About DotA-GC

DotA-GC started out as an IRC channel where you could play DotA with other human players through repel.

Our goal is to provide high quality DotA games by enforcing various rules e.g. quitters will be banned. We also have multiple complex rating systems in place that provide tons of information. For example have a look at some of the statistics we have about the players that play here. The collected statistical information is also used to generate the best possible matchups.

Don't hesitate to browse our site and be sure to check out how to play in DotA-GC.

You can contact us by coming to #dota.support in the QuakeNet IRC network. In there you should contact a person that has a @ sign in front of the name e.g. Strom, aRkker.

Another option is to e-mail us at admin@dota-gc.com.

Help pay DotA-GC server bills: