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+4 TS

68% | 1165 X | 1376 TS

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63% | 1106 X | 1373 TS

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+3 TS

64% | 1080 X | 1385 TS

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6% | 805 X | 1109 TS

Chat log

00:00:01Gevomancer -ap
00:00:04Gevomancer -water 0 0 0
00:00:05hibalunt blue say lanes
00:00:07Watari lanes?
00:00:13baN4nafiSh I AM RA Z O R
00:00:13Gevomancer sf mid
00:00:15Gevomancer i am sf
00:00:24Wormik u can have mid
00:00:24FetAA eus best mortred incoming
00:00:25hibalunt kewl, now other lanes too
00:00:26Wormik rax
00:00:28Wormik raz
00:00:34baN4nafiSh sure
00:00:35Watari me bot with lina
00:00:35Gevomancer tc puck bottom
00:00:38Watari kk
00:00:49FetAA i need top ;<
00:00:52FetAA cant be mortred bot
00:01:01Wormik go then
00:01:02hibalunt share
00:01:04Gevomancer share
00:01:11Wormik umni go up too
00:01:14Wormik help him farm
00:01:15Gevomancer and gank mid
00:01:18baN4nafiSh bara or phoenix if u feel like ganging sf early you are more than welcome
00:01:21baN4nafiSh scout
00:01:22hibalunt why, ur sf
00:01:22Watari lina/tc job
00:01:23hibalunt just farm
00:01:24FetAA barathum
00:01:26Wormik i come at some point
00:01:31FetAA barathum u speak english?
00:01:33reptile y
00:01:37Watari we need to end ealry, np
00:01:37FetAA ur hero good vs sf
00:01:40reptile i know
00:01:40FetAA when ue 4-5
00:01:41baN4nafiSh y the best english word
00:01:42FetAA start roaming hi
00:01:43Wormik bara intense harash
00:01:45Wormik yes we can
00:01:47Gevomancer just dont let pa farm
00:01:50baN4nafiSh -ma
00:01:58FetAA im pretty good with my hero
00:01:59FetAA ;p
00:02:04FetAA used to be
00:02:05FetAA lets see
00:02:06baN4nafiSh har hero
00:02:18hibalunt ghost scep vs mort and gg
00:02:28hibalunt all itns get it
00:02:28Watari tc pull
00:02:46FetAA dont
00:02:58FetAA u canpull
00:03:16FetAA pull omni?
00:03:21Chains0r kk next
00:03:55Chains0r #creeps not there
00:03:58FetAA k
00:04:01baN4nafiSh bird
00:04:25baN4nafiSh ugp bird
00:04:50FetAA when ur lvl3
00:04:51FetAA we can go
00:04:53FetAA i blink in u heal
00:04:57Chains0r lol where are the creeps ??
00:05:00FetAA its warded
00:05:01Dara puck +zeus manaboots?
00:05:07FetAA so they dont spawn
00:05:12Watari nope
00:05:20FetAA if i blink in u heal me ok?
00:05:24Chains0r kk
00:05:25baN4nafiSh ss
00:05:29FetAA go lina
00:05:30FetAA be rd
00:05:31Chains0r let me go lvl 3
00:05:34hibalunt kill mort
00:05:34baN4nafiSh re
00:05:42FetAA when u 3
00:05:57reptile go mid?
00:06:10baN4nafiSh ss
00:06:11Watari gj
00:06:13Wormik shiiit
00:06:32Dara ill make manaboots
00:06:36FetAA ig o
00:06:37reptile i cha#rge mid before runing spawn k?
00:06:39Watari good
00:06:39baN4nafiSh bird plz¨'1
00:06:49baN4nafiSh k
00:06:57Gevomancer ss mid
00:07:00FetAA b
00:07:02baN4nafiSh ss
00:07:14Chains0r sf ss..
00:07:20baN4nafiSh had haste
00:07:27baN4nafiSh wards
00:07:46reptile i charge
00:08:08baN4nafiSh b
00:08:14baN4nafiSh =
00:08:15reptile one bash
00:08:15baN4nafiSh =
00:08:18reptile fuck off
00:08:26Gevomancer nice miss fags
00:08:28Watari ss
00:08:28Gevomancer allmost died
00:08:32baN4nafiSh ss
00:08:34baN4nafiSh sf
00:08:36Gevomancer need new wards
00:08:40Gevomancer 4 runecontrol
00:08:57Dara id buy but need money for boots
00:09:26Watari when u get boots
