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+9 X
-8 TS

96% | 1386 X | 1634 TS

-56 X
-3 TS

84% | 1242 X | 1461 TS

-7 X
-4 TS

74% | 1152 X | 1448 TS

-36 X
-4 TS

64% | 1144 X | 1363 TS

-27 X
-7 TS

65% | 1099 X | 1384 TS

+20 X
+5 TS

91% | 1388 X | 1464 TS

+54 X
+6 TS

88% | 1290 X | 1482 TS

+47 X
+4 TS

75% | 1159 X | 1445 TS

+25 X
+5 TS

71% | 1181 X | 1390 TS

-15 X
+13 TS

61% | 1153 X | 1328 TS

Chat log

00:00:19KredeC ban sf vs atte!
00:00:19atte ¨siel on mun hero
00:00:19h0whigh SF
00:00:19Mr.HaM -never
00:00:19KredeC thx
00:00:19Mr.HaM gj
00:00:19creeeeeee he goes wr then prolly
00:00:19atte i was not gonna play it
00:00:19KredeC y
00:00:19atte :DD
00:00:19Mr.HaM -AM
00:00:19atte cant play it here
00:00:19Mr.HaM or PL
00:00:19atte want aa?
00:00:19atte want aa ?
00:00:19atte or sk ?
00:00:19Mr.HaM not me
00:00:19Mr.HaM sk cool
00:00:19creeeeeee he plays it often too
00:00:19Mr.HaM but omni
00:00:19atte ban pl
00:00:23Mr.HaM i can pay omni or krobe
00:00:23N2xy you will play what atte?
00:00:26FetAA ota tolle omni
00:00:34atte thinking of wr..
00:00:34N2xy play
00:00:36atte take sk
00:00:42Mr.HaM ck krobe wind king
00:00:42KredeC there we go
00:00:44KredeC :D
00:00:45creeeeeee yea :D
00:00:47N2xy ok
00:00:55Mr.HaM is my 1st choice
00:00:58N2xy you wanted YXZ?
00:01:00h0whigh -swap 2
00:01:01KredeC veno
00:01:03chodaboy -swap 1
00:01:08Mr.HaM cant u play him?
00:01:09KredeC veno!
00:01:11atte go aa
00:01:14Mr.HaM i am better krobe than u i think
00:01:15chodaboy go treant veno
00:01:18KredeC ...
00:01:22N2xy aa.. wanted eza :D
00:01:24atte hyvä
00:01:26atte ota vaam edusa
00:01:28atte maginaa vs
00:01:29mrk medusa?
00:01:29atte n1
00:01:30mrk seriously
00:01:34chodaboy veno trean
00:01:36h0whigh medusa, nice pick
00:01:36chodaboy veno
00:01:37Mr.HaM y this is fucked up
00:01:37chodaboy veno
00:01:38atte mrk take aa
00:01:41chodaboy GJ!
00:01:41Mr.HaM of all those pool
00:01:44Mr.HaM guy takes dusa
00:01:45atte y thats what i told him
00:01:48Mr.HaM that is so much retarded
00:01:53FetAA hi
00:01:58Mr.HaM y i know u
00:02:01Mr.HaM u are overated noob
00:02:07Mr.HaM prove me wrong
00:02:07chodaboy kotl can handle mid?
00:02:09chodaboy -hhn
00:02:09chodaboy -di
00:02:16chodaboy i go top
00:02:17mrk osta warde
00:02:18Mr.HaM share
00:02:18FetAA who won u ur lastgame
00:02:19mrk tr
00:02:20FetAA when i was jugger
00:02:20mrk a
00:02:25atte share
00:02:26atte -na
00:02:27KredeC i get you wards
00:02:28Mr.HaM juger is easy
00:02:31atte -ma
00:02:34FetAA krob is easy too
00:02:36FetAA look their heroes
00:02:38FetAA i wanna see tem ganking me
00:02:43Mr.HaM well i countered them
00:02:44N2xy hmm
00:02:46N2xy lanes?
00:02:46Mr.HaM u just picked SHIT
00:02:49Mr.HaM and u are overpicked
00:02:57FetAA by magina
00:03:07atte well
00:03:08mrk nah fetaa
00:03:09atte dusa counters magina
00:03:10Mr.HaM roof, veno, omni, AND ezalor
