Game #1013040

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-43 X
-4 TS

97% | 1427 X | 1550 TS

+14 X
-4 TS

93% | 1385 X | 1524 TS

-2 X
-3 TS

81% | 1190 X | 1453 TS

+18 X
-3 TS

58% | 1099 X | 1346 TS

+28 X
-8 TS

61% | 1102 X | 1308 TS

-36 X
+4 TS

89% | 1424 X | 1438 TS

+33 X
+6 TS

89% | 1258 X | 1515 TS

+27 X
+4 TS

80% | 1376 X | 1360 TS

-6 X
+7 TS

78% | 1221 X | 1463 TS

-15 X
+7 TS

45% | 995 X | 1321 TS

Chat log

00:00:07Kastrup 1. game for today..
00:00:16Lucky howhigh
00:00:18h0whigh a
00:00:20Davvelito lucky philip coming to cafe today aswell?
00:00:21Lucky can you give me storm ?
00:00:21Affliction -water 0 0 0
00:00:21Affliction -ii
00:00:21Lucky yeah
00:00:21valiante :/
00:00:21Davvelito han är bra med
00:00:21Davvelito storm
00:00:21h0whigh han faila igår med han :D
00:00:21Davvelito jasså
00:00:21Lucky im better ;)
00:00:21KredeC ban storm
00:00:21Luza sToRm
00:00:21Lucky had
00:00:21Lucky fu
00:00:21Davvelito i said your good with storm and he said you failed yesterday :D
00:00:21valiante hes not that good storm player
00:00:21Luza soem1 dom?
00:00:21Luza doom?
00:00:21h0whigh doom
00:00:21Luza whatever
00:00:21Lucky had hangover :D
00:00:21Luza ok nvm
00:00:24h0whigh haha
00:00:25valiante QOP
00:00:25Luza ud some?
00:00:26valiante for me
00:00:31valiante or mirana
00:00:34Davvelito vent h0whigh?
00:00:34valiante k
00:00:34Luza not
00:00:41valiante u doin mid?
00:00:47Luza no i could bot
00:00:49Luza GEt
00:00:50h0whigh a kommer
00:00:50Kastrup good invoker?
00:00:53h0whigh ye
00:00:53VictoriaJrocks WAS SU WAMME GO
00:00:54Luza your qop
00:00:55h0whigh go mid
00:00:56Kastrup nice
00:00:58h0whigh i go top
00:01:00h0whigh i want solo top
00:01:01Luza UD BB
00:01:02valiante weee
00:01:03Luza UD bb awsome
00:01:06h0whigh huskar go mid
00:01:08Lucky get abbandon
00:01:11Lucky i get necro
00:01:11Davvelito theres no wood hero
00:01:13Luza u want mid qop?
00:01:13Kastrup any1 axe?
00:01:15Luza i can bot
00:01:16Kastrup axe is "ok" woods"
00:01:17Davvelito i can aaxe
00:01:19h0whigh well i can lane
00:01:19h0whigh top
00:01:21VictoriaJrocks axe is useless ;O
00:01:22valiante sure
00:01:25Lucky or desp want necro ?
00:01:28Luza get
00:01:28Luza wr
00:01:29Kastrup <- ? neco?
00:01:30Luza wr ud
00:01:30Davvelito doesnt matter
00:01:31Luza magnus
00:01:33Davvelito i play whatever
00:01:35Luza magnus wr
00:01:37valiante magnus wr
00:01:38valiante ye
00:01:40Davvelito i can play omni
00:01:43Luza is fucking wrsuM
00:01:44Davvelito or aba
00:01:49Lucky get abba or omni
00:01:51Luza or omni
00:01:51Davvelito y
00:01:52Lucky dont care :)
00:01:54Luza its good also
00:01:54Davvelito but i dontw anna lane
00:01:55Davvelito 2 melee
00:01:56FetAA get 5th solo hero
00:01:59valiante pudge
00:02:02Davvelito so aba or omni
00:02:04valiante can i solo bot then ?
00:02:06valiante and axe woods
00:02:08valiante im better 1 v 2
00:02:09valiante then u
00:02:10FetAA true
00:02:11Luza k
00:02:12h0whigh så nu är jag vetn
00:02:13h0whigh ingen där :D
00:02:14VictoriaJrocks cent or bb for tanking?
00:02:21Luza Qop check bot rune i check top
00:02:25Lucky nah its all good
00:02:28valiante aite
