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+46 X
+3 TS

89% | 1405 X | 1463 TS

+38 X
+4 TS

88% | 1316 X | 1486 TS

+31 X
+9 TS

49% | 1111 X | 1256 TS

+37 X
+16 TS

30% | 1057 X | 1165 TS

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+50 TS

25% | 927 X | 1221 TS

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-4 TS

95% | 1360 X | 1644 TS

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-10 TS

63% | 1100 X | 1344 TS

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-2 TS

54% | 1078 X | 1327 TS

-41 X
-4 TS

53% | 1042 X | 1366 TS

-12 X
-10 TS

31% | 933 X | 1264 TS

Chat log

00:00:16BT -moprh
00:00:16DviX thrall?
00:00:16DviX and get riki /bs /es ?
00:00:16FetAA thrall
00:00:18Cavani did you banrequest him abith?
00:00:20FetAA any1 wants anything?
00:00:22BT ye
00:00:23BT s
00:00:23DviX heh
00:00:25DviX anyone es?
00:00:41DviX so anyone es?
00:00:45DviX cmon guys
00:00:48Vilkuky i can
00:00:54Cavani nice
00:00:56Cavani es vs silencver :D
00:01:06Cavani get omni
00:01:08Cavani puck
00:01:11Cavani and ud
00:01:12Muhammad whos banned?
00:01:16DviX thrall morph
00:01:19Vilkuky pick?
00:01:22DviX get me bs?
00:01:25DviX or riki
00:01:26FetAA how this new blur works
00:01:27DviX dont know
00:01:33FetAA i dissapear from minimap
00:01:34Knaitti someone want omni? get me ud if want
00:01:34DviX bs or riki
00:01:37DviX -swap 3
00:01:40Vilkuky -swap 2
00:01:41Knaitti -swap 4
00:01:42DviX its pretty much useless
00:01:42Cavani need
00:01:43Cavani range
00:01:43Momdsiw i play ud
00:01:45Cavani hero now
00:01:45DviX if you get attacked first
00:01:46Cavani like puck
00:01:46Knaitti -clear
00:01:54DviX if you join the battle later, then it's nice
00:01:57FetAA why
00:01:58Knaitti random...
00:02:04Cavani was range
00:02:05Cavani anyway
00:02:05Cavani :D
00:02:07Knaitti y
00:02:12Knaitti puck better still imo
00:02:14Cavani yu
00:02:14Knaitti or necro
00:02:15Cavani y
00:02:18Vilkuky lanes ?
00:02:21Cavani well
00:02:23Cavani they do puck and es
00:02:25Cavani against silencer
00:02:29FetAA well bs down
00:02:32Knaitti -afk
00:02:36DviX i need someone to pull
00:02:38Muhammad me and earth top
00:02:38FetAA es puck top
00:02:42FetAA ok
00:02:44FetAA phoenix es top
00:03:01DviX snakezz i need you to pull to get fast 6
00:03:02sandii that went faster than expected!
00:03:09FetAA y puck pul
00:03:27Cavani i bet i get fucking phenoix top
00:03:29Cavani mega harraser
00:03:33Momdsiw i wil so rape with this ud
00:03:33Cavani ofc
00:03:51DviX go pull
00:03:53Momdsiw harras
00:03:56Momdsiw with fire spearsds
00:04:57Momdsiw miss puck
00:05:14Momdsiw coming mid
00:05:20DviX miss 1
00:06:02Momdsiw kill top
00:06:03Momdsiw or try
00:06:16DviX ud still miss
00:06:29Knaitti Tomb???
00:06:29Knaitti WTF
00:06:30DviX pull puck
00:06:34Momdsiw no tomb at lvl 2 idiot
00:06:38Knaitti wtf
00:06:40Momdsiw decay + heal
00:06:40Knaitti ofc lvl 1
00:06:41Knaitti tomb
00:06:43Cavani ofc
00:06:43Cavani max
00:06:43Momdsiw not
00:06:44Cavani tomb
00:06:46Knaitti wtf
00:06:47Knaitti noob
00:06:48Momdsiw max tomb to lvl 7
00:06:50DviX -afk
00:06:54Momdsiw you know nothing about ud
00:06:57Cavani please
00:06:58Cavani dont
00:06:59Cavani just
00:06:59Cavani let
00:07:01Cavani bs
00:07:03Cavani get freefarm
00:07:03Cavani bot
00:07:04Cavani ud
00:07:04Knaitti more than u
00:07:05Cavani just stay
00:07:08Momdsiw sure you do
00:07:27Cavani can i go
00:07:27Cavani bot
