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-3 TS

84% | 1289 X | 1427 TS

-73 X
-1 TS

81% | 1274 X | 1411 TS

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-1 TS

82% | 1226 X | 1447 TS

-74 X
-2 TS

67% | 1127 X | 1390 TS

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-14 TS

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84% | 1443 X | 1382 TS

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NEW | 1023 X | 988 TS

Chat log

00:00:189mmJewdiSposer phoenix thrall lamers
00:00:18Nxtra ban pheonix
00:00:18N1gg4On4Wheels phoenix thrall
00:00:18Kastrup ehm 3 x new?
00:00:18Kastrup WTF?
00:00:18Papaya what?
00:00:18FetAA and
00:00:18Zajeb mass aoe
00:00:18Kastrup i got 3 x new :)
00:00:18Papaya oh dont worry
00:00:18Soulyah they have won almost every games
00:00:18Papaya those guys play fine
00:00:18Soulyah every game
00:00:18Wormik not almost
00:00:18Kastrup W/E
00:00:18Wormik 100% imo
00:00:18N1gg4On4Wheels haha, they will get raped
00:00:18N1gg4On4Wheels :D
00:00:18N1gg4On4Wheels a lot
00:00:189mmJewdiSposer i dunno who you're talking about
00:00:18Soulyah :/
00:00:18Papaya ban enigma
00:00:189mmJewdiSposer !
00:00:189mmJewdiSposer ye they will
00:00:18Nxtra ban pheonix
00:00:18Nxtra obviously
00:00:189mmJewdiSposer just don't know it yet
00:00:18N1gg4On4Wheels phoenix ban and everything is ok
00:00:18Kastrup hmm
00:00:18Wormik oh they know it
00:00:18N1gg4On4Wheels and peaceful
00:00:18Kastrup ban invoker
00:00:189mmJewdiSposer :)
00:00:23Soulyah gr8 fp
00:00:23Nxtra rofl
00:00:25Kastrup damn
00:00:25Nxtra get pheonix
00:00:26Wormik mnemememee
00:00:27Nxtra nps
00:00:28Papaya carebear
00:00:32Kastrup who wants ES?
00:00:32FetAA lets cry from now
00:00:34N1gg4On4Wheels what banned?
00:00:36N1gg4On4Wheels invoker and?
00:00:37Nxtra read chat
00:00:39Kastrup who want ES?1
00:00:409mmJewdiSposer n1gg4 can ES
00:00:42N1gg4On4Wheels i can eas
00:00:42Kastrup i get ES for someone
00:00:43N1gg4On4Wheels es
00:00:43Soulyah ill fun with something too
00:00:48Kastrup we need omni
00:00:52Kastrup i might take omni
00:00:52FetAA ofc
00:00:53Papaya get sk someone
00:00:57FetAA we aint here rly to play serious
00:00:57Kastrup or
00:01:01Kastrup maybe
00:01:019mmJewdiSposer i can play naix or kunkka or smth
00:01:02Kastrup liol
00:01:10Kastrup i'd like kunkka or omni
00:01:12Papaya like
00:01:16Kastrup yea :D
00:01:17Papaya months ago i saw a brood
00:01:279mmJewdiSposer i go kunkka/naix
00:01:29Kastrup es against brood is niceniceniniceniceni
00:01:33Soulyah would have picked better, but on that pool pudge fp
00:01:33Kastrup give me kunkka or omni
00:01:38Soulyah i coulndt care less
00:01:39Kastrup get me omni
00:01:39Nxtra hmm
00:01:39Soulyah ad lets fun
00:01:40Kastrup omni
00:01:41Papaya chill out
00:01:43Nxtra give me venge then
00:01:44FetAA brood is good pick
00:01:44Papaya get sk
00:01:45Soulyah lol
00:01:46N1gg4On4Wheels k