00:03:10KredeC reg
00:03:11atte actually
00:03:12atte kind of
00:03:13Mr.HaM by all
00:03:14atte with ulti
00:03:19mrk we'll wait medusa farm 40 minutes
00:03:21atte we still have herowin
00:03:25mrk so hed do something
00:03:26FetAA delay
00:03:28mrk while magina 4hits all of us
00:03:32FetAA oh
00:03:34FetAA magina so imba
00:04:14Mr.HaM gj mrk
00:04:48atte ss
00:05:01atte re
00:05:27FetAA well if u feed him top >_<
00:05:44Mr.HaM its your fault always get used to ti
00:05:45mrk did you watch top?
00:05:49KredeC can u stun?
00:06:09mrk didn you see him?
00:06:10mrk wtf
00:06:10Mr.HaM MEDUSA!!!
00:06:15Mr.HaM no i didnt :(
00:06:28KredeC omw mid
00:06:33mrk last gmae also
00:06:36KredeC 1 sec
00:06:38mrk 3 ppl didnt know to check around them
00:06:43mrk yet im still lastpick
00:07:04mrk dont use spells on creeps lol
00:07:07mrk twice wasted mana
00:07:08Mr.HaM bah
00:07:09mrk while pushing lane
00:07:13mrk magina gets ez farm
00:07:19FetAA gj
00:07:19KredeC ..
00:07:32FetAA don
00:07:33FetAA go so deep
00:07:46Mr.HaM this is lul
00:07:53atte ss
00:07:55FetAA we lose this game
00:07:55mrk so fucking retarded game again
00:07:56FetAA cause u suck top
00:08:04mrk yxz these are obvious situations
00:08:05mrk but yet
00:08:06mrk ...
00:08:40mrk great
00:08:47FetAA hes oom
00:08:48FetAA kill him
00:08:53Mr.HaM OH CMON
00:08:57mrk move attack
00:09:21KredeC worst treant!
00:09:25creeeeeee ?
00:09:25Mr.HaM u got the same items as i do
00:09:28Mr.HaM such a fail top
00:09:32Nagash miss
00:09:42creeeeeee whats ur problem
00:09:44creeeeeee kredec
00:09:45mrk well if you see what you did wrong
00:09:46mrk 3 times
00:09:47mrk im ok
00:09:48creeeeeee ...
00:09:50KredeC u dont stun when i go!
00:09:57creeeeeee u went to atte atm?
00:09:58mrk and learn from your mistakes
00:09:59KredeC u dont know how to use eyes
00:10:00creeeeeee to rune?
00:10:48KredeC well i cant get boots
00:10:51atte ss
00:10:55h0whigh its won
00:10:56h0whigh any way
00:10:58KredeC k
00:11:05FetAA noi on kuollu 6 kertaa topis
00:11:06FetAA jee
00:11:09creeeeeee u must be shit
00:11:09mrk ss2
00:11:12creeeeeee if u cant even get wards
00:11:18KredeC lol
00:11:23creeeeeee boots
00:11:25creeeeeee okey
00:11:29KredeC i cant cant last hit with 2 brancehs
00:11:31atte eza ss
00:11:33Nagash omame
00:11:36Nagash ulti ma lasen spelli
00:11:38KredeC vs u
00:11:46h0whigh DONT
00:11:46h0whigh GO
00:11:47h0whigh VENO
00:11:48h0whigh W8
00:11:49h0whigh ME
00:11:49creeeeeee mine peitu
00:11:53creeeeeee ja pane channekl
00:11:54creeeeeee ma ultin
00:12:29Nagash kaua ootasid ultiga:D
00:12:30FetAA good
00:12:30h0whigh HAHAHA
00:12:30Nagash nii kui stunnis sind oleksid pidanud:D
00:12:30h0whigh HAHAHA
00:12:30mrk hi
00:12:31chodaboy B
00:12:34creeeeeee ma mõtlesin lähed nrga taha
00:12:36creeeeeee ja channelid
00:12:37creeeeeee :D
00:12:39creeeeeee et mõlemale sisse
00:12:43Nagash :D
