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Chat log

00:00:24mrk pick me tiny please
00:00:24Lucky im gonna play rexxar
00:00:24svents my lich!!!!!!!!!
00:00:24mrk !!:D
00:00:24FetAA k
00:00:24Lucky so feta
00:00:24svents my lich!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
00:00:24ATS_ ban potm
00:00:24Lucky you carry his out
00:00:24FetAA dont ban potm
00:00:24FetAA :<
00:00:24Lucky i can pick him to you ?
00:00:24FetAA pick some lamer shitter
00:00:24FetAA ok
00:00:24FetAA pick
00:00:24ATS_ furion mayve
00:00:24ATS_ maybe
00:00:24FetAA i mean ban some lamer
00:00:24FetAA rapuska plays lame heroes like riki only ;p
00:00:24VictoriaJrocks come on
00:00:24svents pick me lich!!!!!
00:00:24Lucky i ban pugna
00:00:24VictoriaJrocks -potm
00:00:27Lucky hmm
00:00:29Lucky what you want ?
00:00:30mrk tiny please
00:00:30FetAA well take rex for urself
00:00:33FetAA ill think
00:00:34mrk im gcs finest
00:00:35svents lich!!!!!
00:00:35FetAA hm
00:00:37FetAA no much carrys
00:00:40mrk kastrup
00:00:47VictoriaJrocks im mid
00:00:47Kastrup fine by me
00:00:48mrk thanks
00:00:54Kastrup i dont give a shiaarrth about this Æ:D
00:00:57Kastrup i might fun play pit :D
00:00:58FetAA i think i pick furion so we make ganksquad
00:01:01VictoriaJrocks please dont ;O
00:01:03Kastrup ;)
00:01:06FetAA make bots btw
00:01:08IseeDeadPeople bans?
00:01:08mrk lich lion
00:01:09FetAA so we can tp around map
00:01:10Kastrup well haven't played pit for ages :D
00:01:10FetAA later
00:01:11Lucky i just get fast bottle
00:01:14mrk potm pugna banned
00:01:15Lucky and then fast dagger
00:01:15FetAA y
00:01:16VictoriaJrocks pit is so useless
00:01:18FetAA then bot
00:01:18Lucky an mana boots
00:01:19mrk what you want?
00:01:19Kastrup else maybe lich? :D
00:01:21mrk lich? lion?
00:01:22Lucky so mass gang
00:01:23Kastrup lich
00:01:23mrk lion?
00:01:23VictoriaJrocks lich cool
00:01:29mrk -swap 2
00:01:29Kastrup -swap 3
00:01:31IseeDeadPeople lio?
00:01:31Kastrup <- bot lane
00:01:32mrk take lion
00:01:36FetAA ah gondar u made basi
00:01:41Lucky get stunn
00:01:44VictoriaJrocks sulle jäi kapo krobeluksen poikanen
00:01:46Lucky wtf
00:01:46IceMal yeah
00:01:46FetAA no disa
00:01:47VictoriaJrocks tai sit ei :D
00:01:47Lucky guys
00:01:48Lucky ffs
00:01:49VictoriaJrocks ehehe :D
00:01:50IseeDeadPeople ursa lion ?
00:01:50IceMal ?
00:01:53VictoriaJrocks osaatko tctä?
00:01:53Kapo- mmh
00:01:53Lucky not its imposible
00:01:55Lucky to gang
00:01:55svents mrk minu lich :(
00:01:57FetAA they got all nice heroes
00:02:00Kapo- otanko silencer vai cantaur
00:02:02mrk pole hullu ma ei mängi
00:02:04mrk ?:D
00:02:05FetAA how to gank roofs or krobs lane ;p
00:02:06VictoriaJrocks cent ehkä
00:02:07svents :D
00:02:09VictoriaJrocks stunni kelpais
00:02:13FetAA lol
00:02:15FetAA they have all stunners
00:02:17VictoriaJrocks cent top
00:02:23Lucky guys
00:02:24Lucky wtf
00:02:26FetAA u pull gondar
00:02:30Lucky why you pick so bad picks
00:02:33IceMal oki doki :D
00:02:37Kastrup well we got stuns allover..