00:01:48Soulyah im very chill
00:01:48Papaya sandking
00:01:50Papaya sandking
00:01:51Kastrup -swap 4
00:01:54N1gg4On4Wheels -swap 1
00:01:54Papaya gj
00:01:569mmJewdiSposer thrall was not banned? :D
00:01:57Kastrup -swap 5
00:01:57N1gg4On4Wheels we do triangle drama
00:01:59N1gg4On4Wheels with swapping
00:02:019mmJewdiSposer what is this?
00:02:02Nxtra -swap 1
00:02:12Papaya your bad for picking naix
00:02:13Wormik chick
00:02:14FetAA first item thrall coming bot
00:02:16Papaya YOU SHOULD FEEL BAD
00:02:18Kastrup :)
00:02:199mmJewdiSposer xD
00:02:22N1gg4On4Wheels venge chick?
00:02:23N1gg4On4Wheels or wat
00:02:26Nxtra yah
00:02:27Papaya :D
00:02:29Soulyah :DDDDDDDDDDd
00:02:30Kastrup es/venge u need to gank REALLY much
00:02:32Kastrup venge
00:02:32Soulyah well said akasha
00:02:33Kastrup get wards
00:02:36Kastrup and keep ganking
00:02:399mmJewdiSposer i'm bot?
00:02:419mmJewdiSposer prolly yes
00:02:41FetAA ;d
00:02:43Nxtra i know how to play
00:02:44FetAA oop<
00:02:45FetAA z
00:02:45Kastrup ok
00:02:45Nxtra nps ;)
00:02:46Zajeb we are so fucked
00:02:50Kastrup i wouldn't know
00:02:51Papaya y we are
00:02:51Soulyah lol
00:02:52Soulyah ofc
00:02:53Papaya u seem to suck
00:02:54N1gg4On4Wheels i go top?
00:02:55FetAA :DD
00:02:56N1gg4On4Wheels righto?
00:02:58Papaya buying bottle first lol
00:03:00Kastrup come gank soon es
00:03:01Soulyah we were fucked right after first pick
00:03:01Kastrup and venge
00:03:02Soulyah but
00:03:04Kastrup then its nice
00:03:04Soulyah lets fun
00:03:05Soulyah np
00:03:09FetAA no fun to lose tho
00:03:10DanSukker upgrade chiken plz
00:03:10N1gg4On4Wheels k
00:03:17Nxtra ill come bot , will roam once i get rune
00:03:17FetAA thrall will
00:03:26Nxtra or lvl 3
00:03:289mmJewdiSposer y
00:03:34Nxtra thrall nice
00:03:35Nxtra we can fb
00:04:00Wormik u can pull
00:04:03N1gg4On4Wheels k
00:04:10N1gg4On4Wheels cant block kill themn anyway
00:04:45Papaya öpolö
00:04:47Papaya lol
00:04:49Kastrup :D
00:04:53FetAA omni is good vs pudge
00:04:54FetAA ithinkk
00:05:00Papaya y
00:05:02Soulyah everything is
00:05:079mmJewdiSposer gj
00:05:17Nxtra rune to
00:05:17Nxtra take
00:05:36N1gg4On4Wheels gj
00:05:48N1gg4On4Wheels i go basi
00:05:48Nxtra take runbe top
00:05:57Kastrup sec
00:06:10N1gg4On4Wheels i come mid
00:06:28Kastrup ^
00:06:29Papaya :D
00:06:29N1gg4On4Wheels :(
00:06:29Kastrup rofl
00:06:33Kastrup was sleeping
00:06:36Papaya ur not unkillable
00:06:43Kastrup was sleeping :D
00:06:45Papaya ^^
00:06:50FetAA go
00:06:53Kastrup s
00:06:55Kastrup stupid as hell
00:07:02Kastrup care
00:07:04FetAA if u can stun stun
00:07:06Kastrup rune top
00:07:06Kastrup :/://:/
00:07:08N1gg4On4Wheels y
00:07:09Kastrup *CARE TOP
00:07:15N1gg4On4Wheels butch rune
00:07:20N1gg4On4Wheels reeg
00:07:21Kastrup nice rune uh? :D
00:07:24Papaya ^^
00:07:35Kastrup b
00:07:39Nxtra got stun
00:07:39Nxtra go?
00:07:43Kastrup miss
00:07:44Kastrup are bot