00:07:29Cavani instead of you ud+
00:07:34Cavani i cant farm vs thsese top
00:07:56BT ss
00:08:01Muhammad earht lvl 5 we kill
00:08:11Vilkuky kk
00:08:35FetAA gank mid
00:08:39DviX as soon as 6
00:09:57Muhammad omw mid
00:10:11Knaitti ss
00:10:23FetAA gj
00:10:24DviX miss 1
00:10:26Muhammad ty
00:11:04Vilkuky kill?
00:11:21BT ss
00:11:30Knaitti SS2
00:11:32DviX 2 miss
00:11:36Momdsiw dive?
00:11:37Cavani miss
00:11:37Cavani top
00:11:38Momdsiw ulti piuck
00:12:09Knaitti WTF
00:12:12Knaitti SPEC
00:12:14Cavani i had
00:12:14Knaitti NOOB
00:12:16Cavani 10%
00:12:17Cavani hp
00:12:18Knaitti well
00:12:20Knaitti .....................
00:12:24Knaitti we could get it like 2sec
00:12:30DviX miss 1
00:12:45sandii ::::::::::D
00:12:47Vilkuky nice dude
00:13:22FetAA rune bottom
00:13:22SnakezZ well
00:13:23SnakezZ tnx
00:13:23SnakezZ :)
00:13:27Cavani stay
00:13:27Cavani top
00:13:29Cavani snakes
00:13:40Muhammad omw bot
00:13:47SnakezZ dont go die ...
00:13:47Muhammad gang mid?
00:13:53DviX 2 miss
00:14:09Muhammad get rdy
00:14:36BT ff
00:14:38BT You suck all
00:14:49DviX ud iss
00:14:52Momdsiw sure
00:15:02Momdsiw losing to mort mid?
00:15:05BT :D
00:15:06BT :D
00:15:08BT not really
00:15:15Momdsiw k
00:15:19Knaitti chick?
00:15:32Vilkuky omw bot
00:15:40sandii who has killed my chick!
00:15:45FetAA use
00:15:52Momdsiw bet mid
00:16:00DviX 3.6k :D
00:16:03Cavani bs
00:16:05Cavani farming
00:16:08FetAA cs?
00:16:08Cavani but whatever
00:16:13Momdsiw so are you?
00:16:14Vilkuky 3600cs..
00:16:15Momdsiw or wtf
00:16:21DviX 55
00:16:22Momdsiw huskar could gank
00:16:26FetAA 47 + tower
00:16:28FetAA :p
00:16:30Knaitti ss2
00:16:32Momdsiw with me and omni
00:16:36FetAA but much heal potions used
00:16:37Momdsiw let this 2 guys farm
00:16:49Vilkuky kill?
00:17:00Cavani care
00:17:05sandii bccoming
00:17:07sandii nort
00:17:25FetAA hmm
00:18:06Momdsiw bs soon radi
00:18:10Cavani yup
00:18:16Vilkuky puck obs?
00:18:35Momdsiw but need gang with huskar and omni plz
00:18:39SnakezZ go tower
00:18:39Cavani its over .D
00:18:46sandii just tell me where to come :I
00:18:48DviX why
00:18:50DviX let me farm
00:18:51Momdsiw move with me
00:18:58Momdsiw just gang
00:18:59Vilkuky get tower
00:19:09DviX 4 top care
00:19:44Momdsiw 'farm bot spectre
00:19:52Momdsiw or silencer
00:19:53Cavani dont
00:19:53Cavani port hten
00:20:05Momdsiw mana?
00:20:09Knaitti CD
00:20:11Momdsiw ok
00:20:36FetAA dvix
00:20:47DviX go
00:21:11BT well picked
00:21:31Vilkuky puck obs?
00:21:38FetAA :D
00:21:47FetAA lets not get greedy
00:21:48DviX that sucked
00:21:49DviX :DD
00:21:59DviX that tomb way imba
00:22:24Vilkuky salve pls
00:22:35Vilkuky ty
00:22:55DviX fuckers got so much heal
00:22:58DviX kinda sucks
00:23:07Knaitti new chick :S
00:23:13BT No
00:23:34DviX get some wards puck
00:23:47DviX blah
00:24:05Momdsiw that pa kinda lame you dont see him from minimap
00:25:08Momdsiw whats wrong with ou bt
00:25:09Vilkuky got blink
00:25:12Momdsiw your rank has dropped and x a lot
00:25:16FetAA cool
00:25:21BT every single game
00:25:24BT I get people
00:25:27BT WHO pick shit
00:25:29BT oor
00:25:34BT just feed on purpse
00:25:57Cavani me farm
00:25:57Cavani top
00:25:58FetAA hm
00:26:03Momdsiw but you aint doing so well either
00:26:18sandii b ud?
00:26:19BT CAn i do good when we have no wards no misses
00:26:23BT And getting gantged?
00:26:27Knaitti well misses was
00:26:39BT not really
