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-48 X
-9 TS

78% | 1418 X | 1332 TS

-54 X
-2 TS

52% | 974 X | 1393 TS

-40 X
-2 TS

39% | 1027 X | 1268 TS

+17 X
-5 TS

26% | 872 X | 1249 TS

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-2 TS

17% | 859 X | 1196 TS

+43 X
+1 TS

75% | 1175 X | 1438 TS

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+5 TS

56% | 1095 X | 1330 TS

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+6 TS

48% | 1055 X | 1291 TS

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+49 TS

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Chat log

00:00:16Nxtra -ii
00:00:18Nxtra -don
00:00:19Nxtra -clear
00:00:20FetAA weaverr
00:00:20KredeC anyone wanna play rhasta with me top?
00:00:20KredeC i go sven
00:00:20KredeC rhasta or thrall
00:00:20magaso hmm
00:00:20FetAA weaver
00:00:20FetAA nxtrA?
00:00:20magaso wtf
00:00:20Nxtra thrall
00:00:24Nxtra thrall weaver banned
00:00:28KredeC no actually
00:00:29Nxtra thrall weaver banned
00:00:32MetM gyro gyro
00:00:33KredeC lina sven lane is imba
00:00:33MetM :p
00:00:35KredeC :D
00:00:38KredeC u want mid?
00:00:42FetAA depends
00:00:43ATS_ earlyend?
00:00:44FetAA what hero
00:00:59KredeC get lina
00:01:01KredeC and lane with me
00:01:01KredeC :P
00:01:07KredeC that lane is secure win
00:01:11magaso can i bb ?
00:01:22Nxtra get
00:01:23Nxtra puck
00:01:34KredeC hmm
00:01:39FetAA lina buy wards
00:01:41KredeC bb is fine
00:01:42FetAA for bot
00:01:51FetAA sven lina could go bot cause strong lane
00:01:53FetAA and u got wards
00:01:57FetAA cant put bara bb
00:01:57MetM totta
00:01:57FetAA bot
00:01:59FetAA >_<
00:02:01KredeC ok
00:02:05KredeC lina
00:02:06KredeC we go bot
00:02:07KredeC :P
00:02:08FetAA they our lastpicks
00:02:08wodrock their team is really hard to kill
00:02:10FetAA and scucky heroes
00:02:12wodrock we have all paper :D
00:02:22KredeC they have kurdi ats kapo
00:02:23FetAA bara try to charge mid
00:02:23KredeC LOL
00:02:25FetAA when u can
00:02:28FetAA y:p
00:02:32FetAA lets rock
00:02:34KredeC 3 mega noobs :D
00:02:39FetAA and sven lina u can roam mid allso nice from bot
00:02:40KredeC lina
00:02:41FetAA u know they way
00:02:41magaso me top ?
00:02:42KredeC u have stun?
00:02:45FetAA u go ehre
00:02:46FetAA and then
00:02:48FetAA its easy
00:02:51FetAA y
00:02:52KredeC lina
00:02:53FetAA brsitle top
00:02:53magaso what lane me ?
00:02:53KredeC do u have stun?
00:02:57magaso k
00:03:23ATS_ ss
00:03:23magaso sven lina so old school mym
00:03:28MetM :p
00:03:55KredeC let me farm mostly
00:04:18Nxtra fast crow please
00:04:21magaso ffs
00:04:57wodrock warded
00:05:07KredeC go rhasta+
00:05:11MetM 3
00:05:14KredeC k
00:05:16Nxtra ;)
00:05:23FetAA ;))
00:05:36Nxtra ss mid
00:05:37Nxtra crowp ls
00:05:43ATS_ haste
00:05:55Nxtra care bott
00:05:57Nxtra jugger WITH RUNE
00:06:10Nxtra get a crow? ;)
00:06:20Nxtra re
00:06:40KredeC rdy?
00:06:44MetM y
00:06:48KredeC next w7ave
00:07:34Matuuu miss top 1
00:08:06KredeC wp lina
00:08:31ATS_ ss 2
00:08:31Kapo- top miss
00:08:38Matuuu gank top
00:08:40Nxtra ss mid
00:08:40FetAA gank mid easy kill
00:08:44Nxtra need crow now.
00:08:45FetAA ats kapo top
00:08:47MetM ye omw
00:08:50ATS_ bot?
00:08:57Nxtra jugger re
00:08:58FetAA cant be so difficult
00:09:31FetAA gyro with run e
00:09:54magaso ss top
00:09:57ATS_ care top
00:10:08FetAA ok
00:10:08Nxtra haha
00:10:16KredeC what a joke