00:07:48N1gg4On4Wheels coming back top
00:07:53DanSukker upgrade
00:07:58FetAA miss ees still
00:07:59FetAA care
00:08:04N1gg4On4Wheels how is bot going?
00:08:079mmJewdiSposer good
00:08:09Nxtra naix freefarm
00:08:12N1gg4On4Wheels nice
00:08:219mmJewdiSposer and thrall jizz player
00:08:26N1gg4On4Wheels ^^
00:08:39Kastrup -1
00:08:42Kastrup :D
00:09:17Wormik i go reg
00:09:19Nxtra go when thrall comes
00:09:19N1gg4On4Wheels k
00:09:33FetAA i wont die
00:09:40Nxtra ss thrall
00:09:51Kastrup hes here
00:10:11Nxtra ss spider
00:10:11Papaya omw
00:10:13Nxtra re
00:10:20FetAA i tp
00:10:26Nxtra thrall re
00:10:28N1gg4On4Wheels butch top
00:10:33Kastrup said it
00:10:33DanSukker sps
00:10:36N1gg4On4Wheels y
00:10:40Kastrup Qop midt
00:10:41N1gg4On4Wheels they swap mb
00:10:42N1gg4On4Wheels y
00:10:599mmJewdiSposer gj
00:11:00Nxtra so bad
00:11:01Soulyah hp?
00:11:029mmJewdiSposer :)
00:11:03Soulyah unreal
00:11:03FetAA how
00:11:079mmJewdiSposer more than u
00:11:09Kastrup miss pudge
00:11:09Nxtra got crow
00:11:15Nxtra bottle omni
00:11:18Nxtra im not roaming shit now
00:11:18Nxtra so fu
00:11:21FetAA miss
00:11:23FetAA re
00:11:32Zajeb 3 bot
00:11:37N1gg4On4Wheels i can come mid
00:11:56Kastrup pudge was midt
00:11:59Kastrup stun
00:11:59Nxtra going b
00:12:04Kastrup ffs
00:12:05Papaya lol
00:12:07Nxtra wormik can u share
00:12:13Nxtra so i can see spells? :>
00:12:24Zajeb gang bot
00:12:27Zajeb ss
00:12:47FetAA kloll
00:12:52FetAA best gank ever
00:12:549mmJewdiSposer lolled @ qop
00:12:55Kastrup :DDD
00:12:56FetAA i was sleeping
00:12:59FetAA :p
00:13:11Papaya omw sk
00:13:18Papaya go
00:13:30FetAA :Dd
00:13:35FetAA skk
00:13:49Zajeb need gang bot
00:13:59Nxtra im oom
00:13:59FetAA i come pudge
00:13:59Kastrup gj
00:14:00Nxtra got 2 shout
00:14:32Papaya wtf is that phoenix
00:14:34Papaya so sickl
00:14:47Wormik lil innocent birdy
00:14:59Papaya and i damaged your egg
00:15:05Papaya how come u come back full hp
00:15:07Soulyah it means how many attacks
00:15:07Kastrup :d
00:15:32Papaya gang naix
00:15:32FetAA lol
00:15:33Nxtra lal
00:15:34Nxtra sup
00:15:369mmJewdiSposer =)
00:15:36FetAA seems liek the ystack
00:15:43Nxtra roaming time
00:15:44Nxtra omw top
00:15:49Nxtra 3 freekils
00:15:52Kastrup yeye
00:15:53Nxtra any1 joinin me?
00:15:55Kastrup <.
00:15:55N1gg4On4Wheels y
00:16:34Papaya okaaaay
00:16:35Zajeb stupid imba
00:16:39Kastrup towwer
00:16:39Papaya permaban phoenix from now on
00:16:45Kastrup :ÆD
00:17:08Kastrup gj
00:17:17FetAA xD their heroes
00:17:21Papaya gg
00:17:42Soulyah but hey
00:17:44Soulyah lets have fun
00:17:48Wormik damn mana
00:17:58Papaya all ur doing is failing and ego farming
00:17:59Nxtra omw bot
00:18:039mmJewdiSposer k
00:18:03Papaya not surprised we loosing
00:18:079mmJewdiSposer but need dusts
00:18:08Kastrup gj guys btw
00:18:11Soulyah we r
00:18:12Soulyah si
00:18:13Nxtra dust inc
00:18:14Soulyah outpicked