00:13:08mrk i find it funny noone has came top
00:13:10mrk for 10 minutes
00:13:14KredeC got them :D
00:13:15Nagash miss
00:13:25FetAA i find it funny how u die 10 times in 10 mins top
00:13:34mrk why do you talk
00:13:40FetAA i just sayid why
00:13:45KredeC rune bot
00:13:50mrk you have no context whatsoever about what happened top
00:13:54KredeC come go atte!
00:13:54h0whigh flying
00:13:55h0whigh kotl
00:13:57FetAA i have :D
00:13:58FetAA u failed
00:14:02KredeC stun1
00:14:03h0whigh thx
00:14:10mrk thats actually in singular
00:15:03creeeeeee no atte bot
00:15:07mrk top needs atleast 3
00:15:08KredeC rune
00:15:18FetAA sk can come there
00:15:19FetAA u need sutnner
00:15:29KredeC omw
00:15:29FetAA cause sk is not doing anything bot anyways
00:15:57Mr.HaM deny
00:16:03Mr.HaM deny
00:16:26N2xy as you saw i waited mana
00:16:27h0whigh Naha
00:16:30h0whigh u8make
00:16:30h0whigh mekah
00:16:32N2xy couldnt stun insta
00:16:32h0whigh ?
00:16:40Nagash quisnoo
00:16:42h0whigh k
00:16:43h0whigh i
00:16:43h0whigh do
00:16:44h0whigh then
00:17:08atte aa ulti mid
00:17:12mrk 5
00:17:13atte sile
00:17:16KredeC go their woods?
00:17:34FetAA aa go mid
00:17:58h0whigh veno
00:17:59h0whigh ffs
00:18:05KredeC ?
00:18:09h0whigh nothing
00:18:10h0whigh u8could
00:18:11h0whigh kill
00:18:12h0whigh wr
00:18:13mrk miks alla ei telend
00:18:15h0whigh but u zleeep
00:18:17atte aa ulti counters omnis heal
00:18:25KredeC have you seen my hp?
00:18:32h0whigh so?
00:19:16KredeC omw bot
00:19:51mrk magina
00:19:52Nagash omam
00:20:37Nagash tra kõik low hpga
00:20:46Nagash pane silm aj stunni kohe
00:20:54h0whigh veno
00:20:56chodaboy HAHAHA
00:20:56h0whigh fucking
00:20:56h0whigh idiot
00:20:57h0whigh hahahaha
00:20:58creeeeeee VENO
00:20:59creeeeeee wtf
00:20:59chodaboy what anoob
00:21:00mrk lol medusa
00:21:06h0whigh ye
00:21:10h0whigh svents is better
00:21:11Mr.HaM "who cares i farm" fsss
00:21:16chodaboy my farm bot
00:21:16FetAA what
00:21:18FetAA u want me to do
00:21:19FetAA i haven o mana
00:21:21chodaboy EEY
00:21:22FetAA and he cant kill u
00:21:25FetAA i come autoattakc?
00:21:26chodaboy U WHORE
00:21:27atte nice illus
00:21:37KredeC y having a shitty game..
00:22:02h0whigh SILENC
00:22:02KredeC me woods
00:22:04FetAA teetkö diffu
00:22:05h0whigh :@
00:22:07atte y
00:22:52atte 7got diffu
00:23:04Mr.HaM nice
00:23:17Mr.HaM b
00:23:50atte aa uöti top
00:23:50KredeC atte
00:24:27atte b
00:24:52atte should just went b
00:25:05atte feta kai sul on cs
00:25:18atte varor
00:25:19atte b
00:25:39FetAA joo oli aluks paskafaremi ny alkaa
00:26:08mrk mid?????
00:26:37mrk seriously krobe sk
00:26:47mrk masive blinks doesnt seem to affect you :/
00:27:26Mr.HaM i could not figure out why r u blinking
00:27:27Mr.HaM seriously
00:28:22creeeeeee use ur chick
00:28:23creeeeeee ..
00:28:24h0whigh b
00:28:26creeeeeee others need it too
00:28:33h0whigh b
00:28:34h0whigh 1
00:28:39h0whigh go