00:10:36ATS_ ss 2
00:10:51Nxtra give me runes
00:10:53KredeC rdy lina?
00:11:00MetM born rdy
00:11:02FetAA miss g yro
00:11:09FetAA miss ygro with rune
00:11:57Nxtra CALL MISSINGS
00:12:01Nxtra you fucking feed them
00:12:02Kurdi- bot still miss
00:12:03Nxtra and dont call missings
00:12:06Kurdi- sven re
00:12:09Nxtra wtf is ur guys problems?
00:12:13Nxtra feeding & not calling miss
00:12:15Nxtra <3 bot lane
00:12:18Nxtra atleast ward bot
00:12:21FetAA go
00:12:38Kapo- lol
00:12:45Kapo- wanted cake
00:12:49MetM all miss
00:13:08Matuuu miss top
00:13:25FetAA miss gyro
00:13:34Kapo- top miss
00:13:36Nxtra omw
00:13:40Nxtra shackle him
00:13:43Kapo- bb missing :P
00:14:19Kurdi- when your gonna gang bot cunts ...
00:14:23FetAA ah ur 5
00:14:23FetAA lol
00:14:29Kurdi- ss bot
00:14:32Kapo- top missing 2
00:14:34FetAA how can u lose vs kapo ats so bad
00:14:34FetAA top
00:14:35FetAA :p
00:14:45Matuuu they where imba :D
00:14:52magaso double range lane
00:14:56FetAA u can pull and shit
00:15:01magaso ward
00:15:01Matuuu ward
00:15:02Nxtra hex him
00:15:05Nxtra you dumb fucking noob rhasta
00:15:06Nxtra seriosly
00:15:10Nxtra what kind of nuts am i playing with
00:15:18wodrock your kind
00:15:21Nxtra widrick
00:15:22wodrock you're fucking blind
00:15:23Nxtra dint see nvm
00:15:26Nxtra you're fucking uselss nigger
00:15:30Nxtra sry man
00:15:34Nxtra dint see it was widrick
00:15:37wodrock look at the minimap
00:15:45Nxtra played gc for over 2 years
00:15:47KredeC k got my dagger
00:15:48Nxtra still fucking uselss haha
00:15:51FetAA gj
00:15:56FetAA omw top
00:16:00Nxtra jugeger coming
00:16:08magaso ffs
00:16:10Kurdi- b ulti
00:17:01Matuuu minge vittu nahui :D farm 30 min nüüd
00:17:07ATS_ kurdi b
00:17:18ATS_ l
00:17:20ATS_ lol
00:17:24ATS_ kurdi just farm
00:17:28Kurdi- really
00:17:28KredeC anyone rdy?
00:17:35MetM oom'd
00:17:36KredeC i blink
00:17:49FetAA :p
00:18:06FetAA go farm bristle
00:18:10FetAA buy stout shield go woods orsmthing
00:18:21magaso mb
00:18:21FetAA go woods
00:18:22FetAA farm
00:18:27Nxtra blink
00:18:28Nxtra ;D;D
00:18:48KredeC latez
00:18:53KredeC :D
00:18:54FetAA goit ulti
00:19:01KredeC i got 60
00:19:05FetAA y tp mid
00:19:44Nxtra naga we need you
00:20:29Nxtra look at theri heroes mate, you wont outcaryr late
00:20:38ATS_ :DDD
00:20:39KredeC lets win fast so i can fuck my gf
00:20:54FetAA pic or didnt happen
00:20:57MetM u really must honor her
00:21:07KredeC shes my treasuere
00:21:15MetM ye, talking about her like that
00:21:57FetAA i farm topp
00:22:21ATS_ wait
00:22:32Nxtra HEX HIM
00:22:34FetAA gankers
00:22:37wodrock stfu noob
00:22:38ATS_ :DDD
00:22:43Nxtra you're fucking slow
00:22:48Nxtra but niggerrick is slower
00:22:52wodrock i had hex on..
00:22:53Nxtra but niggerrick is slower
00:22:54KredeC cant believe u have ats and kapo and kurdi
00:22:56ATS_ you couldnt wait
00:22:58KredeC :D
00:23:03Nxtra Neither can i
00:23:05Nxtra but now i know
00:23:07Nxtra never bronze again
00:23:07FetAA dream team
00:23:11KredeC :D
00:23:13ATS_ :DDDD
00:23:19FetAA cant know how u losing with that line up
00:23:25ATS_ :DDDDD
00:23:25FetAA all 3 best players
00:24:21KredeC lets go mid?
00:24:22KredeC all 5?
00:24:27Kurdi- all go together till end !!
00:24:27FetAA ifu want
00:24:30FetAA we dont have to
00:24:35wodrock gay
00:24:36KredeC lets give it a go
00:24:40Kurdi- they gang our woods often
00:24:46FetAA get this