00:02:38Lucky like roof and crop
00:02:40svents krobe is good?
00:02:40FetAA looks bad
00:02:40Kastrup so we should have a chance..
00:02:44Lucky krop
00:02:44VictoriaJrocks yea
00:02:46mrk i need mass farm for 5 mintes
00:02:47Kastrup and they only got two
00:02:49Kastrup and thats ulti
00:02:49mrk could you let me lasthit?
00:02:53Kastrup i might not
00:02:56mrk minutes*
00:03:02Kastrup :)
00:03:06mrk ill pull first
00:03:12FetAA top and bot lanes dont need blocking ;p
00:03:13mrk and depends what lane we might switch
00:03:16FetAA i cant get why noobs do it
00:03:18svents there wasnt anything to pick anyway
00:03:19FetAA all the time
00:03:25Kastrup i doubt that :D
00:03:47mrk or ward
00:03:59mrk just harass a lot
00:03:59mrk ez
00:05:34Kastrup gio?
00:05:36mrk 3
00:05:46Lucky share ffs
00:05:47Lucky svents
00:06:01Kastrup !??!?!
00:06:01mrk 1 creep
00:06:06mrk then3
00:06:34Kastrup kriob
00:06:46Kastrup !?!?
00:06:50mrk ur too low
00:06:53Kastrup nah im fine
00:07:01Kastrup go around
00:07:02Kastrup and we go
00:07:29VictoriaJrocks md miss
00:07:31VictoriaJrocks mdi msis
00:07:39VictoriaJrocks re
00:07:48mrk fuck
00:07:48Kastrup ffs?
00:07:50Kastrup srsly!
00:08:01FetAA harras them bot
00:08:04Kapo- gondar missing somewhere
00:08:18VictoriaJrocks smid miss
00:08:21Kastrup just hit!
00:08:25mrk range
00:08:26IseeDeadPeople cent!
00:08:46Kastrup rofl
00:08:50mrk ..
00:09:01mrk ss kore
00:09:04IseeDeadPeople buy boots
00:09:05IseeDeadPeople u noob
00:09:14Kapo- like i can farm
00:09:20IseeDeadPeople y can
00:09:21VictoriaJrocks mid miss
00:09:21IseeDeadPeople i supory
00:09:29Kastrup really?
00:09:38Lucky gang
00:09:39Kastrup this tiny can't play
00:09:40Lucky furion
00:09:40Kastrup at all
00:09:42Kastrup fantastic
00:09:42FetAA y
00:09:44FetAA im oom atm tho
00:09:53FetAA need base and back
00:09:55VictoriaJrocks mid still miss rxxar
00:09:57VictoriaJrocks re
00:09:59svents kus olid?:D
00:10:05mrk samas puude vahel
00:10:09svents rofl
00:10:17VictoriaJrocks rexxar going top
00:10:18svents ss tiny
00:10:24VictoriaJrocks re
00:10:34IseeDeadPeople ss
00:10:45svents re
00:11:12VictoriaJrocks rexxar miss mid
00:11:19FetAA i can tp bot soon
00:11:45Kapo- top miss 2
00:11:52Kastrup really? :D
00:11:52Lucky no ulti
00:11:55FetAA i know
00:12:38Kastrup rofl
00:13:13Kapo- miss 2 top
00:13:15Lucky got dagger
00:13:16Lucky soon
00:13:26Kapo- re
00:13:26Kapo- 1
00:13:36VictoriaJrocks mid never re
00:13:48Kastrup -2
00:13:57svents gj
00:14:20IseeDeadPeople w8
00:14:32FetAA go
00:14:46VictoriaJrocks rexxar never re mid
00:15:04Kastrup no he ganks
00:15:05VictoriaJrocks hes not going to come back mid
00:15:18Kastrup he got sick farm propbler.y
00:15:21FetAA sholud ward roshan tho
00:16:00VictoriaJrocks rexxar going top
00:16:07VictoriaJrocks didnt know he got haste :D
00:17:40ATS_ svent go near trees when you are dying
00:17:41ATS_ pls
00:17:42VictoriaJrocks remember rexxar is alwaysn ear
00:17:45svents i know
00:17:53ATS_ dont seem so
00:18:04Kastrup ce
00:18:04Kastrup b
00:18:17mrk rex
00:18:20IceMal gj
00:18:22FetAA u2
00:18:34IceMal ty
00:18:43VictoriaJrocks can someone loan me tp
00:18:50Kastrup dude!