00:02:31Lucky with all that heal
00:02:31Davvelito jag kommer top med dig
00:02:33Davvelito h0whigh
00:02:33h0whigh a
00:02:34KredeC 8 healers
00:02:36h0whigh kom vent
00:02:36valiante fuck
00:02:37h0whigh också
00:02:38h0whigh så smeker vi
00:02:39Davvelito kmr
00:02:41valiante hate omni
00:02:42Lucky dirge get pipe
00:02:44Luza 4
00:02:44Lucky i get meka
00:02:46Luza healers
00:02:51Lucky and shivas
00:02:51valiante axe
00:02:53Kastrup pibe og aganims
00:02:55Lucky and you go agha
00:02:58Lucky yeah'
00:02:59valiante i skill slow and scream
00:03:00Luza this gonna be hard :D
00:03:00valiante so gang lvl 2
00:03:07Affliction kk
00:03:08valiante ye?
00:03:10valiante i got rune
00:03:13valiante goodie
00:03:21Kastrup rofl :D
00:03:25Lucky yeah :D
00:03:40Luza huskar mid -_-
00:03:43Luza luv it
00:04:06FetAA fucking delay
00:04:24valiante gang
00:04:32FetAA whats ur pings
00:05:14Luza gj
00:05:19Kastrup ser slet ikke den axe
00:05:25valiante jesus it was slow u reacted
00:05:27valiante could have had double
00:05:37Affliction or
00:05:38Affliction you
00:05:43Affliction started 2 ealy
00:06:15FetAA feelf ree to use mana
00:06:22VictoriaJrocks pudge miss
00:06:29VictoriaJrocks pudge miss mid
00:06:40VictoriaJrocks re
00:06:51Luza nvm
00:06:52VictoriaJrocks pudge going bot
00:07:02Luza Qop im coming
00:07:06Lucky care
00:07:07valiante im dead
00:07:08VictoriaJrocks i said pudge going bot ;O
00:07:09valiante nearly
00:07:45Luza ss huskar
00:07:47Kastrup miss bot
00:07:48KredeC il get mana
00:07:49Kastrup (pudge)
00:07:49VictoriaJrocks pudge not re
00:07:49KredeC boots
00:07:49Luza with lvl 6
00:08:01VictoriaJrocks pudger e
00:08:16Luza huskar massive farm
00:08:30Kastrup ;)
00:08:31valiante lorte buff
00:08:36Kastrup ahva?
00:08:43valiante den skill er blevet buffed
00:08:46valiante med 20 dam pr level
00:08:49FetAA good that we lose mid and bot
00:09:30Luza ss huskarmid
00:09:38h0whigh miss 1
00:09:40h0whigh potm
00:09:40Lucky omg
00:09:41h0whigh miss
00:09:42Kastrup miss
00:09:45VictoriaJrocks hui et säikähin ku sait just level
00:09:47VictoriaJrocks 6
00:09:49Lucky we both got bacilus
00:09:56Lucky i sell
00:09:57Luza säikähin ku en ehitny ottaa sust kii
00:09:57Kastrup :D
00:09:59Kastrup købte først
00:10:01Lucky do skal have vlad
00:10:07Kastrup gjrode mere for vores skyld
00:10:11VictoriaJrocks pudge potm going top
00:10:14VictoriaJrocks if i saw right
00:10:18Luza topist jotaki
00:10:26Luza arrowaa
00:10:29FetAA 5
00:10:30valiante b
00:10:34VictoriaJrocks pudge potm still miss mid
00:10:34Lucky husk at hele mig
00:10:38Kastrup prveøde
00:10:45Kastrup ramte ved siden af :d
00:10:52Lucky heal*
00:10:54Kastrup ja
00:11:06Kastrup miss two bot
00:11:13Lucky hvad lvl er den i ?
00:11:14Kastrup Qop and axe
00:11:15Kastrup lvl 1
00:11:17Kastrup tomb lvl 3
00:11:19Kastrup decay lvl 1
00:11:20Lucky okay
00:11:40Luza huskar has
00:11:43Luza some very good farm
00:11:50Kastrup fint nok
00:11:50valiante JESUS
00:11:53Luza close :D
00:11:57valiante I COULDNT CLICK BOTTLE
00:12:03FetAA i arrow
00:12:03FetAA wait
00:12:25VictoriaJrocks pudge never re mid
00:12:29Kastrup he just was..