00:26:39Momdsiw why you cant buy wards then for 200
00:26:51Momdsiw if you can avoid many deaths with them
00:26:52BT since i dont care
00:26:58Momdsiw = lto of money save
00:27:00BT you puicked shit
00:27:03FetAA no tp on me
00:27:05Momdsiw sry
00:27:05BT with huskar
00:27:08BT and
00:27:10BT lanes
00:27:13BT are useless
00:27:16FetAA he has tp
00:27:16FetAA :<
00:27:17sandii well i got this with random so :x
00:27:31Vilkuky silence -.-
00:27:33BT Do i care
00:27:33FetAA y
00:27:33BT ?
00:27:34BT no
00:27:44sandii did i ask u that? =)
00:27:56BT ypu baically did
00:28:01BT you basically*
00:28:08SnakezZ go
00:28:08DviX ill go skadi
00:28:19sandii not really, just responded to your comment :)
00:28:59Momdsiw i think its ff at 30
00:29:03sandii y
00:29:07Vilkuky 4 dead
00:29:08BT should have done it min 1
00:29:15FetAA sup
00:29:15Knaitti well not best fpick i think
00:29:18Knaitti let them get es
00:29:22Cavani silencer
00:29:23Vilkuky RAXX
00:29:23BT :D
00:29:25BT :D
00:29:25Cavani counter es
00:29:25Cavani :D
00:29:27Vilkuky then back
00:29:28Cavani but
00:29:32BT srsly
00:29:32Vilkuky back
00:29:35Vilkuky fast
00:29:35Vilkuky b
00:29:37BT Shut up
00:29:40Cavani he just been ganekd
00:29:40BT look smarter
00:29:41Cavani no team fights
00:29:47FetAA tp
00:29:56FetAA bah no tps
00:30:05DviX is skadi stupid for bs?
00:30:16BT can you end?
00:30:18FetAA why no diffu
00:30:20FetAA repell
00:30:24Momdsiw they needs roshan!
00:30:27DviX need hp
00:30:27BT propickers
00:30:35BT Must not feed
00:31:02Vilkuky lets end
00:31:07Vilkuky with 5
00:31:08Muhammad y
00:31:18DviX omw aswell
00:31:27Momdsiw we should try team fight
00:31:27SnakezZ go
00:31:30BT :D
00:31:31Momdsiw omni ulti
00:31:34BT its lost
00:31:53FetAA lol
00:31:54BT spec fail pick
00:31:55FetAA sick shit
00:31:55BT this game
00:31:58FetAA throne
00:31:58Vilkuky :DD
00:31:59Cavani y
00:32:02Cavani wyh
00:32:06BT ud also
00:32:12Momdsiw you said to pick ud
00:32:14Momdsiw or some1
00:32:15Vilkuky heal me
00:32:17BT i dindnt
00:32:18Knaitti it was cavani
00:32:22Momdsiw when i just tabbed back to game it was my trurn to pick
00:32:28Momdsiw and ppl yelling ud
00:32:29Momdsiw so i took it
00:32:39BT People who cant think
00:32:40BT and lane
00:32:44BT Its like
00:32:47BT OMG UD
00:32:48BT imba hero
00:32:49DviX heh
00:32:49BT take it
00:32:57Vilkuky before 30
00:33:07FetAA cant make it:D
00:33:25sandii freaking nigga crits
00:33:26DviX attack?
00:33:27DviX throne??
00:33:28Vilkuky happy now ?
00:33:29DviX dude wtf
00:33:32FetAA ?
00:33:33FetAA i did
00:33:34Momdsiw yea
00:33:37Momdsiw you can ff now
00:33:39Vilkuky who the fuck didnt attack throne
00:33:39DviX did they glyph?
00:33:40sandii .ff
00:33:41FetAA it had glyph
00:33:43DviX ok
00:33:45BT I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:33:45FetAA on
00:33:46Muhammad omg one hit on throne!
00:34:00FetAA is it now on 50?
00:34:01Momdsiw we won a team fight 5vs0
00:34:02FetAA or smthing
00:34:05Muhammad y
00:34:05Vilkuky it regens
00:34:07Momdsiw or they did nothing mean
00:34:10Muhammad one hit
00:34:12FetAA ah
00:34:15sandii eh?
00:34:17Vilkuky it regens
00:34:18FetAA go fast
00:34:21FetAA mm
00:34:23BT -int
00:34:37Momdsiw having 5 int or even more :O
00:34:38Vilkuky rape them at mid
00:34:39Vilkuky again
00:34:41Muhammad sec
00:34:42BT 6
00:34:43Vilkuky humiliate them
00:34:43Muhammad guys
00:35:39Vilkuky hah:D
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