00:18:21FetAA dont think that pudge was the reason for lose
00:18:51Nxtra omw mid
00:19:08Kastrup gj
00:19:129mmJewdiSposer gj
00:19:19Kastrup my
00:19:20Kastrup !!1
00:19:22Nxtra no you!
00:19:35Kastrup twr
00:19:41Nxtra take 2nd
00:19:50FetAA sick heroes they have aswell
00:20:46Kastrup wep
00:20:54Kastrup b
00:21:12Nxtra NOOOOOOOOO
00:21:16Kastrup your full?
00:21:16Nxtra :D
00:21:17Kastrup im not?
00:21:19Nxtra still
00:21:20Nxtra want runes!
00:21:25FetAA zz
00:21:25Soulyah ff
00:21:34Nxtra fast early win?
00:21:36Nxtra want meka or agha?
00:21:43Wormik meka for early
00:21:45Nxtra omw
00:22:09Nxtra omw
00:22:20N1gg4On4Wheels ^^
00:22:229mmJewdiSposer :)
00:23:04Zajeb piece of shit game
00:23:15Kastrup gone
00:23:29Kastrup care
00:23:46Kastrup push top?
00:23:499mmJewdiSposer y
00:23:52Kastrup 1300 frm hex
00:24:08Nxtra 30 to meka
00:24:35Kastrup gj
00:24:40Nxtra oom
00:24:41Nxtra sigh
00:25:07Nxtra meka inc
00:25:08Kastrup :D
00:25:21Kastrup b
00:25:43Nxtra naix
00:25:43Nxtra wait
00:25:45Nxtra take bottle
00:25:469mmJewdiSposer k
00:26:43Papaya :(
00:26:48Nxtra 3 new :(
00:26:48Kastrup got hex
00:26:52Papaya well
00:26:56Papaya im guessing your all m8s
00:26:58Kastrup never take pudge in that pool :D
00:26:59Soulyah we are having fun
00:27:05Soulyah thats what i said
00:27:08Papaya not surprised we lost
00:27:09Soulyah thats why i picked this shit:D
00:27:15Papaya 3m8s all still rated as new
00:27:17Soulyah but hey, im having fun
00:27:18Nxtra ¨go mid win?
00:27:31Kastrup sure
00:27:37FetAA much fun
00:27:39Soulyah they arent too good
00:27:41Kastrup :D Qop :D
00:27:41Soulyah them new players
00:27:43Nxtra wormik
00:27:44Kastrup almost got that rune? :D
00:27:44Nxtra can u share
00:27:47Nxtra wanna check spells
00:27:51FetAA :o
00:27:55Papaya theyre better than regular 5th and 4th slot players
00:27:58FetAA Eat that
00:28:00Soulyah yep
00:28:01Kastrup /(
00:28:07Nxtra ups
00:28:13Nxtra gem
00:28:43Nxtra arc boots
00:28:46Kastrup j7ust did
00:28:48Nxtra top after
00:29:14Papaya wtf
00:29:18Papaya how u come back full hp
00:29:19Papaya srsly
00:29:22Wormik ulti
00:29:30Soulyah its his ulti
00:29:31Papaya but egg damaged??
00:29:33FetAA let them finish
00:29:38Kastrup doesn't matter
00:29:39Kastrup u need to kill
00:29:40Papaya i read in log that it reduces return hp
00:29:40Wormik u kill egg u kill me
00:29:44Papaya oh
00:29:51Papaya lol how fucking op is that
00:30:11Kastrup wp naix
00:30:149mmJewdiSposer ^^
00:30:149mmJewdiSposer np
00:30:15N1gg4On4Wheels ^^
00:30:20FetAA :p
00:30:23FetAA they seem not to ccare
00:30:38Kastrup end b4 30
00:30:42Kastrup and we get massive x
00:30:47Soulyah lol
00:30:48Soulyah def guys
00:31:11Kastrup gg
00:31:11Nxtra gg
00:31:12Nxtra wp evryon
00:31:16Soulyah ahh wait
00:31:17Soulyah dont
00:31:21N1gg4On4Wheels wp team
00:31:259mmJewdiSposer ye
00:31:289mmJewdiSposer gg
00:31:33N1gg4On4Wheels gg
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