00:12:33Kastrup but he might miss now
00:12:49FetAA u dei axe
00:12:49FetAA :p
00:13:00Davvelito potm
00:13:01Davvelito miss
00:13:04Kastrup :D
00:13:18FetAA how u peerma die with qop
00:13:18Luza rly
00:13:19valiante 2 much heal
00:13:20valiante ff
00:13:20FetAA lane vs 0 stun
00:13:21Lucky ty
00:13:23Kastrup np
00:13:28Luza fucking huskar
00:13:30Luza hate him
00:13:38valiante cause dirge has mass spells
00:13:50Luza -ms
00:13:52VictoriaJrocks IIHAHAHAA
00:13:53VictoriaJrocks IIHAHAA
00:13:54Affliction otw
00:14:16Kastrup axe havde lige stackety 3 crep waves
00:14:18Kastrup :D
00:14:31Lucky ^^
00:14:37Kastrup lækkerier for mig med tomb :D
00:14:40valiante i have empty bottle+
00:14:44Lucky idd
00:14:44FetAA ok
00:14:46valiante miss necro
00:14:48valiante re
00:14:55VictoriaJrocks 3 going bot or top
00:14:57Kastrup -2
00:15:02KredeC ss
00:15:07FetAA mikse sua pelkää noi paljo
00:15:22Affliction otw
00:15:24Affliction gank
00:15:26FetAA lol
00:15:27FetAA :D
00:15:30Luza NOIIII
00:15:30FetAA >_<
00:15:33Luza NIIMPÄNIIN
00:15:33VictoriaJrocks :(
00:15:38VictoriaJrocks nyt olen surullinen hepo
00:15:47valiante gj
00:15:48Kastrup tried :/
00:15:52Kastrup haste
00:16:18valiante hasted
00:16:19valiante ffs
00:16:31Luza and huskar
00:16:31Luza wadap
00:16:34Affliction nice GJ
00:16:41Affliction why dont you come+
00:16:43Kastrup :D
00:16:45valiante stfu
00:16:47FetAA i just tped
00:16:49valiante let 1 die
00:16:49FetAA akasha didnt come
00:16:49Affliction mirana and qop ?
00:16:51Kastrup snacks for me :d
00:16:52FetAA :DD?
00:16:53FetAA me
00:16:53Luza didnt see huskar there heEH
00:16:54FetAA i just tped
00:16:55FetAA idiot
00:16:59FetAA qop was busi farming
00:17:07VictoriaJrocks pudge miss
00:17:08Lucky lav en tomb
00:17:11Kastrup oom
00:17:12Kastrup og cd
00:17:23Lucky not twice
00:17:29VictoriaJrocks did pudge tp bot
00:17:30Kastrup har den un
00:17:50Luza OOM HAHAHAH
00:17:53Luza onneks olin oom
00:18:04VictoriaJrocks onneks
00:18:09VictoriaJrocks MORE COMING BOT
00:18:10VictoriaJrocks AXE BOT
00:18:12valiante god i hate tomb
00:18:12VictoriaJrocks AXE AT BOT
00:18:14VictoriaJrocks oh
00:18:15valiante its so fucking imba
00:18:15VictoriaJrocks he went b :D
00:18:17Luza god i hate huskar
00:18:19Kastrup got wards for that :D
00:18:23Luza huskar + all those healers its gg
00:18:30valiante y
00:18:46valiante gang axe
00:18:52Affliction you come ?
00:18:53FetAA he needs some itemzz
00:18:55Kastrup hows top?
00:19:02valiante ?
00:19:03Luza what the bloody fuck
00:19:07Luza -ha
00:19:21KredeC tp
00:19:37Lucky carwe
00:19:38FetAA kin da inactive team
00:19:40FetAA mid farm
00:19:42FetAA top towers
00:19:43Kastrup burde lave arcane shoes
00:19:44FetAA and ppl idling bot
00:19:44Kastrup for heal
00:19:44FetAA gj
00:19:48Lucky tror bucjher er her
00:19:48Kastrup og push
00:19:57FetAA why u tp there
00:19:58FetAA and not mid
00:20:10Lucky vidste det
00:20:31FetAA huskar tps
00:20:33valiante come axe
00:20:37valiante i tank
00:20:37Luza 3 bottom
00:20:54Kastrup shoees when rdty
00:20:56Luza omni husakr ud
00:21:01FetAA imma tp
00:21:07Luza AHAH
00:21:28valiante so much heal :D
00:21:29Luza ALL THESE HEALS
00:21:34Luza healers win
