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Chat log

00:00:13ProButLagsK ban
00:00:16ProButLagsK pugna
00:00:17ProButLagsK too imba
00:00:23ProButLagsK this ward rapes all
00:00:23Affliction -water 0 0 0
00:00:23Affliction -ii
00:00:23Marshall have a good game
00:00:23Keimo pugna -<
00:00:23McNabb just dont give him weaver
00:00:23Affliction hope you loose :)
00:00:23Sepetos -weaver
00:00:24Marshall make me lose make me mad
00:00:31ProButLagsK alche?
00:00:33McNabb pick me sk
00:00:38Keimo anyone want this?
00:00:42ProButLagsK sure
00:00:43N2xy i want necro
00:00:45Sepetos take wd
00:00:48N2xy i try to take it
00:00:50Keimo lets see
00:00:50ProButLagsK what u want?
00:00:54Marshall i play wl mby
00:00:56Kanki someone want this
00:01:00Kanki i dont want to
00:01:00Keimo sand king
00:01:06ProButLagsK -swap 1
00:01:06Keimo -swap 3
00:01:08N2xy you want?
00:01:12FetAA can i middle
00:01:13N2xy ok
00:01:15N2xy i take wd
00:01:18N2xy you want?
00:01:18Keimo go for it
00:01:19Kanki gimme ursa
00:01:27N2xy -swap 2
00:01:28Kanki -swap 3
00:01:44Affliction what to take+ :/
00:01:45N2xy rhasta and ursa lane?
00:01:47Marshall hmm
00:01:50McNabb abba?
00:01:56Kanki i pull
00:01:56Keimo hmh
00:02:05Keimo yee guess thats ok, kinda weird heroes
00:02:10Keimo alche farms like a madman
00:02:25Affliction bibs ?
00:02:26ProButLagsK im gonna skill up stun and spray
00:02:26McNabb 2 healers top?
00:02:29Affliction BOOOOORK !
00:02:32Sepetos nice imbasniper pick
00:02:33Kanki tuu seppe arrowaa
00:02:34Sepetos retard fuck
00:02:37Keimo just stay alive top
00:02:38Sepetos ei oo arrowii
00:02:39Keimo ill come gank
00:02:40ProButLagsK its better for lane domination
00:02:44Kanki leap?
00:02:45Marshall yo
00:02:47Sepetos jep
00:02:54Keimo ursa will be forest
00:02:55Sepetos share chick
00:02:56Keimo so its a sololane
00:03:00Sepetos 2sec time
00:03:01Marshall yesterday cap said that
00:03:03Keimo theres no way ull die
00:03:05Marshall i played sniper
00:03:09BritneySpears regen
00:03:09Sepetos sure...
00:03:10Marshall and got godlike
00:03:13Keimo hmm
00:03:15Sepetos share chick
00:03:17ProButLagsK just deny creeps
00:03:20ProButLagsK ppl
00:03:23FetAA oops
00:03:26N2xy you played against svents and ats?
00:03:27Marshall let me farm plz
00:03:42Marshall dunno
00:03:53Marshall lemme farm
00:04:02Keimo alche just leech xp
00:04:10Keimo lvl 6 u start farm
00:05:25Keimo lol
00:05:25N2xy what was that?
00:05:26ProButLagsK dude ;:D
00:05:49N2xy lvl 1 male
00:05:54N2xy dont go insane
00:05:56ProButLagsK u took it
00:06:22ProButLagsK kill the sinper ffs
00:06:43FetAA gj
00:06:45Keimo :D
00:07:11N2xy was afk
00:07:11N2xy sry
00:07:23Marshall idc
00:07:33Marshall ok
00:07:35Marshall go last hit
00:07:49N2xy ofc
00:07:49Marshall youll carry this
00:07:50N2xy i take some
00:07:56N2xy if you fail
00:08:04Marshall you your afk
00:08:09FetAA iss miran
00:08:15FetAA mirana bot
00:08:22Marshall let alche farm
00:08:29N2xy lol
00:08:34Kanki come kill wl
00:08:36Marshall go roam if you cant harras
00:08:42N2xy you suck
00:08:44BritneySpears damn
00:08:45BritneySpears sry
00:08:46N2xy look how you died
00:08:50Kanki np
00:09:15McNabb ss rhasta
00:09:17McNabb re
00:09:23FetAA mis
00:10:22Keimo om
00:10:25McNabb ty
00:10:50Marshall gang plz
00:10:52Marshall alche
00:10:53Sepetos get flying?
00:11:01Sepetos brintey
00:11:06Keimo gj
00:11:06BritneySpears sec
00:11:06Marshall gg
00:11:12Marshall dont come
00:11:19Marshall let him feed
00:11:23Keimo top rune
00:11:31Keimo care
00:11:32FetAA ok re
00:11:33Keimo mirana might inc
00:11:34FetAA was half afk
00:11:36Sepetos ur pro sniper remember
00:11:38FetAA y
00:11:53Marshall your doin good
00:11:59Kanki give tango
00:12:13Keimo omw
00:12:24McNabb ss top
00:12:41BritneySpears What a bad timing
00:12:42BritneySpears lol
00:12:45Marshall COME FUCKIN BOT??
00:12:51BritneySpears didnt see u Was on chick
00:13:01Marshall ss
00:13:03Affliction top ss
00:13:04Kanki olisko se blink vai vai vai lothars
00:13:17Sepetos care bot
00:13:19Sepetos someone got rune
00:13:21Affliction still ss
00:13:25FetAA miss mid
00:13:27N2xy sk then
00:13:30ProButLagsK go in
00:13:34Sepetos botrune ward needed
00:13:37McNabb care
00:14:00Kanki arrowii
00:15:12Kanki kait sen lotharin vois
00:15:31ProButLagsK dude...