00:28:39chodaboy veno come mid
00:28:45FetAA delaay
00:28:56atte come with 5
00:29:33atte push or something
00:29:35atte medusa first
00:29:36atte mid
00:29:54atte b
00:30:08FetAA ?
00:32:02chodaboy stop taking farm
00:32:14chodaboy just take longer time to win
00:32:19h0whigh dont push top lane more
00:32:30chodaboy i take rosh
00:32:40h0whigh HIHIHIH
00:32:43h0whigh VEN000
00:32:44Nagash kurat kus võivad vinguda farmi yle:D
00:32:48Nagash hea et ise kuangi ei vingu:D
00:32:54creeeeeee :D
00:33:27chodaboy ned it
00:33:56creeeeeee omni
00:33:58creeeeeee if i ult
00:34:02h0whigh y
00:34:03h0whigh go
00:34:04atte 7s7w18'
00:34:04creeeeeee try to hit manaboot
00:34:05KredeC b
00:34:09atte shield
00:34:12KredeC w8 til ult overwith
00:34:40FetAA :DD
00:34:46Mr.HaM that was PERFECT SILENCE
00:34:47Nagash kudia snii läks:D?
00:34:48chodaboy roof
00:34:49chodaboy ur ultis
00:34:51chodaboy and veno
00:34:51Mr.HaM roof comes to ulti = BAM!
00:34:52chodaboy wtf?
00:34:52atte y
00:34:52Mr.HaM :D
00:34:56chodaboy and kotl
00:34:57creeeeeee how u think i can ult?
00:35:00Mr.HaM at front of our tower
00:35:00creeeeeee ...
00:35:02h0whigh stun+silenc and im dead
00:35:02chodaboy havent seen u use ur aoe spell
00:35:03atte silence magina omni
00:35:03KredeC well i said w8 till ulti overwith
00:35:04atte gg
00:35:04FetAA y isaw
00:35:06Mr.HaM well silence is lvl 4 now
00:35:06N2xy yep. i could finish my ulti
00:35:17creeeeeee this going was sooo stupid
00:35:18Mr.HaM was on lvl 2-3 whole game
00:35:32creeeeeee why run under tower when they have sk with ult and wr with dd
00:35:33creeeeeee ...
00:35:41atte b
00:35:42creeeeeee + krobe ofc
00:35:52mrk ur alone lol
00:35:58mrk never good to pop ult
00:36:05FetAA re use chick
00:36:07FetAA krob
00:36:12atte kill
00:36:19h0whigh gather
00:36:19KredeC worst am ever!
00:36:19h0whigh mid
00:36:22FetAA rax
00:36:24atte mid
00:36:31chodaboy stfu
00:36:33chodaboy u cant play
00:36:40mrk need b
00:37:20chodaboy fucking rof
00:37:23creeeeeee cd ult
00:37:24creeeeeee ffs
00:37:26atte b
00:37:27creeeeeee SHut up
00:37:28creeeeeee reterd
00:37:34Mr.HaM GREAT SHIT
00:37:37Mr.HaM i send BIRD to me
00:37:39h0whigh ok go when all have ulti
00:37:40KredeC magina without manta is stupid!
00:37:41Mr.HaM and some1 SENT IT BACK!??!?!
00:37:43h0whigh gather
00:37:47KredeC 64 dam on illu
00:37:50mrk he said reuse chick
00:37:50creeeeeee u fcin jump in the middle of 3
00:37:52mrk gosh
00:37:54creeeeeee and autoattach there
00:37:54Mr.HaM gosh
00:37:59creeeeeee and start ur "omg roof"
00:38:00creeeeeee pliz
00:38:02creeeeeee zip it
00:38:10Mr.HaM got janggo :P that will fuck em up little bit
00:38:14h0whigh chill
00:38:16h0whigh and gather
00:38:17h0whigh mid
00:38:18h0whigh with ultiz
00:38:22chodaboy imba kotl
00:38:25chodaboy taking farm
00:38:27Nagash :D
00:38:29chodaboy u fuckin cunt
00:38:33Nagash cry more