00:21:34valiante wp
00:21:35Luza ff gg
00:21:50FetAA aa woulda countered them all :p
00:22:22Kastrup wtf?
00:22:25Davvelito no heal >*
00:22:25h0whigh he had cd
00:22:26VictoriaJrocks like i can run from wr
00:22:30FetAA gr8
00:22:30Kastrup true
00:22:42Kastrup but was more b4 going Qio
00:22:43FetAA fuck
00:22:43Lucky seriosu
00:22:43Kastrup Qop
00:22:44FetAA im stuck
00:22:47FetAA lucky u
00:22:47FetAA :D
00:22:48Kastrup :d
00:22:50Lucky ahaha
00:22:51VictoriaJrocks wr wasnt there ;O
00:22:58VictoriaJrocks and qop looked like oom
00:23:02VictoriaJrocks then stick and :@
00:23:03Kastrup but he was :D
00:23:07Kastrup 200 from pibe
00:23:07KredeC gang woods
00:23:21FetAA "igot empty bottle"
00:23:28Luza i think qop shoulda mid this game
00:23:38Kastrup :)
00:23:45Luza and they all have h00Ds
00:23:47h0whigh 7.9
00:23:48Lucky all top
00:24:16h0whigh wp
00:24:17FetAA tp
00:24:23h0whigh gone
00:24:24Kastrup ;)
00:24:25Lucky n1 invoker
00:24:32VictoriaJrocks dont heal me
00:24:44valiante they were there 2
00:24:45valiante :P
00:24:45Luza axe is our only hope
00:24:53FetAA is good vs tomb
00:25:24Kastrup on my way
00:25:27FetAA kill now
00:25:35FetAA :D
00:25:37valiante :D
00:25:38Davvelito T?T
00:25:40Luza AHAHAHAHAH
00:25:43VictoriaJrocks you misclicked
00:25:46Davvelito :(
00:26:05h0whigh I8COME
00:26:05h0whigh UD
00:26:10Kastrup they will come
00:26:11Kastrup soon :)
00:26:13h0whigh y
00:26:13FetAA shoulda maxed leap this game
00:26:15FetAA fucking tombshit
00:26:23FetAA wr focusfires it later
00:26:24Luza got planewalkers cloak, this is luxury
00:26:24VictoriaJrocks we would need stuns ;_;
00:26:25FetAA kill invo
00:26:26FetAA i arrow
00:26:27Lucky er godt nok ikke tilfreds med det her..
00:26:32Davvelito we fuck em so hard
00:26:32valiante got hood :D
00:26:33Davvelito in team fights
00:26:36Davvelito should just stay
00:26:38Davvelito and psuh wit h5
00:26:43KredeC come
00:26:56h0whigh thx
00:26:57Luza messis xD
00:27:00FetAA olin
00:27:01valiante b
00:27:02FetAA necro ultis
00:27:02valiante dont chase
00:27:38Luza :D
00:27:43Luza dAW;D:SFA:F;S:FSE;:SRR;:R;:TGDT
00:28:00Luza they always 5
00:28:03Luza how the fuck
00:28:05FetAA noobs..
00:28:09FetAA no famr..
00:28:26Lucky push mid ?
00:28:29h0whigh Y
00:28:31VictoriaJrocks omw
00:28:34VictoriaJrocks need mana when i come
00:28:40FetAA soon mecha:p
00:28:43FetAA more heal!
00:28:44valiante ^^
00:29:10FetAA mistä toi nyt utlih uoh
00:29:11FetAA mikä teami
00:29:13Luza :DD
00:29:24Kastrup oom
00:29:24Kastrup :(
00:29:29valiante axe get blademail asap
00:29:34Affliction yyy
00:29:59valiante how can we kill one?
00:30:02Luza WE DID
00:30:02valiante tell me this
00:30:03Kastrup :D
00:30:27Davvelito fkmasfmsa
00:30:34Kastrup b
00:30:34Kastrup b
00:30:34Kastrup b
00:30:35Kastrup b
00:30:35Kastrup b
00:30:35VictoriaJrocks manahirviö
00:30:38KredeC go!
00:31:04Luza AXE
00:31:20Lucky :)
00:31:22Davvelito >(
00:31:24Davvelito :)
00:31:27valiante mission impossible!
00:31:34FetAA must be fun hero this gayknight
00:31:41FetAA ur probably halfsleeping and playing it
00:31:45valiante ^^
00:31:45Davvelito kinda y
00:31:53Davvelito gamewinner tho