00:09:28Watari let's kill
00:09:35Dara wait till 6
00:09:39Watari y
00:09:54Dara let me take creeps
00:09:55baN4nafiSh ss
00:09:56baN4nafiSh sf
00:09:58Watari i need mana
00:09:59baN4nafiSh ards
00:10:04baN4nafiSh phoenix
00:10:06baN4nafiSh wards
00:10:20Wormik omni
00:10:30reptile sf charged
00:10:31baN4nafiSh ss
00:10:37Dara miss
00:10:54Watari ss
00:10:55Watari 2
00:11:01FetAA GO
00:11:24baN4nafiSh doh
00:11:54FetAA to me
00:11:54baN4nafiSh mana boots rock phoenix
00:11:57Dara kill
00:11:57baN4nafiSh forever escape
00:12:02Watari k
00:12:16Watari ..
00:12:18Watari stun first
00:12:20baN4nafiSh ss many
00:12:21baN4nafiSh need wards
00:12:25Wormik plant
00:12:26Wormik in base
00:12:40hibalunt ss top omni phoni
00:12:55baN4nafiSh go
00:12:58Watari kill?
00:13:02baN4nafiSh hide
00:13:05Gevomancer y
00:13:59reptile sf
00:14:00reptile charged
00:14:20baN4nafiSh go
00:14:48Gevomancer fuck
00:14:52Gevomancer some niggergankers
00:15:13baN4nafiSh gang
00:15:14baN4nafiSh here
00:15:18Watari get mid tower
00:15:31Wormik 3
00:15:35reptile b
00:15:35Wormik 4
00:15:43baN4nafiSh wow
00:15:47Watari gj
00:15:48baN4nafiSh 5
00:15:57Watari soon blink
00:16:05Watari give mana
00:16:09hibalunt all INTs het ghost scpeter
00:16:13Watari get another tower?
00:16:20hibalunt and sf mby etheral blade
00:16:20Dara 2nd tower
00:16:32Watari he'll be there
00:16:45baN4nafiSh lets go top
00:17:29baN4nafiSh we have freaking omni vs this team
00:17:31baN4nafiSh cant loose
00:17:31hibalunt bara
00:17:44Watari ye
00:17:45baN4nafiSh go
00:18:03reptile me b
00:18:27Wormik try to heal omni
00:18:49baN4nafiSh care
00:19:06baN4nafiSh dont be suicidal
00:19:08Dara SF
00:19:17baN4nafiSh oom
00:19:23Watari mana
00:19:29reptile go
00:19:30reptile go
00:19:42baN4nafiSh stupid stupid
00:20:02reptile bkb soon on sf
00:20:05hibalunt puck and lina plz get ghost scpeter asap, all u need vs those
00:20:15ulikiluu needsome hp too
00:20:18hibalunt nope
00:20:21ulikiluu razor kills me in second
00:20:42baN4nafiSh nice bkb :D
00:20:53Gevomancer yea i know:D
00:21:05baN4nafiSh your rai is so inane
00:21:25baN4nafiSh ghost scepter
00:21:26baN4nafiSh zeus
00:21:38reptile fucking
00:21:39reptile creeps
00:22:37Watari Wtfffffffff
00:22:38Dara nice puck...
00:22:41Watari was invis
00:22:45Dara ended?
00:22:45Watari thought i was..
00:22:48Watari nope
00:22:52Watari prolly
00:22:55Watari sentrys
00:23:08reptile 200 gold
00:23:10reptile then go again
00:23:42Watari let's pushh
00:23:59Dara push
00:23:59Watari gief mana
00:24:21FetAA u an ulti in this game nice
00:24:28FetAA al lcasters
00:24:29Watari good he used that :D
00:24:47hibalunt b
00:25:02Watari go b
00:25:12Gevomancer i take bottom
00:25:26ulikiluu regen top
00:25:45baN4nafiSh charge
00:26:01Watari let's try to find an entry
00:26:06Watari push bot?
00:26:22Dara dont go alone
00:26:34baN4nafiSh its 40 cd
00:26:40baN4nafiSh why use it to creeps
00:26:58FetAA we dont need to push further
00:27:01FetAA farmm time
00:27:10baN4nafiSh omni
00:27:18reptile b
00:28:02Watari pa has farm
00:28:05Watari push bot tower?
00:28:43Gevomancer WARDS
00:28:50Dara never why ddi you make bkb?
00:28:54Dara they dont have stuns or anything
00:29:03Gevomancer bara
00:29:04Watari cus guide said so
00:29:07baN4nafiSh b
00:29:09Dara what about bara?
00:29:09Watari bash goes through bkb
00:29:13Wormik omw mid
00:29:21FetAA barA?
00:29:35FetAA hi im bara i suicide