00:38:35Mr.HaM u dontneed farm
00:38:41chodaboy ur banreqed if we loose
00:38:43Mr.HaM krobe is just too much overpoerwed for u
00:38:46Nagash haha
00:38:47Nagash gl:D
00:38:48Mr.HaM so just ff
00:38:49chodaboy rofl
00:38:50KredeC go their woods`?
00:38:50chodaboy that noob
00:39:08mrk care
00:39:35Mr.HaM haste
00:39:37FetAA i got imba 328 ping
00:39:52FetAA onks kaikil joku 300 ping
00:40:27chodaboy MANA KTOL
00:40:28Mr.HaM "The great escape"
00:40:31atte aa ulti
00:41:04Mr.HaM noob
00:41:08Mr.HaM :D
00:41:12Mr.HaM fucking omni
00:41:21Mr.HaM but no
00:41:24Mr.HaM DUSA owns them all
00:41:35h0whigh B
00:42:01atte push mid
00:42:06chodaboy mine
00:42:45atte sk blinkulti omni when hes silenced
00:42:47chodaboy MID
00:42:49chodaboy all
00:42:52chodaboy focus krob
00:43:51KredeC nice early ult :D
00:44:02h0whigh GJ
00:44:05KredeC well gj :D
00:44:18creeeeeee well...
00:44:23creeeeeee kredec took chick with my items
00:44:28creeeeeee had to wait for it
00:44:41KredeC get rosh fast
00:44:44KredeC sry
00:44:45h0whigh THEN
00:44:46h0whigh END
00:44:54KredeC y rosh then push bot
00:45:10atte krobe you dont need bloodstone
00:45:33atte they rosh
00:45:36atte all go there
00:45:36atte come
00:45:38FetAA can we make it
00:45:39FetAA come
00:45:41N2xy coming
00:45:46atte aa ulti to rosh
00:45:53FetAA b
00:45:59chodaboy let me for butter
00:46:10atte come
00:46:10atte here
00:46:16FetAA :?
00:46:40chodaboy B
00:46:40chodaboy B
00:46:48Nagash mios tegid seal:D
00:46:52creeeeeee wasnt going to use ult
00:46:54creeeeeee can bo
00:46:56creeeeeee have 2 ult
00:46:59Nagash creo osta dagger
00:47:00h0whigh ggood
00:47:01Nagash saad sisse hypata
00:47:02h0whigh go when u are
00:47:03h0whigh rdy
00:47:12Nagash they come mid
00:47:12mrk roof has 2 ults
00:47:16mrk when respawn
00:47:17FetAA need ot bwhen respawn
00:47:17Nagash osta dagger
00:47:17atte hes dead
00:47:17KredeC counter push
00:47:18FetAA if not ded
00:47:21creeeeeee ei saa
00:47:24creeeeeee pean välja ostma
00:47:25creeeeeee vist
00:47:26chodaboy buy puy
00:47:28Nagash y
00:47:29chodaboy buy out
00:47:33Mr.HaM dusaa TANK now
00:47:34FetAA b imo
00:48:02FetAA shoulda b
00:48:03FetAA when respawn
00:48:03Mr.HaM why this dusa
00:48:03FetAA tt
00:48:05Mr.HaM NEVER tank
00:48:07atte krobe
00:48:15mrk how is he supposed to tank?
00:48:15atte you cant even buy items for your hero
00:48:25FetAA and we was going b
00:48:28FetAA until we noticed u ultied
00:48:28Mr.HaM i dont care what item
00:48:29FetAA and wanna rax
00:48:33FetAA u didn ge tthe text reuby
00:48:35FetAA >_<
00:48:36Mr.HaM all i want is HP
00:48:50h0whigh MANA
00:48:51h0whigh KOTL
00:48:51h0whigh PLZ
00:48:52atte miks pickaat dusan
00:48:53h0whigh <3
00:49:05FetAA emt oli bore pool
00:49:06FetAA ku toi otti sk
00:49:12FetAA ja safkaan pytstyy farmaa
00:49:15FetAA kusi liikaa vaa
00:49:16FetAA rebuy jne
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