00:24:47FetAA isntead
00:24:47FetAA first
00:24:56Kurdi- care
00:25:21Nxtra this is what hapends when we dont have wards
00:25:24Nxtra wards are so fuckign imprtand
00:25:39Kapo- -ii
00:25:44Nxtra pt on rhasta ..
00:25:45Nxtra just
00:25:45Nxtra nc
00:25:51Nxtra boots is more then enough
00:25:51wodrock so`?
00:25:54Nxtra those 950
00:25:56wodrock no
00:25:59Nxtra kapo
00:26:00Nxtra to late now
00:26:01Nxtra game is over
00:26:02Nxtra we've lost
00:26:12Nxtra just for future games
00:26:15Nxtra ALWAYS keep wards on runes
00:26:18Nxtra widrkc will never learn
00:26:28Nxtra GG
00:26:29KredeC :D
00:26:30FetAA :p
00:26:33Nxtra GOOD GAME
00:26:34Nxtra FF
00:26:35Nxtra WIDRICK
00:27:02MetM humble of you to be friend with retarded people
00:27:07FetAA :D
00:27:42FetAA idiots
00:27:43FetAA someone
00:27:45FetAA :DDD
00:27:48Nxtra THOSE ITEMS
00:27:48FetAA DID THAT
00:27:49Nxtra Lol
00:27:50FetAA :D:D:D:D
00:27:51Nxtra 5k g
00:27:52FetAA 2k items from me
00:27:55Nxtra AHAHAH
00:27:57FetAA WHO THE FUCK did that
00:27:58KredeC :D
00:27:58FetAA WITH chicken
00:27:58Nxtra a bkb and dagger
00:27:59Nxtra ;D
00:28:02FetAA :D:D::Dd
00:28:04KredeC ^^
00:28:05KredeC :D:D
00:28:07FetAA WHO IS so idiotic
00:28:11MetM who the fuck
00:28:16MetM my dagger was there aswell
00:28:17MetM ffs
00:28:17FetAA there goes my sange
00:28:18KredeC i think it was me
00:28:19KredeC :D
00:28:24FetAA :ZZ
00:28:27FetAA 2.2
00:28:29KredeC lol
00:28:33KredeC i wants it to be fair game
00:28:33FetAA well u lsoe anyways
00:28:34FetAA but this
00:28:40KredeC no fast game then because of me :D
00:28:47FetAA drop others items
00:28:51FetAA zz
00:28:55FetAA this is frustarating
00:28:57FetAA t olose 2k items
00:29:15KredeC it was a lot :D
00:29:18FetAA y
00:29:19FetAA 5k items
00:29:21FetAA gj
00:29:22FetAA :p
00:29:24KredeC :D
00:29:25FetAA dm mman
00:29:48FetAA !
00:30:05Kurdi- b
00:30:06KredeC soz guyys
00:30:15MetM np :P
00:30:32KredeC knew it
00:30:35MetM yup
00:30:44FetAA no tp
00:30:45FetAA to bot
00:30:58KredeC wait on ledge
00:31:00KredeC i got ulti
00:32:02Kurdi- b
00:32:02MetM :DD
00:32:02KredeC LOL
00:32:03KredeC D
00:32:04FetAA D:;D
00:32:05Nxtra Hes netted
00:32:05KredeC HAHAHA
00:32:06magaso lol
00:32:06Nxtra widrick
00:32:06FetAA :DD smart guy
00:32:07KredeC this rhasta
00:32:09wodrock stfu
00:32:13Nxtra "stfu"
00:32:14Nxtra hahahah
00:32:17wodrock i started schackle'ng before net
00:32:22Nxtra ahhaahahhaaha
00:32:29Nxtra lol
00:32:36KredeC ^^
00:32:40KredeC Press "S"
00:32:47FetAA or e
00:32:52FetAA i got e for hold;p
00:32:55Nxtra or alt qq and delete wow
00:33:00magaso votelsoer
00:33:01Nxtra wc3
00:33:02magaso xD
00:33:02Nxtra !!!
00:33:15Nxtra votelsoer = widrick is hairy & fat irl and should stop play dota
00:33:16Nxtra in .ee?
00:33:29magaso mb
00:33:31magaso :D
00:33:44Nxtra I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:33:53Nxtra 1/1
00:33:54Nxtra finish or ban
00:33:56FetAA :D
00:33:58KredeC :D
00:34:00FetAA dmn
00:34:02magaso :D
00:34:11Nxtra 600 mana
00:34:12Nxtra no shackle
00:34:12magaso it sounded like harassment
00:34:15Nxtra he had 15 sec ;D
00:34:17FetAA :D
00:34:22FetAA its hard..
00:34:28FetAA maybe he pressed S now
00:34:29Nxtra either he plays on a iphoone
00:34:29MetM god i hate farming lina
00:34:30FetAA to try it out
00:34:39Nxtra or hes really retard (doubt its this option)
00:34:41Nxtra Or he just faile
00:34:42Nxtra d