00:29:51reptile man..
00:29:56baN4nafiSh wtf
00:29:57FetAA bb
00:29:58baN4nafiSh phoeni
00:30:04baN4nafiSh its that sad phoenix
00:30:06FetAA why go die
00:30:07baN4nafiSh your have imba ray
00:30:10Dara zeus SAVE ur ultis....
00:30:13baN4nafiSh phoenix just walked in
00:30:14Wormik its slow
00:30:17hibalunt for what
00:30:19Wormik and we need more
00:30:21Dara gangs?
00:30:22Wormik ppl
00:30:26baN4nafiSh fuck fuck
00:30:30FetAA now we lose rax
00:30:34reptile im 30s afk i share
00:30:41baN4nafiSh what=
00:31:18Dara take rax
00:31:18baN4nafiSh have omni used one ulti
00:31:51baN4nafiSh gh
00:31:55Gevomancer rax
00:31:56Gevomancer plz
00:31:58reptile re
00:32:07baN4nafiSh u died for your contry
00:32:14FetAA :DD
00:32:17Dara and dont follow the heros
00:32:29hibalunt regen push again
00:32:36Dara if we get rax now we probably win this...
00:32:38Gevomancer wards up
00:32:43reptile i build a hood i think
00:32:46hibalunt then take other lane, every moment we wait its bad for us
00:32:49baN4nafiSh bkb
00:32:50Gevomancer i wont buy them
00:32:51FetAA lets fightt
00:32:51Gevomancer -.-
00:32:53FetAA bkb barathum
00:32:53baN4nafiSh fucking phaseboots?
00:32:56reptile k
00:32:56FetAA DLD
00:33:01FetAA omni repels me i go in rape
00:33:03Watari imo just get mid
00:33:19FetAA dont go die all
00:33:20FetAA bb
00:33:31baN4nafiSh sorry
00:33:32Wormik heal
00:33:35FetAA bb
00:33:42Dara get mid rax
00:33:56Dara rax and b
00:33:59Dara focus the rax down
00:34:04hibalunt rax and push other lane towers
00:34:10FetAA edef
00:34:11Dara never take the rax...
00:34:11FetAA repepl me
00:34:16FetAA lol
00:34:17FetAA failed tp
00:34:20FetAA WTF
00:34:26FetAA :asd
00:34:31Dara b
00:34:55Dara get bot rax
00:35:01FetAA my tp failed and u go suicde rax was gone alrdy
00:35:01Watari def
00:35:03baN4nafiSh push push
00:35:03FetAA wtf?
00:35:39baN4nafiSh think we still win
00:35:42baN4nafiSh no stupid moves
00:35:49baN4nafiSh just team fight with repel on morterd
00:35:51FetAA repel
00:36:00baN4nafiSh keep that repel on him
00:36:07hibalunt go 5
00:36:15reptile ?
00:36:20hibalunt gather
00:36:26Gevomancer buy me 2 clarity
00:36:28FetAA WHy
00:36:28Gevomancer now
00:36:29FetAA u dumb fuck
00:36:31FetAA banned
00:36:32Dara why
00:36:34reptile lol
00:36:35FetAA prupose suicide
00:36:40reptile erm nope?
00:36:43FetAA yes
00:36:46reptile i made a misstake
00:36:46Gevomancer got my manta
00:36:47baN4nafiSh pa
00:36:52Watari soon hex
00:36:54FetAA repel removes
00:36:55FetAA anyways
00:37:01FetAA repl
00:37:01Dara zeus
00:37:02hibalunt same
00:37:10FetAA is it hard to repel me
00:37:12FetAA or i do it my self
00:37:20FetAA just keep it on me
00:37:26FetAA def with 5
00:38:05FetAA gogoogog
00:38:06FetAA come
00:38:14baN4nafiSh press e
00:38:15hibalunt b
00:38:17hibalunt b
00:38:21baN4nafiSh r e
00:38:42baN4nafiSh u know u can move with e?
00:38:43baN4nafiSh phoenix
00:38:45Watari :D
00:38:48Wormik y
00:38:49baN4nafiSh k
00:38:50Watari fail?
00:38:53Wormik didnt need to
00:39:02hibalunt regen, go 5 top, need to keep pressure on, cant let up
00:39:20Gevomancer i need souls
00:39:23Wormik dd was still there
00:39:25Gevomancer again
00:39:28hibalunt u get them on the way
00:39:32hibalunt we leave u creeps
00:39:38baN4nafiSh get it and get roshan
00:39:38Gevomancer lets go bottom
00:39:43FetAA they prob have wards
00:39:48FetAA repel removes dd