00:18:51Kastrup plz
00:18:54Kastrup this guy
00:18:59IseeDeadPeople f u noob
00:19:02IseeDeadPeople tiny
00:19:02mrk ??????
00:19:03mrk FURI
00:19:04mrk FUCKING
00:19:05mrk FRI
00:19:05IseeDeadPeople is a fucking looser
00:19:11Lucky haha
00:19:13FetAA :p
00:19:18Kastrup de her spillere
00:19:22Kastrup det bare snakcs for dig? :D
00:19:25mrk and besides you ran the wrong way
00:19:30Lucky ^^
00:19:31Lucky ^^
00:19:44svents what language it is?
00:19:49FetAA dansk!
00:20:24FetAA ?
00:20:25FetAA :D
00:20:37ATS_ oom
00:20:57IseeDeadPeople fuck this game
00:21:06ATS_ oom
00:22:09VictoriaJrocks we need daggers
00:22:36IseeDeadPeople fail ursa mid
00:22:39VictoriaJrocks not
00:22:40IseeDeadPeople f stupid
00:22:44VictoriaJrocks i always said misses
00:22:45Kastrup it is stupid
00:22:48Kastrup just can't gank
00:22:51IceMal gank
00:22:56IseeDeadPeople thats not point
00:23:05IseeDeadPeople ursa is not mid hero
00:23:19VictoriaJrocks cant see
00:24:23mrk wtf?
00:24:27Kastrup nice ulti
00:24:29Kastrup odiopt
00:24:30IseeDeadPeople instinct
00:24:40VictoriaJrocks lich come def bot?
00:24:45Kastrup biot?
00:24:46Kastrup bot*?
00:24:48FetAA careful
00:24:49VictoriaJrocks to
00:24:51VictoriaJrocks o
00:24:52ATS_ kapow you could say b if you leave mysteriously
00:25:24Kastrup hes snack
00:25:39Kastrup not taking roshan yet?
00:25:40Kastrup why not?
00:25:41Lucky gogo
00:25:43VictoriaJrocks because of hawk
00:25:45Kastrup u can take him lvl 6
00:26:06Lucky TO fast
00:26:11IceMal really ^"
00:26:50IseeDeadPeople cent didnt hit single stun
00:27:00Kastrup and u die
00:27:04Kapo- i have
00:27:04Kastrup said it
00:27:24IseeDeadPeople f sad game
00:27:54Kastrup :)
00:28:05Lucky so stupid
00:28:16FetAA lolz
00:28:26FetAA :DD
00:28:28FetAA juke masters
00:28:29IseeDeadPeople what a loosers
00:28:37Lucky we kinda need hood
00:28:39IceMal a dead looser ^^
00:28:40Lucky i mean pipe
00:28:41FetAA pipe
00:28:42FetAA y
00:28:47FetAA roof could make
00:28:48VictoriaJrocks you cant say a loosers
00:28:53svents i can make
00:28:58FetAA u finish ur treads first
00:29:00svents i go anyway tank items
00:29:06FetAA ah u got treads allrdy
00:29:14svents ill go or not?