00:31:53Luza HAS HOoD1
00:31:53Davvelito :)
00:32:24Luza mikä menee hoodien laepi
00:32:29FetAA tarttetaa diffu
00:32:42Kastrup 900 from aga
00:32:47valiante Why?
00:32:53Luza :D
00:32:56FetAA 5s arrow need to chase!!
00:32:57Luza I DONT KNOW
00:33:01Luza INdEED
00:33:03Luza miks arrowasit
00:33:04Luza vitun
00:33:05Luza :D
00:33:07Kastrup top tower bnow
00:33:08Lucky kastup
00:33:10Kastrup ?
00:33:12Lucky køb lige mana boots
00:33:20Kastrup har ikke råd
00:33:26Kastrup men skal nok
00:33:30Kastrup burde måske lave min aganims færdig først
00:34:16valiante its over :D
00:34:19valiante ive never seen so much heal
00:34:26Luza ITS NOTOVER
00:34:26Luza :D
00:34:55FetAA gay heros
00:35:00Kastrup tower guys
00:35:03FetAA let sgo
00:35:05FetAA go axe
00:35:08Luza axe go
00:35:18Kastrup TOWER
00:35:44Luza see axe just needs a cool call
00:35:50Luza and we pewpewp
00:35:59Luza SEE
00:35:59Luza !
00:36:35Luza tbh i think we cAN win this!
00:36:40Davvelito go
00:36:41Davvelito all 5
00:36:42Davvelito toplane
00:36:43Davvelito again
00:36:43Davvelito imo
00:36:45Davvelito to get raxa
00:36:50h0whigh -INVOKERLIST
00:36:54h0whigh -invokelist
00:36:54valiante got agha now
00:36:55valiante :P
00:36:59Davvelito lets go 5 top?
00:37:03Luza yeah!
00:37:04FetAA got diffu for repel ^^
00:37:24Luza -ma
00:37:24KredeC alot of misses
00:37:25h0whigh all top
00:37:29valiante ye care now
00:37:29Lucky omw'
00:37:31valiante cant give entry now
00:37:36KredeC necro banned you have to much heal already
00:37:42KredeC then you buy meka
00:37:51Lucky ^^
00:37:53Davvelito repel on you
00:37:53valiante true
00:37:54Davvelito heponen
00:37:55KredeC get ready to def top
00:37:56valiante story
00:37:57Luza DEFEND
00:37:58Luza TOP
00:38:02valiante axe
00:38:03VictoriaJrocks k
00:38:03FetAA axe starts
00:38:03VictoriaJrocks ok
00:38:03valiante get b
00:38:04FetAA windrunner
00:38:05valiante we need u
00:38:05FetAA focus fire
00:38:05valiante pls
00:38:07FetAA tomb down
00:38:10Davvelito no
00:38:10Davvelito just
00:38:11Davvelito go rax
00:38:12Kastrup yeye
00:38:13Luza AXE
00:38:14valiante tp
00:38:15Kastrup but hes not there
00:38:16FetAA np
00:38:18FetAA heal and go
00:38:20FetAA and wr get tomb
00:38:22FetAA we help
00:38:22FetAA !
00:38:23Kastrup dont hug
00:38:26FetAA i diffu repeled one
00:38:31Lucky pipe
00:38:49FetAA voi vittu
00:38:50FetAA toi pääs ulta amut
00:38:59Luza :D
00:39:00valiante ok dont get tomb then
00:39:01valiante :P
00:39:03Luza :D
00:39:07Davvelito mid
00:39:09Luza this is so funny gaem
00:39:17KredeC well igot husjkar uklted
00:39:38Affliction well
00:39:46FetAA gogo harras
00:39:47FetAA gogo
00:39:54Affliction wr makes linken vs healers instead of dmg
00:40:44Lucky lol plz go die by my aura... axe..
00:40:50Affliction no
00:41:00Affliction why should i ?
00:41:04Kastrup chick where?
00:41:04Kastrup dead?
00:41:05VictoriaJrocks i ultied axe while he was using bladed mail
00:41:07Davvelito y
00:41:09Kastrup :D
00:41:11KredeC this is gonna be a thoughie
00:41:14Lucky cuz you was taht low -.-
00:41:15valiante ^^^^
00:41:28Davvelito 5 bot
00:41:40h0whigh ROSH FIRST ?
00:41:42h0whigh ops caps