00:39:49baN4nafiSh so should we have
00:39:55Wormik try
00:39:57Wormik i scout
00:40:03baN4nafiSh all def outside
00:40:05baN4nafiSh while pa gets
00:40:07FetAA lets gather
00:40:20FetAA gather
00:40:35FetAA why
00:40:38Wormik äscout
00:40:38FetAA come
00:40:45Watari some1
00:40:54FetAA repel
00:41:23FetAA go
00:41:29Wormik AAH
00:41:31Wormik u ran away
00:41:32FetAA wtf
00:41:33FetAA phoenix
00:41:39Wormik RUN TOWERS ME MBY?
00:41:40Watari brb hex
00:41:50FetAA WHy
00:41:50FetAA ASD;
00:41:52Dara fast
00:41:55Watari def
00:41:55reptile i think attack would be way better
00:41:56FetAA we fighted so bad
00:41:57FetAA :(
00:41:57reptile then running
00:42:00FetAA y
00:42:01FetAA but
00:42:02hibalunt i def
00:42:03FetAA phoenix was ulting in base
00:42:07Watari kk
00:42:10FetAA def
00:42:11FetAA def
00:42:11baN4nafiSh he ws just ulting bad
00:42:11FetAA go
00:42:12FetAA def
00:42:17FetAA gogo def
00:42:17FetAA def
00:42:21FetAA i play omni
00:42:25Dara rax and b
00:42:33Dara n
00:42:35Dara b
00:42:42FetAA why u let rax
00:43:11hibalunt 5 top and finito
00:43:23FetAA mm
00:43:23FetAA I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:43:29FetAA we fight too noobly
00:43:32baN4nafiSh y
00:43:34FetAA none has clue what to do
00:44:01Wormik use ulti omni at start of fight
00:44:10FetAA go gather?
00:44:11baN4nafiSh all 5
00:44:20FetAA w8 me
00:44:20baN4nafiSh wait
00:44:22FetAA and ommi
00:44:33baN4nafiSh bara
00:44:34baN4nafiSh idiot
00:45:25baN4nafiSh gj
00:45:25Dara hmm nevermore where is ur diffusal?
00:45:28baN4nafiSh pipe
00:45:40baN4nafiSh can u pipe phoenix
00:45:40hibalunt have hex too
00:45:44Dara idiot?
00:45:44Wormik sure
00:45:44Gevomancer last pick wont tell me what to do
00:45:48Dara rofl
00:46:14ulikiluu diffusal would be nice for getting repel off tho
00:46:29Dara i dont think he even knows that it is capable of that
00:46:44Gevomancer yea i dont
00:46:45FetAA gather again?
00:46:51baN4nafiSh for mid?
00:46:52Dara nice that you can admit it
00:46:53baN4nafiSh or more farm?
00:46:57hibalunt relax, jsut gather and go for ender, no need to be cocky, was ok game by all
00:46:58FetAA no just stay close
00:47:00FetAA casue they ganking now
00:47:07FetAA lets go gank them?
00:47:10FetAA instead of waiting?
00:47:10Watari y
00:47:13baN4nafiSh sure
00:47:13Watari we go push
00:47:14baN4nafiSh keep tps
00:47:18FetAA got no tp :s
00:47:23Gevomancer enter mid
00:47:24hibalunt or mby, we go 4 top and sf goes other lane to take throne?
00:47:30Watari nope
00:47:31Gevomancer ENTER MID
00:47:31Watari just push
00:47:38Gevomancer and then top
00:47:51FetAA mm
00:47:53FetAA n orazor
00:47:58FetAA bb
00:48:24Wormik where did every1 go
00:48:25Dara push now
00:48:27FetAA why
00:48:28FetAA we go
00:48:28Dara wait puck
00:48:32FetAA we were 4
00:48:32Dara push
00:48:32Watari i go reg
00:48:33FetAA :s
00:48:34FetAA b now
00:48:42Dara why?
00:48:42reptile u didnt kill puck?
00:48:42Wormik because we were waiting in majority
00:48:44FetAA what to drop
00:48:53Watari cuz i was 300hp?
00:48:53Wormik fighting*
00:48:54FetAA tp base
00:48:56Dara mekans?
00:48:59Watari used?
00:49:04Wormik its over
00:49:06FetAA yep
00:49:08FetAA cause u swent suicide
00:49:15FetAA repoek
00:49:26FetAA ah omni not here
00:49:29FetAA omniknight
00:49:32FetAA ur the biggest noob in server
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