob
01:07:55eWeresT what was that..
01:08:00Krusbaer care
01:08:03Timu hit rax
01:08:19FetAA zz..
01:08:29FetAA SURE
01:08:33eWeresT vbg,,
01:08:34Soulyah luci
01:08:37Soulyah gj chasing
01:08:38Soulyah rly
01:08:38Krusbaer xD
01:08:39Balbii haha that last chase
01:08:39Sepetos BS
01:08:40Sepetos here
01:08:40Balbii epic
01:08:49Sepetos gosublade
01:08:51Balbii hey soulyah
01:08:59Balbii do you know the guy spoonface?
01:09:03Sepetos g-g-g-g
01:09:03Timu gg bros
01:09:17Balbii nvm then :o
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