00:29:18FetAA ask ats
00:29:24FetAA i just think u need to omuch time to get
00:30:21mrk ursa
00:30:21mrk ..
00:30:51FetAA cant go further it hink
00:30:52Lucky go mid
00:30:52FetAA do roshan?
00:30:53Lucky after
00:30:56FetAA ok
00:31:00FetAA mid then rosh?
00:31:05FetAA i psuh top ab it
00:31:18Lucky LOL COULD use dagger
00:31:58FetAA got tp in 10s
00:32:05FetAA ulti
00:32:09FetAA zz
00:32:18ATS_ they have
00:32:20ATS_ gem
00:32:24ATS_ and i was tapping r
00:32:26FetAA suckss
00:32:32FetAA :e
00:32:40Kastrup M;)
00:32:44ATS_ no its not
00:33:01Lucky fucking fat fingers
00:33:13Lucky kill tiny
00:33:15IseeDeadPeople gj people
00:33:17ATS_ yep
00:33:20Lucky he got gem
00:33:57Kastrup ursa soon take that roshan
00:33:57ATS_ svent move
00:34:03Lucky ffs
00:34:03VictoriaJrocks after we win team battle
00:34:04IceMal sry
00:34:04Lucky newb
00:34:07VictoriaJrocks they got birds and hawk
00:34:08IceMal ty
00:34:15Kastrup wards lion
00:34:16IseeDeadPeople go
00:34:25Kastrup ye
00:34:38Lucky b
00:34:42IceMal to late
00:34:46Lucky idiot
00:34:48FetAA we cant fight like this
00:34:52IceMal hallo din bums
00:35:01Lucky du sutter
00:35:02IceMal hold kæft
00:35:05IceMal og?
00:35:09IceMal er det et problem for dig?
00:35:11Lucky stop det
00:35:12Lucky ja
00:35:15Lucky for vi tager
00:35:15IceMal okay
00:35:22Lucky taber
00:35:26IceMal så sig det lige når du kommer på game camp igen
00:35:30FetAA ..
00:35:31Kastrup gj
00:35:32IceMal og tal sådan der
00:35:33Kastrup go midt
00:35:36IceMal lille hund
00:35:43VictoriaJrocks somebody push top
00:35:48Kastrup tiny
00:35:49Lucky kan du ikke bare oppe dig lidt
00:35:50mrk its fine
00:35:52Lucky istedet for at sove
00:35:53Lucky ?
00:35:55mrk it pushes itself
00:35:57mrk until furi
00:35:57IceMal prøver
00:36:09IceMal men det hjælper ikke at blive ved med at trippe
00:36:26FetAA we fucked up
00:36:28IceMal dagger dagger dagger
00:36:37Kastrup first twwr
00:36:52VictoriaJrocks naah
00:36:58Kastrup gog
00:36:59Kastrup gog
00:37:06FetAA *?
00:37:07Kastrup wtf?!
00:37:08Kastrup dude!?
00:37:17mrk though it tossed
00:37:42VictoriaJrocks 500 to bkb
00:38:13IceMal we need to gether
00:38:20IceMal and make a good roof ulti
00:38:23FetAA some1 needs to scoutt
00:38:27VictoriaJrocks getting bkb
00:38:28VictoriaJrocks then cmong
00:38:29IceMal they got gem
00:38:35IceMal so can really
00:38:38IceMal *cant
00:38:38VictoriaJrocks try not to die
00:38:43IseeDeadPeople yy
00:38:45Kastrup stupid
00:38:56Lucky just prolong
00:38:59Lucky we got lg
00:39:08IceMal hate
00:39:11IceMal hates
00:39:18Kastrup we will die now
00:39:19Kastrup GET READY
00:39:21VictoriaJrocks mid
00:39:22IseeDeadPeople y
00:39:22Kastrup COME AN OWN US!