00:15:40Keimo yes?
00:15:42ProButLagsK u took some important kills
00:15:46Keimo lol
00:15:51ProButLagsK how on earth can i farm when they 2
00:16:34BritneySpears ss
00:17:07FetAA gj
00:17:27Kanki teen sen lotharin
00:17:40Kanki b
00:18:03Kanki haen roosan
00:18:21FetAA i go bot farm
00:18:23FetAA no need t ofollow
00:18:24FetAA me there
00:18:34Sepetos top many
00:18:41Sepetos gona need ppl there
00:18:44Sepetos or not
00:18:45Sepetos go farm
00:18:47Keimo get bots alche, theyre imba for ur farmage
00:18:49Sepetos kanki mee farm vaa
00:18:53Sepetos toppii
00:18:54Marshall come mid
00:18:54Sepetos ei roosaa veil
00:19:00Affliction kk
00:19:12Kanki got invis mid
00:19:15Keimo hes gone
00:19:42Keimo b
00:19:57ProButLagsK def
00:20:20Marshall wl warding
00:20:25McNabb got ulti
00:20:29Sepetos necor meka
00:20:42Sepetos help him
00:21:39Keimo couldve used u necro
00:21:45Affliction what a shitty fight ?
00:21:47ProButLagsK couldve used 4 kills for radi
00:21:53BritneySpears tp
00:22:34Keimo sniper
00:22:34Marshall no ulty
00:22:35FetAA psuh
00:23:00Keimo tower
00:23:01Marshall b
00:23:01Kanki def top
00:23:06Sepetos 3healers
00:23:06Sepetos gg
00:23:42FetAA stay ?
00:23:46Affliction sec
00:23:46Keimo got ulti
00:24:29ProButLagsK b
00:24:29FetAA stay
00:24:32Keimo b
00:24:45FetAA WE CAN RAPE
00:24:46FetAA wit h4
00:24:46Keimo jeez
00:24:47FetAA :P
00:24:50FetAA i got a fucking mechanism
00:24:51Affliction :/;
00:24:51FetAA rdy
00:24:53Keimo that was bad
00:24:57FetAA alche u were full
00:24:58FetAA WHy
00:24:58FetAA the fuck
00:24:59FetAA b like
00:25:01FetAA no tomorrow
00:25:05FetAA warloc kwas full?
00:25:08FetAA how can they beat us
00:25:08FetAA :D
00:25:10FetAA kk
00:25:19Kanki sit vaa läskiä
00:25:28Kanki pari hottia ac
00:25:31Sepetos tuho se
00:25:35Sepetos gj
00:25:39Sepetos sit tänne
00:25:40BritneySpears oom
00:26:04FetAA go
00:26:08BritneySpears im b
00:26:13BritneySpears im useless with 0 mana
00:26:37Affliction ;COME MIDT
00:26:41Affliction SMARTASS !
00:26:45Affliction :D
00:27:05Kanki dont go now
00:27:06Kanki ffs
00:27:08Affliction look mopm iam a retard
00:27:17Sepetos gj sniper
00:27:19Sepetos u did the game
00:27:19Affliction i pick sniper ass lastpick and play smart
00:28:52Keimo hav som wards :>
00:29:07McNabb rosh is up
00:29:35Affliction hes up
00:29:36Affliction :_/
00:29:42Keimo ¨ursa taking it
00:29:46Affliction now +
00:29:47Affliction :/
00:30:08Keimo gather
00:30:09FetAA gogo finish
00:30:10Keimo lets push
00:30:40Keimo mirana ulti
00:31:11Marshall b
00:31:12Sepetos let me
00:31:13Sepetos ffs
00:31:27BritneySpears only took so they didnt take
00:31:38Sepetos y
00:31:44ProButLagsK srsly u nub
00:31:50ProButLagsK sandstorm is 80 sec
00:31:56Sepetos midtower
00:31:57Keimo and?
00:32:04ProButLagsK just stay
00:32:05ProButLagsK invis
00:32:08N2xy def bot?
00:32:37Keimo need gem
00:32:41Kanki pitäisköhä tehä bkbki
00:32:45Kanki vois olla pop
00:32:47Sepetos tottavitus
00:32:50FetAA gather
00:32:51Keimo b mid
00:32:53Keimo B
00:32:56FetAA gatherhere
00:32:58Keimo go help
00:33:01FetAA im rdy to tp
00:33:03Marshall warded
00:33:14Keimo tp
00:33:20FetAA miks basee
00:33:21FetAA oops
00:33:38FetAA ok go rax
00:33:39FetAA after
00:33:44FetAA they cant do shit now
00:34:22Affliction twr
00:34:28FetAA stay
00:36:19Keimo push
00:36:22Keimo as
00:36:24Keimo ok b
00:36:24FetAA not without him
00:37:12N2xy nice team they have.. mass heal
00:37:21Kanki aba has gem...
00:37:23Sepetos we could have some too
00:37:25Sepetos but we have sniper
00:37:34Marshall you are doin great
00:37:39BritneySpears not really my place to say anything
00:37:41Sepetos 2k used to lifesteal
00:37:42Keimo tower
00:37:44Sepetos when he dies one hit
00:37:45BritneySpears but sniper is a bad lastpick
00:38:37Affliction COME MIDT !
00:38:44Affliction LOL
00:38:51Marshall wp ursa anyway
00:38:53N2xy I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:41:46Affliction :D
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