00:41:42Davvelito sure
00:41:43Lucky yeah
00:41:48Luza -ha
00:41:59FetAA joku mukaa
00:42:04Lucky lol axe have 1300 hp..
00:42:08Luza mul invistä
00:42:10Kastrup this is stupid
00:42:13h0whigh -INVOKELIST
00:42:16KredeC all miss
00:42:18Kastrup -il
00:42:22Kastrup just type il
00:42:32h0whigh -il
00:42:34h0whigh ah nice
00:42:35Kastrup :)
00:42:41Lucky i take it ?
00:42:41KredeC haps hapsa haps
00:42:43FetAA need to pick them up
00:42:46Kastrup or me?
00:42:48FetAA stela
00:42:49Kastrup should be me
00:42:50h0whigh ud i gues
00:42:50FetAA steal
00:42:56valiante _;:D
00:42:58Luza xD
00:43:02Luza AHAHAHAHAHH
00:43:09valiante TOMB
00:43:18Luza MUL AEGIS
00:43:19FetAA omni
00:43:20valiante DIRGE
00:43:20valiante GO
00:43:37Kastrup tp
00:43:46Davvelito how did you get aegis?
00:43:48Luza COME ON
00:43:52Davvelito ah inivs
00:43:53Davvelito potm
00:43:54Kastrup he was invis
00:44:01valiante tp?
00:44:06FetAA no pudge
00:44:10Luza mana :D
00:44:11Lucky hmm
00:44:17Lucky this kinda sucks
00:44:20Kastrup yeaps
00:44:22VictoriaJrocks naah
00:44:24VictoriaJrocks just less x
00:44:28Lucky we didnt get anything in..
00:44:30Lucky that battle.
00:44:31valiante fun game but u win
00:44:32valiante :P
00:44:35Davvelito :)
00:44:39Davvelito well
00:44:44Davvelito lucky we got some lan es
00:44:46Lucky remember to use that pipe :)
00:44:50Luza es
00:45:07Davvelito wait
00:45:07Davvelito em
00:45:07Kastrup i do
00:45:08Luza Ostin kaupast bissee ja es. ES:ssäst kysyttii papereit, vittu et kuumotti.
00:45:19Luza get it
00:45:20Luza ?
00:45:26Kastrup thats not danish
00:45:27Affliction jump befor they gather
00:45:30Kastrup i can see that
00:45:34Luza hvad gjoRd du
00:45:34FetAA 5
00:45:36Lucky omni you go shivas ?
00:46:07Davvelito cant afford
00:46:08valiante gj wr
00:46:10Davvelito one moe fight like that
00:46:14Kastrup huskar that was fucking stupid
00:46:29FetAA well
00:46:31FetAA thought we were 5
00:46:35Davvelito the fuck
00:46:39Davvelito why huskar :(
00:46:44valiante lolse
00:46:45valiante beyond
00:46:46valiante :D
00:46:47h0whigh w8 all now
00:46:57Lucky omni
00:46:57valiante fear my desolator
00:46:57Lucky stay
00:46:59Lucky behind
00:47:01Davvelito y
00:47:02Davvelito was trying to save
00:47:06Davvelito the orc
00:47:07Davvelito in front
00:47:07Luza we all need
00:47:09Luza BoT
00:47:13h0whigh -il
00:47:16Luza to TP fast if we get entry :D
00:47:29h0whigh -il
00:47:36Davvelito we need huskar
00:47:47Lucky before we go tower
00:47:49Lucky use the pipe
00:47:51Davvelito let lanes push
00:47:52Davvelito aswell
00:47:53h0whigh w8
00:47:53h0whigh all
00:47:54valiante i think no more mistkaes
00:47:57KredeC gather and w8 for their mistakes
00:47:57valiante they come all 5 now
00:48:11Affliction we really should jump em befor they gather !
00:48:14FetAA mm
00:48:15FetAA y
00:48:20valiante but we cant really
00:48:21Davvelito they will start
00:48:23Lucky repel your self in battle omni
00:48:24Davvelito invis
00:48:24h0whigh Y
00:48:26Davvelito for sure
00:48:27valiante b
00:48:30Lucky i got dust
00:48:31Luza :D
00:48:31KredeC care axe
00:48:31valiante lifeleech axe?
00:48:33Luza there he goes
00:48:34KredeC b