00:39:24Kastrup WOHOOOO
00:39:36FetAA lol
00:39:44IseeDeadPeople haah
00:39:49FetAA nice that 5 guys idling there
00:39:57VictoriaJrocks def bot
00:39:57Lucky trap :)
00:39:57IseeDeadPeople i def
00:40:06VictoriaJrocks push rest of us
00:40:08FetAA like those guys could trap
00:40:10Lucky feta
00:40:13FetAA they cant even use blink
00:40:15VictoriaJrocks or hmm
00:40:18Lucky buy manta ?
00:40:19VictoriaJrocks they spawn so quick
00:40:19Kastrup ¨
00:40:24FetAA mm
00:40:26FetAA y
00:40:31Lucky '
00:40:37IseeDeadPeople all buy tele
00:40:40IseeDeadPeople me defending
00:40:41VictoriaJrocks cant
00:40:52mrk wait
00:40:54mrk i need base
00:41:04mrk wait
00:41:08Kastrup go?
00:41:20FetAA lolo
00:41:20VictoriaJrocks mid
00:41:26Kastrup ;)
00:41:26Lucky thats
00:41:27Lucky it
00:41:31FetAA how they suddenly play 10x better
00:41:36VictoriaJrocks just go mdi
00:41:48Lucky we gotta stop this mass turtle..
00:41:54Lucky just push
00:41:56Lucky furion
00:41:57FetAA gg turtle allways wins
00:42:04Kastrup :/
00:42:07Lucky not if we can prolong
00:42:21FetAA go?
00:43:06Kastrup really? :d
00:43:37ATS_ kastrup you should start whit your ulti
00:43:47ATS_ cant get my ulti in
00:43:49FetAA kastrup in enemy team?
00:43:50IseeDeadPeople this ward :D
00:43:58ATS_ i mean kapow
00:44:02ATS_ sry
00:44:12IseeDeadPeople go top
00:44:19mrk lich whats your ult cd?
00:44:22VictoriaJrocks 60s
00:44:25Kastrup 60 sec
00:44:30Kastrup i can cast it all the time :)
00:45:12Lucky furion
00:45:19FetAA joke game
00:45:19IseeDeadPeople me def
00:45:20IceMal dd
00:45:22Kastrup he can't open bot
00:45:31ATS_ b
00:45:32mrk they can
00:45:36IseeDeadPeople come
00:45:41FetAA go aghead throne war
00:45:43IceMal soooooo bad
00:45:45ATS_ lool
00:45:45FetAA lol why u tp
00:45:45Kastrup twr
00:45:46Kastrup and b
00:45:56VictoriaJrocks noway b
00:46:00Kapo- omg
00:46:01IceMal tryed to get there before them
00:46:05Kapo- tp cancelas
00:46:19Lucky ahahaha
00:46:20ATS_ wtf
00:46:21Kastrup ;:)
00:46:27Lucky bad blink
00:46:35IseeDeadPeople wtf man
00:46:37Kastrup :D:D
00:46:41IseeDeadPeople xD
00:46:52Kastrup *:D
00:46:53IseeDeadPeople xD
00:46:57Lucky is just a very bad pick..
00:47:07Lucky loosing 9 out of 10 games.
00:47:07Kastrup wanna try again? :d
00:47:12VictoriaJrocks en saa tappoi sit millää
00:47:14Kastrup :D'
00:47:14IseeDeadPeople ahah
00:47:15Lucky bounty hunter
00:47:31Kastrup :)
00:47:32IseeDeadPeople haa
00:47:32FetAA 3 useless guys in team
00:47:33FetAA cant win
00:47:34Lucky gg wp nice turtle.
00:47:43Kastrup u have better late game than us
00:47:48FetAA thx for info
00:47:58Kastrup ;)
00:48:43Lucky playing carry is getting borring these days.
00:49:07FetAA lol
00:50:00IseeDeadPeople GG
00:50:00ATS_ aloit si pelleileen
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