00:34:49Nxtra wich option do you choosE?
00:34:59MetM 3-4 top
00:35:02Kurdi- all b
00:35:04Kurdi- and heal
00:36:02Nxtra kill theeem
00:36:13ATS_ all cd
00:36:14FetAA got hela
00:36:14FetAA soon
00:36:14KredeC let bb tank
00:36:16KredeC and get rax
00:36:27KredeC u can take them
00:36:38FetAA :Dd
00:36:39FetAA how long
00:36:42KredeC jesus
00:36:43KredeC so slow
00:36:49Matuuu mida mida :D
00:36:50Nxtra hahaha
00:36:51Nxtra matuu <3
00:36:54Matuuu :D
00:37:01FetAA care widrick
00:37:04Matuuu go finish nxtra
00:37:06FetAA matuu trying to get ur tittle
00:37:45Nxtra puuuuuh
00:38:35Nxtra BOOM!
00:38:40FetAA brb 1 min
00:38:41FetAA go finish
00:38:42Kurdi- ward plzz
00:38:43FetAA 30s
00:38:44FetAA 1mini
00:38:44KredeC dust?
00:38:45KredeC anyone?
00:38:52KredeC lets go mid?
00:38:53KredeC bb
00:38:54KredeC go get mana
00:39:00magaso k
00:39:39Kurdi- charge
00:39:55ATS_ b
00:40:00FetAA gogo
00:40:01FetAA finish
00:40:02FetAA im back
00:40:15FetAA go finsih guys
00:40:20FetAA come
00:40:20KredeC ye go mid
00:40:20FetAA mid
00:40:25KredeC dust?
00:40:26KredeC anyone
00:40:35FetAA we dont need
00:41:12KredeC ok rax now pls
00:41:16MetM was on the phone :P
00:41:20Nxtra ats just chillin
00:41:21FetAA gg
00:41:29KredeC ^^
00:43:01magaso lol
00:43:17MetM some ass to mouth action there :P
00:43:19magaso papa coming
00:43:33FetAA lol
00:43:35FetAA u drained my mana
00:43:36FetAA >_>
00:43:37KredeC :P
00:43:38Kurdi- mh
00:43:38FetAA just in moment
00:43:43KredeC ff?
00:43:46KredeC this sucks ass :D
00:44:16FetAA go finish now
00:44:19KredeC fourty sec we go end another rax
00:44:23Nxtra get heath and vlad naga
00:44:25Nxtra we might pull it off
00:44:26FetAA ZZ
00:44:26FetAA z
00:44:27FetAA z
00:44:27FetAA z
00:44:28FetAA z
00:44:28wodrock :D
00:44:28FetAA z
00:44:28Nxtra starting to get some items here asdwell
00:44:28FetAA z
00:44:31KredeC boring game
00:44:41Nxtra manta is really awful on that hero
00:44:42ATS_ :DDD
00:44:45Nxtra so i balance a nub now?
00:44:47ATS_ who balance
00:44:55KredeC who tkaes his items :P
00:44:57Nxtra puck
00:45:03ATS_ lol
00:45:06Nxtra ats go or ban
00:45:07Nxtra 3
00:45:08Nxtra 2
00:45:09Nxtra 1
00:45:16Nxtra leave items
00:45:18FetAA just use him and go
00:45:28Nxtra turtle
00:45:30Nxtra and we win late
00:45:45KredeC relic is no use
00:45:45KredeC tho
00:45:50KredeC someone shoulkd make it radi
00:45:57FetAA u want vanguarD?
00:46:01KredeC ye
00:46:17KredeC sell one
00:46:21Nxtra try putting defensive wards
00:46:22KredeC lol
00:46:22KredeC WHY
00:46:24FetAA :DD
00:46:32KredeC if u die now
00:46:34MetM roshan fast and then?
00:46:39KredeC ye
00:46:41MetM silithe gets that and its ov er :D
00:46:44FetAA :DD
00:46:45FetAA true
00:47:09Nxtra b
00:47:16KredeC bang bang
00:47:18KredeC mortred crits
00:47:18FetAA go finish
00:47:19KredeC :D
00:47:34Nxtra bmid
00:47:34Kurdi- b
00:47:36FetAA go bot gogo
00:47:38FetAA fuck them
00:47:39KredeC aite
00:47:44FetAA just throne it
00:47:46FetAA if they push
00:47:49FetAA got not p
00:47:52FetAA come
00:47:58MetM w8
00:48:00MetM ull diel
00:48:09Kurdi- b
00:48:36FetAA go now
00:49:38Kurdi- my bad
00:49:45KredeC throne?
00:49:50Nxtra you done fine this game imo
00:49:55Nxtra continue picking carry mate ;)
00:50:35Kurdi- I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
00:50:50Kurdi- now i get wicked shit
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