00:48:34valiante wow
00:48:35Luza :D
00:48:35KredeC b
00:48:35KredeC b
00:48:36KredeC b
00:48:36KredeC b
00:48:36Davvelito :)
00:48:37valiante never seen before
00:48:38Lucky comn
00:48:40Luza WE MSUT GO:D
00:48:41KredeC omg ff
00:48:43FetAA k
00:48:44FetAA go
00:48:50FetAA wher are they
00:48:52Lucky dont spread otu
00:48:53FetAA baiter
00:48:54Luza CALL
00:49:08Davvelito THATS JUST FUING SAD
00:49:21Lucky omni
00:49:22Lucky stay
00:49:23Lucky behind
00:49:23Davvelito jfsafsa
00:49:26Lucky all the time
00:49:26Luza im on it
00:49:28Luza some push bot
00:49:31valiante i will
00:49:35Davvelito axe got me
00:49:36Lucky you are our survier.
00:49:36valiante but im kinda oom
00:49:37Davvelito in hte fucking call
00:49:41Davvelito died in 1 sec
00:49:45h0whigh I have 2 farm that agha now
00:49:53Affliction jesus
00:49:54Lucky stay 1000 range away..
00:49:54Affliction :/
00:49:54Kastrup guys
00:49:54h0whigh need 600..
00:50:03Kastrup they have sick late game heros
00:50:04Luza get tower akasha :D
00:50:05Kastrup beside pudge
00:50:06Davvelito y
00:50:10Affliction wr make dmg first and disable after :/
00:50:21FetAA this game we dont need disable
00:50:21Luza jos me tää voitetaa nii chajajajaj
00:50:23Affliction someone get mjolnir :/
00:50:24valiante I GOT TWICE UR DAMAGE
00:50:28FetAA wen eed dmg
00:50:29h0whigh -il
00:50:30Kastrup but not good enough :D
00:50:35Kastrup <3
00:50:40valiante just 2 bored to lasthit
00:50:44Kastrup ;)
00:50:50Kastrup ind og læs aø
00:50:55valiante nej tak
00:50:56Lucky okay
00:50:58Lucky i stand infront
00:50:59Affliction åøæ
00:51:00valiante lige nu solgte jeg mig selv for et 2 tal
00:51:04Lucky with dirge
00:51:04Kastrup :D haha
00:51:06Luza du lige i din mammas fitta
00:51:10valiante ja
00:51:23Kastrup ????
00:51:25Luza jA?!
00:51:26Davvelito pLESAE
00:51:29FetAA rege and go kill them?
00:51:32valiante ye
00:51:32KredeC def bot
00:51:32Lucky back up
00:51:34valiante come bot
00:51:34valiante all
00:51:36FetAA i push top fast
00:51:37FetAA that wave
00:51:39FetAA and come
00:51:41valiante lol
00:51:46Lucky stay away from creesp
00:51:51FetAA got ulti
00:51:51VictoriaJrocks wait for lanes to push?
00:51:52FetAA we cango in
00:51:54FetAA with it
00:51:56FetAA before base
00:52:02FetAA wanna gpo?
00:52:03valiante i think this is it
00:52:09Luza ITS NOT IT
00:52:11Lucky get tomb up
00:52:12FetAA wanan go?
00:52:15Lucky and pipe now
00:52:39FetAA axe was apper
00:52:45FetAA finalyl they 5
00:52:50Affliction died so fucking fast :/
00:52:54FetAA rebuy :
00:53:02Affliction need funds
00:53:02Affliction :/
00:53:07Affliction I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel]
00:53:08Affliction gg
00:53:10Affliction wp
00:53:14Affliction mass healers
00:54:17Luza gg ff
00:54:22Affliction I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel]
00:54:22Affliction I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel]
00:54:23Affliction I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel]
00:54:24Affliction I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel]
00:54:25Luza awsome game :D
00:54:28Kastrup gg
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